The Final Word on Inappropriate Behavior at the King Funeral

The final word on inappropriate behavior at the funeral of Coretta Scott King. That is the subject of this evenings "Talk Points Memo."

Last night, Al Sharpton and I had a gentleman's disagreement about using Mrs. King's funeral to make political points, and in Jimmy Carter's case, lob a cheap shot at President Bush.

As you may know, Carter brought up the wiretapping controversy. Now, I've said all political grandstanding at a funeral erodes the dignity of the occasion. Reverend Sharpton doesn't see it that way.

Politically, the far-left Atlanta Journal-Constitution also disagrees with me. That paper is on our "don't buy-don't advertise" list because it shades it`s news coverage to the left and uses personal attacks against those with whom it disagrees.

And today, the paper editorial I'll quote, "The funeral of Coretta Scott King was a wonderful thing. And not the least among its wonders was the controversy stirred by comments from the Rev. Joseph Lowery and former President Jimmy Carter."

The AJC loved the fact that these men embarrassed President Bush at the funeral. But let's turn it around. What if President Bush had used a funeral to make political points himself?

What if the president had said this quote, "It was a terrible thing that Mrs. King and her husband, Martin, were wiretapped by the Democrat Kennedy administration in the `60s. That was awful. But that illegal operation has nothing to do with allowing the NSA to listen to conversations that may involve terrorists, who want to kill all Americans. I'm sure Mrs. King would have understood the need for security because she saw firsthand what hated-filled violence can do."

Ladies and gentlemen, can you imagine how the Atlanta newspaper, the rest of the left-wing media, Al Sharpton and Jimmy Carter would have reacted to those words? Can you imagine? Do you think the AJC would call them wonderful?

So what's the difference? The political statements made by Carter and others are the same as the fictional statements I just wrote for President Bush. Are they not?

Once again, the hypocrisy on the far-left is staggering. It's fine for them to throw bombs, even at a funeral, but does anyone believe they would hold the same point of view if conservatives used the same tactics? Come on.

Right is right. Wrong is wrong. Appropriate behavior at a funeral is to honor the deceased, not denigrate a fellow mourner who you disagree with. Somebody tell President Carter.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Two years from now the 2008 presidential primaries will be underway, if you can believe it. In a new FOX News/Opinion Dynamics poll just out today, some interesting information about Senator Hillary Clinton and others.

Thirty-five percent of Americans said they will definitely vote for Senator Clinton to become the next president. But 44 percent say never, ever under any circumstances will they vote for her.

On the Republican side the leader is Rudy Giuliani right now. Thirty-three percent say they definitely will vote for him. Twenty-four percent say never. That's pretty low. So he's got persuadables in there.

John McCain, the senator from Arizona, also scores well, as does Condoleezza Rice.

Ridiculous? Up to you. But 44 negative. That's tough one to overcome. Got to get almost everybody else on your side.

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