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LAURA INGRAHAM, FOX NEWS HOST: I'm Laura Ingraham. And this is THE INGRAHAM ANGLE on a very busy Friday night. So we're going to dive right in.

Our vanishing president. That's the focus of tonight's ANGLE.

There might be, and I emphasize, might be some good news regarding the Ukraine-Russia conflict tonight. Turkey's leader Recep Erdogan said Russia and Ukraine are nearing a peace deal.

According to his account. Again, we take it with a grain of salt. "There's almost a consensus regarding such issues as NATO, disarmament, collective security and using Russian as an official language in the technical infrastructure works during the ongoing process in Belarus."

Now, of course, if that's true, there still remain deep disagreements about the status of the breakaway provinces in eastern Ukraine. But Russia did say last night that its Military operation, if that's what you want to call it, in Ukraine was mostly complete. And that going forward, it would focus primarily on the eastern part of the nation.

Now, this is actually, if true, a big shift, and may indicate that Russia after inflicting heinous pain and suffering on Ukrainian people has now limited its goals in Ukraine.

Now, if America actually had a strong leader, a real president, he'd find a way right now to capitalize on these potential breakthroughs and encourage everyone, all parties, to hammer out a peace deal and do it as soon as possible.

Now, this would save countless lives and prevent more suffering. But instead, we have Joe Biden, who comes off as kind of a distant observer of all of this, not the leader of the free world.


JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: There's negotiations - there are discussions, I should say, that have taken place that I have not been part of, including Ukrainians. And it's fair judgment to make.


INGRAHAM: Now, first he had to disappear from the campaign trail, remember, in 2020, because of COVID. Now, he's vanishing from the world stage taking a backseat to lesser powers and NATO. He's just waiting for his marching orders at this point.

Meanwhile, he is previewing the wonderful future all of us Americans are going to have to look forward to under his watch.


BIDEN: We did - we started talking about food shortages. And it's going to be real. The price of the sanctions is not just imposed upon Russia. It's imposed upon an awful lot of countries as well, including European countries and our country as well.

They are been the breadbasket of the world, Ukraine and Russia. But we, the United States, are going to do our part because we're the third largest producer of wheat in the world.


INGRAHAM: Now, an American president is supposed to reassure us. Biden just terrifies us, he depresses us. But just in case, you haven't heard enough from him, he will have more tomorrow on the crisis.

Of course, the same crisis that never would have occurred under President Trump. And you can bet that American taxpayers will be forced to foot the bill once again.


JAKE SULLIVAN, NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR TO U.S. PRESIDENT: He will give a major address tomorrow that will speak to the stakes of this moment, the urgency of the challenge that lies ahead, what the conflict in Ukraine means for the world.


INGRAHAM: Wait. Did he say, means for the world?

Now, Mr. I've met more foreign leaders than anyone alive, hasn't had one foreign policy success under his belt. Unless you call his Afghanistan withdrawal a win for America.

But we do know one thing. Under Biden's watch China always ends up with the longer end of the stick. The CCP is laughing, learning and plotting as Biden flails and flaunt rounders from one crisis to the next.

Now, even when President Biden tries to be empathetic with all of the tragedy unfolding for the Ukrainian people, he somehow manages to botch it.


BIDEN: When you see a 30-year-old woman standing there in front of a tank with a rifle. I mean, talk about what happened in Tiananmen Square. That's Tiananmen Square squared.


INGRAHAM: Did he actually say, that's Tiananmen Square squared? How profound?

Now, why hasn't Biden released the transcript of that big call he had a few weeks ago with President Xi, by the way? Shouldn't the American people know what was said, what was perhaps negotiated away?

We know China's state media and all their outlets indicated that Biden had agreed to play nice on all the issues important to the CCP. But of course, we don't really know what the truth is. Because Biden's people refuse to be transparent about, what if anything he offered China in return for their help with Russia.

Now, not only though is China acting as a backstop for Russia's war effort in Ukraine, it's right now expanding its influence and reach as American officials are distracted in Eastern Europe.

A disturbing report today that President Xi is hashing out the final details of a secret security agreement with the Solomon Islands, that tiny island nation strategically situated off northern Australia, not too far from New Zealand either.

Now, tipping the balance of power toward China and the Indo-Pacific, well, that move represents a serious threat to our allies and frankly, to U.S. interests. Once again, American weakness has far reaching implications, none of them good.

"There is no question that the balance of security in the region would be affected, said Peter Jennings, Executive Director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute think tank. It would enormously complicate Australia's ability to move subs and ships and aircraft along the Australian east coast. They'll be watched from the Solomon Islands."

So once again, China has outmaneuvered a feeble-minded U.S. president, who seems more worried about getting home to Delaware for the weekend than the geopolitical storm clouds ahead.

And beyond the President himself, China knows it doesn't face any obstacles, or any real calls for accountability from any members of Biden's cabinet either. They don't need more lobbyists in DC and China. No. They have Biden's Treasury Secretary, Janet Yellen.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Would you consider sanctions on China as an ally of Russia at this point?

JANET YELLEN, TREASURY SECRETARY: So I don't think that that's necessary or appropriate. At this point, we - senior administration officials are talking privately and quietly with China to make sure that they understand our position.


INGRAHAM: Oh, they understand it all right, Secretary Yellen. Weakness is very easy to spot and very easy to understand. And that's the 'Angle'.

All right. Joining me now and I'm thrilled they're with us, retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, Daniel Davis, senior fellow at the defense priorities group; and Gordon Chang, senior fellow at the Gatestone Institute and author of "The Great U.S.-China Tech War".

Gordon, this move I want to hit first and the Solomon Islands security pack that they hoped to keep secret, but it leaked out. How significant is this given the location of the Solomon Islands in the Indo-Pacific.

GORDON CHANG, "GREAT U.S.-CHINA TECH WAR" AUTHOR: It's extremely significant for a number of reasons. It's not only the location of the Solomon Islands. Remember, this is Guadalcanal, territory that the U.S. paid and blood for.

But it's also just an opening in a number of different areas in the Pacific. So, for instance, in Carabosse, which is 1800 miles from Hawaii, China wants to build an airstrip. Now, in Pacific terms, that let's Carabosse the next door neighbor of Hawaii. And our Pentagon seems to be oblivious.

But this is true throughout the entire region. This is an important part of the world. It's right next to the U.S.. This means that China is on our doorstep. So it's not just the Solomons, it is a lack of the American will to defend our interests to out this vast part of the world.

INGRAHAM: And I have to say, when we look at how this is unfolding, Colonel Davis, it's not really that surprising, given what we've seen from Biden in Eastern Europe. I'm very wary of American boots on the ground are accelerating the world toward a third world war in Europe.

But at the same time, essentially, Biden's just waiting for orders from either Erdogan or Macron, or whoever else is going to oversee these negotiations.

LT COL DANIEL DAVIS, U.S. ARMY: Yes, I'd honestly like to see the President take a little bit more proactive measures here in something besides just providing more Military weapons, or ammunition, or any more threats. Look, there's place for all that, because Putin deserves punishment for the things that he's done and the blood that has been spilled and continues to be spilled.

But President Biden, any U.S. president's first responsibility has to be the security of the United States. And so, he has to make sure he doesn't push too hard so that he actually ends up pushing us right up against the potential for a clash with Russia.

And Russia right now is terrified of all the NATO power that's continued to come up to its border. And a scared Russia is not what we want. We want one that's actually willing to back off and we have to provide some kind of off ramp for that and that means strong, disciplined diplomacy, so that we can make sure our needs are taken care of, but also we don't push it too far.

INGRAHAM: Gordon, to that point, I heard a number of commentators on television saying, Well, we don't want to push Zelenskyy toward a deal that gives Putin a win in Ukraine. That would be catastrophic. Is that the right way to look at this? Is that what the United States would be doing, if we were urging more serious negotiations than we are?

CHANG: It really depends what the United States would say. The problem here is that Russia is breaking down the international order. So there are all sorts of significant points here that we have yet to really think about. So essentially, what we should be doing is we shouldn't be pressuring Zelenskyy to cave in.

And that's what I'm afraid of, if the Biden administration actually starts to get really involved in these negotiations, because we know that Biden wants a lot from Russia in connection with the Iran nuclear deal, which shouldn't be - being discussed at this point, should never be discussed. So I'm really concerned if Biden does become more involved in Eastern Europe.

INGRAHAM: Well, right now, Colonel Davis, we have a situation where China is on the move in multiple places. We learned that, of course - we learned that the islands in the South Pacific - South China Seas, we're worried about being militarized we found out this week or was revealed this week or last week that they are fully militarized.

How significant is that now they're in the Solomon Islands, and those military positions, and those contested islands?

DAVIS: Yes. Well, I mean, that's - obviously, when anytime you have an enemy or a potential enemy expand its base of operations where it could extend those - the firepower to look further into the Asia Pacific area, that's a concern that we have to have.

Unlike a lot of these other things, we have to make sure that we use our economic leverage wisely where we can. Let's work with China where we can and be absolutely clear, where they - we can't work with them, and where there is a price to pay if they move in directions that are antithetical to our interests.

INGRAHAM: But, Gordon, Secretary Yellen says, now is not the time - not the appropriate time to put any financial pressure on China. We're too entangled, can't do anything?

CHANG: No. There's a lot that we can do, because China, for instance, is fragile. But Yellen's pronouncements were fundamentally wrong. If we go back to the readout of that phone call, video call that Biden had with Xi Jinping last Friday, Biden said that he actually talked about the consequences if China provided material aid to Russia.

Well, China has been providing material aid to Russia from the beginning of this war. And so clearly, we should be imposing sanctions on it. And Yellen should actually start to look at the facts before she make public pronouncements on TV.

INGRAHAM: Pro-China hack, I'll say it. Gentlemen, thank you.

Now, the Biden administration announced yesterday that we would welcome 100,000 Ukrainian refugees. Obviously, our hearts break for the people in Ukraine. It is absolutely horrific what has happened to them. But is bringing them all the way to the United States in their best interests? And what about the U.S. taxpayers?

Joining me now is Todd Bensman, senior national security fellow at the Center for Immigration Studies, and author of "America's Covert Border War".

Todd, you recently called it a fable that these Ukrainian war refugees desperately need American sanctuary and even would qualify for asylum. Why is that?

TODD BENSMAN, "AMERICA'S COVERT BORDER WAR" AUTHOR: Well, that's because all 27 countries of the European Union have generously offered three-year residencies to every Ukrainian war refugee. That means that they have full access to their health care systems, to work authorization, and housing subsidies, and also the UK. I might mention also.

So there's really no reason whatsoever for Ukrainians to be coming to our border or for us to be bringing in huge swells, numbers of Ukrainians here. They're doing great for a group of war refugees. It's the kind of the - the issue is that they are not asylum seekers. They have asylum right in their own neighborhoods. So it's a little bit--

INGRAHAM: And that makes more sense. OK.

BENSMAN: Yes, it's disingenuous.

INGRAHAM: Yes. Democrats have also found a rather bizarre rationale for accepting Ukrainian refugees. Watch.


SEN. JACK REED (D-RI): We will first begin to bring them into Military bases as we did the Afghans, go through the paperwork necessary to get them established, find communities in the United States. They're prepared. In fact, they've learned lessons from the Afghan experience.


INGRAHAM: Todd, we still have Afghan refugees living in hotels in Maryland. OK. We've documented that. And now we're going to do the same thing again in military basis with all of that - all that entails. With all these European nations willing to take them in much closer to their homeland, which we hope they'll be able to return to.

BENSMAN: Yes, it's just - it's utterly unnecessary to do this. I understand the plight. I think we all understand that these are definitely a victimized nationality. But, remember, we also have a lot of Ukrainians smuggling or flying into Mexico and coming up to our southern border.

That's the one I worry about the most, because our southern border's utterly collapsing right now. They're talking about doing away with Title 42, the pandemic push back policy. Every migrant in the--

INGRAHAM: Floodgates.

BENSMAN: --world. Yes, I mean, we don't need to have a bunch of Ukrainians joining in with that at the southern border, especially because they have--

INGRAHAM: Well, Todd, we appreciate it. Yes. Also, Biden said, with the goal of family reunification, meaning I think that 100,000 would expand pretty quickly to like 400,000 when you include other family members that would have to join them in the United States, which we also have to mention. Todd, thank you.

Now, we've told you this before, if the GOP thought Manchin was some type of ally, his announcement today on the Supreme Court pick Ketanji Brown Jackson should make you change your mind. Details next.

Plus, the left's disgusting racial games surrounding this nomination exposed. Stay there.


INGRAHAM: We tried to warn Republicans about putting too much faith in Joe Manchin. Well, sadly, we've been proven right again.

The West Virginia Senator released a statement earlier today saying, "Judge Jackson's record and career are exemplary. Notably, Judge Jackson and her family spend a great deal of time in West Virginia and her deep love of our state and commitment to public service were abundantly clear. I'm confident Judge Jackson is supremely qualified to has serve as our nation's next Supreme Court Justice."

The West Virginia plug is shameless, totally irrelevant. She doesn't care about the people there, or apparently neither does Manchin at this point.

Joining us now is Mollie Hemingway, Fox News contributor, senior editor at The Federalist. Mollie, that one line from Manchin thrown in to his press release, where he just lauded her credentials in her performance and the hearings and so forth. That really does sum up the total disregard of our Constitution and how important this role of Supreme Court Justice really is.

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, THE FEDERALIST: This is a really important decision for senators to make. This is - if she's confirmed to justice, she'll sit on the court for decades. She has an extremely radical approach to the Constitution. That's why she is supported by some of the most fringe leftist groups and they put a lot of money behind making sure she would make it to the court.

And that not - we're told that the Democrat Party includes a bunch of radicals, but also some moderates. Well, this should have been something that would be easy for any moderate to vote against. And that not any of them are doing it shows just how beholden to the progressive left the Democrat Party has become.

INGRAHAM: Well, again, we have a woman who doesn't know, or won't say what a woman is. She was incredibly invasive - evasive on key matters, including her own judicial philosophy, which she kind of tried to pass off as originalist.

But, Mollie, for the people of West Virginia who care about things such as gun rights, religious liberty rights. What does Judge Jackson's background and her views on the Constitution - how does that inform what she will do on those seminal cases, knowing how the other more liberal justices react to those cases?

HEMINGWAY: Right. We - it's lovely that this judge who might become a justice enjoys West Virginia. Many of us enjoy West Virginia. That's not the key question. The key question is, how will she rule on all sorts of cases affecting the lives of West Virginians, and people throughout the country.

This is someone who has a view of the Constitution. She is supported by groups who deride and condemn the U.S. Constitution, who hate our founding principles, who do not believe in natural rights. And there is a reason why they support her so much, and why so many secret donors made sure that Joe Biden would be elected and that he would pick from a slate of extremely left leaning judges.

Right now, the situation on the court might not give her much sway, but with another opening, that would give her quite a bit of sway. And because of her age, she could have a huge role to play.

So Joe Manchin is not being very responsible in terms of what his voters and his state need in terms of securing gun rights, or other things that are very important to the American existence. And the idea that because she enjoys vacationing there that that's - that that makes it all ok, is ridiculous.

INGRAHAM: Just again, focusing on Manchin and the people of West Virginia, their views of the Constitution and the Second Amendment and how that's protected and should be protected.

He said in his statement supporting her that, "During our meeting, she was warm and gracious. Mollie. On the top of her impressive resume, she has the temperament to make an exceptional jurist."

Now, I'm not saying temperament doesn't matter at all, but it kind of is irrelevant when you're talking about applying law, as written by representatives of duly-elected representatives and supported by a sitting president.

Temperament really doesn't matter. It's the plain language of the statute that governs, yet repeatedly she just ignored plain - statute language and decided cases on the - on policy grounds, like she did on that immigration case.

HEMINGWAY: Right. If someone is pleasant while running roughshod over the Constitution, I don't think people really care about the pleasantness. They care about the net effect.

Senator Mike Lee actually pointed out that some of her rulings, where she's very devoted to the administrative state to the swamp of Washington, DC, where she wouldn't even let a case be heard in West Virginia because she was focused on it being heard in DC, which is definitely the region that she is most beholden to.

But yet, temperament is fine and nice. And pretty much anyone who's a federal judge has a pretty good temperament. But that has nothing to do with the damage that can be caused by nicely ruling against all sorts of protections that we enjoy as Americans. And that is what she has shown through her radical background.

INGRAHAM: Well, West Virginia, lookout if Justice Jackson is confirmed. Mollie, thank you.

HEMINGWAY: Thank you.

INGRAHAM: Now, it turns out the mere act of questioning a black woman up for a lifetime appointment is not just cruel, it's now racist.


IRIN CARMON, SENIOR CORRESPONDENT, NEW YORK MAGAZINE: They seem to be trying to bait her so that they can use a clip in which they peg her as an angry black woman.

JOY REID, MSNBC HOST: They were treating her like a black shopper being - that they were following through the store. Just the ultimate disrespect for her as a human being, as a judge.

CHRIS HAYES, MSNBC HOST: I hope that future generations will look back on their behavior during Jackson's confirmation just as we're able to look back on the racist barrel scraping the senators of the 1960s.


INGRAHAM: Joining me now as Amala Ekpunobi, PragerU personality, former left-wing activist.

Amala, good to see you tonight. I found this reaction to what I thought was pretty mild examination of a record to be demeaning to her and actually insulting, like, somehow, a sitting federal judge isn't capable of answering simple questions like, What is a woman? That's somehow derogatory. What's your thought on this?

AMALA EKPUNOBI, PRAGERU PERSONALITY: Right. First of all, thank you for having me on. And absolutely, it is really demeaning to hear that because she is a black female that they should somehow be easier on her. That is what is being insinuated here.

And they're saying that these Republicans are being rough on Brown Jackson. Where do you see that? If we want to talk rough, let's look at the confirmation hearings of Kavanaugh, or of Clarence Thomas. That was rough. Those men were brought to tears during those hearings.

The only time I see Ketanji crying during these hearings is when she's talking to Cory Booker about how proud she is of her skin color and her race. It is really demeaning to hear that she should be given softballs and been - have an easy hearing here just by virtue of being born the way that she is. But that seems to be the prevailing narrative on the political left.

INGRAHAM: (inaudible) to be protected and not just treated like everyone else. So as usual, the finger is always pointed back at them. When they cry racist, they're the ones who are racially biased in their analysis.

And Amala, there was an MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson, who had a fairly interesting characterization of Judge Brown Jackson's hearings. Watch.


JASON JOHNSON, MSNBC POLITICAL CONTRIBUTOR: 30 years ago, we all remember Clarence Thomas said, this is a high tech lynching of an uppity black man. This is not a lynching, but it is certainly a flogging. And it's a flogging, because the Republicans know they can't stop Judge Brown Jackson from getting it.

So the only thing they can do now is publicly flog this intelligent, capable, qualified black woman to the best of their ability.


INGRAHAM: Amala, first of all, the cases couldn't be more different. One was character assassination, pure and simple. The other was assessing her own judicial record and her own past rulings and views on a number of issues. That's it.

EKPUNOBI: Exactly. It's not like they pulled up somebody from her high school and they come forth and said, Well, I heard Ketanji say back in high school that she supports critical race theory and that she would be soft on pedophiles.

They're not making these things up and bringing up random witnesses. They're looking at her actual court record. They're looking at the way that she acts. They're looking at the fact that she's on the board of a private school in Washington that supports critical race theory and gender theory in schools.

They are looking at her actual record as you should do with any confirmation hearing. So the fact that we're treating this woman differently and shouting this racist narrative shows you where their propaganda lies. It shows you the narrative that they want you to think about.

And it doesn't matter how hard or soft Republicans go on her, they will cry racism no matter what.

INGRAHAM: Now, that's an excellent point. Well, they want the Republicans to be rubberstamped on this nomination and she will be a rubberstamp on leftwing activists and their views on hot button issues. Amala, great to see you tonight. Thank you.

And the Oscars are Sunday, and North Korea's Kim Jong-un just submitted a late entry for best comedy. And Joe Biden struggles to connect with our troops overseas. How could that be? Raymond Arroyo will tell us. Friday Follies is next.


GREG PALKOT, FOX NEWS SENIOR FOREIGN AFFAIRS CORRESPONDENT: This is Greg Palkot in Lviv. More fighting Friday across Ukraine, Russian missiles hitting a Ukrainian base just to the east of us. In Kyiv, Russian missiles hitting a key fuel depot. This as Ukrainians continue their counteroffensive in various suburbs around the capital. Other cities remain a battlefield. Local officials now say 300 were killed when Russians struck that refugee shelter in Mariupol.

All this comes as the Russians are redefining what they call a victory in this war. Having met strong resistance, they now claim they were simply trying to distract the Ukrainians and just want more Russia leaning territory in the east.

Whatever the justifications, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy still has a war on his hands, and in every appearance he calls for weaponry for his brave soldiers. It's said they can use 1,000 antitank missiles a day. Experts say the U.S. and the west need to keep it coming.


INGRAHAM: It's Friday, and that means it's time for, well, you know it, it is Friday Follies. And for that we turn to FOX News contributor Raymond Arroyo. Raymond, I know you're thrilled the Oscars are this weekend. Three hosts, though, like the nominated movie, I'm not sure the audience knows who they are.

RAYMOND ARROYO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Or care, Laura. One of those hosts is comedian Amy Schumer. She had a novel idea, a programming idea for the Academy Awards telecast. Get this.


AMY SCHUMER, COMEDIAN: I actually pitched, I was like I wanted to find a way to have Zelenskyy, like, you know, satellite in or make a tape or something, just because so many eyes get on it. There are so many eyes on the Oscars. But I'm not afraid to go there. But it's not me producing the Oscars.


ARROYO: Thank goodness. It's not Zelenskyy is fighting a war or anything. I guess he could do his "Dancing with the Stars" routine, Laura, but that's not what Schumer had in mind. She said she didn't like the idea of the Oscars being a vacation for the audience. Guess what, it should be a vacation for the audience. This is the problem. If you want to do war coverage, go to a news network. But when you're an entertainer, entertain people. Give the audience a laugh and a rest. This is the problem, of course, with the entire Academy Awards and the movies we've been seeing of recent.

INGRAHAM: I thought actually she was trying to be funny with the line about we though Zelenskyy would pop in for a few moments to encourage the audience --


INGRAHAM: That wasn't humor? She actually thought he was going to in between the shelling of city.

ARROYO: No, she was being serious, Laura. It's unbelievable. I spoke to an Academy Award winning director who said very few of these movies nominated are worth watching, and he doesn't even vote anymore, which gives you an idea of people in the industry.

However, if Schumer wants a world leader who seems to be ready for his close-up, this was released today by North Korean television. Kim Jong-Cruz staged his own "Top Gun" sequel, Laura --



ARROYO: -- showing off his new massive missile complete with a slow-mo sizzle reel. You can't make this up. Or if the Oscars could use a world leader who is also a physical comedian, there is always Boris Johnson.





ARROYO: Sometimes you can't find company.

INGRAHAM: Oh, my goodness. And by the way, Raymond, if the Oscars show needs a world leader with talent for a kind of nostalgic comedy, perhaps this Biden stand up from today in Poland can kind of fill the bill.




BIDEN: You guys are used to jumping.

What's at stake is -- what are your kids and grandkids going to look like in terms of their freedom? What's happening? Not many generations, the greatest generation was my father's generation, your grandparents' generation, the World War II generation. But nobody, no other generation has had to be in a battle.


ARROYO: Laura, note the reaction of the generals in the background, OK. They are thinking, can we go back to war? It's got to be less painful than this. And when it was over, the troops didn't even stand for the president, which tells you something.

INGRAHAM: What? That's rude.

ARROYO: No, they literally sat down and politely applauded. And the generation, generation, generation talk reminded of the repetitious oratory stylings of his vice president speaking abroad earlier this week.


KAMALA HARRIS, (D) VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: We're talking about the significance of the passage of time, right, the significance of the passage of time. So when you think about it, there is great significance to the passage of time.

And there is such significance to the passage of time where we think about a day in the life of our children.


INGRAHAM: Raymond, this woman makes Biden look like Churchill, OK.


INGRAHAM: She is completely unable to string together two consecutive sentences without repeating one of the key phrases in the first. And this has happened repeatedly with the vice president.

ARROYO: Both of them, Laura. It's remarkable -- generations, generations, the passage of time, the passage of time. Read the script, that's what I would say to the White House. Give them a script.

INGRAHAM: Raymond, Raymond, why is he doing this with his voice? Why is he starting to do that? It's like a "Dirty Harry" routine except there's no toughness.

ARROYO: That's trans-Atlantic flight is long, Laura. He missed his nap time.

And during the SCOTUS confirmation hearing this week, Senator Dick Durbin, Laura, offered this example to anyone at home watching the Oscars this weekend. Should you drop your snacks or hors d'oeuvres, we'll drop this for you. Watch.


ARROYO: He drops the food. He reaches over, and picks it up, and pops it right back in your mouth. You see, don't let anything go to waste.

INGRAHAM: Five second rule.

ARROYO: I guess, the two second rule. He didn't even cross himself. We used to, when we dropped it in the schoolyard, you give it a cross, and then pop in it.

INGRAHAM: I have a theory. Here is my theory. They are getting used to eating, all of us, out of a garbage can or off the floor because of the food shortage. So if you drop your eggs in the morning, let's say you're at a dirty diner in New York, you drop your eggs, just reach down with a fork and enjoy their meal, OK? We're all going to have to change our eating habits.

ARROYO: Why not. And we'll right a movie about and see if it qualifies for the Oscars next year, Laura. Hunger Games three, the Ingraham connection.

INGRAHAM: All right, Raymond, we didn't have time, but we have something on Monday which we are going to share with everybody that is a delicious treat. That's all I'm going to say. Monday, you've got to tune in for Raymond. Exactly, Raymond.

And coming up, another brutal murder by out-of-control teens. The details and response from a former gang kingpin in moments. Plus, a Georgia mother buries a school board in their own hypocrisy. The tape you just can't miss is next, stay there.


INGRAHAM: An increasingly number of sickeningly violent crimes is being committed by America's youth. Why is this happening? Is it a spiritual problem, a family breakdown problem, is it a cultural problem, policing problem, or is it a combination of all of them? The stories, the criminality, seems to be getting worse. To Iowa teens have just been accused of killing their 66-year-old high school Spanish teacher with a baseball bat. In Minneapolis earlier this month, a 17 -year-old was charged with shooting and killing a man while he sat in his car at a gas station. And last month a 19-year-old was arrested for the murder of a nine-year-old girl there.

Back in January, "The Star Tribune" editorial board warned "Fear of random violent crime is growing in the twin cities. Residents have been attacked at various times of the day in communities across the metro. Authorities have traced most of these frightening cases to teens as young as 13.

Joining me is John Turnipseed, former gang leader, drug dealer, and pimp. He is also the executive vice president of Urban Ventures. John, why is this happening? You are based in Minneapolis. We always think of Minnesota nice, but what is driving the violence?

JOHN TURNIPSEED, AUTHOR, "BLOODLINE": One of the things, this was sort of the aftermath of George Floyd. When that happened and all the lawlessness came in, kids got a sense of empowerment. And all of a sudden, we're backing off arresting people for certain things and things of that nature. Kids who have a rebel spirit in them anyways a lot of time take advantage of this. And now it's sweeping the country, and kids will follow trends. At one time we had kids that would knock people out, see if they could knock people out with one blow. So this carjacking thing is really scary because it's all across the nation. And it's sort of like a badge of honor now, that these kids, and they know that their first offense, nothing will happen to them.

INGRAHAM: How much was the shutdown during COVID also a driver of some of this, where kids were out of school, sometimes for long periods of time, forced to not socialize with each other? I'm not saying that's an excuse, but that couldn't have helped an already precarious dynamic.

TURNIPSEED: That's correct. Kids got, when they shutdown happen, kids got more time to spend with kids, and sometimes that's a really bad situation where kids have too much time to spend with other kids, and they get bored and whatever. And all of a sudden they try to think of something to do, something exciting, something that they can do that just makes them so cool and part of the in crowd, so to say. So COVID and being out of school hurts tremendously.

INGRAHAM: How about fatherlessness, how does that affect this?

TURNIPSEED: Father absence I think is the biggest problem we have in the nation. I think if every father went and claimed their kids and fathered their kids and disciplined their kids, we wouldn't have all the problems that we have today.

INGRAHAM: John, thank you for your experience, personal experience and your insights tonight.

Speaking of protecting the youth, when parent Michelle Brown discovered a sexually graphic book was being made available to students, she confronted the local school board. And its response ended up proving her point.


MICHELLE BROWN, CHEROKEE COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT PARENT: Here is an excerpt, and I'm going to really try to be careful so I don't get kicked out, "Excited now he pushed into her. As she squeezed her eyes and tightly as she could, her tongue circled her lips. He pushed harder, his breath heavy and labored. She scratched his back and he cried out. She bit his ear and pulled his hair." There is a lot more to it. It's 50 Shades of Gray and CCSD.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Excuse me can we have children at home. It's livestreaming and it's really not appropriate.

BROWN: Don't you find the irony in that? You're exactly saying exactly what I'm telling you.


INGRAHAM: Joining us now is that brave mother, Michelle Brown. Michelle, I'm guessing they didn't see the irony.

MICHELLE BROWN, CHEROKEE COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT PARENT: No. No. And irony is even more so is that I'm in Cherokee County, Georgia, and we are one of the top Republican counties in the state. And let me start by saying I love my county. I love where I live. I love being in a conservative town. I love my schools, the school system.

But over the last couple of years I've noticed, especially since COVID hit and we've had a little bit of short time of digital learning, slowly but surely I started becoming awakened to see some of the things that were in the curriculum.

And so I noticed last summer that there were lots of new stories and parents coming up and talking about books, and it was becoming alarming. And I thought thank goodness I live in conservative Cherokee County. And then come this fall at the board meeting I saw a parent get up and speak about one of the books. And then the next school board meeting I saw another parent get up and speak about one of the books.

INGRAHAM: In statement to FOX, the spokesperson for the school district said that you don't have -- you do not have students at the high school level within the high school district and had been repeatedly advised that you could file a challenge to remove the book, but you have not done so. So you don't have a high school student. You could have filed a challenge. You didn't.

BROWN: We did. However, so I am speaking on behalf of our group. Our group is a variety of -- we're a small group. We're underground, if you will, grassroots, and we have about 10 to 12 of us. And there are parents, grandparents, they have elementary, middle school, high school students within CCSD. We initially started because we wanted to help we No Left Turn in Education to remove or close the loophole is SB26, which was the save school library bill. In other words, if I gave you, or excuse me, if I gave a child one of these books, I would go to jail. But they can get it in our school libraries. And it's not OK.

INGRAHAM: Michelle, the left is like you're a book banner. You're just like the old puritans, you just want to ban books, so you're a book banner, and they think you're a troublemaker. And we like the fact that you raised this issue.

BROWN: That's exactly what the school chair board called it. She just put out an article today calling it the banned book list. And that is exactly what liberals say. So I'm kind of questioning, shouldn't we have an approved list? Shouldn't we have books that are deemed appropriate to be in the schools in the first place?

INGRAHAM: All right, Michelle, we appreciate it, thank you.

A sad departure when we return.


INGRAHAM: A sad goodbye tonight to our wonderful producer Mike Bastasch. He has been with our team for nearly three years. I cannot believe it. He's been so much fun to work with. We're very sad to see him go. But we know our friends at the Daily Caller News Foundation are going to be better off for our loss. But best of luck, Mike, and we'll see you around town.

That's it for us tonight. Remember, though, your USA made Freedom Matters at LauraIngraham.com, all proceeds for the month of March, all of them are going to be donated to the wonderful group Samaritans Purse, which is supporting efforts in Ukraine as well, as you know.

Remember, it's America now and forever. Have a great weekend. Gutfeld is next.

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