'The Five' react to thrilling Super Bowl showdown

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ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Hello, everyone. I'm Eric Bolling along with Kimberly Guilfoyle, Bob Beckel, Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld. It's 5 o'clock in New York City and this is "The Five."

Super Bowl XLIX is in the books, here are the numbers, New England 28, Seattle 24. A U.S. television record 114.4 million Americans watched Tom Brady set all kinds, Super Bowl marks for passing and Seattle Coach Pete Carroll broke a record of his own, the dumbest call in the history of sport with 26 seconds left in the game. The Seattle Seahawks were in great shape to win back-to-back Super Bowls then this happened.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Smack. Play clock at five. Pass is intercepted at the goal line on Malcolm Butler, unreal.


BOLLING: Marshawn Lynch, beast mode, with have it 4.7 yards per carry all season long at three shots to gain just one yard to win the game. But the time-out in his pocket the coach mysteriously called the ill-advised pass play, after the game, he defended it.


PETE CARROLL, SEATTLE SEAHWAKS COACH: I told those guys it's my fault. Told me -- don't you just run it, you know, that is a real good thought. But we had plenty of time to win the game and we would have -- in our minds we thought we were done on third and fourth down, and that's how we were playing for third and fourth down. We have no time left and it would have been just right but, it worked out that way.


BOLLING: Alright Bob, I owe you and Lee Majors dinner but, like millions of Seahawks fans, I feel robbed.

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: Well -- first of all, that guy feels like I felt after the Mondale campaign.


GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: It wasn't that bad, Bob.


BECKEL: Let's say that's my -- it was ours was one bad play. But let me -- let me say, say what they just defend. They again, three shots to get this guy in, he would have got him in and they practiced that play, there was Carroll to coach. But here is the good news for the NFL, it was a great game, and if they ever did a great game it was this year. Because of all the problems they had, and I even -- I would -- I guess it was talked about the (inaudible) show. You know, it might -- my entertainment but a great job all year round. (ph)

BOLLING: Just stay on this for a second Greg, do you have a theory on this?

GUTFELD: Yeah. OK, when you see a play that was so deliberately self- destructive, the only thing you can conclude is that it was an inside job. And after all the coach --


GUTFELD: Coach Pete Carroll is a 9/11 Truther. He believes the government had something to do with what happened that it ended up in the deaths of what? Almost 3,000 people, so I believe that this is an inside job. I -- but now I have to wonder why did Pete Carroll throw the game? And it's in order to lose his job so he can go work for Alex Jones, that's my theory.


But -- there's actually -- there is actually some truth -- truth to this. What happened -- what Carroll did, was he thought himself out of the right call. There was an expected and obvious play that he had to make, and he chose the more complicated one, which is exactly what a Truther does. A Truther sees the obvious before you. He sees the plane it's in the building (ph), but he chose the more complicated idea because it appears edgier and with -- it appear daring and brave if you're actually right. But if the Truthers are right, they would be heroes but they're wrong, so they're fools.



BECKEL: Witnesses with this game, everybody (inaudible)

GUILFOYLE: I didn't know he was going to go Truther to be honest. I was thinking more like how many time-outs were left and that, if you put the ball up in the air so incomplete pass it stops the clock and there's not much time left. He did outthink it though.


GUILFOYLE: And he should have just got a -- yeah, the best like running back in the NFL, take your chances. I like my chances with him running the ball in and holding on to it versus a fumble and then tossing in there, there's just too much unpredictability there.

BOLLING: 4.7 yards (inaudible) Marshawn Lynch, of course of the season Dana, and then when you are on the one yard line, you only have 11 yards. So you got 22 guys stacked into an 11-yard field. Not the best time to throw a pass.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: Even -- I think I even would have known that --


PERINO: Maybe. I might have known that. It's actually -- I ended up chatting with my friend the entire game until that last play, it's the only play that I saw.

BECKEL: Yeah, but you --

PERINO: And I really don't know what else to say.

GUILFOYLE: You mean (inaudible)

PERINO: I feel bad for them. I was (inaudible) I feel bad for them.

BECKEL: But this -- this is a great coach. I mean look, it's always easy.


BOLLING: Which one is a great coach?


BOLLING: Which one is a great coach? BECKEL: Both of them are great coach. I like --

BOLLING: Belichick outcoached Carroll. I mean, he may look like --

BECKEL: He outcoached among that play.

GUILFOYLE: Especially on the comeback.

BOLLING: No -- the point you just made, there was 26 seconds left. Everyone -- everyone was expecting Belichick to call a time-out and say, let's regroup our defense. He didn't.


BECKEL: One of the best calls in football when you expect -- everybody expects the play, he goes --

BOLLING: It was five (ph) -- you know that one of the biggest -- most dangerous things to do with -- on the one yard line.

BECKEL: I understand that.

BOLLING: Is to throw a pass, because there are too many guys in one area.

BECKEL: The question is what would we have said about the Truther if it worked?

BOLLING: I don't know.

GUTFELD: That's the problem.

BOLLING: I don't know.


BOLLING: Here's -- here's the next question, Tom Brady has four Super Bowl rings, three Super Bowl Most Valuable Players awards and holds the records for most touchdown passes in Super Bowl history. But, Montana also has four rings and three MVP's.


BOLLING: Bradshaw has four rings and two MVP's. So, is Tom Brady the best QB ever? Here's his answer to that.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Can you comment at all about where your place in the game might be after a fourth Super Bowl title?

TOM BRADY, PATRIOTS QUARTERBACK & SUPER BOWL MVP: You know, I've never --I never -- you know, thought much about that and, you know I'm still kind of in the midst of my career so -- you know, I just love the game. I love playing. It's a big commitment that a lot of players make to -- you know, to play this game and it's a lot of sacrifices and a lot of support from a lot of people that love you and support you. So, probably the most gratifying thing is to win the game and then to celebrate with your teammates and your loved ones.


GUILFOYLE: Alright, I'm going to go with my top three picks, Montana, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, however I expect something.

GUTFELD: We're talking about on the field.

GUILFOYLE: Oh, I'm so sorry. I thought you meant for Friday night, though. That's my top three. But I think Tom Brady is going to jump over, he's going to leap frog. He's 37, he hasn't had major injuries and I think he can have another Super Bowl --

BOLLING: Yeah, he said he's not ready. Everyone was wondering whether he was going to play this year or will they going to bench him -- come on, the man (ph) Super Bowl --

BECKEL: And this guy said -- the guy said, I haven't thought about that. Who's he kidding? The guy is very good, and it probably say this, he probably going to say, it's great. He'll be back, absolutely. If he gets there and he wins again, he will be the best quarterback ever. But I will going to throw in Otto Graham. I bet you remember who that was.

BOLLING: No, I can't remember.

BECKEL: Well, that's different.


PERINO: I did. (ph)

BOLLING: Exactly Dana.

PERINO: Don't feel bad. I really, I don't -- Peyton Manning from Denver? Yeah. I know who he is.

BOLLING: Sorry, will we go with that?

PERINO: No, I know -- we should go to Greg.

BECKEL: You know you going to.

GUTFELD: I have to go with -- Joe Montana, because on that --


GUTFELD: 81 -- I think it was 81. The 49ers were so screwed and they -- they finally brought him in. And what he -- when he won -- when he won that first Super Bowl, that he is probably the most exciting player I've ever seen since Ken Stabler. Ken Stabler is also an exciting quarterback. But here -- I mean, I don't find Tom Brady exciting. I find him robotic.


GUTFELD: He's perfect.

BECKEL: That's a Truther statement right there.


GUTFELD: Yeah --

GUILFOYLE: He is what --

GUTFELD: You know what? And why not be -- he might be an android.

BECKEL: That's right.

GUTFELD: This robot (ph) Pete Carroll.

BOLLING: Think of this for a second.

GUILFOYLE: No for (inaudible) Montana (inaudible) Brady greater down versions. (ph)

BOLLING: Tom Brady lost two Super Bowls in the last drive. He could feasibly have six Super Bowls to his name.


BOLLING: But they call -- what they call him -- what type of quarterback? Program for quarterback --

PERINO: Oh yeah, that's (inaudible)


BOLLING: Alright, how about this? The entertainment from Super Bowl XLIX was mixed in my opinion. John Legend played an amazing, American the Beautiful. Idina Menzel struggle with The Star-Spangled Banner -- my opinion, and at halftime Katy Perry was awesome. Lenny Kravitz added a very electric (ph) guitar, and Missy Elliott missed the boat with some really bad lip syncing. Here's the headliner, Ms. Katy Perry writing a really cool robotic looking lion, she's ready to roar.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) KATY PERRY, SINGER: I am a champion and you're going to hear me roar. Baby you're a firework, come on let your colors burst. Make them go "Oh, oh, oh" you're going to leave them all in awe.

(END VIDEO CLIP) BOLLING: OK Greg, you're -- you're clued. (ph)

GUTFELD: She was -- she's not a great singer but that's not the point. The point of this whole halftime is you don't need to take drugs to mess with your mind. If you look at the dancing sharks and the dancing beach balls and the dancing palm trees, this is amazing. It is like you got a roofy (ph) by the greatest drug ever. Because I -- this is -- this is amazing. I actually like Missy Elliott, because it's good to see her back, and those songs are good. And I agree with you, the golden majestic robocat (ph) -- Robocop -- robocats (ph) monstrosity might be the greatest thing I think I've seen. I think next year for the Super Bowl -- no players. Just have the robocat (ph) fight all the teams.

BECKEL: I don't know what you're talking about. I've seen those very pictures in my mind, I got -- and it's d,j. vu all over again.

BOLLING: Do you know --

GUTFELD: Lenny Kravitz.

BOLLING: Do you like him? I kind of like him. I like Kenny. Left Shark, you know he's trending.


BOLLING: Yeah. He's like --


BOLLING: Losing. He's (inaudible) he was off.

BECKEL: Trending, yes.

BOLLING: Everyone was talking about the Left Shark.


BECKEL: Say two things about two people who are out there, that was great. Because they are after a new demographic and I forgot the names of them.


BECKEL: What were they buddy?

BOLLING: He's asking his --


BOLLING: A failure. (ph)

BECKEL: He's not saying anything. Anyway, it was two people --

PERINO: I did see the halftime show.

BOLLING: And you like?

PERINO: I did like it. But I saw the pre-game (inaudible) played by --


PERINO: He did a great job.


PERINO: And I guess what song he was going to to play. Peter and I had a bet and I won that bet. So I watched that and I liked the halftime entertainment very much.

BOLLING: Did she prefer above this -- I mean, she was -- she had to be in 30 to 40 feet in the air.

BECKEL: What kind of sure she think they got a --

BOLLING: And a lot, a lot right?

GUILFOYLE: I know. No, kidding.

BOLLING: Oh, by the way, interesting point. The government has to ensure the Super Bowl --

BECKEL: That's a good. That's a good thing.

GUILFOYLE: I thought -- you know, they probably got their money. So I think she did a great job, all the performances I thought were good. I enjoyed it. That was good exactly.

BECKEL: Yeah, I know. Listen, you know this is not exactly --

GUILFOYLE: Exactly (ph) about it.

BECKEL: I'm not exactly the demographic but they were going. I was say, he made the decision. The last three guys they had were, I knew who they were. If I know who they are --

GUTFELD: But you know --

PERINO: Bruno Mars even good.

GUTFELD: But Beyonce -- I mean, in terms of talent, Katy Perry is not a Beyonce or Bruno Mars, but she knows that. Hence, the giant robocat (ph) and all the other craziness that was kind of fun.

BECKEL: She's a star singer, (ph) like she affords a lot of people. Someone has to give a thing. (ph)

BOLLING: Look, it was populous, people loved it. I personally like the Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones, Tom Petty was one of my favorite halftime shows but, you know people would --

PERINO: You're getting old.

BOLLING: I know. I know. I know. I don't like that.

BECKEL: You should have been at the halftime show when Teddy Roosevelt was doing it.

BOLLING: There were only 49 Super Bowls.

BECKEL: Oh, that's right.

BOLLING: Alright, we good?


BOLING: We go?

GUTFELD: No, let's keep talking.

BOLLING: Alright. More to come on Super Bowl XLIX, ahead, good news, including our reviews of the most talked about commercials but first, a defiant president delivers his $4 trillion budget to Congress and we just wait until you hear what he wants, coming up next.


PERINO: Alright. Under Obama's newly unveiled budget, government spending and taxes would climb to historic rise. But in part (ph) because of the tax hasn't been proposed. (ph) The government would still have to borrow another $6 trillion over the next decade. The president's budget would do nothing to address out of control entitlement costs of the baby boomers that are now beginning to retire. Here's Paul Ryan.


PAUL RYAN, WISCONSIN CONGRESSMAN: We have had such a stagnant economy, the slowest recovery since World War II. Middle income wages are stagnant, we've got to break out of this slug, and I do believe that there are things we can do hopefully, in the next year to get this economy growing. What I think the president is trying to do here is to again, exploit envy (ph) economics. This top down redistribution doesn't work, we've been know it for six years. Look, it may make for good politics. It doesn't make for good economic growth.


PERINO: And the president had a defense. Listen to that.


BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: I know there are Republicans who disagree with my approach. And I've said this before, if they have other ideas for how we can keep America safe, grow our economy while helping middle class families feel some sense of economic security, I welcome their ideas. But their numbers have to add up. And what we can't do is play politics with folk's economic security or with our national security. You, better than anybody know what the stakes are.


PERINO: OK, Eric. You are not watching the president's budget proposal from last year, that's actually with this year but it -- it is Groundhog Day. CBO, the Congressional Budget Office last week said that the high debt that will begin to explode 8 to 10 years from now is a huge problem. Is it -- I guess is it politically smart for President Obama who had an opportunity in a split Congress to actually, do something on entitlements? That -- just play politics for himself?

BOLLING: I have no idea what -- why he thought this would be a good idea. It's $3.99 trillion in spending, a record by far. Taxes have a record amount of tax receipts also, revenues from taxes. But, -- the most disturbing thing -- I look at the budget over the next five years, Obamacare spending is going to go up 27 percent from a trillion of $1.2 to $7 trillion. Go up, servicing our debt alone, just paying off the interest on our borrowing, this going to end up from $500 billion to $920 billion, over that same period of time. Defense spending goes down $18 billion and homeland security goes down, 18$ billion. So you have defense on homeland security spending going down at everything else only entitlement spending going up, it's ridiculous. It's -- it's just more of the -- one more quick fact, I look back 20 years ago 1995 it was or so I believe it was. $1.3 trillion was our -- was the full outlay. $1.3 trillion, now we're at 4 trillion in just 20 years.

PERINO: So last -- two years ago when a sequester (ph) went into place, Greg, the administration said, that this sequester is going to kill the economy, and all these terrible things were going to happen. I agree, I don't like it on the defense cuts. However now, the president is saying the economy is doing so great and I deserve credit for that therefore, we must end the sequester. (ph)

GUTFELD: Dana, why do you ask me questions that you know I'm not going to answer.

PERINO: Well, I --

GUTFELD: I don't know the answer to that one.

PERINO: That's -- that is -- that is showing to you a contradiction, which I usually think that you like and hypocrisy.

GUTFELD: I am tired.

PERINO: I wrote that just for you.

GUTFELD: I'm tired of this lame stream media saying that there is a $4 trillion budget. It's $3.99 trillion and it's the same mentality that Starbucks uses. When it's selling you a frappoccino (ph) it's not $4.00, it's $3.99. Then you got the taxes, it's like $4.50, it's wrong. Here's the thing, to him America is a capitalist bank that he uses to fund socialist principles. He realized how to turn capitalism into socialism, because he knows when he creates programs that you have to pay through, if you don't - - through your taxes, if you don't pay your taxes, you go to jail. So essentially, it's socialism by force, it's just takes a bit little bit longer. So he is simply digging a deeper hole and asking the tax -- or forcing the taxpayers to fill it. It really is a socialist economy veiled under capitalism.

PERINO: Do you think.

BECKEL: Yeah. That's true.

PERINO: It's really that when the president says, I'm open to Republicans ideas I just want them to come to me, that he really means it?

GUILFOYLE: No, he doesn't mean it at all. He's being completely disingenuous. I mean, this is the same failed policy that he has been pandering around to America for the past six years. It's really quite boring, it is not anything that's going to move the economy forward. And he knows full well that it's going to fail in both Republican controlled house and Senate. So what kind of games are we playing with the American people? That's what I want to know.

PERINO: Is he setting up Bob, a difficult situation for Hillary Clinton who -- if you look at the across the board trends for more sort of moderate fiscal spending, if she going to have to break with the president on this?

BECKEL: Well, first of all, we ought to impeach him, that's number one.


BECKEL: The -- first of all, listen to you guys go around here. Paul Ryan, some of you had a great -- column, at what he said, said the biggest lie. Paul Ryan, everybody loves this little boy. But he will --

GUILFOYLE: Well Bob, that is so rude.

BECKEL: OK. This --

GUILFOYLE: I cannot believe you said that.

BECKEL: This young man is very smart. OK, all right.

GUILFOYLE: Disrespectful.

BECKEL: Give me a break, will you? I'm just sitting here getting bludgeoned from every direction. I'm trying to say, he is the one who did this sequester, he is the arguing against it and this is one fact from -- you guys keep throwing the CBO I mean. Let me get you to CBO. Everyone's taxes are down since Obama got in except for the top 1 percent. Try to under CBO chart. (ph)

BOLLING: Corporate taxes are sky rocket.

BECKEL; Oh, that really just to makes me bad -- feel bad.

BOLLING: That's two-thirds of tax receipts Bob, two-thirds financial income that comes in from the country's corporations.

BECKEL: I say -- you said come back in everybody's taxes going to accept for years.

PERINO: And who -- and why did President Obama decide.

GUILFOYLE: It's not corporations.

PERINO: To keep tax cuts in place? It was because, that was actually the best thing to help the economy.

BECKEL: And listen, I will give Bush credit -- those credits -- those tax cuts were good at the lower end particularly. It's just that on Obama --

GUILFOYLE: So why doesn't Obama do it and turn, it's like an example --

BECKEL: Because it's only 1 percent of the people, they can afford it.

GUTFELD: Taxi's companies, it's going to affect their -- it's going to hammer the dividends, and who has dividends? Those are people with retirement portfolios. Those are grandmas and grandpas, and they are not rich.

GUILFOYLE: And didn't have a job.

GUTFELD: And lot of middle income people with retirement portfolios who going to get taxed.

BECKEL: Well, (inaudible) to throw. (ph)

BOLLING: No, no. Can I throw one more thing out there? President Obama, lot of the stuff they didn't knew. The college for two years, the preschool of all these and these new programs he wants to -- to put in, spend on. He's paying for with this tax -- what he is calling a tax holiday. Only tax corporations 14 percent for the money they've earned overseas.


BOLLING: Which they shouldn't be taxed on anyway, because they've already paying taxes --


BOLLING: And they going forward, he wants to tax it at 19 percent. So, he's literally raising several hundred billions of dollars on money that we don't, we shouldn't be taking at.

BECKEL: Was it not your idea to bring this --



BOLLING: No tax.

BECKEL: OK. Well listen, and these guys --

PERINO: Nobody will come back under President Obama's proposal.

BECKEL: But most of them stay, but that's not the point. The point is why should they hide their profits overseas?

BOLLING: Because they are not. They've done hiding it right.


BOLLING: They paid their taxes overseas.

BECKEL: They paid some taxes overseas.

PERINO: Can we do one last thing before we go?

BECKEL: Yes. Please.

PERINO: Because there is a little bit of Republican political movement after Mitt Romney decided to not go for the presidency this year. Here's Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin, he was on television yesterday morning.


SCOTT WALKER, WISCONSIN GOVERNOR: People want new fresh leadership with big bold ideas and the courage to act on it. If we are going to take on a name from the past, which is likely to be Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, I think for the party we need a name from the future.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The 99 percent chance you will run?

WALKER: I don't know that I take the odds. I just would tell you one thing, after three elections for governor and four years in a state that hasn't gone Republican since 1984 for president, I wouldn't bet against me on anything.


PERINO: Oh, OK Bob. Let me just to show this poll here from -- this is the Des Moines Register poll from Sunday, so it has Scott Walker -- it's a tight race but Scott walker is on top at 15 percent. Then you've got Rand Paul at 14 percent. Romney, Huckabee at 10 percent. At this point in the race does this poll matter at all?

BECKEL: No, it doesn't. Let me say you one thing about polls in Iowa's on register poll. Whosever closest geographically to that state, Mondale had 50 percent, the other people around them, and this is so early, it's they emerges. (ph) Listen, he's got media markets that border into Iowa, and he's done a pretty good job in terms of selling it to that crowd out there. So I'm not surprised that it will be blown away as soon as Bush starts campaigning out there.

PERINO: Alright, anybody else like Republican Politics over the weekend? (ph)


BOLLING: There -- I'm sorry, K.G. very quickly. If you like a Republican governor in a blue state -- there is your guy right there, Scott Walker. Chris Christie had a lot of problems in New Jersey with downgrading, our debts has been drop downgrade to somewhat like eight times during his terms there. So of the two that very populous --

BECKEL: Thought you like Christie?


GUILFOYLE: OK. So he took on the White House. He took on public service unions and he all -- took on the Democrats in the recall. I like him. And he said, he's confident, he has great rhetoric, I think he's a really good choice.

PERINO: Alright, and then --

BECKEL: And then those --

GUILFOYLE: I don't know Bob, I'm just going to wait and see privately what that is.

PERINO: One little bit of news -- Greg.


PERINO: Was that they just announced that Governor Jeb Bush is going to speak at CPAC. One of the concerns has been the messaging to the base, and that's certainly the base.

GUTFELD: That really is the base.

PERINO: How do you think he will do?

GUTFELD: I think he will probably do fine. The important thing is again, you're dealing with an unbalanced media. So that means one of the Republican makes a small gap anywhere whether be at CPAC, they will be annihilated. Meanwhile, a Democrat can find themselves at the wrong end of a dog and will be called an animal lover.


PERINO: You said wrong end of a dog.

GUILFOYLE: Eww. (ph)

GUTFELD: Both ends.


BECKEL: I'll give you credit on that dog.


BECKEL: This is the only time I don't buy in your mainstream media. But when they said -- here's George Bush story -- I mean, Jeb Bush's story, he was a bully. They said in elementary school.

GUTFELD: Of course.


GUTFELD: I know, but until I --

BECKEL: I was a bully for every year I was in school.

GUTFELD: But they didn't remember they started that with Romney. Remember the bully story?


GUTFELD: Yeah, then a dog -- the dog at the roof.

BOLLING: Have some guys there.

PERINO: And the Washington Post ran a piece this morning about --


PERINO: Rand Paul, so they're all out. They're all looking at.

GUTFELD: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

PERINO: And it's going to be while and stay in there until July.

GUTFELD: Yeah. And Bill's got an interesting past with --


PERINO: Alright. I got to go, get out of here Bob. Ahead.

GUILFOYLE: Anything else present --

PERINO: President Obama said we should not overinflate the importance of terror groups like ISIS. Is he once again under estimating the next fight? Greg is next.


GUTFELD: About a month ago, Islamists stormed the offices of Charlie Hebdo and killed mostly everyone. Many called it a wakeup call. But have we truly woken up?

This was the world before the terror attack. The press refrained from showing Muhammad for fear of outrage. A mix of media and activists groups accused anyone of Islamophobia who might confront
Islamoterror. The president of the U.S. refused to link ideology to terror, more concerned with backlash than bombings.

So, has it changed since the attacks?

Well, we still have a press fearful of showing Muhammad. We still have pressure groups smearing people with accusations of Islamophobia. We still have a president who won't identify the nature of
contemporary terror.

And so terror flourishes where the will retreats. The world needs someone to lead this fight, so if Obama won't, then who?

Spending years saying, no boots on the ground, served as the comfy mantra, but it worsened the situation by telegraphing our restraint. Telling the enemy what you won't do, paints you tactically into a corner, because since you know you're going to look like an idiot if you change your mind, you won't want to -- even if it is necessary.

But as 1,082 paratroopers head to Iraq we now see there's no other way to do this, which reminds me of a joke:

Why did Boko Haram kill 8,000 people last year -- up 100-fold from 2010?

Because they can.

So here's President Obama. This is something he said in front of some lovely green trees about the threat of terror.


OBAMA: What I do insist on is that we maintain proper perspective and that we do not provide a victory to these terrorist networks by overinflating their importance and suggesting in some fashion that they are an existential threat to the United States or the world order.


GUTFELD: So, Bob, he says we shouldn't overinflate the threat of terror like it's a beach toy. What, pray tell, is worse than terror?

BECKEL: Right now, it's my butt to be honest with you. But I'll tell you something, and I'll say it to anybody on this show. You know (UNINTELLIGIBLE) is going to say fatwa (ph) this. And I've got to defend my president. I love him, but someday would you give me something?

Why do they come up with these quotes? First of all, we stood up (UNINTELLIGIBLE). Forget putting the (UNINTELLIGIBLE) on things. I'm going to put it on a T-shirt and sell it. But that's not the point.

The point is, unless and until everybody agrees here that there is an opportunity, and it's not very -- we don't have a lot of time here. More people are going to die. And it's time to stop talking about what it means or doesn't mean. They're terrorists, they're killers. They're murderers, they're Muslims. They ought to be dead.

GUTFELD: Look, Kimberly, he believes, President Obama believes that if you give terror groups the attention by calling them terror groups or by calling -- that's a victory. So I think his philosophy is if you kind of dismiss their threat that's better. Do you buy that?

GUILFOYLE: What kind of failure was he in with, like, Psychology 101. That's just ridiculous. He's supposed to be the commander in chief and the leader of the free world.

But right now, he doesn't seem like he's leading from anywhere but behind. He doesn't get it, or he just chooses not to, because it is not something that is on his, like, front page and top of his agenda to deal with this issue. I mean, everybody has come out criticizing him that knows what is going on. There is no way he's serious about defeating ISIS or any other Jihadist regime. Because if he was, he would be doing and taking specific acts to combat it.

BECKEL: Well, he's the first one to put airplanes in there to bomb these guys. Everybody else is a little bit following him.

GUILFOYLE: When he's done tickling ISIS and reading them a bedtime story, someone wake me up from this nightmare.

BECKEL: By the way, I flunked Psychology 101 myself. But he has taken a lead on this. And by the way, ISIS is starting to lose a little ground. But still...

GUTFELD: Not a lot. But let me ask you, Eric...


GUILFOYLE: ... the people that just got beheaded in the last day.

GUTFELD: Eric, to what they are saying, I think President Obama said anything we could be doing we're doing.

BOLLING: Well, no, we're not. We're not even doing the things that he says we're doing and what we want to be doing. In other words, he says we want to do an extensive air campaign against -- no boots on the ground air campaign against ISIS, and we're not even doing it. We're doing four or five sorties a day where, during the Iraq War, there were 4 or 500 sorties a day.

However you want to deal with it, what I think ISIS has done now, with the beheadings of Americans, the British, the Japanese, the terror in France and Australia, you have a global community now, ready to take care of these people. But I think what they did wrong with the Jordanians, if they beheaded or killed this Jordanian pilot they're in big, big trouble.

You get the Arab League and the Jordanians involved here it's time to push them back to Syria by all means necessary. I Hate the idea of boots on the ground. I said I'm vehemently against it on this show. But enough is enough. We have the world now with us. And just push. Just push. Kill them.

GUTFELD: How do you feel about Japan? I mean, do you think Japan is going to change. Because you get this -- they're a nation of good will.

PERINO: Well, yes, but think about just from 1945 until now we, because of freedom and because of engagement and because we helped, we actually have the Japanese as one of our greatest allies.


PERINO: And they had two of their citizens beheaded by ISIS this weekend, and I think their support is going to be key.

But don't forget: the key foreign policy story of the week is not even in the Middle East. It's in Ukraine. And Putin is on the march. The president right now is wondering whether or not maybe should we maybe possibly send aid to the Ukrainians so that they can possibly maybe do something to push back this escalation.

There's a pattern here: waiting to act, like we did with Syria and Ukraine. There is a consistent problem with national security. That is why I think we've had so many of the great national security minds that were in the present administration leave.

BECKEL: Let me make just two quick points. Eric, exactly what happens here now? ISIS has now coalesced the world, finally, to coming to grips as a coalition. Always get that. In Japan you've got to remember after '45, we didn't give them much of the military.

But the other thing is Putin has been waiting for this opportunity. Also, he wants to take the fact that his people are subject to (UNINTELLIGIBLE). But that is another one. And he's going to go. You watch.

PERINO: We could help them. We should tell the president that we support him, that you have our support. That's what the Congress should do to help them.

GUTFELD: That will mean a lot to him.

They listen.

Next up, what the president is calling for all parents to do in the wake of a measles outbreak in America. But should you listen to them? Yes, of course you could. That was a stupid question. Coming up.


GUILFOYLE: A measles outbreak is spreading, and the CDC says there were at least 102 confirmed cases in January in 14 states. There are a lot of parents in the country who don't want their kids vaccinated, but the president is now urging them to.


OBAMA: I understand that there are families that in some cases are concerned about the effect of vaccinations. The science is pretty indisputable. We've looked at this again and again. My children are vaccinated. I would strongly encourage everybody look at the science, look at the facts. CDC, the Center for Disease Control, can give you good information. Listen to your pediatrician. Get your children vaccinated.


GUILFOYLE: OK. So this is obviously a topic that people have very strong opinions about. Let's take it around the table. Bob, we begin with you and go around.

BECKEL: First of all, you know, I understand why some people, either because they're (UNINTELLIGIBLE) or they don't trust. But our kids are around these kids. And they may have the disease. This was almost eradicated in 2000, and then a bunch of people came in and said, "No, we want an exemption from this." Well, I understand that. We can't force them to do it, but your conscience ought to say, you keep them away from other kids and you will have a big problem. So for the few people who don't do it, first of all, I think it doesn't make any sense to me. But a lot of children here who need to be vaccinated and they're going to be vaccinated soon. I give Obama a lot of credit, thank God.

GUILFOYLE: There you go.

BOLLING: By the way, President Obama a couple of years ago was on the other side of this debate, saying...

BECKEL: He wanted to bring up (UNINTELLIGIBLE)?

BOLLING: No. He wanted -- he said he was holding out. He didn't -- he thought he saw that there may be some link to autism with some of these vaccines, so he was waiting. He said let's find out.

Look, vaccines are great. They save lives. There's no question about it. The question for some of us is do the feds have the say on whether your kid gets vaccinated or not, and should they, or should it be a parents' choice to vaccinate or not? Listen, I'm in favor of vaccines.

BECKEL: Republicans say...

BOLLING: Vaccinate your kids. But I'm also in favor of parents making that decision.

BECKEL: This is the one opportunity you had to say something nice about Obama in four years.

BOLLING: But I'm not so sure that -- look, it's a hugely debated. Our good friend, Tucker Carlson, says -- I think I believe I heard him say that his daughter was vaccinated once and within hours, she was paralyzed from the waist down for a while.

BECKEL: Measles?

BOLLING: I don't remember what the vaccination was for, but it eventually went away. I mean, the National Institute of Mental Health has not completely agreed that the CDC, that there's no link to autism or autism...

GUTFELD: That is not true. That's not true. That's not true. That's not true. What you're doing is you're operating -- vaccines as a matter of choice is an error in reasoning. You can also drink -- drive drunk as a matter of choice. But when you hurt somebody, you pay for that. So when you say child vaccine is a matter of choice and then your child goes out and spreads disease. Yes, that's a matter of a choice, but it's a stupid choice.

BECKEL: Absolutely.

BOLLING: Greg, listen, there is no doubt that there are stupid choices that I think we're -- that, look, some people would say smoking weed is a stupid choice, too.

GUTFELD: But it's not going to hurt... I'm not going to spread a disease.

We have eradicated the worst diseases. We've eradicated mumps, whooping cough, this bacterial infection called Hib, measles, and they're coming back because of celebrities like Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carey, who have demonized vaccines based on paltry medical evidence. The study that they've used out of Dallas, that guy, what's his -- I can't think of his name, the one person that they've been using, this doctor, has turned out to be a complete...

BOLLING: Debunked.

GUTFELD: Debunked.

BECKEL: I've got the measles vaccine. Look what happened to me.

GUTFELD: Your butt hurts.

BOLLING: Your butt hurts.

BECKEL: My butt hurts.

PERINO: If you're a parent the best thing to do is to either -- is to listen to someone that you trust. So President Obama I think is a trustworthy guy, a good dad. Everyone can agree on that. I was listening to him. It's also -- it's not the feds. It's the state. So I think that there has to be some sort of way to get parents better information.

If your child has a problem and you think it might have been because of a vaccine you might be looking for a reason to point to how did that problem happen. Talking to your doctor is probably the best way to get advice. Everything that I've seen is that the vaccines are important. And I think your point about the drunk driving is a good one. You get in trouble for doing things that hurt other people. And we know that vaccines help.

GUTFELD: I have yet to meet a single M.D., pediatrician, who would ever tell you not to vaccinate your child.

BOLLING: You have time to get into -- you pick a fight with the president over that? Pick a fight on something else.

GUTFELD: He should have inoculated himself against that.

GUILFOYLE: I have no problem with the president coming out and saying that it's a public health issue and children's lives matter and other children. It's very dangerous, and we could be headed to a big problem in this country if people don't wake up.

Ahead, we're going to break down some of those ads of Super Bowl XLIX, and there are some great ones and some strange ones, too. So which ones were your faves? We want to hear about it, and we're going to tell you ours next.



BECKEL: God, is that awful music.

There were a lot of good ads and some bad ones during the Super Bowl last night. Here are a couple everyone is talking about, starting with the Doritos middle seat commercial.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Welcome aboard, folks. Just go ahead and take any empty seat that you see.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I hope it's not contagious.

When your mom wakes up can you tell her about me?


BECKEL: And then, there was the most depressing ad of the night, courtesy of Nationwide Insurance. Parents, you may want to -- if your kids are watching the show, you might let them turn around and not watch this, because it's...

GUILFOYLE: Turn down the volume.

BECKEL: ... bad, bad-bad, bad.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hey, wait! Max, wait! Wait!

(voice-over): I'll never learn to ride a bike or get cooties. I'll never learn to fly or travel the world with my best friend. And I won't ever get married. I couldn't grow up, because I died from an accident.

GRAPHIC: The number one cause of childhood deaths is preventable accidents.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: At Nationwide we believe in protecting what matters most, your kids. Together we can make safe happen.


BECKEL: Yes, Nationwide you believe in scaring the hell out of everybody.

Kimberly, which did you like best?

GUILFOYLE: Definitely not that one. I'll tell you. It's like a horror film. I like the nice, innocent ad of being invisible, and I thought that might be kind of fun, the Mindy Kaling ad I thought was super cute.

BECKEL: All right. Eric.

GUILFOYLE: Imagine if we could do invisible in New York.

GUTFELD: I have. Any woman under 40 thinks I'm invisible.

PERINO: I thought you were going to say under 4 feet.

GUILFOYLE: Under 4 feet.

BECKEL: They can't see you. Go ahead. What did you like?

BOLLING: My two favorite ads, the ones during -- I didn't hear that. What did you say?

BECKEL: Go, go. It's me. It's the liberal block, so it's a minute and 30 seconds. Let's go.

BOLLING: All right. The Fiat ad, thought it was hysterical. The guy, the older guy. His elderly wife gets a little frisky. She says -- and he goes in to pop the little blue pill. He misses. It ends up in a Fiat gas tank, and the Fiat car gets bigger and stronger. I thought it was very funny.

But honestly, my favorite ad was the energy drink ad, this one right here. They drink the energy drink. They can't stop dancing. Get the dogs. Watch the dogs. You get the dogs? Ready? There he comes. There he is.

BECKEL: Dana, what did you like?

PERINO: Can I make a confession, Bob?

BECKEL: You didn't see any ads?

PERINO: No. I was talking the entire time. It's a good thing we didn't watch the game together, because I would have driven you crazy.

BECKEL: Yes, you would have.

PERINO: I like watching the commercials now.

BECKEL: Greg, which one did you like?

GUTFELD: The Nationwide ad.

BECKEL: I knew that's what you were going to say. Why did I even ask the question?

GUTFELD: At least the threat is real, although it's very small. Preventable deaths in children is -- like, you can count them in 100. But at least it is real and not like a lot of phony causes that people are always pushing. But I like Loctite, which was a glue ad, simply because they had a unicorn in it. And it's not often you get a unicorn in an ad.

PERINO: I did see this ad. I knew you'd like it.

GUTFELD: They spent millions to sell glue. And by the way, this is glue that you apply, not sniff.

BECKEL: Really?

GUILFOYLE: Thank you for that clarification.

BECKEL: Let me tell you, the one I like the most as a guy who used to make ads, this ad for Chevy Colorado, where they started off, and all of a sudden, the screen went blank and millions of people stood up and said, "My TV is busted and then they came back." They got some attention out of that one.

And let me just say, Nationwide, never mind.

"One More Thing" is up next.


BOLLING: All right. Time for "One More Thing." I'm going to start. You know I love conspiracy theories. Is the NFL fixed? Because check this out: on January 26, Madden 15 put out this video predicting the Super Bowl. Now check it out. You can't believe how many things they predicted right.

Watch this. I'm going to stop right there. Third quarter score 24-14, Seattle, exactly right. Play the next video. Keep going. Goes on and on. They almost -- Brady four touchdowns, they nailed. Brady's yardage passing, they miss by 23 or 25 yards only. They're spot on. But look at this. Last touchdown there, the final 28-24, New England.


BOLLING: Come on.

BECKEL: I wonder who his bookie is.

BOLLING: Do you not think that...

BECKEL: That's amazing.

BOLLING: All right, K.G. You're up.

GUILFOYLE: I love babies and children and the royals. And salami and Friday night and margaritas. But other than that, I love pregnancy announcements about babies. They're just the cutest thing. Justin Timberlake is having a baby with Jessica Biel. And there's this super-cute photo. He's kissing her belly. Very nice. Bringing, I'm sure, a very talented child into the world.

BECKEL: I'm sure.

GUILFOYLE: They're very excited.

BECKEL: Exciting. No, don't get me wrong.

GUILFOYLE: And I hope the baby gets vaccinated.

BECKEL: I do, too.

BOLLING: Very good. Greg, you're up.

GUTFELD: All right. I haven't banned a phrase in a while, so let's ban this one: "pass the smell test." This is a long way of saying is the idea a good one? Or does the idea stink? And by the way, the word we should be using is stink. When somebody says "that stinks," I like that person. I hear that a lot in the elevator. But stink. It stinks. We've got to bring that word back.

GUILFOYLE: OK. That is a good one. Isn't it?

GUTFELD: It really is, Kimberly.

GUILFOYLE: Oh, OK. I think you may be fickle and turn on it.

BECKEL: You haven't read my Twitter. I get "stink" all the time.

GUTFELD: Stink eye.

PERINO: OK. So who says Congress does nothing? They're actually going to do something really important tomorrow. There is a vote on a bill. It is called the Clay Hunt Suicide Prevention for American Veterans Act. Twenty- two military veterans commit suicide a day. This is a bill sponsored by Jerry Moran of Kansas. And it is named for a soldier, Clay Hunt, who died. He is from Georgia. So Johnny Isakson of Georgia has been working on this. And it would require the Pentagon and V.A. Department to do some independent reviews and it also has financial incentives for psychiatrists that are willing to go work at the V.A.

So if you're a psychiatrist, you think about a career move, that could be a good one.

BOLLING: Very, very good. Twenty-two a day, that's unbelievable.

Bob, you're up.

BECKEL: This is actually a sad but a heartfelt story. Eric's favorite football player, the Cleveland Browns, Johnny Manziel, is Mr. Johnny football, is announcing that he was going into treatment for alcoholism. And it's a courageous thing to do. It is something that not many people are willing to do it anyway. But to do it publicly, as well-known as he is, I wish him well. Godspeed, man. Do it a day at a time. Come back and play football. You'll make it.

BOLLING: One of the things they may recommend is that he stop hanging with Justin Bieber. That might be one of the things.

PERINO: That would be good.

BOLLING: Before we go, can we wish -- say happy Chris Kyle Day today? Remember, Texas governor declared February 2 Chris Kyle Day.

GUILFOYLE: That sounds good.

BOLLING: All right, everybody. Set your DVRs so you never miss an episode of "The Five." That's it for us. "Special Report" coming up next. We've got nine seconds. What are we going to do for nine seconds?

GUILFOYLE: Patty-cake?

BECKEL: That's very good.

No, let's talk about vaccines some more.

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