The 'Jock-in-Chief'

Some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

Reid My Lips

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is not backing down from a statement questioning how Hispanics could be for Republicans.

Reid told a group of Hispanic supporters, "I don't know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican, OK? Do I need to say more?"

The National Republican Hispanic Assembly calls the remark "laughable," saying Reid is out of touch -- "First he makes a comment saying there are no illegal aliens working in the construction business in Nevada and now he questions how Hispanics can be Republican."

Calling the Shots

President Obama makes no secret of his affinity for all things sports.

The Washington Post's Dana Milbank writes about what he calls the "jock-in-chief" setting a new standard for presidential game-playing after a bachelor birthday weekend that included a round of golf with friends, hosting what Milbank calls a "fantasy camp" with pro basketball legends and welcoming the reigning Super Bowl champions to the White House Monday.

Unofficial presidential chronicler Mark Knoller's numbers reveal President Obama has left the White House on 16 occasions to play basketball, in addition to countless times on his home court. He's played 44 rounds of golf, gone fishing and played tennis. Total sporting-related events at the White House: 45 -- that's about six times the number of news conferences he's held since taking office.

Back-to-School Bonus

A 10-day sales tax holiday in Illinois saves shoppers 5 percent off the final cost of qualifying school items. However, you might be surprised to hear what is and is not covered.

For example, a thermos does not qualify, but an Armani tie does. Same for a Coach belt -- that does count -- but a geography book does not. A computer does not qualify, however, a piece of lace lingerie will save you 5 percent sales tax. We're not sure exactly what dress code requirements that particular back-to-school item meets.