‘The Five’ on crime in US cities, Biden-Putin meeting

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DANA PERINO, FOX NEWS HOST: Hello, everyone. I`m Dana Perino along with Dagen McDowell, Harold Ford, Jr., Jesse Watters and Greg Gutfeld exclamation point. It`s five o`clock in New York City, and this is THE FIVE.

President Biden snapping on the world stage and it wasn`t at Vladimir Putin. Biden now being accused of getting a free pass after blowing up on a reporter asking about the summit.




BIDEN: When did I say I was confident? I said --


COLLINS: You said in the next six months you will be able to do --

BIDEN: I said -- what I said was, let`s get it straight, I`m not confident of anything, I`m just stating the fact.


PERINO: And the White House is facing scrutiny for protecting the president by limiting who is allowed to ask him a question, but Biden facing some criticism for lashing out but was quickly forgiven.


JEFF ZELENY, CNN SENIOR WASHINGTON CORRESPONDENT: We`ve not seen him too has answered questions like that without his aides screaming at him to stop. I have never seen a president covering the last four of them who is so protected by his aides in terms of often not wanting him to answer some questions.

COLLINS: So, there he is apologizing for the way he responded to my question, that is completely unnecessary from the president, he did not have to apologize.


PERINO: And despite the outburst many in the media are praising Biden for his performance with the Russian president.


JOE SCARBOROUGH, MSNBC HOST: I can`t think of a more successful diplomatic trip in the 21st century than this one.

JIM SCIUTTO, ANCHOR & CHIEF NATIONAL SECURITY CORRESPONDENT, CNN: The handshake. Biden looked Putin in the eye with a smile. Putin looked away.

CHUCK TODD, HOST, MSNBC: At one point, I wrote professor Biden because I thought he was trying to basically be above it, be above the meeting.

JON MEACHAM, HISTORIAN & AUTHOR: Biden as I was watching the press conference today was, there was a kind of poetry in his prose.

NORAH O`DONNELL, ANCHOR, CBS NEWS: That is the test and perhaps the legacy defining moment for President Biden. Whether his personal relationships will change anything as our 46th president makes the case that diplomacy, dialogue and democracy are America`s greatest exports.



GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS HOST: That was amazing, that montage. At first I didn`t have anything to talk about --


PERINO: But now you --

GUTFELD: -- but now, I am -- that is -- OK. It`s amazing when a Democrat is in charge, we know that there is bias, but the hacks like Morning Joe, their true colors come out. It`s amazing. They talk about poetry and his prose, historic moment, one for the ages.

How do -- how do -- even the older venerable journalists, how do they get to an age, like Joe Scarborough, what is he, like 70?


GUTFELD: How do they get to be that age without accruing any self- awareness. Like they can`t even hear themselves, if you look at these journalistic leftovers like Meacham and Rather and Carl Bernstein and Brian Williams, it`s an evidence of a life in a bubble, a bubble where they can`t see that they`ve become a parody of their own bias. It`s -- that was bonkers. That was absolutely bonkers.

I understand, though, that they`re pleased by the president. It`s like my parents when I used to play basketball for Saint Greg`s. It`s like I would only --


PERINO: Point guard.

GUTFELD: No, I don`t even know what it was. I only played for like one minute in each game and my parents were so grateful that like, I didn`t pee myself. Right. And there was one time I actually sunk a free throw and my dad fell off the chair. That`s the way the media is with Biden. He is like me playing fifth grade basketball at St. Gregory`s in San Mateo, California.

PERINO: One of the things I thought was the most interesting, though, was somebody that was a criticism from somebody like Jeff Zeleny of CNN who, he has said he`s covered several presidents, he said he has never seen a president so protected by his aides or even screamed out to stop taking questions or stop talking. I can`t imagine ever screaming at a president.

WATTERS: First, I would just like to ask the Gutfeld family to please photos of Greg playing basketball in fifth grade. I hope you`re watching.

GUTFELD: They`ve been burned.

WATTERS: Well, first, first with the questions. Right? They do that for three reasons, Dana. They do that because Biden can`t remember the names and the faces of the reporters. And you can`t see them. If you see him, he is squinting and looking around so he needs help there.


PERINO: But most presidents do have the list of reporters because when they look up they might not remember somebody`s name.

WATTERS: I think Trump the reporter`s names and faces pretty well.

PERINO: Engraved on the back of his --

WATTERS: Well, I think he knew their names and faces very well. Also, they need to create a finite number of people to call on because you have to shorten this thing because the longer Joe talks, the worse it gets. And creating a list is like creating a VIP list.

You want to be on the list, it`s human nature, so the reporters during the week, they jockey and see if they can shade their coverage to be so flattering that they get to be on the list, and then the Biden communication shop can say you were a good girl this week, you were a good boy this week, you get to be on the list.

So, the people that know Biden best know he can`t hack it with the press and the media knows that too. Even though the media is there to help Joe. They want the Democratic Party to do well. So, it`s an arrangement, a pathetic arrangement between the media and the White House to protect Joe from himself. And that doesn`t serve the American people well.

Now to shower praise on this summit is ridiculous. There was no doctrine, there was no memorable line. There were gaffes glory handed our enemy a list of targets that we don`t want to be hit. And then to hear someone like Meacham say there was poetry and prose. Meacham is a speechwriter. MSNBC doesn`t reveal that, but Meacham is the speechwriter for Joe Biden. So that`s just an inside job they are doing.

And then Chuck Todd, who I feel sorry for, I don`t want to knock him too hard but he doesn`t believe that stuff what he said, he is angling for a sit down with the president.

PERINO: But the thing is, Dagen, the news that got made out of the press conference were actually not from the list that he was going to call on, it was from the shouted questions from Peter Doocy and Kaitlan Collins.

DAGEN MCDOWELL, FOX NEWS BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT: Right. And Kaitlan Collins delivered the softest of softballs that Trump ever got.


MCDOWELL: Right? Because Trump was getting hammered by the bloviating losers all day long every day, the posturing. So I want to see at least, one kind of Trump day, a month may be, every six months at the White House where they just fire questions at him and they just hammer Joe Biden and there is not enough string cheese and Teddy Grahams to prevent Joe Biden from having a volcanic eruption. He would not be able to handle it.

Just a couple of -- couple things, it`s the job of the press corps to report on whether Joe Biden is in decline or not. These chattering ciphers will never ever investigate that and it`s kind of important given he`s the leader of the free world but I will give him this, he still knows how to manipulate. These members of the press.

That line, you are the brightest people in the country, he has been on the -- he`s been on the grip, he`s been in this racket for so long, he knows that it only takes one complement to have these like thin-skinned, insecure reporters back right in his little coin purse.

PERINO: Harold, if you are the White House though, and understanding that there is some bias, they might look at this summit and say, you know, net plus. Maybe not the best -- what did Joe Scarborough say? The best diplomatic summit in the 21st century?

WATTERS: In the 21 century.

PERINO: I`m not sure I would go that far but the White House probably feels pretty good about the trip.

HAROLD FORD, JR., FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Yes. And according to the polling data the country feels pretty good about his trip. Look, every president tries to control the narrative that comes out of his, and one day we will say her press conference and his meetings.

GUTFELD: I hope not.

FORD: Biden and like Reagan and even like your former boss and like Bill Clinton all try to ensure that the one or two messages they wanted out for the day got out. So, they will try to limit. And may be, you know, I take Jeff Zeleny at his word, he has never seen anything like this but every president has done it.

Two, look, again, I differ. I think the proof will be in the pudding 30, 60 days from today. If we -- if you invite me back in 60 days and we see that there has been nothing -- nothing that`s happened after this meeting with Putin, that we`ve had more attacks that we have not responded, and I think one would have to say that everything that`s being said that`s being talked about around the table is largely right.

But the data, the polling data says that people thought he did a good job and he got a little testy with of all reporters, a reporter from CNN. So it wasn`t Fox. It was young Mr. Doocy who asked I thought one of the most pointed questions and to your point, Dana, he asked it not as a chosen person, he yelled it out at the president. The president reacted.

PERINO: Yes. And that`s why -- that`s why reporters yell questions.

WATTERS: I didn`t know they polled this by the way. That was fast.

PERINO: They poll everything.

GUTFELD: Yes. There`s a poll on the poll.


PERINO: Up next --

FORD: Which was high, too.

PERINO: Up next, doing it without President Biden, states now acting on their own to stop the crisis at the border. We`ll discuss.


MCDOWELL: Biden`s border crisis may get fixed but not by the president. Texas Governor Greg Abbott announcing plans for his state to build its own border wall without the federal government`s help.


GOV. GREG ABBOTT (R-TX): Homes are being invaded. Neighborhoods are dangerous, and people are being threatened on a daily basis with guns. People either coming across the border or those working with those who are coming across the border. In the federal government`s absence, Texas is stepping up to get the job done.


MCDOWELL: And Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sending his state`s law enforcement officials to help out with the border surge in Texas and Arizona.


GOV. RON DESANTIS (R-FL): This is a disaster and it is an emergency for people like Texas and Arizona. They ask all governors to be able to send support. Florida is the first one to answer the call.


MCDOWELL: Dana, how much of this is politics and how much is real?

PERINO: I think that -- I think it`s very real, especially if you are in texas. And one big frustration has to be for the governor that they have this problem, the federal government is not willing to come and help but immigration and border security is a federal government responsibility. So that`s why it`s pretty amazing that they would say, OK, we are going to take a billion dollars of state taxpayer money to try to deal with this problem. So, I can understand the governor`s frustration.

On the political side of things, because of the lack of action by the Biden administration, you are allowing these governors a chance to shine. Abbott is certainly one of them but I would put Doug Ducey in that category, certainly Ron DeSantis on many issues, some COVID related, but also, you know, you get to be the first to send help.

And Kristi Noem of South Dakota said I`ll be in -- I`ll be there. Now all of these people probably do have a good political future. Governors usually do very well if they want to step up, it`s usually a better path to the presidency than a Senate seat. But you also have two other governments that could be doing something, that could be making the name for themselves on this issue, but they`re not.

One would be Gavin Newsom in California who is facing a big recall effort and the other is Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico. Those state are also dealing with this problem but their governors are not actually participating in helping solve it.

MCDOWELL: I wonder if it`s effective like they brought the -- Abbott brought the border wall back into the picture. Effective. If the polls start moving against Biden in favor of these red state governors maybe it actually gets them off their duffs, Jesse, to do something.

WATTERS: I remember when we had a president that would help the states. He sent New York ventilators and hospital ships to California.


GUTFELD: Who was that leader?

WATTERS: God, I forget his name. And now Biden is hanging Texas out to dry, so Abbott has to step up, and I like the two things that he is doing where he is deputizing the state police to go and then arrest illegals for trespassing, that`s creative. And also building up jail capacity along the border to deal with the numbers.

But like Dana said, it`s hard for a governor to build a border wall because most of that is federal land and the land that`s not federal land is privately owned. So, then you`d have to get all the landowners that are adjacent to each other to agree to have a wall build. So, you can get 11 land owners to say yes, build a wall and you get one that doesn`t, that leaves a hole in the wall.

But I want to talk about this little lady`s dinner that Kamala threw for the senators. You know how I like perks and if someone says free dinner, I`m there early. And I`ll break bread with my enemies, you know. The mob did it, certainly the Senate can do it.

But it doesn`t leave a good taste in my mouth when she`s out there triggering a crisis, ignoring it, cackling about it, unleashing chaos in the state of Texas and then invites people over for cocktails and cheese puffs, I wouldn`t have gone. I would have said RSVP, no thanks. Maybe later in the year, I`m just not ready for it right now.

PERINO: Like the holiday party.

WATTERS: Maybe the holiday party.

MCDOWELL: There were three senators who didn`t go. Female senators. Hyde- Smith, Lummis, and Sinema, so two Republicans and one Democrat. Would you have gone?

FORD: I was in -- were you invited?

WATTERS: I was not.

MCDOWELL: Because you --

WATTERS: And never will be.

FORD: So, to build on the points you made, I agree more than I disagree on this segment here. I think one, if the Biden administration does not tighten up the policy here around the border, this could lead to tougher political consequence. You left out two people as you are building out your, talking about how they can help Republicans.

The two Democratic senators in Arizona.


FORD: Remember, Kelly is up for reelection in a year, so once the polling data, if and when the polling data -- I shouldn`t say once. If the polling data moves wrongly in that state, I think that`s when you`ll see the pressure being place on the president to think differently about this.

You can`t get to the comprehensive aspects of what I`d like to see is get to around immigration including making targeted investments on some of the countries that the vice president visited until you deal with the border because the country, you are not going to find members of Congress, Democrats, mostly Republicans who are going to be willing to negotiate and work with you unless you handle that first.

So my message to the White House is let`s deal with this border issue in a way that allows for the messaging to change first and then get to the root cause issues which I believe are serious, I hope those around the table do as well, but you can`t get to that without border first.

MCDOWELL: But they intentionally broke something that was fixed and this is how they won it.

FORD: Right.

GUTFELD: Yes. But you got to fix the holes before you work on the rest of the boat. Real simple analogy there. Look, it`s interesting, I mean, he got the -- you`ve got the Texas governor solving in his way the border crisis. Meanwhile Kamala is making cheese puffs. What kind of message is that? It`s like, are the Dems saying we prefer our female vice president to stay in the kitchen? I mean, how sexist --


WATTERS: I didn`t even think of that.

GUTFELD: Like, let`s let the men handle the important things because the little lady should be in the kitchen making the cheese puffs. Think about - - think about this comparison in 2024.


GUTFELD: When DeSantis -- what if DeSantis gets the nomination and Joe is out, you know, wherever and so she is the choice and then they come to this issue of immigration, this is pretty big. You know, he hit the ball out of the park. She not only dropped the ball. She dropped the wall. And I had another idea -- this is kind of interesting --

PERINO: But that line was so good. It`s like --


GUTFELD: Well, thank you. I know I just --

WATTERS: Stop while you`re ahead.

GUTFELD: No, no, this (Inaudible) cooperation feels like a new thing and maybe I`m just too young to remember other things that happened like this, but what if this is the start of a trend of a nation within a nation that is stepping up to prevent the denigration of a country that`s being kind of poisoned by police state woke-ism. Like what if all the states said, OK, we`ve got to deal with law and order, we`ve got deal with immigration, we`ve got to deal with all these things that are kind of under attack. I`m not saying, you know, separation.

WATTERS: You are not saying secede?


WATTERS: You`re not saying secede.

GUTFELD: I`m not - not saying secede. I`m not saying secede, I`m not - not saying secede. I`m saying uniting together to help save these incredible values that are under fire, how is that? Is that good?

WATTERS: I like it.

MCDOWELL: Yes, it brings money and those revenues. Like more people who flew into the states no matter job they`re doing --


GUTFELD: Texas should build the wall around their entire states so Californians can`t move-in.

MCDOWELL: And we should -- yes.

GUTFELD: And people from Oregon.

MCDOWELL: How about just taking a saw and sawing off California and pushing it into the Pacific?

GUTFELD: That`s a lot of work, though.

FORD: I still want to see the video of you playing basketball.


GUTFELD: I don`t think they had videos back then. There were some grainy Polaroids.

WATTERS: Yes, we`ll take those.


MCDOWELL: No, it depends on the Polaroid.

WATTERS: Yes. Not those Polaroids.


PERINO: Those are old school selfies.


MCDOWELL: Ahead, while their city looks like a war zone, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is sending staffers deranged e-mails about office time!


WATTERS: Chicago looks like a war zone with shooting at homicides on the rise. Over 1,600 people up have been shot at over 250 people have been murdered so far this year alone. So, what`s Mayor Lori Lightfoot doing about it? Well, she`s apparently too busy sending insane e-mails to staffers complaining about her schedule. Like in January when she wrote, quote, "I need office time every day 16 times in a row." And then followed it up writing, quote, "not just once a week or some days, every day 10 times."

Greg? I kind of side with Lori.


WATTERS: I think she needs office time but it`s weird to write it 16 times in a row.

GUTFELD: You know, if any of us had done this, H.R. would call, we would get a leave of absence to get proper treatment because it`s insane. I mean, this is a sign of insane repetitive weirdness, also a lack of priority.

It`s like when you`re talking about like she doesn`t feel -- she doesn`t send e-mails like that about the murder rate, and then she claims -- she claimed that since this happened, the problem had been solved and the problem was solved because everybody quit. All the people that she was complaining about are gone. It is crazy. Should we play Emily Compagno reading on this out loud?

WATTERS: I didn`t know we had it but if you would like to --


GUTFELD: We have her doing an oral presentation of the actual e-mail.



EMILY COMPAGNO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Since my prior requests for office time are routinely ignored, I am now resorting to this. I need office time every day. I need office time every day. I need office time every day. I need office time every day. I need office time every day. I need office time every day. I need office time every day. I need office time every day. I need office time every day. I need office time every day. I need office time every day. I need office time every day. I need office time every day. I need office time every day. I need office time every day. I need office time every day.


GUTFELD: So, that`s crazy, that`s insane.


GUTFELD: And she is mayor. How did she get elected? That`s what drives me crazy. She ticked all the right boxes but they overlook that she may not be well.

WATTERS: What do you think, Dana? Do you think this is a sign of insanity or do you think maybe her staff doesn`t listen so she has to say it over and over again?

GUTFELD: You are compassionate.

PERINO: I think she needs office time every day.

WATERS: Yes, she does.

PERINO: And everybody needs a little office time every day.


GUTFELD: Did you get code?

PERINO: And like time on your calendar, I don`t know.

WATTERS: Like office time?

GUTFELD: Like office time? Yes.

PERINO: What do you mean?

GUTFELD: You know, like a little office time.

WATTERS: A private time. Yes.

PERINO: I don`t know. Gosh. I hadn`t thought of that but I guess it`s possible. I think she is also under a tremendous amount of pressure, right, because this is a problem that`s been building for decades and they do not accurately diagnose the problem and there seems to be like an inability to or an unwillingness to, to try to really solve it, and so, maybe that was just a way for her to express some frustration. I think it would be better to not put it in an e-mail but just to yell.

WATTERS: Yell. Sixteen times. Listen, if she is in her office, an office time is solving the murder rise, maybe that would solve it but she`s not. She is now saying that`s not my responsibility, Harold. She says it`s the federal government`s responsibility. Listen.


MAYOR LORI LIGHTFOOT (D), CHICAGO: The city individually cannot tackle this problem on its own, which is cannot. In Chicago we`ve done absolutely everything possible and we need help from the federal government because this is a national problem.


WATTERS: So, that`s a lie because Trump tried to help Chicago dozens of times. Finally, they sent in gang task force. And even then, Lori was like, no, no, no, stay out of Chicago.

FORD JR.: Well, she clearly changed -- she`s changed her mind. And she may say it a few times.


FORD JR.: And seriously, I think, the gun problem in Chicago as it is everywhere, you have to wonder, how did these kids, how did these gang members, how did these people who were using these guns, how do they find them? How did they buy them? They don`t walk into a gun store and flash an ID and get a gun. They don`t go to a gun show -- a gun shown and are able to get it.

GUTFELD: Exactly.

FORD JR.: Every car has a serial number on it. So, you see these great commercials about Carfax. You can tell what kind of accent the car has had, you know, the owners of the car. You don`t go probing into their background, but you know these things. But the gun, it seems weird that thousands of guns find their way into urban areas, to kids who can`t get a good book, can`t find a healthy food option, can`t find healthcare, can`t find a good job, but they can find the most incredible guns and engage in the most awful, deadly fatal things.

Now, I`m not -- this is not to give any mayor pass. Every mayor and every - - certainly, Mayor Lightfoot, like all of us, are open for criticism. But at some point, we have to wonder -- people talking about our gun laws, this is just understanding who owned the gun before. Who bought it and allowed it to get out to all of these kids, kids who would not be able to buy it otherwise or criminals who certainly wouldn`t qualify to buy the gun otherwise?

WATTERS: Well, they`re getting them from gangs and cartels and the mafia.

FORD JR.: Yes, but where did they get it from? Jesse, but where did they get it from?

WATTERS: Well, they`re getting them legally somewhere and then they`re selling them to gangbangers.

FORD JR.: And those people selling should get in trouble. They should be held accountable too.

WATTERS: Well, then the Feds need to prosecute.

MCDOWELL: Right. That`s where the Feds come in because gang activity is largely organized crime activity, right? And so, you can do -- that`s federal prosecutions. And you could actually prosecute murders at the federal level.


MCDOWELL: Very often the penalties are greater there. Illinois has incredible gun laws. To own a gun, you have to have a firearm owner ID card in the state, and then you have to have a concealed carry license to even go out. Not -- it`s very hard to legally possess a gun in the state, so it`s not the -- it`s -- they don`t -- they talk about gun control laws which would not solve the problem.

Lori Lightfoot wants to stay in her office because she doesn`t want to be out on the street possibly photographed in front of a body bag. But this e- mail is -- you know, we write e-mails. That`s the most formal method of communication. I want to hear the voicemails or where you really get loose isn`t a text message. It`s just going to be 100 poo and then peach emojis.

WATTERS: All right, Lori Lightfoot texts next on THE FIVE. Just kidding. No one is safe from cancel culture, including a legendary Hollywood actress.


FORD JR.: Legendary Hollywood actress Rita Moreno issuing an apology. After defending the creator of the new movie In The Heights, Lin Manuel Miranda has been criticized for omitting dark-skinned Afro-Latin people in his new musical. Moreno defended him.


RITA MORENO, ACTRESS: You can never do right, it seems. This is the man who literally has brought Latinoness and Puerto Ricanness to America. It would be so nice if they hadn`t come up with that and left it alone just for now. I mean they`re really -- they`re really attacking the wrong person.


FORD JR.: But after an outcry, Moreno issued this apology on Twitter, saying she`s incredibly disappointed in herself and "I was clearly dismissive of black lives that matter in our Latin community. It is so easy to forget how celebration for some is lament for others."

Jesse, how can -- I know how big a fan you are of Lin Manuel Miranda who brought us one of the most, if not the most successful productions on Broadway where he pushed black and brown faces into the front, telling one of the great -- one of our central stories of the founding of the country. Is it fair to get this kind of criticism?

WATTERS: Well, you know me. I`m a huge Broadway guy. You find me there every night after THE FIVE. I think when you`re 89, cancel culture comes at you, you come at cancel culture. You say I`m too old for this. I`m 89, I`ve seen it all. I`m not apologizing. You owe me an apology. I`m a person of action.

You think I care about another cat`s feelings at this point in my life? At 89, you`ve earned the right not to have to apologize. I think of my grandfather. He says something people find offensive. You go, oh, that`s just grandpa. He doesn`t mean anything. This is -- this is -- you get to an age -- you don`t even respond to critics, especially critics without a byline. These are people on Twitter. You don`t even know who they are. You don`t stoop to that level. You don`t stoop at 89. You`re 89.

GUTFELD: Some people do stoop at 89.

WATTERS: Not literally.

GUTFELD: No, literally.

WATTERS: You know what I mean.

MCDOWELL: It`s called a dower just (INAUDIBLE), Jesse.


FORD JR.: Greg, do you have an opinion on this? I mean, what --

GUTFELD: I have to say that Jesse`s opinion is absurd.

WATTERS: Well, you think she should apologize?

GUTFELD: No, no, no. This is -- this is actually really sad and very big story. This is a strong non-white woman who has been an inspiration to millions. She`s 89. She`s won all these awards. She got beaten down by a phantom, a small horde of woke stirs who hijacked Twitter trends. It`s 10 people who each have 20 cats at home.

The woke dial -- this is what depresses me, that makes me sad, is that these woke dials can turn everyone into a coward including her, and she is a feisty person. So, what this is going to do in the long term is it`s going to widen that gulf between your thoughts and what you can say. And this is actually the new censorship. It isn`t coming from 1984 ideas or the government. A few losers on Twitter are censoring our thoughts because we`re mistaking their outrage as an outcry, and it`s just a stupid phantom.

And then you think about it well, OK, isn`t that how all revolutions start? It starts with an unmovable minority swollen with moronic rage that terrifies the masses into submission, right? We don`t want to lose our jobs. We don`t want to be ostracized. She didn`t want -- she didn`t -- wasn`t worried about her job, she was worried about being ostracized, right?

So, this stuff works. You only need five people. You know, I mean, how many -- how many revolutionaries were there in every revolution? Not a lot. But they scare the crap out of people. I`m hoping for every Rita Moreno, there`s like 30 or 40 other heroes that come up and go, we have to stop this, you know.

FORD JR.: Dana, does this impact Lin Manuel Miranda? How does he think about his artistry going forward, and how will you think his art should be judged?

PERINO: Well, I think -- again, I don`t know how many -- a lot I saw -- I don`t know how many people came after him, but it was enough for him to say OK, yes, sorry. But he actually lived this experience and his new program heights -- In The Heights --

FORD JR.: In The Heights.

PERINO: I haven`t been able to see it yet, but my friends of mine did and they said they loved it.

GUTFELD: It`s not -- it`s for you. It`s called heights.

PERINO: That`s exactly right. I would have to pay extra if I`m going to get to watch it. But you think about Hamilton as well. Like, what he did to bring the story of the founders to life, but also to bring the story to life and to bring Broadway and the arts to so many people all across America.

Interesting fact. Rita Moreno was my commencement speaker. It was many years ago. But she`s very famous.

WATTERS: Wow. I had Joe Lieberman.

FORD JR.: Dagen, on that note, the idea of trying to cancel an 89-year-old or suggest she should be canceled in that hunt for going after Lin Manuel Miranda, how -- does this at some point bring -- help bring it into this cancel culture`s nonsense?

MCDOWELL: I would certainly hope so. But here`s the lesson to take away from this. Do not defend a guy who will not defend himself. Because little Manuel Miranda roll right over when he did nothing wrong. And he damn well knew he didn`t do anything wrong either. And he still would not stand up for himself and his work.

So, Rita Moreno steps in it and then has to apologize. Enough. You have won an Emmy, a Tony, and Oscar, and a Grammy. Wear it around your neck, lady, and tell people to pound dirt if they come for you.


GUTFELD: You wanted to use the F word so badly right now, I actually feel it. No, I could tell. I could actually feel it coming out of your pores in your skin.

PERINO: Dagen, it`s a great point that why defend him when he won`t defend himself. It`s good point.


GUTFELD: There you go.

FORD JR.: Coming up, a wild brawl breaking out at a kid`s T-ball game. The shocking video next.


GUTFELD: Parents at a T-ball game screaming at each other and brawling over an umpire`s call.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: This is a kid`s game.


GUTFELD: The real outrage there is you didn`t hold the phone like this. 911 got called and parents and coaches could now face charges. Dagen, why can`t they take their fights to the proper arena like airplane economy seats?

MCDOWELL: Same people actually, different venue. I will borrow something that Tyrus said on your show once when I was there kind of part of what he was talking about. When I saw this video, I didn`t have the sound on and my first thought was, Lord, please don`t let them be from the south.

And it`s like, this is a children`s game. We don`t fight over children`s games. There are few things in this life and in this world as meaningless as the outcome of a T-ball game.

GUTFELD: That is so true.

MCDOWELL: It is a game where the children are so little they can`t even hit a ball that`s thrown at them. And then you have to put it on a little tee, and then you run the bases, but that`s what you`re going to fight over. Well done, parents.

WATTERS: I hate to disagree. But this is the championship game and it`s about the integrity of the sport. We don`t really know what happened. There was a blown call. Obviously, it looked like a parent was upset because he said he dropped the ball.

So, the umpire clearly blew the call. We don`t know if the umpire is crooked because it looked like a clear drop to the parent. Maybe he had a nephew on the team. We don`t know if he was on the take or he could have been a total idiot.

So, you obviously don`t want to throw throwing haymakers but this is a lesson to your child. You said, sometimes people in power are idiots and you`re going to have to deal with idiots or it`s a rigged system.

GUTFELD: Harold, Jesse just condone violence.

WATTERS: I did not.

GUTFELD: Yes, you are --

WATTERS: Your misinterpretation of what I said.

FORD JR.: My son is almost 6-years-old, and Jesse, thank God they will not be playing T-ball against -- look, in Kentucky, they`re going to -- the legislators have to consider passing legislation to ban parents from games or, at the minimum, drug test them before they go. This is -- this is -- words can`t capture how silly this is.

GUTFELD: Yes , you know, it`s -- Dana, you were -- you were like this when you take Jasper to the dog park.

PERINO: No, I don`t fight.


PERINO: There`s no fighting, there`s no politics, there`s no cancel culture at the dog park. So, this literally was a South Park episode. Now, I`m showing that those guys, the creators there, always can just put their finger on it. Like, even down to the like guy tearing off his shirt. But this breaks the social contract. And it is important to teach people how to win graciously and to lose graciously. Otherwise, they`re going to grow up being a jack A.

GUTFELD: A jack A? I`m sure -- I`m pretty sure you`re allowed to say that on TV but I`m not going to say that on TV because I don`t want to get in trouble and get bleeped and then canceled.

GUTFELD: I think, you know, every -- segments like these, there`s always one person that has to say this sentence. What about the children? Why didn`t they fight? Cowards. Your parents are sticking up for you, you little babies. You know, why don`t you throw a punch? Grow up? What about the children? They`re raising cowards, Dana. Cowards, I tell you. "ONE MORE THING" is up next.


PERINO: Time now for "ONE MORE THING." Jesse.

WATTERS: Would you guys like to be titillated? America, would you like to be titillated because I`ll titillate you. I`m only saying the word because my executive producer hates when I say titillated. So, here, I will titillate you. It`s been -- it`s an excerpt from How I Save the World. Let`s begin.

GUTFELD: Oh, geez.

WATTERS: A steady stream of beer hits my body all over my jacket, tie, and lap. It must have been a wide mouth because it`s soaked me strong and fast before I realized what happened. He stood over me and poured his beer on me as he left. Did I respond with violence or did I turn my other cheek like a Quaker? You`re going to have to find out and read the book. So, preorder it. Go to howIsavetheworld.com. You get it signed and all that.

Father`s Day, also a great idea. You get a little voucher and give it to your dad. You know, it`s so easy. Do it on the internet. How easy is that? Gas prices are astronomical. Save gas, do it on the internet, save money. It`s what people want.

GUTFELD: That`s titillating.

WATTERS: Titillating.

PERINO: Why don`t you hate that word?

WATTERS: I don`t know. I don`t see anything wrong with it.

PERINO: I`m just kidding. I`m kidding. I think I know. I think I get it. Okay, I`ve got a couple things. podcast this week. Everything will be okay with Condoleezza Rice. I talked to her about her -- this is right before Father`s Day. I talk to her about what it was that her father did as she was being brought up to really influence her to make her who she is today. So, check that out. FoxNewsPodcast.com, you can find it there.

Also, look at this little corgi. He`s like really confused as to how is it that you can get over -- this is like when Jesse and I go down to the subway and he doesn`t have a metro card. And so, he just jumps over to the --

WATTERS: I did it one time.

PERINO: And I`m like wait, Jesse, you can`t do that. You`ll get in trouble. But he does it anyway.

WATTERS: One time. One time.

GUTFELD: All right, before I do my one thing, "GUTFELD!" tonight at 11:00, we have the lovely and very talented Dagen McDowell on.

MCDOWELL: Thank you. You cannot say that.

GUTFELD: Well, you know, you came in at the last moment since a real loser dropped out.

WATTERS: Oh, gosh.

GUTFELD: Anyway, we won`t discuss that. Let`s do this. Greg`s commuter news. Well, you know, the social distancing is now going away in Australia. And the citizens are now carpooling in Sydney as they head back to work where you have two workers getting in. It looks like she`s driving her kids to school. These -- you know, these --

WATTERS: Schools are opened down there?

GUTFELD: I don`t know. I`ve never -- you know, I`ve been to Australia once and they`re very hairy people as you can see.

WATTERS: Down under?

GUTFELD: Yes, down under. I think that`s what it`s called. Are we allowed to say down under or is that too titillating? My goodness.

PERINO: Well, it is now.


PERINO: All right, Dagen.

MCDOWELL: So, check out this kid. He`s amazing. Nathan Adams is 14-years- old and he`s known locally in New York state as the lawn kid. He started this lawn mowing business. He -- his goal in honor of his late grandfather who was a veteran and a volunteer is to mow the lawns of 50 veterans for free.

Lowe`s Hardware, he -- all this was made possible by help with the lawn mower from Lowe`s who donated a brand new lawnmower after his mower broke down. But he is going to charge after the first mow.



PERINO: I see.

MCDOWELL: He mows for free, and then you -- he mows you again at a discount.

GUTFELD: What a clever little kid.

MCDOWELL: Well, it`s just good business because he just can`t give it away.

PERINO: He loved that business.

GUTFELD: He virtue signaled first.



GUTFELD: Yes, very smart.

PERINO: That kid is going places. Keep an eye on him. We`ll probably all be working for him one day. Harold.

FORD JR.: After watching the T-ball fight, I thought we needed a little better story around kids and sports. This was definitely not the celebration this Missouri soccer team had plan after winning the championship. I think we have a video of it. Take a look.

The team is celebrating when a player -- look at the trophy. It hit the ceiling above the stage and the trophy shattered.


FORD JR.: You should honor the parents. It`s no one`s fault. No one ran on the stage. All the kids took pieces of the trophy home, the shattered trophy home. And the good thing about it is they`re going to get a new trophy. So, congrats to that team.

GUTFELD: You know, it`s soccer, though, Harold. They don`t deserve trophies.

WATTERS: Oh, Greg. Kilmeade is going to hate you. I said one thing about soccer one time, he didn`t invite me on his radio show for two years. The guy is so sensitive.

GUTFELD: That was the reason actually.

PERINO: Did you see that guy down -- Haiti was playing Canada and the guy that was -- the goalie for Haiti, he accidentally did an own goal in a big championship game and he was mortified. I feel bad for him.

WATTERS: Check his bank account.

GUTFELD: You know, it`s --

WATTERS: I don`t know. Look at the wire that came in.

GUTFELD: It`s great to do sports highlights without the actual highlights, Dana.

PERINO: Well, I --


GUTFELD: It`s like -- it`s like when you tell us a scene in a movie now.

PERINO: OK, which one? I`m really good at that.

WATTERS: You want to hear more about Harold and my golf game?

MCDOWELL: I`ll tell you -- I`ll tell you who the killer is in Mayor of Easttown.


WATTERS: And my Sixers just got humiliated last night. I don`t want to talk about it.

PERINO: Oh, let`s talk about that. Oh no, let`s not talk about that because we got to go. That is it for us, SPECIAL REPORT is up next. Hi, Bret.

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