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LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS HOST: I'm Laura Ingraham. This is the "Ingraham Angle" from Washington tonight. 

OK. You're going to love this. Raymond Arroyo and I have a Snapchat conversation with some, let's just say, unexpected officials in Washington. 

Stay tuned for a special Thursday folly and the fireworks. But first, Beijing's American collaborators. That's the focus of tonight's "Angle."

What happened at the Wuhan lab in 2019, and our own government support of controversial research there may be the tipping point for China and its American collaborators, of which there are many. Now, Fox News confirmed this week that the Biden ministration quashed an ongoing investigation into the virus' origins earlier this year. 

Now, it had been initiated by the Trump State Department, Mike Pompeo, but sources CNN - are telling CNN that the evidence for undertaking it supposedly wasn't solid enough and relied on cherry pick facts. Now, if that were true, then why didn't the Biden administration say as much at the time and then launch its own investigation? Or is a virus that killed more than a half a million Americans and cost trillions of dollars suddenly not worth investigating? Not a big enough deal? Or is Biden's team afraid of what a real investigation and an unbiased review of Intel would actually reveal, namely, that China was culpable and that as Trump said last spring, the virus escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. 

But instead, while Democrats like Biden let the wet market lie percolate, China denied any role, deflected blame, and of course, watch the political fallout hit President Trump. The cold truth is this, the Democrats helped the CCP by calling legitimate questions about COVID origins conspiracies. 

All done to hurt Trump. 

And they will never live that down because it makes them egregious China enablers. Yet none of this, none of this would have been possible without their coconspirators in the press. Because while the CCP was busy destroying documents, and eliminating witnesses, CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, et cetera, they all look the other way. And then they helped Biden, Pelosi and Schumer smear President Trump and the rest of us who were pushing for answers. 

Now, the CCP, they didn't want Trump calling it the China virus or the Wuhan flu, and then the press jumped in to promptly help them. 


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Saying, "The Chinese spawned and weaponized the virus. 

This is crazy racist talk. 

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Wow! OK. Well, racist conspiracy theories are nothing new for the Trump administration. 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It is racist, Donald Trump. So, stop using it. He wants to avoid accountability for his catastrophic response to this epidemic. So he is doing everything he can to try to push that responsibility away and blame it on somebody else. 


INGRAHAM: And when it came to the lab leak itself, I think this now retracted article from "PolitiFact" says it all. "The claim is an accurate and ridiculous. We rate it Pants on Fire!" Of course, this narrative came crashing down after 18 prominent scientists, including one of the researchers who worked with Wuhan virologist, published a letter in the journal of science calling the lab leak theory viable. 

And this caught the attention of several real journalists like science writer, Nicholas Wade, who then berated everyone who wrote off the lab leak theory in the first place. Despite this massive embarrassment, the media are still pointing fingers at Trump. 


SARA HAINES, HOST, "THE VIEW": I think the messenger matters. I think during that time when that theory started to be told, it was buried in an administration and a former president who often kind of tropes in kind of racist terms and dog whistle. 

MAGGIE HABERMAN, "THE NEW YORK TIMES" CORRESPONDENT: Then President Trump and Mike Pompeo, the Secretary of State, both suggested, they had seen evidence that this was formed in a lab. He refused to release the evidence showing what it was that made this instantly political. 


INGRAHAM: Nice try. Not releasing intelligence while they were in the middle of an investigation is instantly political. But halting the investigation into the pandemic's origins is somehow not political? The fact is this story is a ticking time bomb for Democrats in the public health experts who became viral celebrities. 

Even the "Washington Post" felt to raise the unthinkable now that the lab leak theory is reality. "This also has huge implications for two other players who are more relevant right now. President Biden and the scientific community." Well, I'd add another obvious player whose credibility is on the line here, the Intel community.

How on earth did they miss this? Or wait, maybe they were still too busy trying to validate that phony Dossier story or covering up for Hunter Biden. Or maybe, just maybe, they had no interest in pursuing any line of inquiry that made Trump seem prescient or an investigation that maybe could stoke anti-China sentiment in the U.S. 

Remember, they're more interested in fighting white supremacism, which they think is a far greater threat to America than an evil dictatorship that lost a virus on the world and then lied about it. On top of that, it's an open question as to whether the Dems who control the House Intel Committee will actually give us the truth, not just because Adam Schiff is their leader, but also because his main henchmen Eric Swalwell is compromised by a Chinese spy. Let's not forget that story. 

And even though the Senate did unanimously finally vote to declassify all the intel on the COVID's origins, they did that today, it is not clear if Biden will actually live up to that.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Will you pledge to release the report in full after 90 days? 

JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Yes. That's - unless there is something I'm unaware of. 


INGRAHAM: First of all, there's a lot he is unaware of. But it certainly sounds like this could end up being something that could blow up on his soft on China agenda. That might be what comes up. 

So, if the lab leak theory does turn out to be true, Biden will actually have to get tough on China, or he's going to have to suffer the consequences from the voters at home. Biden would be forced to choose between voters and pleasing his donor base in big business, Big Tech and Wall Street. 

And based on the Biden approach to China's, his current approach to China, it's pretty obvious that he puts multinationals over the middle class. 


BIDEN: To my discussion with President Xi, I told him, we welcome the competition. We're not looking for conflict. 

ANTHONY BLINKEN, SECRETARY OF STATE: We're not trying to contain China or hold it back. 

JOHN KERRY, U.S. SPECIAL PRESIDENTIAL ENVOY FOR CLIMATE: We have big disagreements with China on some key issues. Absolutely. But climate has to stand alone. 


INGRAHAM: Republicans on "The Hill" must demand full and unfettered access to all available intel on this issue. People like Senator Tom Cotton must have every chance to meet directly with the analysts in the Intel community, who looked over this data and also hear and see for himself and all of the senators on the committee, what the U.S. government actually knows. 

And as for Team Fauci, well, they shredded their credibility long ago by rejecting the actual science on COVID and pushing insane lockdowns and mask mandates. Remember, when they were obsessed with hydroxychloroquine? Well, Fauci was also an unabashed defender of China, including back in February of 2020 on this show.


INGRAHAM: Why should we actually believe them when billions, if not trillions of dollars, is riding on preserving the idea that all is going to be OK? 


DISEASES: Over the last several weeks, the Chinese authorities have really been very explicit that they were going to not tolerate any misinformation going out. 

INGRAHAM: So, you're satisfied with all of the transparency coming out of China today about the trajectory of the disease and the origin of the disease? 

FAUCI: In my direct interaction with Chinese scientists, I can believe what they're telling me. 


INGRAHAM: Now, it's clear why Fauci was so adamant that everything from the Chinese was aboveboard. He stands to get crushed, if it turns out that taxpayer dollars that he helped funnel to the Wuhan Institute of Virology in any way played a role in this pandemic. 


SEN. JOHN KENNEDY (R-LA): You gave the money and you said don't do gain the function research? 

FAUCI: Correct. 

KENNEDY: And they said, we won't.

FAUCI: Correct. 

KENNEDY: And you have no way of knowing whether they did or not except you trust them? Is that right? 

FAUCI: Well, we generally always trust the grantee to do what they say.

KENNEDY: How do you know they didn't do the research and not put it on their website? 

FAUCI: There's no way of guaranteeing that. 


INGRAHAM: Let's write him another check. Why not? Let's roll the dice. 

Well, this is exactly why the GOP has to press Fauci, the NIH, and all other parties involved in this gain of function money laundering scheme. 

The more the lies and distractions from China's useful idiots in the U.S. 

are exposed, the greater the chance that Republicans have of retaking Congress in 2022, and of retaking the White House in 2024. Right now, that seems like the only way we're actually going to get real trustworthy answers about the origins of COVID, and we need those answers. And that's the "Angle". 

All right. Joining me now is someone who's been out front on China, Indiana Congressman Jim Banks, who serves on the House Armed Services Committee. 

Congressman, just tonight, "The New York Times" reports that the Biden administration has a raft of on examined evidence. I guess they shouldn't have canceled that ongoing investigation that Mike Pompeo started. Oh, my goodness, this story gets worse by the minute. 

REP. JIM BANKS (R-IN): It sure does, Laura. The big takeaway here I think is three things, you've already said it very well. First of all, we now know that China and the WHO lied about human-to-human transfer of the Coronavirus going all the way back. They knew in November of 2019, the human-to-human transfer occurred, and they lied about it. 

And that's why, secondly, we should demand in Congress. If we're going to form a 9/11 style commission on anything, it should be about the origins of the Coronavirus and the negligence on the part of the Chinese Communist Party and those are our own government that allowed the Coronavirus to spread and become a worldwide pandemic, like it did. 

But third, the big takeaway here, Laura, is you've already said it very well, the Democrat Party and Joe Biden cannot afford for a commission like that to occur. This is why they killed the Pompeo probe into the origins, because the Democrat Party and Joe Biden today are wholly owned by Big Tech and the multinational corporations on Wall Street who profit from a cozy relationship with China. 

The only way we stop the madness is as you put it already as well is to win back the house majority and do what Kevin McCarthy tried to do last year. 

He formed what began as a bipartisan China task force. The Democrat Nancy Pelosi refused to participate. You already saw on the campaign trail, Joe Biden dismissed China as a threat. That's once again, because they're biggest donors that put them in power, profit off of this cozy - a soft relationship with China. It's not going to change until we take power away from the Democrats. 

INGRAHAM: I mean, I'm getting bombarded by people who are very close to this entire group of public health officials. And they're wondering when people are going to start going to jail. I mean, if this indeed is a cover up of the magnitude that it appears to be here, what - I mean, this is the biggest cover up it could be in the history of the world. 

I mean, we got millions of people dead, we have trillions of damages done to the global economy, let alone our own country, trillions of dollars gone. And we're supposed to just like say, "Oh, we're going to stop the investigation and move on to fighting white supremacy. It is insane. 

BANKS: Yes. I always hate to say, see, I told you so. But I'll tell you, Laura, the very first thing I did when I got to Congress was call on President Trump to dump Francis Collins, because at that point we already knew he was funneling millions of dollars in the embryonic stem cell research on the taxpayers' dime. It shouldn't be a surprise at this point that his ethics and Dr. Fauci's ethics, who reports to Francis Collins, who is head of the NIH. Now we're finding out that they were funneling money to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. 

And the culpability there of covering up the origins of the Coronavirus, this is a scandal in the making, like perhaps like nothing that we've ever seen before in modern times. And someone has to be held accountable. That's why we should have a 9/11 style commission. If we're going to have a 9/11 style commission about anything, it should be about this. 

INGRAHAM: Congressman, just really quickly. Is it not strange, at the very least, that when I first pressed Fauci on this in February, I don't think he had gotten really pressed on this question prior to that? I don't think so. I mean, his instinct is to defend China, instinct to defend the researchers, instinct to defend what was happening at that lab. And then when he finds out that that actually stuff was going on there, if he supposedly didn't know, why wouldn't his reaction be total outrage and we better get to the bottom of this. 

Wouldn't he and Francis Collins beyond anybody else want the answers? 

Instead, they're answering in these very academic parsed sentences. 

BANKS: Yes. Just like Joe Biden and Democrat Nancy Pelosi, Dr. Fauci and Francis Collins, they have a lot at stake here. Not just their reputation, but that what we now know about the origins or what the evidence that points to where the origins of this Coronavirus began. I was listening to the recording, dating all the way back then with you, Laura, I think it's very revealing. And there's so much more here that we have to uncover.

INGRAHAM: Congressman, keep digging. Thank you. 

And aside from COVID's origins, another big question. Why the mad push from the medical establishment and the left to force vaccinations on every single person on the planet, even those who already have long lasting immunity? An answer, obvious, it's making big pharma executives and investors exceedingly rich. 

In fact, according to "Business Insider", at least nine big pharma tycoons have become vaccine billionaires, collectively worth $19.3 billion. The list includes these four Moderna execs and investors and one BioNTech exec. 

Joining me now, Victor Davis Hanson, Hoover Institution senior fellow. 

Victor, I have never seen a push for vaccinations from children, small children, to even people who've already had the virus, like I've seen, but now we see the money that was made. 

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON, SENIOR FELLOW, HOOVER INSTITUTE: Yes. Those are the two key groups, Laura, that you mentioned that people had real questions about whether you wanted to vaccinate people who really were de facto almost immune to the disease. And we did, nevertheless. I think everybody rewards and is impressed by the herculean efforts of Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson, and Moderna. And they want them rewarded, but we're not talking just about companies, we're talking about individuals that it earned an aggregate just nine people, 20 billion. 

And we should remember, we've only vaccinated about 15 percent of the planet. They want to vaccinate all 7.8 billion at the rate they're going, they're going to be worth $120, $130 billion. These nine people. And that really raised a lot of questions, because I'm not sure - I think the American people are not sure they're quite free enterprise entities in this in this business, because they got a lot of R&D help from the Trump administration. They got exemptions from lawsuits which they would have been mired ad infinitum, if they had not. They had a lot of logistical support. They have a virtual monopoly. And I think the public has a much greater say in the conduct of their business in this particular case than as usual. And I think it brings up a lot of questions about the politicization of not just science and healthcare, but these drug companies. 

Remember, you had on your shoulder that a lot of countries said that very cheap hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, or even things like pepsin might have utility, and they just flatly ruled that out and said that these sophisticated antivirals or blood plasma, which didn't really pan out did, although they were very expensive. We know about the Wuhan travesty, you just mentioned. 

Remember, the 1200 healthcare professionals who said that quarantine didn't apply to the BLM protests, because they were exempt and there was a medical necessity. And I could go on, but it's a larger question that we're doubting our so-called scientific experts and when you correlate the profit, the mega profits. I mean, it's scary. 

INGRAHAM: I mean, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin, ivermectin is being used all across the globe, doctors who treat patients successfully with the early use early exposure, it's criminal, what was done. We lost hundreds of hundreds of thousands of people just because they would not allow any kind of over-the-counter generic use of drugs that were already approved. 

Victor, it turns out that one of the new vaccine billionaires Moderna CEO, Stephane Bancel, was previously CEO of BioMerieux, whose founder is Alain Merieux. And according to journalist Jordan Schachtel, Merieux is a personal friend of China's Xi Jinping, and get this, he even helped build the P4 lab at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. That's the highest-level lab. 

Victor, quickly here. Doesn't this need more attention, just this one scenario? 

HANSON: Yes, it does. I mean, we think they are free market buccaneers that are entrepreneurial, and they are. But they're so deeply amassed with the U.S. government, the Chinese government, the NGOs, the UN and they they're not - they really don't have the free will that they think they do, and they're controlled, and they are partner and they're very wealthy. 

And I think the American public has a right to say, why do you select particular pharmaceuticals and not the others? Do you profit from them? Why do you push these vaccinations on people who have these natural immunities, and do you profit from them? Because the amounts you mentioned, Laura, are staggering. And given what we have to do to vaccinate the planet, they're going to be obscene. 

INGRAHAM: Yes. Blue states are falling further behind, Victor. In our next segment, we're going to hit that. Thank you so much. 

And let me just say that we've talked about this a lot, but the red states are eclipsing the blue states during this sort of post-pandemic period. 

Why? We're going to talk to individuals who tell us why this is happening. 

And we predicted a lot of it. 

Mark Meadows, Dan Patrick will respond to all of this. Coming up.


INGRAHAM: A brand new analysis from the "Washington Times" shows that 17 of the top 20 states for post-pandemic recovery are led by Republicans. Now, someone predicted almost exactly a year ago that that might happen. 


INGRAHAM: It's becoming more obvious by the day that these power-hungry governors and radical mayors are endangering their state's futures. And we'll eventually see their states left behind. 


INGRAHAM: Well, of course, now that their destructive policies have been exposed, blue state governors are looking for scapegoats and handouts. A few weeks ago, Illinois governor J. B. Pritzker had an interesting explanation for the mass exodus from his state. 


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What you see when you look at the out migration is actually the largest portion of the population that was moving out were young people who were choosing to go to college out of state. 


INGRAHAM: Journalist Emily Zanotti completely blew that out of the water. 

She talked about her experience trying to find a moving company in Illinois writing, "I had two options. Pay nearly the cost of a car to move immediately because of demand, or I could go on a waiting list and wait for a group of residents to go to Tennessee together. We chose the latter." 

"Three families moved with us".

And the "Ingraham Angle" spoke to a number of Illinois families and moving companies who said they were booked through the month. One company said, it's mostly interstate moves. 

Joining us now is Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick of Texas; Mark Meadows, former White House Chief of Staff also joins. Dan, many aftershocks of COVID but the way states handle that could have the farthest-reaching effects. Your state has obviously gotten a huge influx of people deserting California, New York, et cetera. Your thoughts? 

DAN PATRICK, LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR OF TEXAS: Well, just to give you a sense of our conservative principles and how it's led not just COVID for the last

20 years, we've added 10 million people to Texas since 2020. We're now 29 million people. And it's because of our conservative principles that we're governed by. It's freedom, it's life, it's the Constitution, it's respect for taxpayer dollars. 

I mean, this session, Laura, and I'll give you a short list, just this session as President of the Senate as Lieutenant Governor, this is what we passed. Social media censorship, we want to ban that and sue the companies. 

Constitutional carry a sanctuary state for guns, pushing back on companies that are anti-gun, religious liberty, protecting "The Star-Spangled Banner", when the Dallas Maverick basketball team didn't play. We said, we're going to pass a bill, if you're taking any tax money to build that stadium, you can't - you got to play "The Star-Spangled Banner", and you can go down the list. 

And the biggest thing we're doing is pushing back on cities like Austin, where I am tonight, where the capital is, we're stopping them from defunding the police, stopping taxpayer funded lobbying, and we've stopped critical race theory in our schools. We're saving girls sports by not letting boys play girls sport. So imagine, that's - those values and those principles are why people are coming here. We just want them to check their liberal or moderate politics at the border. We want to come here to be part of who we are as Texans. 

INGRAHAM: You don't want to turn Texas blue. That's for sure. That's what they'd like. But, Mark, tomorrow, Joe Biden is going to propose a $6 trillion spending program. When you see from, Dan, I mean, Texas has been open Florida open. All these states that are open are leading the way economically, why don't we just open up America and get back to business? 

Mark, $6 trillion. 

MARK MEADOWS, FORMER WHITE HOUSE CHIEF OF STAFF: That's exactly what we should be doing. And $6 trillion in additional stimulus and additional federal spending is actually going to make inflation. It's going to make it skyrocket. And what we're going to see is a very chilling effect, not only on the economy, but what you predicted many months ago, will continue to happen. 

Listen, it's all about Marxism, communism and socialism that is embraced by these blue state governors. And what we're seeing is, is the free states like Texas and Florida are prospering. I can tell you, I've had so many different meetings in Florida because you know what, it is America. You have freedom, you actually have kids going to school, you have restaurants that are opened, you have conventions and beaches that are full. It's all about who we are as Americans, and it's time to embrace those conservative philosophies. And kudos to the governors of these red states that are doing exactly that. 

And I might add, they're doing it in spite of the scientific community suggesting that they were going to actually have this catastrophic event in New York. We had Governor Cuomo hiding the numbers of people that were dying in nursing homes. You had Governor DeSantis in Florida, that was making sure that they were protected. It's just amazing, light and darkness, when you see these two different approaches. 

INGRAHAM: Now, Elizabeth Warren, guys, doesn't want Democrats to let this pandemic go to waste. 


SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN, (D-MA): Infrastructure is about helping people get to work. We need to invest in childcare to do that. Millions of women are out of the workforce right now, and one out of four says the reason -- I can't get childcare. We were in a crisis before the pandemic hit. It got worse during the pandemic. This is our chance to expand our idea of what infrastructure means. 


INGRAHAM: Dan, does Texas have a childcare program? Didn't you just open the state. Is childcare holding us back? 

DAN PATRICK, (R) TEXAS LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR: And we've actually just put a tremendous amount of women's health care and childcare this session that we just wrapped up our one-quarter trillion dollars budget, that's a two-year budget. We're a big state.

When I go to a blue state, it's like I am traveling to another country somewhere in Europe. As you said, it's darkness and light. And those blue states are going to collapse. And we have to elect Republicans, take back Congress in 22. Mark Meadows has been a great leader working side by side with the president. And when we he was there -- and when we take it back this time, we have to act like Democrats. We've got to run the country and run the table on our conservative values. 

America is -- rather, Texas is the America that all America used to be. And they come here because there is a certain pride, a certain image, no income taxes. 

INGRAHAM: We've got to love the country. 

PATRICK: We love the country.

INGRAHAM: Loving America is somehow now a racist act, Mark Meadows. That's what the left wants people to believe. If you love the country, you don't admit your racism and bias. This is the tipping point.

MEADOWS: You're right. We lost a great conservative leader, Foster Friess, today to his battle with a disease. But let me just tell you, he was somebody who said let's bring the sides together, but let's honor our country. Let's salute our flag. Let's be proud of who we are. Donald Trump allowed us to do, and we need to get back to that and make sure that we are proud of the country that we are today and the freedoms we enjoy. 

INGRAHAM: We'll talk more about Foster later in the show. Gentlemen, thank you very much. 

And what ice cream tells us about the press and this administration. And do you need the vaccine papers to use that dating app? Raymond Arroyo explains it in a can't miss Snapchat. Thursday's follies next. 


INGRAHAM: It's not Friday, and we decided to bring you a special edition of Thursday Follies. Come on. For that we turn to FOX News contributor Raymond Arroyo. Raymond, Biden was allowed to run free for one whole event today in Ohio. So how did it go? 

RAYMOND ARROYO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Before I show you, Laura, I want to preface this with something President Trump said last year. Listen.


DONALD TRUMP, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I go through these interviews. Every question is a total kill, right. Every question they are going for the kill. And this guy walks out holding an ice cream. 


TRUMP: And the press is out there, the fake news, and they're going, what kind of ice cream are you eating? Ah, chocolate, I think and vanilla, too. 


ARROYO: Now, you would think the press corps, Laura, would want to prove Trump wrong, hold everyone to the same standard. That's what we should be doing. Biden stepped out for an ice cream in Ohio today, and, well, Trump wasn't wrong. 


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Mr. President, what did you order? 

JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Chocolate, chocolate chip. 

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Mr. President, what is your message to Republicans who are prepared to block the January 6th commission?

BIDEN: Eat some chocolate, chocolate chip.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: -- be compromises and common ground on that?

BIDEN: On the commission? I can't imagine someone voting against establishing a commission on the greatest assault since the Civil War on the Capitol. But at any rate, I came for ice cream. 


ARROYO: Laura, this is like the rest home field trip. Why are they cheering an ice cream flavor? I just want an answer for that. And as you pointed out the other night, this is not the greatest assault on the Capitol ever. That would be the bombing of the Capitol in 71 by Marxists, or the shooting of five congressmen in 54 by those Puerto Rican nationalists. Go for the big scoop, guys, and I don't mean chocolate, chocolate chip. 

INGRAHAM: He's like, I've got to get back to the sprinkles here. I need some jimmies on this cone. That's what his real focus is.


ARROYO: Laura, there has been a determined effort by the Biden administration to get teenagers vaccinated against COVID. There was a live vax concert that Biden participated in, and now the administration has partnered with Snapchat. When users tap the White House filter questions come up. And when you press one, this happens? 


ARROYO: Where do I get vaccinated? Kamala Harris. 

KAMALA HARRIS, (D) VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Ninety Percent of Americans live within five miles of a vaccination site.

ARROYO: Near my house?

HARRIS: And if you click on the link below.

ARROYO: This link? There is no link. Where is the -- Kamala, where -- 

HARRIS: -- where you get vaccinated.

ARROYO: Yes, I know, but where is the link? 

HARRIS: And also starting May 24th -- 

ARROYO: May 24th, I'd like to find the -- I know, but I can't get vaccinated if I don't -- there is no link. 

JOE BIDEN, (D) PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: See, folks, we have to get vaccinated. 

INGRAHAM: Especially when you talk like this. It's more compelling.

BIDEN: Getting the vaccine is going to prevent you from spreading it to your friends and to your family.

INGRAHAM: How about spreading lies.

BIDEN: Let's end the COVID crisis once and for all.


ARROYO: I wonder if that gain of function research led to all of these variants. Let me see. Dr. Fauci. 

DR. ANTHONY FAUCI, WHITE HOUSE CHIEF MEDICAL ADVISER: A fully vaccinated person right now will be protected against the variants that are currently circulating. 

ARROYO: What about gain of function?


ARROYO: He never answered my question, Laura. It didn't work out. But it's amazing, they are covering all the bases with the young here. It really is something. 

INGRAHAM: So the White House also has partnered with Tinder for dating apps, Hinge, Match, and others, Raymond?

ARROYO: Yes, vaccinated individuals will get access to special incentives on these dating apps. And you can note your vax status and even filter out the non-vaxxed. 


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If you're looking for love on a dating app, getting a COVID shot can get you more swipes. 

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I like it. It used to be you would say, have you been tested? Now it's like, have you been vaccinated? 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What happened to what's your sign? Come on.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The thing is, if you are vaccinated now and you're not getting any likes, you've got a problem. 

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hey girl, do you want to go out? Netflix and chill.


INGRAHAM: First of all, let me just say this. 

ARROYO: How about wearing long, big boy pants before chilling. Frankly, if you are dating, Laura, the big concern should be STI-testing. According to the "America Journal of Preventive Medicine," sexually transmitted infection testing is down 63 percent for men, 59 percent for women during this pandemic. You know what the disease is that are asymptomatic, and most people are testing positive for, those who are tested? Gonorrhea and clamydia. 

INGRAHAM: Lovely. 

ARROYO: You may want to ask for those papers before asking, girl, you want to go out, OK?

INGRAHAM: By the way, that roundtable chitchat on CBS, that is a painful endeavor to watch. They're very funny.

ARROYO: I am disturbed by setting up this caste system in dating when 99 percent of young people recover from COVID. We'll leave it there. 

INGRAHAM: We have got to go. Raymond, thank you. 

And THE INGRAHAM ANGLE proven right again about COVID. Our Medicine Cabinet reacts to new studies that validate what we have been telling you on masks and natural immunity. That's next. 


INGRAHAM: Two new studies show that once again this show was right about natural immunity from infection, and Fauci was wrong. "The New York Times" 

saying that both reports looked at people who had been exposed to COVID a year early. Cells that retain a memory of the virus persist in the bone marrow and may churn out antibodies whenever needed. The other study found that memory B cells continue to mature and strengthen for at least 12 months after the initial infection. 

Here now is Dr. Harvey Risch, professor at Yale School of Public Health, and Dr. Peter McCullough, cardiologist, internist, and epidemiologist. Dr. 

Risch, those two studies still make the case that people who have had COVID should get vaccinated. So are they ignoring their own findings? 

DR. HARVEY RISCH, YALE SCHOOL OF PUBLIC HEALTH: I don't understand why they would make that case. We have empirical information from huge studies, from a study in Israel with 4.6 million people that showed that people who had had COVID in the past have as much reduced risk of getting it again as people who are vaccinated, 90 percent or better reduced risk from having had COVID protection against infection, protection against being hospitalized, and protection against mortality. It's just the same.

And in fact, you have people like a Dr. Martin Makary at Johns Hopkins today saying that 150 million Americans have immunity and don't believe the CDC that immunity is real, and it works. And the evidence is that that's right. 

INGRAHAM: So, it's like a natural vaccination process, in other words. Dr. 

McCullough, your thoughts? 

DR. PETER MCCULLOUGH, MD, MPH, INTERNIST AND CARDIOLOGIST: Well, it certainly is. And the individuals who have had COVID-19, the data has shown, and I looked at the papers very carefully as an author and editor and practicing doctor, one paper published recently went as far as doing bone marrow biopsies in patients who have had COVID-19. And even after the antibodies are long gone, the plasma cells are there, and they are ready to produce antibodies if indeed the body is exposed to COVID-19. 

Americans should know that the current vaccination program is not even recording if a patient had prior COVID-19 at the vaccination centers. And the vaccine adverse event reporting system has no check box in the report to account for whether or not someone has actually had COVID-19. And so we have ample evidence now that patients with COVID-19 should not receive the vaccine, as contraindicated, and the CDC has no capture of this. 

INGRAHAM: They have no credibility, I'm sorry. In the original SARS, I think the immunity lasted up to 17 years. And it seems to be tracking on that level. But there is another new study on masks, and guess what it found. Mask mandates in use are not associated with slower state level

COVID-19 spread during COVID-19 growth surges. Dr. Risch, this matches other studies we've been highlighting for over a year, one regarding influenza, another Paris Island recruits observational study. Thoughts on this? 

RISCH: So that's correct. Also, the Danish study that also showed that masking doesn't really prevent the wholesale restriction of the virus, that it still spreads in spite of masking to other people. And we'd like to be in control of our destiny and be able to wear masks to prevent ourselves and others from getting infected. It's just that the masks don't work all that well for that. 

INGRAHAM: And yet we still have the American Academy of Pediatrics, Dr. 

McCullough, with the obscene recommendation that children, little toddlers, still be wearing masks when they go to school in the fall. And New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy said what he expects when school starts. Watch this.


GOV. PHIL MURPHY (D-NJ): We're trying to predict what school looks like on September 5th. My guess is we're likely to be masked for the simple reason that we only a couple of weeks ago have been able to get 12 to 15 years old vaccinated. 


INGRAHAM: Dr. McCullough, again, two to 11-year-olds in masks, unreal. 

MCCULLOUGH: It's simply not supportable, and I think it's going to do more harm than good. America really has to move on. The masks have really come to symbolize something other than the infection. I think six months ago we were in the heat of the infection. The problem was the virus. Now it's almost like a mental contagion, almost a neurosis, focusing on masks. 

INGRAHAM: Dr. Risch, on kids in masks? 

RISCH: Yes, I agree. Look at other jurisdictions. Look at Sweden, look at states that have opened that have had kids in school that are not masking, that are not separating to take down their clear plastic sheets between kids and so on. The teachers aren't getting sick from the kids, kids aren't getting sick, and so on. 

INGRAHAM: It's shear insanity and control freaks. Gentlemen, thank you.

A goodbye to a special friend when we return.


INGRAHAM: Finally, today, Foster Friess, a giant of a man, passed away at his home at age 81 in Arizona today. His phenomenal success in the investment management world made them a very rich man, but he was the first one to tell you that his real riches sprang from his relationship with the Lord. A man of deep, abiding faith, Foster was one of the most generous men I have ever known. He gave away more than $500 million in his lifetime. And it wasn't just to Republican causes. 

He and his wife Lynn helped villages destroyed by natural disasters, Christian communities fighting off ISIS, thousands recovering from addiction, and a lot more. And when a Jackson Hole police officer lost his job last year, Foster paid his salary and invited him to live in Arizona with his family. That's the kind of man that he was. 

Last November I received a note from Foster, who was in the midst of his battle against a terrible illness, and he asked that I choose the charity of my choice to receive $100,000 that he and his wife Lynn were donating on behalf of 400 of his closest friends. That was his Christmas gift. 

Now, at a time of such widespread cynicism and division, Foster Friess was a source of eternal optimism and good cheer. He loved America, I mean really left America, and his wife of 58 years, his actual and extended family. Even during nighttime fevers and repeated transfusions, he refused to give in to the bitterness or self-pity maybe some of us would have. With Foster, the ups and downs of life were always punctuated by a series of this long jokes and familiar punchlines. My kids loved his jokes. 

And less to life in Jackson Hole, he took the time out of his day to teach my children how to play backgammon. He recommended the best hikes, and he talked a little politics. My youngest boy said that Foster looked like a cowboy, and he did. 

Happy trails, Foster. Godspeed. 

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