The Media Reacts to the O.J. Simpson Debacle

The so-called "elite media" is tiptoe-ing around the fact that Simpson's being paid millions to exploit the murders of his ex-wife and Ronald Goldman, murders he probably committed.

The New York Times covered the story in its business section. The CBS Evening News didn't even mention it for the first two days. But the tabloid press and cable news are fully engaged.

The far left loons are also out in force as their Internet masters urge them to tie the FOX News Channel in with the Simpson situation. I've received scores of letters like this one from Fred in Indianapolis: "Mr. O'Reilly, you are a man of principle. Since FOX News is sponsoring the Simpson program, will you sever your ties with FOX News?"

Obviously Fred is a bit slow. FOX News has nothing to do with the Simpson situation. And Fred doesn't believe I am a man of principle either. He's a Kool-Aid zombie doing the bidding of far left fanatics who will do anything to disparage me and FNC.

On the mainstream front, a few papers have reported that I've hammered FOX Broadcasting for the debacle, but there's usually an edge to what they say. A writer for USA Today called me a "moralist." This is a classic SP tactic calling anyone who makes judgments a "moralist", setting them up for the hypocrisy punch.

As USA Today well knows, this is a culture war issue, not a private behavior situation. Simpson is a despicable human being.

That's not the issue here.The question is, how will Americans handle the exploitation of two murdered human beings?

That elevates the Simpson deal into an important culture war territory, but makes the far left press nervous. If Americans begin to make judgments about media behavior, the SPs are in big trouble, for it is that side which accepts and sometimes promotes destructive entertainment like gangster rap and Internet garbage aimed at children.

Remember, the SP mantra is "no judgments on behavior." And that includes kids. So the anti-Simpson movement ironically, ironically, is being driven by the tabloid press and traditional commentators like me. The mainstream media? Well, they're watching from afar, hoping the judgmental aspect of this situation doesn't blow back on them.

And that's "The Memo."

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Reports are that our pal "Stuart Smalley" is leaving the bankrupt Air America Radio operation. Expect to see him pop up on the far left cable shows. Hopefully he'll drive them into the ground as well.

And while we're on the subject of the far left, "Factor" producer Jesse Waters paid radical Professor Ward Churchill a short visit recently in Colorado.


JESSE WATERS, PRODUCER, 'THE O'REILLY FACTOR': We're from the O'Reilly Factor at FOX News


WATTERS: We're from "The O'Reilly Factor"...

CHURCHILL: Oh, kiss my (bleep)!

WATTERS: Want to know if you ever apologized to the victims of 9/11 whom you called "Nazis"?


Very articulate, isn't he?

Churchill, by the way, is still being paid about $100,000 by Colorado taxpayers, even though they booted him out of the classroom at C.U.

Ridiculous? Certainly. Outrageous, as well, that the guy is still being paid.