The Food Police Are After Santa Claus

So the food police are after Santa.

Too many cookies. Too little exercise. Too much Santa.

He's fat. And as a result, not all that.

Think about that. Just that.

You're saying Santa doesn't matter because Santa's a slob. And he'll only matter if he isn't a slob.

That to be in, he must be thin.

A generous man. A good man. A decent man.

None of that matters because he's also a fat man. And to the food police, that makes him an ugly man.

What's more, a to-be-avoided man. A dangerous man.

When we start judging someone by the size of their belt and not the size of their heart, I think that says something about the size of our souls.

In two words: Not much.

We are telling fat people we cannot hold you up as great human beings. Because you're fat human beings.

And unless you become thinner human beings, you are useless human beings. Thin, fit people say they're trying to help fat, not-so-fit people.

By what, avoiding them? Dismissing them? Humiliating them? By telling our very children not to look up to them?

This isn't about going after Santa. This is about putting calories ahead of character.,And defining role models for our kids not by their good deeds, but their good abs.

Santa deserves better. And so do we.

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