The Left-Wing Blues

The left-wing blues, that is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

You would think that with hardship in Iraq and soaring oil prices, the liberal philosophy would be gaining ground against the conservative Bush administration. But so far, that is not happening.

Judge Alito will most likely be confirmed. The polls show Americans support him by a wide margin, despite incessant attacks from the left.

In Canada yesterday, voters threw out the liberal government, electing a conservative prime minister, who promises to have better relations with the USA.

And despite controversies like the NSA wiretapping deal, polls show Americans trust President Bush on the terror issue over any Democrat.

So liberals do not seem to be getting much traction. In a few minutes, we'll put the situation to James Carville and Paul Begala, but here's what I think's going on.

The left is far too theoretical when it comes to fighting terror. The ACLU and others oppose every terror fighting mechanism that's been put forth, every one. That's insane and most Americans know it.

The left is selective in its outrage. A little white girl is raped in Vermont. Her rapist gets a 60-day prison sentence and the liberal community says little or nothing about it. Had that little girl been black or Hispanic or Native American, the left would have besieged the state of Vermont.

Believe me, left-wing apathy in this case has been noticed by millions of Americans.

The left is perceived as being out of control mean when the liberal Washington Post is forced to shut down its own website because of personal attacks on its ombudsman, generated by left-wing smear websites, you know there's a huge problem.

Finally, crazy ideologues like Harry Belafonte and Cindy Sheehan are not criticized by the left-wing. Belafonte appeared on CNN last night and said this about Iraq.


HARRY BELAFONTE, ACTIVIST/SINGER: Murder is murder. And just because you may do it under different guises does not remove the moral imperative. We are in this war immorally and illegally. And we have no business doing what we do.


O'REILLY: So according to Belafonte, U.S. forces are committing murder in Iraq.

Now if the left does not repudiate that, it loses all credibility among - in the mind independent Americans. So there you have it. In another time in U.S. history, the right would be in big trouble. But today, most Americans still do not trust the left. And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

As I mentioned in the "Talking Points Memo" at the top of the program, Cindy Sheehan continues to stake out far left territory for herself, for those of you keeping score at home. Writing on Michael Moore's web page, Ms. Sheehan puts forth that American patriotism is misguided.

Quote, "This sort of patriotism begins when we enter kindergarten and learn the nationalist Pledge of Allegiance. It transcends all sense when we are taught the 'Star Spangled Banner,' a hymn to war."

There is no truth to the rumor that Ms. Sheehan and Ward Churchill will be teaching a civics course together at the University of Colorado. That, of course, might be ridiculous.

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