The New York Times and FOX News

Hi, I'm Bill O'Reilly.  Thanks for watching us tonight. This could be one of the best Factor's ever, so let's get right to it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) is standing by, and we'll have a very short Talking Points Memo before we get to him.

Now last week, I chided The New York Times for writing a headline about Mr. Schwarzenegger that defined him as a, "bodybuilder."  That was an attempt to diminish the man.  He hasn't been a bodybuilder in 25 years.  And the Times uses this kind of tactic all the time to further its agenda.

Here's another example.  Last [Tuesday] night the FOX News Channel joined with the Congressional Black Caucus (search) to present the second debate among the Democratic candidates for president.  As you may know, The New York Times has been relentlessly criticizing FOX News for promoting a Republican point of view.  But in its article today about the debate, the Times didn't mention it was sponsored by us.

Just an oversight, right?  Wrong.  The Times deliberately failed to mention FOX News, because it would have raised questions about its definition of this network.

Talking Points will continue to point out this kind of misleading media until it stops, which may be a long time.

And that's The Memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day"...

About every few weeks, another tape of Usama bin Laden (search) or Saddam Hussein (search) is released to propaganda outlets around the world.  Here's the latest Usama video. [Videotape]  Al-Jazeera [the Arab news satellite television station] has released it on the eve of 9/11 to remind everyone just what a mass killer this guy is.  [Footage of Usama bin Laden in the mountains.] That looks like a nice vacation spot, doesn't it?  I hope he's having one.  Watch out for the goats! OK?  How about quality of life for Osama?  He looks like he's having a great time over there.  A little bazooka right in on him.

Nobody know when these pictures were recorded.  There they are, probably searching for their consciences.  Oh, boy.  Where are the high-powered rifles when we need them?

Well, it doesn't matter.  Bin Laden is radioactive.  He's living in some basement someplace.  He gets to exercise about once a week.  There he is.  Watch out for snakes.  And so much for quality of life.  Not that life matters to Bin Laden, who will be going down in history along side his pals Hitler and Stalin and Mao.  To not put him in that category would be ridiculous.