The Press and Illegal Immigration

By a wide margin, the American press sympathizes with people who have come to this country illegally in order to work. But it is no surprise as the U.S. media are firmly in a liberal camp. That assessment is based on the polling of journalists and analyzing newspaper editorials and comments.

Leading the charge to give citizenship to 12 million illegal aliens is The New York Times, which on Tuesday said this:

"The Senate's latest immigration bill is an awkward, unappetizing compromise, which would shut out many newer immigrants and impose daunting red-tape hurdles on the rest. But at least it remains wrapped around a vital principle; the option of citizenship for those in the shadow population who want and deserve to become Americans."

Deserve to become Americans? Are they kidding? Nobody born on foreign soil deserves to become an American. That's a birthright. There are billions of good people in this world. Millions of them would love to come here and be free. But nobody deserves to come here.

This kind of thinking is the hallmark of the open society crowd, which believes in a one-world government and no border restrictions. To them, freedom of any movement is a human rights issue. And if you deprive anyone of that freedom, you're a bad person.

Think about it: People who violate American immigration laws deserve to become Americans? What about the millions of people playing by the rules? Patiently waiting for their chance to live here. Aren't they more deserving? Where does this end?

The answer to that question is it doesn't end. The New York Times and many other liberal organizations live in a theoretical world — a left-wing Garden of Eden before the snake.

The truth is the USA cannot accept all the deserving people in this world, and should not accept anyone who does not earn citizenship.

In conjunction with securing the border — and I mean securing the border — most Americans will accept a guest worker situation that could lead, could lead to citizenship for immigrants both legal and illegal.

But this deserving stuff is dangerous and foolish. Let's stop the nonsense. Pass a fair immigration law that helps the nation and provides us protection now.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

You may have heard that Mick Jagger is not going to give up his hotel suite in Vienna so President Bush can have it when he goes to Austria for a summit in June. That strikes me as kind of disrespectful.

Jagger and the Rolling Stones have made millions operating in the USA despite some previous drug convictions among band members. Some of them British subjects. U.S. immigration authorities have the option of denying work permits to foreigners who have run-ins with the law.

So, the president will get another room in Vienna and Jagger can have some satisfaction. But it is still disrespectful and ridiculous. The USA has been nice to the Rolling Stones.