'The Ingraham Angle' on Fauci's emails, COVID narrative

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LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST: I'm Laura Ingraham. This is the "Ingraham Angle" from Washington tonight. 

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is going to join us in moments. He's going to respond to the revelations that Fauci and his forces inside the State Department quashed a lab leak investigation. Plus, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis responds to Fauci lashing out at him in one of those uncovered emails. 

Also, one father's TikTok video denouncing critical race theory and BLM. 

This thing went viral. Tonight, Kory Yeshua tells us why he made those videos. But first, COVID collusion. That's the focus of tonight's "Angle". 

You know the old saying, "When you find yourself in a hole, got to stop digging." Well, today Dr. Anthony Fauci refused to put down his shovel. He made a few appearances on friendly morning shows, including MSNBC, where he was asked why it's been so hard to determine the origins of the virus? 


WILLIE GEIST, MSNBC HOST: Why is it so hard to find the source of this outbreak? Is it because China is so opaque? Is it because WHO was not sharing information? Why is this so difficult? 


DISEASES: I think one of the things is that we need better access to all the information. I mean, it's obviously in China's interest to find out exactly what it is. And the is of the natural theory would be to find that link. 


INGRAHAM: Does he really think Americans are this stupid? His newfound belief that we have to keep looking for it, meaning the virus' origins, this is just hilarious. He knows and we know that back in January of 2020, China used the WHO as kind of a block and tackle to force any real inquiry from going forward. 

So instead of questioning why a deadly virus broke out in a city that has China's only level four virology lab, the WHO unquestioningly parroted the CCP's talking points and denied the rest of the world precious time to prepare. They even praised China's commitment and transparency. All the CCCP disposed of evidence and witnesses. 

To be sure, Anthony Fauci wasn't demanding answers from the CCP either, he was busy covering for them then and he is doing the same now. 


FAUCI: I mean, obviously, you want openness and cooperation. One of the ways you can get it is don't be accusatory. I think the accusatory part about it is only going to get them to pull back even more. 


INGRAHAM: How our government approaches China is not his business. It's up to the White House and the State Department. Yet Fauci repeatedly makes political calculations. 


FAUCI: We got to do it in a combination of diplomacy, scientific forensic investigation, and do it in a way that the people of good faith, not who wanted to blame, but people in good faith are really trying to find out what the origin is. 


INGRAHAM: Good faith? I wouldn't even use those words. I wouldn't let them pass my lips if I were he. The fact is, the only reason he's even talking about the origins issue now is because of the release of those emails. 

Those emails are to Fauci what the blue dress was to Bill Clinton. 

Just when we thought we had learned the worst of it, though, other stunning revelations came to light. Such as the fact that Fauci's relationship with China, that's America's main geopolitical adversary, was exceedingly close. 

Notice how he always takes their side.


FAUCI: I think it's quite farfetched that the Chinese deliberately engineered something so that they could kill themselves as well as other people? I think that's a bit far out, John. 


INGRAHAM: Don't you love his intonation and his emoting when it's all about China? Oh, that will never happen. He even excuses their destruction of evidence. 


FAUCI: The scientists in China, many of them are really very good scientists. One of the things that they did wrong is that they cleaned out the market. As soon as there was this outbreak for fear that it would spread even more, they may have wiped out evidence of the jumping of species. 


INGRAHAM: How does he know they did that cleanup, out of fear that it would spread and not out of fear that the CCP would kill them if they didn't do that? These high-ranking government officials like Fauci, they're not used to being accountable to real people. Talking to elites within their own circles is what they prefer to do, or in friendly settings. They're rarely pressed to answer uncomfortable questions, like how and where this virus started? And when they do get asked these questions, they get very defensive. 


FRANCIS COLLINS, NIH DIRECTOR: I agree we need to get to the bottom of this. But gosh, you and I just spent a whole bunch of minutes here talking about some issue that we need to get an answer to. And meanwhile, people are still dying from COVID-19. Please could we have a pit more of the focus on how we're going to save lives, while we're talking about how this all started? 


INGRAHAM: People want to get the vaccine can get the vaccine, Doc. But for some reason, you all don't even want to entertain basic, relevant questions. Like why the heck was the NIH ever giving millions of dollars in grant money to a group like the EcoHealth Alliance?

"EcoHealth Alliance and Peter Daszak have been working with Shi Zhengli, a virologist at the Wuhan Institute, for more than 15 years. Since 2014, an NIH grant has funded EcoHealth's research in China, which involves collecting faeces and other samples from bats, and blood samples from people at risk of infection from bat-origin viruses. The WIV is a subrecipient on the grant." 

Again, U.S. taxpayer dollars going to the Wuhan Lab, one of the few in the world where this gain-of-function research, extremely controversial and risky, was taking place, while it looks like there was a moratorium still in place. 

The fact that U.S. tax dollars were floating around there is a scandal in and of itself, especially now that we know Fauci scrambled in those early days of the pandemic to downplay NIH's and China's culpability. Now, of course, he's still doing this, and so are his biggest fans. 


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The real issue is not how did this happen? The real issue is, how do we protect ourselves from the next pandemic? And how do we have a kind of early warning system for whether it's naturally occurring or a laboratory leak?

LEANA WEN, CNN MEDICAL ANALYST: We should all be careful with our words. 

Don't blame the Chinese as a whole. Don't use blanket terminology. 


INGRAHAM: Now, somewhere along the way, all these people became so obsessed with driving Trump from office, so obsessed with maintaining their own fiefdoms that they became shills for one of the most brutal regimes in the world. Of course, every now and then, one of their colleagues, though, will step out a line, like former CDC director Robert Redfield. 


ROBERT REDFIELD, FORMER CDC DIRECTOR: I have spent my life in virology. I do not believe this somehow came from a bat to a human. Normally, when a pathogen goes from zoonotic to human, it takes a while for it to figure out how to become more and more efficient in human-to-human transmission. I just don't think this makes biological sense. 


INGRAHAM: Well, just as China crushes dissent, the medical cartel here moved in to crush Redfield. He told "Vanity Fair" that after making those comments, he received death threats from fellow scientists. He said, "I was threatened and ostracized because I proposed another hypothesis. I expected it from politicians. I didn't expect it from science." 

Well, we did. And a year ago, we warned you about what would happen if science was politicized, and if we gave unelected bureaucrats way too much power. 


INGRAHAM: The unelected medical bureaucrats, they keep moving the goalposts for when they think the economy can reopen. 

There's got to be a check on their power. And if there's not, this is a very bad precedent to set going forward. 

None of these people sadly, including Dr. Fauci, can be really taken all that seriously anymore, given what we've seen. Because science, just like journalism and entertainment, has become obscenely politicized.


INGRAHAM: Those are lot of hairstyles. And now all this time later, the media are scrambling to try to restore their credibility madly, suddenly reporting on what they failed to report on when Donald Trump was still in office. Their justification for their dereliction of duty is pathetic. 

Now "Vanity Fair" was worried that only crackpots or political hacks wanting to hurt China believed the lab leak theory and they cited what they claimed is Trump's toxic racism, spurring anti-Asian violence as their reason to delay their own reporting on this. It's so disingenuous, crackpots? 

Well, as "Vanity Fair" itself noted, a liberal and highly respected scientist named Richard Ebright said it took him a nanosecond to consider a link to Wuhan. So I guess that was another conspiracy, crackpot guy. 

Now, with Donald Trump safely out of office, "Vanity Fair" felt liberated to provide key details that raise serious questions about Fauci, Francis Collins, and the whole NIH gang. "In the first year of the Trump administration, the gain of function moratorium was lifted and replaced with a review system. Their framework was largely met with shrugs and eye rolls, said a long-time agency official. If you ban gain of function research, you ban all of virology. Ever since the moratorium, everyone's gone wink-wink, and just done gain of function research anyway."

What? This is so huge. Now, I will say it again and again, the fact that so many have been unwilling to tell the whole truth on this matter, the fact that so many have been willing to protect China's role, and the fact that they all suppressed dissent here in the United States, it screams of the real need for a full accounting here. 

Democrats made up the entire Russian collusion charge to hurt Trump. But the facts we've laid out now for more than a year, they weren't made up. So if COVID collusion isn't real, well, Tony and Francis better start talking. 

And that's the "Angle". 

Joining me now is Mike Pompeo, former Secretary of State and distinguished fellow at the Hudson Institute. Secretary Pompeo, thank you for joining us. 

What we've learned over the past few weeks--

MIKE POMPEO, SECRETARY OF STATE: Great to be with you, Laura.

INGRAHAM: --about Fauci and the NIH and the State Department is truly disturbing. Your reaction. 

POMPEO: Laura, it has come as no surprise to anyone that there are folks that the state department didn't like, President Trump didn't like me, didn't like what we were doing, and we're going to work to thwart our efforts. That has no great surprise to hear Fauci this morning talk about how the Chinese have an interest in us discovering what happened is just crazy talk. 

The Chinese have a deep interest in covering it up and they've done so pretty darn effectively. In fact, it was the State Department that ultimately - we had big fights inside the organization. But it was us ultimately, who put out documents in January 15 that demonstrated some of the central facts we now know that lead to the overwhelming amount of efforts to demonstrate that this probably did come from this virology lab. 

It was good work by the State Department team. We overcame lots of internal bureaucracy to get there. And lots of internal debate from NIH folks who were trying to suppress what we're doing to the State Department as well. 

INGRAHAM: The Vanity Fair piece, Secretary, describes how "A guy named Miles Yu, the State Department's a principal China strategist, began mirroring the Wuhan Institute's website and compiling a dossier of questions about its research." The article then claims that in April, he gave this dossier to you and then you demanded access to the labs there. 

But then the Office of the Director of Intel later that month, released this statement saying, "The Intel community also concurs with a wide scientific consensus that COVID-19 was not manmade or genetically modified." 

Mr. Secretary, why was the DNA downplaying what you are trying to uncover at the time? 

POMPEO: The Vanity Fair piece is right. I was handed an extensive piece of work that fell in in Miles Yu did. He's a professor at the Naval Academy that was working for me at the State Department. He speaks Mandarin. He was able to read lots of things others couldn't get their hands on, and it was pretty clear. 

It was April when I received that if I remember right, it was in early May. 

Just a few days after that I was on TV talking about what I could get declassified at that point. We worked diligently to get the Intelligence Community classified more. Director Ratcliffe was a great partner in trying to do that, but there were folks all over the community who just didn't want to talk about this. We wanted to stay focused on other things. They didn't want the world to know that the Chinese Communist Party was in the process of (inaudible) which turns out there have been several million losses of life. 

You know, I'll leave that to others to speculate. But when you heard Dr. 

Fauci this morning, Laura, those are the exact same words, the exact same excuses, the exact same theories that the Chinese Communist Party has presenting for over a year now. We can all draw our own conclusions. I know this. We had a group inside the State Department, Miles Yu, a handful of others working diligently to get this information out to the American people, so the world could see what the Chinese Communist Party had done to all of us. 

INGRAHAM: But Dr. Fauci is essentially saying what the CCP is saying about China that it's highly unlikely - possible that things happened in a lab. 

But you really can't tell one from the other when the way they discuss the situation at the start of this pandemic. 

POMPEO: He implies good faith for the Chinese Communist Party, Laura. Here we are in the 32nd anniversary of Tiananmen Square, where we saw the brutality of this regime, a regime that doesn't care about human life. For Dr. Fauci, go and think for a moment that the Chinese Communist Party cared that there were people in Wuhan that were dying, whether it was Chinese people or Americans, whoever else might be there, it's just naive beyond all possible imagination. 

The Chinese Communist Party doesn't care for a moment. They have no desire for the world to know what happened. They could clear this all up in a minute if they wanted to. They've chosen not to, I think that's another link in the chain that demonstrates that when we get to the end of this, we will have demonstrated that the Chinese knew what had happened and their virology lab was at the center of it. 

INGRAHAM: Now, one former NSA official, Matt Pottinger, actually went on "Face the Nation" back in February to lay out the lab leak evidence. And you probably don't remember it, because it never aired. But here it is now. 


MATT POTTINGER, FMR TRUMP DEPUTY NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER: The types of research that were underway, both by the civilian staff of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and also, military researchers were studies into exactly the kinds of viruses that - ones that are 96 percent similar to the virus that's now making us all sick. They were doing gain of function research using humanized mice. 


INGRAHAM: Mr. Secretary, could this information from Pottinger, who is extremely smart individual, indicate that we can't necessarily just rule out that this wasn't some lab leak or it could be even a dual use situation? 

POMPEO: Yes. We don't know. I saw the statements that Matt made. We knew the same thing inside the State Department, we'd seen this same data. Your viewers should note, people talk about this as if we don't know very much. 

We actually know an awful lot about what was going on. We talk about gain of function research, the fact that this lab was level four and had security leaks before, that there were doctors who became ill and were hospitalized there in the fall of 2019. We have an awful lot of evidence pointing to what happened. 

What was the Chinese Communist Party's intention? We know there was military activity taking place in the same laboratory. We don't know exactly what they were doing. But we know this. We know that they don't want you to know. And that suggests to me, we should give them no benefit of the doubt and we should impose enormous costs on the Chinese Communist Party until they come clean about what happened inside their country. 

INGRAHAM: Just Yes - a simple yes or no. Should any U.S. tax dollars be going to any group that is in partnership with the Wuhan virology institute, given what we know about China, their goals and their lack of transparency? Should any of this been happening? 

POMPEO: Absolutely not. It's reckless. 

INGRAHAM: Secretary Pompeo, thank you. And by the way, you have an op ed on Tiananmen Square and the protest tomorrow in The Hill. Everyone has to read this, all of these protests have been banned by China, in Hong Kong as well. And it's a really important piece and thank you for writing it. 

POMPEO: Thank you.

INGRAHAM: One of the targets by the way inside Fauci's unearthed emails was Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The governor is here in moments to respond. 

Plus, could some redactions of the emails point to ongoing investigations? 

Phil Kerpen has those disturbing answers. 


INGRAHAM: The Fauci emails not only expose all of his lies and cover ups, but also just what a small and vindictive technocrat he really is. Now, while Fauci was treating the CCP scientists like old pals and covering his own malfeasance on gain of function, he was working behind the scenes to undermine one of the red state governors who resisted his dictates. 

In a March 2020 email, Fauci wrote, "Regarding the bars and beaches, I've been screaming on TV 2 to 5 times per night to tell the younger generation to start taking this seriously. I'm very surprised that Governor DeSantis has not completely closed the bars, even if they serve food, takeout only. 

I will bring this up at the taskforce meeting tomorrow." 

Here with me now is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Governor, did this surprise you to see Dr. Fauci so desirous of apparently a policy role for which he is not an expert?

GOV. RON DESANTIS (R-FL): Actually, it didn't surprise me. I mean, I think he is somebody who, if you followed what he said, he said you did a good job. For example, he said New York has the best response to COVID. 

Obviously, in terms of the numbers, I don't see how you could possibly say that both for COVID and all the destruction that's happened. And so in Florida, we chose freedom over Fauci-ism, and we're much better off for doing that. 

I think his lockdown policies were not justified by the scientific data. He was somebody that fearmongered about schools, he did not support Florida when we had our kids in school in person. I think he was wrong about mass and asymptomatic spread. And then obviously he does so many interviews that it was pretty clear to me after a pretty short time, this was all about himself and his own image. And for me, you look at that magazine cover with him lounging by the pool with the sunglasses on right in the midst of the pandemic. I mean, it was almost like a let-them-eat-cake moment for all the people who were chafing under his lockdowns, and yet he seemed to be having the time of his life. 

INGRAHAM: Did you have any interaction with him or his office? 

DESANTIS: Yes. Actually, in the early part, we did. I mean, so January, February, I think almost every governor, I mean we viewed him as the authority. He was being held up as that. We listened to him, work with them. As we got into March, we were working with the task force. But I think it was pretty clear as the data started coming in April, in particular. 

I departed from what the task force was recommending and made sure that we were open, we work to get our schools open, all those other things. So then I think we had less interaction. But I know he was very involved with a lot of Governors, every step of the way. I mean, certainly, unlike New York, and some of those states that had the nursing home policy. 

He was intimately involved in things like that. He was a big believer in the hospital models that was funded by Bill Gates. Those models were grievously wrong. But I know he was a believer in that. He was also a believer in the Imperial College model that Neil Ferguson had done, which was disastrously wrong, but caused a lot of panic, both in the United Kingdom and the United States. 

INGRAHAM: Did you ever, at any point, believe that it was in error to have given him this much power in the way of media presence and the briefings every day? And did you share that concern with anyone at the White House? 

DESANTIS: I did share the concern. I think there was a lot of concern at the White House as well. The problem, Laura, is to elevate anybody like that, I think, is problematic. But particularly, when you have somebody that's going out and literally doing every interview under the sun, he ended up contradicting himself. He was indulging hypotheticals. He ended up having to do political commentary sometimes, because the media obviously wanted to use Fauci to attack people like me and other Republicans. 

And so, I think people are going to look back on this period, and say, if there's anything something like this, someone in Fauci's role, that's what you don't do time and time again. And so, I think he was way overexposed. 

And I think what he wants to do in these health situations, have one or two clear messages and just keep repeating that, but you don't got to indulge every left wing reporter in the United States every day. 

INGRAHAM: Well, Fauci is a liberal. He obviously didn't like Trump. And he was buddies with the Cuomos and was yacking it up with them on TV. I mean he was - that was, it's always could have should have would have and it was a crisis. And you can't really go back. But it was a mistake to put him in that role. And it was a mistake to have him out there every day and that was - I mean, that was a mistake. And Governor, thank you. 

DESANTIS: Especially given his role in this lab leak. 

INGRAHAM: Yes. Well, and you think this is the beginning of the inquiry here, or are they going to just - the Democrats are just going to ignore it? 

DESANTIS: I think they're going to ignore it. I think Republicans take back the Congress, I think we can have a legitimate investigation. We certainly need to be investigating the origins of COVID over this January 6, which is purely partisan. So it's very important, but it will not happen with Biden and the Democrats in charge. 

INGRAHAM: Governor, thank you. 

And the Fauci emails are not only troubling for what they reveal, but also for what they conceal. The 3200 page document is riddled with redactions, each citing legal exemptions, but what do they mean, and what might they be hiding? 

Joining me now is Phil Kerpen, President of the Committee to Unleash Prosperity. Phil, I want to start with an email between Fauci and Peter Daszak, who funneled NIH funds to Wuhan and is a big advocate of this gain of function research. Now, a huge chunk of it is redacted citing exemption D7A. What does that refer to? 

PHIL KERPEN, PRESIDENT OF THE COMMITTEE TO UNLEASH PROSPERITY: Well, Laura, it refers to a criminal investigation. And this is a very unusual exemption from an agency like the NIH. Usually this exemption shows up when you FOIA the FBI or ATF or some other enforcement agency, and they use it for information that could compromise a current ongoing investigation. So for this to show up in an NIH document production is extremely unusual. 

INGRAHAM: So a criminal infestation into the ongoing gain of function research during a moratorium, or an individual who was doing that, or we just simply don't know? 

KERPEN: We really don't know. But it's interesting because this is not Fauci writing. This is Daszak writing. And so presumably, it's information that he had that is now relevant to some ongoing criminal investigation. I don't know who is under investigation or for what, but this is unusual and does indicate the existence of some investigation. 

INGRAHAM: All this has to be unredacted. 

There's one concerning email between Fauci and Zuckerberg. Much of it is redacted citing B-4 exemption. Phil, what does that refer to, and why might they invoke to? It's after Zuckerberg says we'd like you do to a colloquy, a live Facebook interview, and talks about how they're going to have a coronavirus database. But then at the end of the interview, it says finally, comma, then the whole paragraph is x-ed out. 

KERPEN: Yes, and then in Fauci's response we have him saying it's very exciting and he's most excited about this -- redacted. And so we don't know what he's most excited about. That B-4 exemption refers to trade secrets. 

So commercially protected intellectual property, that kind of thing. It's very hard to figure out what trade secrets could have possibly been implicated in an offer like this. My conjecture is it was something along the lines of we'll give you the ability to decide what subject to fact checking or suppression our platform, something like that, that they would have found that embarrassing to disclose. I don't think that's a trade secret, so I think it would not be a legitimate reduction. But it's hard to see what they could have hiding behind there that really would qualify as a trade secret. So I hope we'll see an appeal of this, but I don't know what "Buzzfeed" is thinking in that regard.

INGRAHAM: Or maybe it's something about we're going to have technology in place that will allow you to find out who your Facebook group has been exposed or not. I guess that, but again, none of this stuff should be redacted, not with 550,000 people plus dead in the United States. Phil, we are still digging on this. Thank you so much. 

And it's time to call what the Biden demonstration is allowing at our border one thing -- criminal. Dan Patrick explains why. Plus, is the Biden administration looking to that squeeze the suburbs out of existence? It seems far-fetched, maybe, but it's happening already. We're going to explain, next. 


INGRAHAM: The border situation is now so catastrophic that even NBC News is forced to admit that Biden bears some of the blame, reporting "In reality, the border is not close," duh. "Under Biden, the determination of who stays and who goes has become a lottery with winners and losers. The merits of an asylum claim often beside the point." So who is trying to win that lottery? 

The other week, 10 convicted sex offenders including child rapists were arrested trying to cross into the Del Rio sector. We were there a few years ago. In fact, there's been more than 3,000 percent increase of sex offenders arrested in that sector. Those are just the ones caught, of course. 

Joining me now, Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick. Dan, I've said this, and I'm going to say it again. I actually believe there are not only criminal issues with how this is being handled, but I think this at some point, when does this become an impeachable offense, to just allow the United States to be completely overrun, willfully overrun? 

DAN PATRICK, (R) TEXAS LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR: Can you imagine, Laura, that we would be at a point in time in our history where the president of the United States is allowing thugs, criminals, felons, rapists, child molesters, murderers, you name it, to cross our border without really much opposition. 

In one week in May, just one week, Laura, we apprehended 28,000 people just in Texas. Remember, we are about two-thirds of the border. That is just in Texas. And of those, people from all over the world, 100, almost 150 came from Romania. How did they get here? And this nonsense of, we are just letting unaccompanied children in, it is setting a record more than we've ever had in one week, close to 20,000 in one week, unaccompanied minors. 

But this idea that adult males, 21 and over, are coming across, that they are being turned, it is a lie. It is absolutely a lie. 

So it's not just an invasion of people that are going to impact our emergency rooms and our hospitals and our schools and our economy across the border. It's not just the fact that this is inhumane to many women and young girls that come here, put them into sex trafficking, or men who are enslaved and have to send part of their wages back to the cartels, new slavery. The real threat to America is the threat of thugs joining gangs. 

MS-13, this is just like the free agent draft in the NFL. They are just loading up their gangs and increasing their numbers. 

INGRAHAM: Dan, I know it's a horrible humanitarian issue, and I understand that, and it's terrible. But Biden's job is to safeguard our country, our country, our people, that are suffering right now in inner cities that are suffering with depression after this horrible year. Gas is expensive. Food is expensive. So our people are suffering. And now we have tens of thousands of people. It will be 2 million by the end of the year if the estimate right -- 

PATRICK: More than. It will be -- 

INGRAHAM: Dan, hold on, hold on, hold on. Where are these people being sent? A lot of them are staying in Texas, but not all of them. A lot of them are being distributed across the country. Do you know where they are going? 

PATRICK: Anywhere they want to go. That is where they are going, Laura. 

They just turn and release. We're lucky that we catch some of these criminal records. We caught a murderer the other day who had actually been convicted of murder in the United States in 2002 and they were able to check in. But many of these people, remember, many of those who we apprehend, and you're right, Laura. I was just giving you the broad -- 

INGRAHAM: No, I got it. 

PATRICK: -- but these criminals will be committing crimes in our streets, and the size of the gains of MS-13 that take on our police, that create crime all over our cities and every one of our 50 states -- 

INGRAHAM: But Dan, even if they are not criminals. Most of them are probably not criminals, but they are obviously going to take resources that we need to go to the American people. That's the point here. 

PATRICK: Yes, that's what I said -- 

INGRAHAM: The American people are getting ripped off. And this is a lie. 

And I know you know this, I'm just so -- this is so upsetting to people who just want fairness, and having a good immigration system is fair. This is criminal what's going on at our border. 

PATRICK: This is criminal and you could borderline treasonous. 

INGRAHAM: We've got to go. 

PATRICK: You're turning over our country to people just flooding across the border. 

INGRAHAM: We've got to go.

PATRICK: And I hear, I hear that they may be upending Title 42 soon from a Congressman. They may bring it up. 

INGRAHAM: Lieutenant Governor, thank you. The remain in Mexico policy actually worked. 

Biden isn't content with just destroying our border. Now he is coming for the suburbs. Oh, goodie. His big infrastructure plan includes incentives for local governments to get rid of so-called exclusionary zoning laws that supposedly harm minorities. The goal is to coax localities into allowing high rise apartment buildings in neighborhoods that are zoned for single family houses. 

Joining me now is Congresswoman and former mayor Beth Van Duyne. 

Congresswoman, how will a plan like this destroy suburbs in this country? 

REP. BETH VAN DUYNE (R-TX): What you are seeing is the Biden administration wanting to take control away from local elected officials and put it into D.C. bureaucrats. You're taking the ability for them to be able to permit for single family homes, which a lot of people want to live in. They want to be able to go into a neighborhood where their kids can play in their own yard and be able to go to the schools that they want to go to. They can have ownership and have that -- for their future. And what you're seeing is the Biden administration is coming in and they are saying, we are going to take that away from local municipalities. We are going to take that away, and we're going to force on you zoning cases or zoning ordinances that are going to be able to put multifamily into single family homes. 

INGRAHAM: Yes. Everyone has to understand this, your property values are going to go down. Your crime rate is going to go up. Is that what you want? 

Is that what America wants? Great.

VAN DUYNE: This is all about control. It is not only taking away people's choices in where they want to live, but it's also taking away people's opportunity to be able to build generational wealth. We have come from decades and decades of people being able to buy homes. That was the American dream. You're able to buy a home -- 

INGRAHAM: They don't want that.

VAN DUYNE: -- and be able to invest in that. They don't want that. 

INGRAHAM: They want everyone who is miserable in the inner-city living under liberal rule, they want all the suburbs to be as miserable as the people are in Baltimore and Chicago and all these other places. 

Congresswoman, I want to look at the Housing Situation in Greenville, Delaware, where Biden's home is. There are currently zero low income- housing apartment communities. There are zero low-income based apartments, and zero rent subsidized apartments. Are we supposed to believe that he's going to blow up his ritzy suburb by getting rid of all of those zoning laws? 

VAN DUYNE: Again, for Democrats, it's for thee, not me. And no, I don't see he is going to do that in his neighborhood at all. But look, I got elected on city council. I ran against an incumbent who had got a lot of support from developers and from others. And I got elected because what I heard overwhelmingly from constituents is they did not want these monstrous apartment complexes. They wanted to be able to have neighborhoods. And by the way, once you build a neighborhood, we were selling them like hot cakes. There's not enough homes to be able to buy. But quite frankly, that is why you see people moving to places like Texas from places like California. 

INGRAHAM: They don't want no part of this.

VAN DUYNE: Exactly right.

INGRAHAM: Yes, they are exposing themselves. Congresswoman Van Duyne, thank you tonight. 

And still ahead, a dad and his daughter went viral for videos rejecting Critical Race Theory and BLM. The father joins us next to tell us why he did it, and why he thinks they are making such an impact. Stay there.


KORY YESHUA, POSTED VIRAL VIDEO AGAINST CRT: How we treat people is based on who they are and not what color they are. 

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And if they are nice and smart. 

YESHUA: See. This is how children think right here. Critical Race Theory wants to end that. Not with my children. It's not going to happen. We need to stop CRT, period, point blank. Children do not see in color, man. They love everybody. 


INGRAHAM: That message from Kory Yeshua and his daughter is something every parent should agree on. He's just one of many parents across the country speaking out against Critical Race Theory and the damage it's doing to our kids in school. Kory Yeshua joins me now. Kory, thanks for being with us. 

Why is it so important for you to talk about this issue with your young daughter? 

YESHUA: Well, it goes toward the youth. It goes toward young people. I want my daughter to treat people with respect no matter if they are black, white, yellow, brown. Like I said in the video. I want people to know that people should be judged by their character and not by their color. 

INGRAHAM: There was a moment today on television when Eugene Robinson of "The Washington Post," he made a point about Critical Race Theory. Watch. 


EUGENE ROBINSON, MSNBC ANALYST: The rightwing is all aflutter about Critical Race Theory. History has a way of winning. History has a way of making its effects known, no matter who tries to stop this phenomenon. So, we're going to keep telling the truth. 


INGRAHAM: Kory, is this a reaction -- is this rejection of Critical Race Theory, as he said, a rightwing only issue in your view? 

YESHUA: No, absolute not. I think anybody who doesn't have in their mind that they want people to be judged by just their race or your color or your creed, nationality, I think that goes through all spectrums, you know? 

Liberal, Democrat, right, left, it does not matter. 

INGRAHAM: Well, then some schools in the Washington, D.C., area, Kory, they are actually having these race polls or surveys. Some consulting group gets paid a lot of money to come in and tell everybody how racist they are, even if they don't think they are, of course they are. And so the white kids have to separate into one group, and then the black kids, or the people of color separate into another group. And they have to do different workshops. 

And the white kids have to do the workshop where they apologize and examine their racism. What about that approach to teaching and education? 

YESHUA: Why are we going backwards in America? Are we trying to go back to Jim Crow? We are going back to segregation. We need to be moving forward. 

We need to be teaching people there's no difference between you if you are white or black. Why is that so hard for some of these people that are implementing these things in schools. I don't understand. It's so racist. 

It is so racist. 

INGRAHAM: The point they are making is America is systemically racist to her core, and because America is systemically racist, everything has to be taught through that lens to prevent further corrosion of our country. 

YESHUA: Frederick Douglass said that the Constitution is a glorious liberty document. And I believe the same thing. And if Frederick Douglass and Martin Luther King believed that we were systemically racist and there was no way that we could change, then I don't think that they would have fought as hard to get to change. They knew we had something called the Constitution, right? And it's for liberty of all men, right, and all races and all creeds. So -- 

INGRAHAM: Kory, this interview is going to be seen by a lot of people. But your viral video was awesome. Thank you so much for joining us, and best to your daughter. 

Up next, a wonderful Last Bite. 



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: On the White House cat, is that still happening here? 

Our readers are asking us a lot. 

JEN PSAKI, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: I bet. I've been joking, although maybe it might be true that we are waiting for a bad news day for that to come out. If you see a tail wagging coming out of the briefing room, you will know something bad is about to happen. I don't have any update on the cat. I know there's a lot of interest. 


INGRAHAM: Forget COVID origins. Go with the cat every time. Profile in courage, media.

Gutfeld takes it from here.

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