The Midterm Election Is Four Weeks Away


The midterm election is four weeks away. That is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

There is no question the upcoming election is really about President Obama. Wherever his job approval ratings are low, Republicans are winning at least in the polls, according to, as it stands now. Democrats are likely to retain 49 seats in the Senate. The Republicans may get 47, but four races are too close to call.

They are in the states of Illinois, West Virginia, Washington, and Nevada. In Nevada, Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle has now pulled ahead of the Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid 49 to 46. That reflects the Obama number in Nevada, 52 percent disapproving of the president's job performance, 44 percent approving.

Likewise in West Virginia, where 65 percent disapproved of the president, just 29 percent approve. So, Republican John Racey is leading Democrat Joe Manchin 48 to 43. Obviously, there is a pattern. On the other side, in Connecticut, the president has fairly good numbers, 48 percent approve, 46 disapproved. That's reflected in the senatorial race as well.

Democrat Richard Blumenthal now leads Republican Linda McMahon 52 to 42. Ms. McMahon is stepping up her personal attacks on Blumenthal. Laura Ingraham will analyze that strategy a bit later on.

Now, there's no question the Republicans are poised to severely damage the Obama administration. Even Congressman Barney Frank is worried. He's running against Sean Bielat, a former marine with a Master's Degree from Harvard. Frank leads in the internal polls, but the gap is closing.


REP. BARNEY FRANK, D-MASS.: He is helped by the right-wing media by Hannity, Limbaugh, by Fox News. They -- it's a fascinating thing. Because they are blaming us, me as chairman of the committee, for their errors.


Now, as you know, Congressman Frank is not taking any responsibility for the economic collapse on his watch as he is the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee. Frank resides in a very liberal district, so blaming his troubles on Hannity and Limbaugh is absurd.

They are liberals there, why would they listen to Hannity and Limbaugh? It's his own record that's hurting Barney. "Talking Points" hates to say it, but Dick Morris may be correct. The Republicans may well win back the Senate. But it won't be easy, as the national media is now openly rooting for the Democrats.

By the way, be careful when you see polling. Make sure the sample is not skewed Democrats. That has been a charged against the ABC News/"Washington Post" poll, that far more Democrats than Republicans are asked questions in that survey, so you've got to really be careful.

Now, the coming election is one of the most important in nation's history. The Obama administration is governing from the left and is making no attempt to moderate. Our system has a check against ideological governance and four weeks from today that check, the election, will tell the tale. And that's "The Memo."


And finally tonight, "Pinheads & Patriots." Last night we showed you this. (Watch the video)





As a former teacher, I loved that. And we asked to you vote on whether that teacher is a pinhead or patriot. Patriot, 90 percent. Pinhead, 10 percent.

All right. Now tonight, we have another one. See, we're voting every night now. You're going to decide who the pinheads and patriots are.

Flying these days, as you know, is brutal. Customers are often treated like cattle. But in Asia an airline called Cebu Pacific is trying to be customer-friendly.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Ladies and gentlemen please direct your attention to the cabin crew, who will demonstrate the safety features of this aircraft. Each seat is provided with a seat belt. To fasten, put ends together. Tighten by pulling the strap, and unfasten, lift up the buckle, pull free and release.


Just as long as the pilot is not doing that. All right. So is that a pinhead presentation or a patriotic presentation? Go to Please cast your ballot.