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Hi, I'm Bill O'Reilly.  Thank you for watching us tonight.  The noose tightens around Baghdad, even as Saddam gets some outdoor exercise.  Or was it his double?  We'll have the latest on the war.  And that is the subject of this evening's Talking Points Memo.

A new ABC [News]/Washington Post poll today says 47 percent of Americans believe the war is going very well.  That's up from 34 percent just a week ago.  That's because the press coverage has finally reflected the truth, that coalition forces are cutting through Iraqi defenses quickly and with very light casualties right now.

The death toll for Americans stands at 57. Twenty-nine combat deaths, seven killed in suicide attacks, 19 dead in accidents and two allegedly killed by American Sergeant Hassan Akbar, who has now been charged with murder in that grenade attack against his 101st Airborne comrades.

At this hour, Baghdad is once again being bombed.  There are reports coalition forces are already in the city.  But it's difficult to confirm that, as Centcom is keeping very quiet about the siege, and that's probably smart, as the situation is changing rapidly.

Today, U.S. Army Special Forces found a warehouse filled with unidentified powders and liquids.  And on one vial, it was clearly marked Tabon (ph), a known chemical agent that's lethal.  The warehouse was visited by Hans Blix's crew on a number of occasions according to reports.  American chemical experts are investigating right now.

A little later on, we'll tell you about the Saddam appearance outside ,which may or may not be legitimate, but all in all it was a day of consolidation, as coalition forces prepare to destroy Saddam Hussein.  And that's the The Memo.

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