The fuss over The Donald

The fuss. Over The Donald.

Ron Paul wonders why anyone would care.

Newt Gingrich, who only months earlier had swooned at Trump…now amazed because "some people have this knack for gathering attention."

The big endorsement that media types insisted wasn't a big deal.

Pundits dismissing it.

Some commentators even laughing at it.

But all of 'em covering it.

Every single one.

And with every single mention, every single one of 'em questioned why everyone else was paying attention.

As if "they" weren't. But they were. They all were.

...the same people who called Trump a showman neglected to mention the little fact they called him to come on their shows…he didn't call them.

They covered Trump live. He didn't ask them to cover him live.

They made it a spectacle. He didn't make it a spectacle.

They made it a big ta-doo. He didn't make it a big ta-doo...

He didn't demand they lead their newscasts with it. They decided to lead their newscasts with it.

They called him a showman. But not a one of 'em admitted Donald Trump was good for their show. Actually "very" good for their show.

All their shows.

And not one of them had the simple dignity to admit maybe this guy they liked to dismiss could buy and sell the media empires in which they are only cogs.

I admit. I'm biased. I like Donald Trump. I like his guts, I like how he's come back from the brink, I like how he keeps score, and does things big, and never forgets a slight.

I like his remarkable penchant for buying real estate at just the right time. And becoming a one-man brand that's stood the test of time.

I like his zigging when others are zagging.

Like when he was buying up buildings in downtown Manhattan, through and after 9-11.

I like how one of those buildings has soared half-a-billion bucks in value in little more than two years because he did.

And how his Florida real estate holdings never got caught up in the meltdown there, because where he bought…did not.

I like how years back when New York City politicians couldn't get a simple ice-skating rink built, he took things into his own hands, and built it himself.

I like how he came up with a show about business novices plucked from obscurity, and brought it to financial greatness in a matter of episodes.

I like how he took pride in a city others disdained…and spoke bluntly in support of capitalism others, even Republicans, dismissed.

No, I cover Trump not because he's a showman…but because he's a hell of a businessman.

The quintessential New Yorker who's not afraid to say, I love this city and this country.

That big. That loud. That good.

Would it kill any of my colleagues to be that honest?

It, you cover him because in a sea of grays…Donald Trump stands out for being black and white.

And unabashedly red, white, and blue.

And you have the nerve to laugh at "him"?

Take a close look.

I think that's him...laughing at "you."