'The Five' reveal their Super Tuesday predictions

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NEIL CAVUTO, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: We will see you then. "THE FIVE" is now.

DANA PERINO, FOX NEWS HOST: Hello, everyone. I'm Dana Perino, along with Katie Pavlich, Juan Williams, Jesse Watters, and Greg Gutfeld. It is 5:00 in New York City and this is THE FIVE. The future of the Democratic Party could very well be at stake tonight. The first Super Tuesday polls said to close two hours from now, the big story, the major showdown between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.

Millions of voters across 14 states are said to choose between Sanders' brand of socialism and Joe Biden's more moderate approach. But as we have seen, we could be in for some surprises, Michael Bloomberg on the ballot for the first time, and Elizabeth Warren still in the race. The fight for more than 1,300 delegates up for grabs taking a dramatic turn with Joe Biden picking up the endorsement of his former 2020 rivals. Will it make a difference?


JOE BIDEN (D) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: If Democrats want a nominee to beat Donald Trump, then join us.

MAYOR PETE BUTTIGIEG (D-IN): And I am delighted to endorse and support Joe Biden for president.

SEN. AMY KLOBUCHAR (D-MN): So I want all of you to do is vote for Joe.

REP. BETO O'ROURKE (D-IN): I will be casting my ballot for Joe Biden.


PERINO: Bernie Sanders not backing away from the fight.


BERNIE SANDERS (D) PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: You all know. You can't miss it if you turn on the TV, the establishment in this country, the economic establishment, and the political establishment are becoming very nervous. And I mean this very sincerely. Joe Biden is a threat -- I've known Joe for a very long time, nope, nope, nope, nope, Joe is a decent guy. He is just wrong on the issues.


PERINO: And President Trump is calling out the moderate Democrats' plan to back Biden to slow down Sanders.


DONALD TRUMP, UNITED STATES PRESIDENT: It is being rigged against Crazy Bernie. Crazy Bernie is going to go crazy, crazy. I think Crazy Bernie is going to be more crazier when they see what they are doing. I called it a long time ago. Mayor Pete, he put out. She dropped out. It sounds like they made a deal, you know?

They both supported Sleepy Joe. You know why? They made a deal. You know why? Quid pro quo, that's why, quid pro quo.


PERINO: And so there you have it, Jesse, the set up tonight. We're going to get some results. Mike Bloomberg is on the ballot but will that matter?

JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS HOST: Well, it will matter in some states because he's polling pretty well. We will see if it is a real poll or if he just bought the poll. I think Biden did get a good bounce of South Carolina. I just can't figure out whether it is actually Joe-mentum balance or it's a never-Bernie balance.

Because right now, it looks a little manufactured when you see the slew of endorsements come in perfectly timed close to South Carolina, especially after you get the deep state endorsement where you get Susan Rice Brennan and James Comey endorsed Biden in 24 hours. Wow, that tells you pretty much everything you need to know.

Biden has been racking up all these endorsements, but he's also been racking up an alarming amount of gas, which tells me this. The man is obviously deteriorating, and the Democrats are taking full advantage of it. If Biden becomes president, is he really going to be the president? Is he going to be a figurehead and people behind the scenes pulling strings?

That's what it looks like to me, because the Biden presidency is a restoration. Everybody gets their job back at the NSC, at the State Department, at the White House. They can control all the money and they can control all the power. They don't want a revolution with Bernie Sanders. They just want their power back. They want full control.

Bernie does not give them control because Bernie cannot be controlled. And that's why he is such a big threat. Right now, it looks like this was timed perfectly. And the difference between 2016 and now is Trump was unstoppable. Bernie Sanders is stoppable, because of the fact that he doesn't have as big of a movement, and because of the rules in the Democratic process.


PERINO: -- passed positions over the past 40 years.

WATTERS: So you're going to get to a situation in the convention where you're going to have a regional split. Because tonight, it looks -- with a few exceptions, Biden is going to win mostly the south and the red states. And Bernie's going to win the coast and the north. So you're going to have the regional split and an ideological split. And I am going to love watching them fight.

PERINO: Did you see today, Katie, that Jim Comey who -- former FBI director endorsed Biden and the Biden campaign said no thanks, we don't want it?


KATIE PAVLICH, FOX NEWS HOST: We don't want any endorsements from people who have been testifying in front of Congress about breaking the rules or leaking classified information and endorsing our campaign. But when it comes to these new endorsements that Joe Biden has received in recent days, it really -- you know, voters don't typically like to be told what to do, right?

And so they're going to decide whether they think Joe Biden is a viable candidate on electability, or if they think that Bernie Sanders has more energy. And also, the issue that has been brought up a lot in recent days is has the DNC done enough to rebuild the trust with the Bernie wing of the party. And it's increasingly clear again that they have not.

They claim that they were going to do conversations with the far left wing of the party that they were going to clean some of the rules up. They did change some things. But in terms of the results that came out of Iowa or the non-results moving into how we go with this. And then Joe Biden now having all these people backing with the full weight of the establishment, it tears open that wound that they have been trying to fix since the --


PERINO: Now Juan, I'm going to save your commentary until after Greg, because I want Greg to look at this. Hillary Clinton weighed in today.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: In the campaign, in the documentary, you talk about his campaign from 2016. And you call it, quote, "Just baloney, and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it." Do you still feel that way now?

HILLARY CLINTON, FORMER FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES: Sure. Yeah, I mean, you know, that was my authentic opinion now, and that's my authentic opinion now.


PERINO: It is great to have to have an adjective for your opinion.

GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS HOST: It is interesting, because I will be honest and say that I would probably prefer Joe Biden over Bernie Sanders. I would, but not anymore, OK? I might encourage everybody not to vote for Joe Biden for simply dragging Beto back into the spotlight. I don't need to see squiggy again, right? I mean, I don't need to --


GUTFELD: This poutty, attention-seeking goofball waving his hands. That is why I coined the new term Good Biden.


GUTFELD: Simply, where am I looking? Where am I looking?


GUTFELD: Similarly, when Hillary bashes Bernie, it makes me like Bernie more, because Bernie -- like it or not, he is an authentic social justice warrior. And she is the artificial. She is the fake social justice warrior. He -- she is the artificial sweetener to Bernie's raw sugarcane. How is that? How is that? So her endorsement is likely a blemish on the blue dress that is Biden.

Now, I have two more points. What kills me about Mayor Pete's endorsement, this was a guy who was super sanctimonious sat up -- stood on the debate stage and said, well, we look at this stage, all we see are white men. And where is the diversity, right? And then he endorses the whitest, oldest, most establishment male you could ever find. So he is a hypocrite --


GUTFELD: Joe is Chris Matthews with a better parking space. Lastly, to Jesse's point, the other problem for Joe is people see the ploy that he switched from trumping the evil nemesis to Biden -- to Bernie being the evil nemesis. So you kind of see a mob action forming against Bernie. And if you scare the establishment that bad, there's got to be something good about it.

You're cool, even though you know that Bernie is, you know, not qualified, but the fact that he scares the establishment makes you like him.

PERINO: But Juan, talk about maybe it is also the Democrats realizing that they don't want to lose elections for the next generation if they have somebody that they think, at the top of the ticket, is going to be a disaster.

JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX NEWS HOST: Right. I mean, I heard that there might be operation chaos in South Carolina. And listening to my Republican colleagues, I can see that there is an operation chaos right now in terms of the right wing punditocracy. I mean, you guys all of a sudden -- you talk about somebody going crazy --


WILLIAMS: -- and waving their hands. It sounds like you are talking about Donald Trump. But listen, I will just try to take us in a more serious vein for a second. Because I think actually some people are tuning in for news.


GUTFELD: Thank you, Juan.


WILLIAMS: I wouldn't listen. Anyway, I think there are only a few things that you should really watch as you tune in tonight. And I hope you tune in because we're going to have some great coverage. But I think one on the more interesting things is whether or not Sanders can knock out Warren in Massachusetts, because if he beats her there, I don't know where she's got to go.

So I think that's one thing. And the second thing is Texas. Can Joe Biden really match Bernie Sanders? There is a lot of early voting there also in California. And California is the be all and end all of what we're going to be watching tonight, because there are so many -- 400 plus delegates to be awarded. And right now, again, so much early voting and it favors Sanders.

But what we have seen over the last few days is just an earthquake in terms of Democratic Party politics. And now, you have groups like 538, the predictors, even some of the folks here at FOX, saying it looks like not only could Joe Biden come close to holding down what Sanders can claim from California. In some cases, he might win the total delegate count for the night.

Because as Jesse was saying, you look at Virginia, North Carolina, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, the only state, by the way that Michael Bloomberg looks to have any chance to even get above the 15 percent at the moment is Oklahoma. So this is now -- the question is what happens to Warren? What happens to Bloomberg?

But the idea that this was going to be a knockout punch of a day, Super Tuesday that was going to settle this nomination is not true anymore, at least according --


PERINO: They're asking me to --


GUTFELD: -- keep going another five minutes. Please, that was so exciting.


GUTFELD: We are not good enough.

PERINO: You guys, be nice to each other.


WATTERS: -- authentic opinion.


PERINO: Katie, do you mind?


PERINO: I'll come right back to you. Much more to come on THE FIVE, our Super Tuesday coverage just getting started, up next, Greg's take on Joe Biden's latest campaign trail gaffs. And make sure to tune in for our special election coverage hosted by Brett and Martha right after THE FIVE tonight.


GUTFELD: More interesting moments. Moments after getting endorsed for Democrats fleeing the slow-rolling disaster, Joe Biden quickly inspired confidence in their decision.


BIDEN: We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men created by -- you know the thing. Look, tomorrow is Super Thursday. And I want to thank you all. I tell you what. I'm rushing ahead, aren't I?


GUTFELD: As always, blame it on the Russian. I wonder if Trump noticed.


TRUMP: Tomorrow, voters in states across the nation will head to the polls for Super Tuesday, not Super Thursday. Oh, he said Super Thursday. You can't do these things. He is constantly naming the wrong state. It's great to be in the state of Ohio, no, no, no. I'm sorry. You are in North Carolina. I honestly don't think he knows what office he is running for.

But they're going to put him into a home and other people are going to be running the country. And they're going to super left radical crazies.


GUTFELD: Now, everyone makes gaffs, but Joe's multiply faster than rabbits. And while sometimes Trump's words are shocking, they don't hint at an underlying decline. Biden reminds me that he's getting any younger, let alone wiser. And it makes you wonder what the endorsements from Amy, Pete, and Beto really mean. Is Joe leading a parade of enthusiastic support, or is this a gurney race to push Joe across the finish line on a stretcher?

He faces a bigger challenge, though. He is a moderate by today's loony left standards. But his one and only idea is get rid of that orange mini. That is not a vision. That is a complaint. Meanwhile, Bernie is the outsider whose vision is strong despite being wrong. That's why he attracts the youth, the mad, and the crazy.

In a world where we idealize the bold, the radical is just sexier than a bumbling moderate, even a radical with ear hair. It is not fair. It is not smart. But it's life. Maybe the Dems haven't thrown all their weight behind the fantasy of impeachment, they'd see this coming? Instead, the Dems are stuck with three voting choices, two cranky old men and sleeping in. I put my money on the snooze button.

Dana, Dana, Dana, what did we learn from 2016 Rick Perry? Never start something you can't finish. Remember I got three things.


PERINO: -- I have some things.

GUTFELD: So never start -- a really famous quote.

PERINO: If you can't nail the quote.


GUTFELD: If you can't nail the quote, get off the vote.

PERINO: Trey Gowdy on Saturday night said sometimes it's like watching a chainsmoker fill up his gas tank, like, waiting for, like, the disaster. And I think -- look, it is concerning, right? And I would imagine that his campaign is like, wow, if we are really going to be the frontrunner, can he handle it? It is a lot of energy.

Now, winning sometimes give you pep in your step. But the other thing about Joe Biden, it is like people seem to think he is charming. And I get it. Oh, he meant Thursday. They are super forgiving.

GUTFELD: I think so too, because we always have somebody like that in our lives, Jesse.


GUTFELD: Every day, you say something that I go --

WATTERS: Thank you, Greg. That was me yesterday. I was listening to Limbaugh today.


WATTERS: Joe pulled the plug on the quote because he didn't want to say under God in front of a Democratic audience. He said that was maybe the smartest thing Joe Biden said in a very long time. But listen, Bernie Sanders is a mess. I don't even think Bernie knows if he can run the country. Bernie is like a heckler at a game that just yells out, you bum.

And you don't make the heckler the manager. You just give the guy popcorn and pat him on the head. This guy knows he can't win. And everybody knows - - you can't blame the Democratic Party for rigging it against him. If I was a Democrat, I would rig the heck out of this thing. You don't want the guy anywhere near the White House.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is less coherent than Crazy Bernie. And he can't even survive a good news cycle without racking up gaffs. He doesn't know where he is, what numbers are coming out of his mouth, who he's even talking to. It is a lackluster candidate with a bad campaign. I have never seen a Joe Biden bumper sticker, have any of you?

I've never seen a Joe Biden crowd. I mean, he can't get through an interview. The guy is slow, and he is slowing down. And it's not a good look for Joe. But the good news is, we get to watch the whole thing unfold. And it is a beautiful thing.

GUTFELD: Juan, do you think Amy, Pete, and Beto were promised anything? Could this be a quid pro quo cubed?

WILLIAMS: I think -- I think you guys should stay away from quid pro quos. I think we heard a lot about with Mr. Trump and the Ukraine. But I think that Amy Klobuchar -- Amy Klobuchar said explicitly that she was promised nothing, that she just wanted to do what she felt was the right thing to do in order to unify the party and prepare to defeat to Donald Trump.

I will say this. I'm struck that President Trump and clearly your delight in these gaffs, indicate again the Republicans are most worried about Joe Biden. They don't want to run against him. That is why the president sent Rudy to the Ukraine to dig up dirt on, guess who, Joe Biden. And I have the feeling that Hunter Biden's name is going to bubble up any second.

I see already that in Congress, they are planning more hearings. I think that what the right-wing is intent on is they like to mock Joe Biden. But I have to tell you again. Democrats do --- I'm going to use Dana's word, think that it is charming that he is authentic, right? That is something you value greatly, Jesse. The he is authentic. He is real. He's someone that you can touch and know.


WILLIAMS: It is also the case. And I think very clearly that it's not just my opinion, because what do we see in the polls, especially polls in South Carolina? Democrats don't care about this stuff. It is Republicans who care about it, because they want -- the bullying, the mocking, the berating.

GUTFELD: No Democrats are pointing this out, OK, Katie.

PAVLICH: Well, OK, the Joe Biden's appeal at this point is that he's a statesman. He's the guy who's been in Washington for decades so he knows what he's doing and we can trust him to be someone who is reliable to be a commander in chief. And when he continually looks incompetent with basic things, when it comes to a one-on-one match up with Donald Trump, is going to have a hard time trying to make a case to people throughout the country who are liking the economy, who think that President Trump has done a decent job.

Who think he is a competent commander in chief. Joe Biden's going to have a very hard time doing that. When it comes to Bernie Sanders, I think that he is a threat as well. I don't think you can underestimate where he's going to go if her were to win the nomination, which is looking more like the convention as we go into tonight.

But the coalition that he had coming out of Nevada is one that Republicans are looking. Latinos, young women, young people, and if the whole Democratic establishment would get behind him, he certainly would have more of a machine then he does right now. So I would not underestimate his ability. And the Trump campaign's research on him as well, they are probably doing a lot on both Biden and Bernie Sanders.

GUTFELD: OK, then. Next on THE FIVE, a Democratic in Colorado supporting calls for Trump supporter's to be infected with the Coronavirus.


WILLIAMS: Major concerns over the spread of the Coronavirus. Here in the United States, the number of cases growing by the day. It's now 100. And the virus has killed nine Americans so far, all of them in the state of Washington. President Trump touring the National Institutes of Health today, here is what he had to say earlier.


TRUMP: We have made tremendous progress. I know you are dealing with other nations to help them out because they really got hit, some of them very badly. And we are talking to them all. So -- and we are making decisions as to whether or not we are allowed to travel there, allowed to travel. We have been pretty severe on those restrictions, but I guess we did the right thing by being --


WILLIAMS: Plus, the growing controversy in Denver, a Democratic councilwoman tweeting that she stands, quote, "in solidarity", end quote, with a Twitter user who said this is so awful. If I do get Coronavirus, I am attending MAGA rally I can, end quote. The councilwoman saying her response was pure sarcasm and she was meaning to draw attention to the Trump administration's poor handling of the crisis.

Anyway, and let's get back to the news about Coronavirus. Dana, the president has tried to calm the nation. And he said, you know, we got this under control. Things are not going to get worse. We're not going to have more cases. But today, more cases and things got worse.

PERINO: Well -- mean, at the briefings that they have been having this week, they've said it is likely that you will have more people that are infected. And the problem that we have found in Washington State is that -- especially at this nursing home where people's immune systems were already compromised and they're suffering from some sort of illness when they contracted it.

It's very hard to fight the disease. And we don't have the vaccine yet. And I think that because that the administration has done, I think, a pretty good job of explaining America has the best public health system in the world. We are doing what we can. We are trying to get ahead of it. We've have done some things already that have slowed it down.

That gives space for somebody like the woman in Denver to make a joke, or to be able to say with sarcasm, or to be able to -- to kind of joke about it. Let me tell you. In South Korea where they had 600 new cases just yesterday, they are not laughing. They've had to get the military out. They're doing the spraying of the -- I don't know what they are spraying --


PERINO: -- disinfectant or some sort of thing to try to kill it. And in Italy, like, nobody is laughing. Like, it is not funny. And in the United States, hopefully we will not get to a point where we have more cases. We might, but we also have the means to be able deal with it a lot better than any other country.

WILLIAMS: Greg, stock market took another dive today. It went up yesterday. It's down today. So it looks like the investors are saying they don't like what's going on.

GUTFELD: No. This is what happens in a world of unknowns. And the more we know stuff, the calmer things will be, which I'm an optimist about that that we will get more information. Things will get better. We might find out that this is a very contagious but non-lethal disease overall. And at by the end of this month, half of us will have it and treat it like something mild.

We don't know that. The councilwoman should apologize. She should apologize right away, and people will probably accept it because it was not sarcasm. She was supporting the idea and it was a gross idea. The real challenge and Bill Gates has talked about this, is how our society views protective measures.

When we see the media calling restrictions, travel restrictions, racist, that kind of virtue signaling creates fatalities. China was able to cut down the infections by being highly restrictive because they're a different kind of culture. But Bill Gates makes this point. The measures that can stop a pandemic might conflict with our do-good precious liberal assumptions. And a pandemic requires the strict parents, not the loving parent.

And the thing about our government -- our government and our democracy is we've always had a really good combination of the strict and the loving, the respect for individuals but the rule of law. In this case, you need to be -- we need to be grounded. We need the strict parent to ground us if it's for a month or what. And the loving parent has to sit back and say you take this.

JUAN WILLIAMS, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CONTRIBUTOR: You know, Jesse, you got kids, and I saw today in New York City that one school said, oh, one of the parents had been on a business trip into Asia so we're going to just shut down the school altogether. I went to the Knicks game last night with Mr. Ed Henry, by the way.

JESSE WATTERS, FOX NEWS CHANNEL HOST: Oh, and they won. You should go more often.

WILLIAMS: But anyway, huge crowd but some people with the mask.

WATTERS: Yes. You want to know how I really feel about the coronavirus, Juan? If I get it, I'll beat it. I'm not lying. It's called the power of positive thinking. And I think America needs to wake up to that. I live in Manhattan. I got off work the other night, went straight into the subway, Asian guy sits down next to me mask on. What do I do? Finish the ride. Then I go home and I ordered Chinese food. I'm not afraid of the coronavirus and no one else should be that afraid either.

DANA PERINO, FOX NEWS CHANNEL HOST: You want to hold my hand?

WATTERS: No, not yet. I have people calling me from -- in the middle of the country, their property surrounded by acres. They live in the middle of nowhere and they're asking me about the coronavirus. Are you crazy? What are they scared for? Nine people have died. That's tragic, but it's tiny. It's a tiny, infinitesimal amount of people. So, I'm not selling stocks, I'm not stockpiling canned goods. Greg, as I always say, I'd rather die than you can good. Wash your hands, people. Don't get sneezed on. And cancel your trips to infected countries.

And if you're at risk in this country, and you have flu-like symptoms, you quarantine yourself, you call a doctor, and you get a test. If you're going out to the mall, eating at the food court, exposing everybody like an idiot, you deserve to have charges pressed against you. And that's how I really feel. This is the best country in the world to get coronavirus. If you get into North Korea, they'll probably shoot you dead.

WILLIAMS: All right.

WATTERS: We should be lucky we live in this country.


WILLIAMS: Katie, just very quickly.

KATIE PAVLICH, FOX NEWS CHANNEL CONTRIBUTOR: I don't know if I can follow that.

WILLIAMS: I don't know what to say. You know, I love him and I just want to protect him. But let me just say, if people stop going to the mall or the food court and not spending money, that hurts the economy.

PAVLICH: But that's why what this Democratic in Denver said is so awful because this affects people's lives, people get very sick, they're quarantined for months at a time, sometimes. It costs the entire economy money. People have to cancel trips to see family or vacations they've had plan for a very long time. So wishing disease on another human being for any reason is pretty disgusting.

GUTFELD: Unless it's Jesse.

PAVLICH: Unless it's Jesse.

WILLIAMS: Stop. No, no, no.

PAVLICH: Prove us all wrong.

PERINO: He's got the brainpower --

WATTERS: Go to the food court. I'm saying if you have symptoms, don't go to the food court.

WILLIAMS: All right.

GUTFELD: No, I'm saying you could --

WATTERS: I was very clear.

GUTFELD: You could beat it is what I'm saying.

WILLIAMS: Yes, optimism.

WATTERS: If I get it, I'll beat it.


WATTERS: I will.

WILLIAMS: All right, straight ahead on THE FIVE, billionaire Mike Bloomberg, he's fighting back after some Democrats pressure him to get out of this 2020 race. That's next right here on THE FIVE.


WATTERS: Mike Bloomberg is feeling the heat from Democrats in the media. They want the billionaire to pack it up and drop out of the race to help Sleepy Joe. Take a look.


JIMMY KIMMEL, COMEDIAN: It seems like -- it seems like you don't like him that much.

SEN. ELIZABETH WARREN (D-MA), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: True. But it's not -- it's not personal. It's just everything about it.

BETO O'ROURKE (D), FORMER UNITED STATES REPRESENTATIVE: I don't sense the grassroots support for Bloomberg. I would think if he does not perform well today, that he bows out tomorrow.

JOE SCARBOROUGH, HOST, MSNBC: If Bernie Sanders ends up winning this, and in part, because Bloomberg has peeled off votes from Joe Biden, the takeover of a Democratic socialist in the Democratic Party in 2020, that will all be on Michael Bloomberg shoulders.


WATTERS: The former New York City mayor spent over a half-billion dollars and could end up being branded the candidate who gave Democrats Bernie Sanders. But Mini Mike Bloomberg refuses to cave.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Other moderates in the race have dropped out to clear path for Joe Biden.

MIKE BLOOMBERG (D), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Yes. And if Joe dropped out, he would -- they would take away -- Joe is taking votes away from me. And I think that is true. And --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But you're also taking votes away from Joe Biden.

BLOOMBERG: Well, it goes in both directions. Have you asked Joe whether he's going to drop out? I have no intention of dropping out. We're in it to win it.


WATTERS: Dana, he's not very good at this. I have to think maybe if he didn't even do a debate, the numbers might be bigger.

PERINO: No, I have -- I have friends who say that absolutely, he just should have never done anything like public, and he probably would have done better off in the polls because -- just by the ads. The thing is, why would Joe Biden drop out? Joe Biden just won big time in South Carolina and got all these endorsements.

It's like, this young reporter was at a -- I think it was the same event with Bloomberg and she asked kind of some more question like you can't possibly get the number of delegates. And he says, I don't see that -- how do you think that's possible? And she because of math. And it was -- it was great.

Of course, Andrew Yang talks about that. Also, with Elizabeth Warren, I do think it's a little bit personal. Like she doesn't like billionaires, like we get it, you don't like the rich people. But Mayor Bloomberg endorsed Scott Brown in the senate race that she had against him and I don't think she's ever gotten over that.

WATTERS: I just can't believe they put her on a late-night show. I mean, is that going to rate in your opinion?


WATTERS: Liz Warren?

GUTFELD: Yes, they're like -- they all clap each other on the back. They're all in the same club. So who cares?

WATTERS: I'm not tuning in for that.

GUTFELD: I like -- you know, I watched last night's Town Hall. Fantastic. Probably the best Town Hall I ever saw. Fox News, Martha and Bret Baier.


GUTFELD: Yes. Anyway, Bloomberg said, he's not really bothered by Trump's policies. He just doesn't like his style or his manner. So, he's basically saying and some I don't like the boss. So, Bloomberg looks at Trump the way Bloomberg's employees look at Bloomberg, right? It's like, he's OK with Trump's policies.

He's -- the thing is he is helping Bernie by sticking in. And I think what he's thinking is what if he drops out and Bernie still wins? That's what bothers him. He's afraid if he drops out, and that doesn't stop anything.

But I think what he's banking on is that America feels the way he does about Trump. Like they're just -- that's --

PAVLICH: Well, all his friends do.

GUTFELD: Yes. All his friends do. So everybody must feel exhausted by Trump's tweets, and that's going to carry him over. But it doesn't -- if the economy's doing well, then I'm sorry -- what's his name again, Bloomberg?

WATTERS: Yes, Mini.

GUTFELD: Sorry, Mini.

WATTERS: I can't believe Greg has gone home twice this week and watch the Amy Klobuchar Town Hall and the Mike Bloomberg.

GUTFELD: That was last -- Klobuchar was last week.

WATTERS: I mean, you are really loyal town hall viewer.

GUTFELD: You know what, I'm watching also -- I'm going to watch the Trump one tomorrow. Is it tomorrow?

PERINO: Thursday.

GUTFELD: Thursday is tomorrow in other countries.

PERINO: That's true.

GUTFELD: Yes. Stop asking me questions. Let's move on to somebody else, Jesse.

WATTERS: Wow. I've never seen you give up airtime before.

WATTERS: If I know that's how it worked, I would have done it before. What do you think, Juan?

WILLIAMS: So I mean -- so I think this the story with Bloomberg is so interesting. You know, when I was coming up, they used to teach reporters, that money was the mother's milk of politics, money and name I.D. And if you just look at the money, you said he personally spent half a billion. I didn't think it was that much. But I mean, between him and Tom Steyer, they may have spent that much, right?

WATTERS: It's three-quarters of the billion if you combine Steyer and Bloomberg.

WILLIAMS: All right, so my point to you is, wow, what happened here? I mean, clearly, a lot of Bloomberg's money has been anti-Trump advertising, but it's gotten his name out there, you know, like Mike and all the rest of it. And I don't think that he's in position to do anything tonight. Maybe as I said earlier, a little bit in Oklahoma, get over the qualification threshold 15 percent. But I just Don't say it.

Now, the premise of his campaign was Joe Biden will implode and the middle will be open and I will walk in as the grand savior, right? Well, guess what, Joe Biden is strutting and doing fine, just won big and looks to have very good prospects tonight according to the pollsters. So what is going on with Mike Bloomberg?

WATTERS: Money can't buy you love. Katie?

GUTFELD: Yes, you can.

PAVLICH: But it's -- but it's also -- like Joe Biden wins won primary and everyone expects everyone else to get out of the race because he won once? I mean, Michael Bloomberg doesn't owe Joe Biden anything. He's only been in the race for four months. He's been able to get -- his money has gotten him higher in the polls without having to be present, without having to knock on the doors personally. We'll see how that goes moving forward.

But this idea now that everybody has to back Joe Biden when he clearly hasn't proven that he's worthy of the nomination at this point, hasn't locked it down with his performance, I think it's interesting that everybody is demanding that they back Joe in the establishment.

WATTERS: Yes. I can't see him knocking on doors. He knocks you go to the door. You look through the people. You can't see anything.

PERINO: It happens to me all the time.

WATTERS: Our predictions for Super Tuesday and much, much more straight ahead on THE FIVE.


PAVLICH: Welcome back. Let's get to our Super Tuesday final thoughts and predictions. Juan, you got to go first because you were the Democrat here.

WILLIAMS: Oh, is that right? OK.

PAVLICH: What do you think is going to happen tonight.

WILLIAMS: This is unusual. I would say things change fast and politics, Katie. You know, a week ago at this table, I think people were, wow, Joe Biden serious trouble, especially after Nevada when Sanders over-performed with Latino voters. But I think now let me offer restraint projection that Joe now has a 50/50 chance to beat Bernie Sanders for the nomination. And if I'm not restrained, I'd say it's even better than 50/50.

And one thing I would say is that given the fluidity of American politics in this Democratic Party process, you have every reason to tune in to Fox and watch because the decision desk here tonight, the Fox polling, the Fox people who bring you the latest news are keeping you in touch with what is a fascinating novel. I've never seen American politics, especially in this populist era, so dynamic.

PAVLICH: The best in the business. Dana, it'll be interesting to watch how the narrative flows tonight because the early states that close on the East Coast will be more Biden friendly states. But then later in the night, Bernie may pick up some more delegates.

PERINO: Oh, yes. That's a great -- that's a great point. You think of somebody like Mayor Pete who didn't really get to have the bounce out of Iowa from the media because of that disaster. And then Bernie Sanders capitalizing on a New Hampshire and Nevada, and then Biden doing that now.

So, Bernie states that he would do better than tonight or on the West Coast. And in California, we might not even know the results for a couple of weeks. So yes, I think that all makes a lot of sense. I'm watching tonight. I think that Bloomberg will not get number one anywhere. But I'm looking to see if he gets number two anywhere.

So for example, can Bloomberg get number two in Virginia or Texas ahead of Bernie and what would that tell us? And then also, if you get to number two, after Bernie and beats Biden in a couple of places, that dynamic of those two battling it out might continue for a while.

PAVLICH: Jesse, predictions?

WATTERS: I think Juan and many Democrats are mistaking Bernie hatred for Biden love. That there is no real Biden movement in America. It's a movement against the Bernie movement. And I think tonight maybe you'll see how strong Biden is or is not. I do agree with you that I think Bloomberg is soft as poll numbers. I think he'll underperform. To your point about Beto, I was thinking about this today. We have not seen Adam Schiff on television for a very long time.

PERINO: You miss him?

GUTFELD: Good point.

WATTERS: And it has been so delightful, and I think that's the best part about this primary process is Adam Schiff is not on T.V. So thank you, Democrats.

PAVLICH: Thanks for reminding him he needs to get to a camera. Will be seeing him shortly.

GUTFELD: Well, it's odd that you bring him up because he is the reason why they're having a problem because he steered this party -- he was like a guy -- he's like your stupid friend that convinced -- that convinces you to go on a really long road trip. That's what he did with impeachment. He convinced the Democratic Party to go on a really long road trip, and then he ditched you in a small town because he met some chick.

Anyway, you guys are much of team players when it comes to Fox. Tonight, I'll be watching Fox News on T.V.

PERINO: I'll be on it.

GUTFELD: I'll be on -- but see, I'm actually going to be watching it --

PERINO: And tweeting positively about me.

GUTFELD: Yes. And FoxNews.com will be on my phone and Fox Nation will be on my iPad, so it'll be all there. I think the real story here, what -- who control tonight, the puppet master Barack Obama sitting on his paddleboard, made a call and said OK, everybody, now you got to do it, and hang up. And he's like, you know what he is? He's like Mrs. Garrett in Facts of Life.

When the girls are getting out of control, he comes downstairs, he says OK, this is how it's going to be. That's what the story is.

PERINO: He's like Mrs. Garrett.

GUTFELD: Yes. Barack Obama is the Mrs. Garrett of politics.

PERINO: Got it.

PAVLICH: I'm actually interested to see how the Beto endorsement actually plays out in Texas because the timing of that is interesting considering Beto did well against Ted Cruz and Joe Biden is being caught by Bernie Sanders in Texas. So, whether he still has any poll after his presidential run, we will see. But the timing of that is interesting. "ONE MORE THING" up next.

GUTFELD: Yes, "ONE MORE THING." We didn't have one yesterday.


PERINO: It's time now for "ONE MORE THING." Juan?

WILLIAMS: I've got to change the mood a little bit here because we have some very sad news out of Tennessee today. 25 people are dead after tornadoes tour across Central Tennessee. The damage in Nashville which is just a great town, it's unbelievable. Take a look. Fox News Meteorologist Janice Dean estimated the city was hit by a tornado with winds possibly as high as 165 miles an hour.

The historic Germantown neighborhood in Nashville, as well as the trendy East Nashville area, saw roofs torn off of homes, office buildings, trees uprooted. At one airport, you're looking at it now, the terminal and the planes were left looking like debris. It's hard to make sense of the pictures.

Governor Bill Lee summed it up by calling the situation heartbreaking. President Trump is scheduled to visit the area on Friday.

PERINO: That was incredible news to wake up to. And they've already -- the community there is so strong. They're already helping each other out and we'll be there to help them as well. Mine is a book -- wait, we'll have this. Dana's Book Club. Oh, there's Jasper. Everybody has missed him. This is a book you're going to want to get. It's called Pearls of Wisdom: Little Pieces of Advice that go a Long Way.

This is advice from former First Lady Barbara Bush, the late former First Lady, and it was put together by Jean Becker, a longtime speechwriter for her and the chief of staff to George HW Bush's post-presidency. And she gathered all of this advice from about 100 friends, colleagues, children, grandchildren, put this all together. It's really wonderful.

One of the pieces of advice is to choose happy, which I know all of us do. Right, Greg? Choose happy. Choose happy. It's a wonderful book. I think it makes a great like graduation gift, Mother's Day. I loved it, and I can't wait to read more of it. So that was my "ONE MORE THING." Jesse?

WATTERS: Just in time for Super Tuesday, Dana. We have the Fox News shop, Election 2020 democracy collection. Here we go. So you get a hat, you get a mug, and if you get them together, you get a free stress ball.

PERINO: Oh, nice. We need those.

WATTERS: Juan, you can squeeze this until Election Day.

WILLIAMS: Thank you, my friend.

PERINO: This is actually a pretty good ball.

WILLIAMS: I could throw a curveball.

WATTERS: Yes, you could. Head over to shop.foxnews.com and get yours today. And remember, it's in your hands, not the stress ball, the election.

PERINO: The election and the stress ball. Greg?

GUTFELD: All right, let's do this. I haven't done this week.


GUTFELD: Animals are great. Animals are great. Animals are great.


GUTFELD: We know animals are great. You know what's not great? Soccer. Soccer is so easy to play that even fish can play soccer. Here is a team that is playing soccer. Look how they get -- you know, they're not allowed to use their hands.

PAVLICH: Oh, really? Nice.

GUTFELD: But they can use your fins and they're actually very good. They're actually going to feel the Olympic team. We're not sure if they're going to be there for the Olympic.

PERINO: Wow, they score. They scored.

GUTFELD: Yes, they're very good. They're very good. Yes, yes.

PERINO: That is so cool.

GUTFELD: By the way, you know that, that's the Gill's team. Someone just throw me off the bridge.


GUTFELD: Animals are great. Animals are great. Animals are great.


PERINO: Katie?

PAVLICH: All right, well, I have good news for the space geeks out there. If you've always wanted to be an astronaut, now is your chance. NASA is accepting applications for their 2021 class of astronauts. And if you make the cut, you may be able to live on the International Space Station and explore Mars by the 2030.

So keep in mind that in 2015, 18,300 people applied to be astronauts. It was the last time that application is open, and only 11 were selected, and you must have an advanced degree in science and technology.

PERINO: These are good looking people.

PAVLICH: And you must be a pilot. So good luck to all the astronauts.

GUTFELD: That's discrimination. I'm not a pilot.

PERINO: So, Jesse, you're out.

WATTERS: I'm out.

PERINO: You're out.

WATTERS: I think -- is Adam Schiff a pilot? We should send him up there.


WILLIAMS: I was going to say, you're a young man.

PERINO: Set your DVRs. Never miss an episode of THE FIVE. "DEMOCRACY 2020: SUPER TUESDAY", anchored by Bret Baier and Martha McCallum is up next.

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