The fight for 2012

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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: Some want Newt out. Others embrace the Santorum surge. So, if you want a brokered convention, I say hooey. Yes, I said it.

The convention ain't happening. Newt is gone. And if Santorum is the nominee, then I should have run. If I only I hadn't made those art films back in the '90s -- and they were art films. Can't say the same for Bob's.

So, what's all this angst about? It's about the lack of angst on Mitt's part.

You can't get worked up over him because he can't get worked up over himself. Well, if he can't get mad, then I'll get mad for him.

And so, here, I offer a crib sheet of stuff Mitch should throw a fit over. For example, the elevation of thugs to advisors, there's now no difference between Obama's class warfare and Occupy Wall Street -- except for indoor plumbing.

An agenda that mocks agenda belief. Planned Parenthood happened because the pernicious hand of intrusive government is now God.

The inevitable American Greece. As Athens burned, we spend -- which brings up a point: if deficits don't really matter why raise taxes at all.

Anyway, the left wants Greece here because it ends the American idea. Spend the country to ruin, austerity breached riots and the revolution arrives.

The White House as a de facto teachers' lounge, who see you as backward and bigoted. I'd say the ghost of Bill Ayers lurks in the Lincoln bedroom. But it could be mothballs.

What should really steam your shorts -- the possibility of an Obama second term. The first term, he had to be nice. Imagine when that's no longer needed.

DANA PERINO, CO-HOST: They are going to be talking about you in the halls of the West Wing, I bet.


BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: What exactly was that about?

GUTFELD: That was about there are many things to be upset and Mitt can't find it.

BECKEL: Oh, I see, you're talking --

GUTFELD: Wouldn't you agree, Bob, that he needs a little kick in the pants from fiery speechwriter?

BECKEL: I just don't think that you are going to make that happen.

You can't change -- you can't graft a personality on this guy.


BECKEL: He was raised in a Mormon household. And in Mormon households, they're calmer. They don't push for people to get exposed of.

GUTFELD: No caffeine.

PERINO: I'm for calm -- I'm for calm, steady leadership. And I think -- remember, I was -- the rap against Romney for a long time is he's boring. This is going about like seven months. Everyone goes, he's so boring.

But I don't think Santorum is, you know, he's not like Mr. Exciting. They're not the same in that way.

GUTFELD: You know, I'm not asking for razzle-dazzle. And I think you're right. Steady is good.


GUTFELD: But you got to have a pulse. You got to be angry. There's got to be a little passion. He just needs to be -- he just needs -- like I said, a pebble in his shoe.

TANTAROS: Well, some people do angry well. And others can't do angry well.

But you did see a fighter in Mitt Romney. When he's down, when he really thought he was going to lose Florida, I thought, why can't he do this?

PERINO: He wasn't angry. He was passionate.


PERINO: And you can't fake passion either.

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Was he passionate or was he just negative advertising?

TANTAROS: He was passionate because he thought he was going to lose. And that was scary.

GUTFELD: When you say fake passion, you can't fake passion. Bob said, "Well, you can."


PERINO: It is Valentine's Day.

BECKEL: I'm allowed to do that myself.

TANTAROS: These are suspenders, they're all you need, Bob.

BECKEL: By the way, you guys gave this to me. This is Valentine's --


BECKEL: You know, the one thing, though, about Romney, he has one when he's got a super PAC and his campaign bludgeons the other side. Now, he did that in Florida against Newt and he did against Newt again in Iowa. I'm wondering whether he could run a campaign where he doesn't have to run -- he ran 95 percent negative ads, he and his PAC, down in Florida.

If that's the way he's going to have to do it, I wouldn't be complaining about Obama's negative campaigns. I mean --

PERINO: Isn't that your vice president -- once you have -- once you have a vice presidential nominee, you kind of allow them to be the attack dog.

BECKEL: Yes, generally. Sure. I think that's right. Now, you know, I'd still think it would be crazy if Rubio wasn't the vice presidential nominee. Whether he is the kind of guy that can do that or not, I don't know.

But certainly, Joe Biden has shown disability to do that when he needs to.

PERINO: He does it with a smile.

BECKEL: But let's go to the point about Newt. If Newt only wins Georgia, in the upcoming, between -- Santorum may will win Michigan, which would be a big blow. Don't you think?

TANTAROS: A huge blow. That would be I think the biggest upset yet.

That's his home state and he won in 2008.

BECKEL: That's right.

BOLLING: Guess what happens? Then guess what happens? Super Tuesday happens, 500 and change delegates. And all of a sudden --

PERINO: Michigan doesn't matter.

BOLLING: Michigan doesn't matter.

And you know what else? Broken convention becomes more and more possible.

BECKEL: It's -- the chance of that happening is as good as you becoming a liberal. I mean, that ain't going to happen.

Look, the fact is that Newt, if Newt only wins on Super Tuesday, he does -- he gets shout out in the next two contest, in Arizona and Michigan. He then goes to Super Tuesday. If he only wins Georgia, what happens after that? And then he loses the other 13 states, that many there are that day. Can he stay in the campaign when he's only won Georgia and South Carolina?

TANTAROS: It's very hard. He's already $600,000 in debt. And, ironically, the best thing for Romney is for Gingrich to stay in this race.

BECKEL: Yes, right.

TANTAROS: Now, a lot of people are telling Gingrich, get out of this race.

I don't support that. I think -- look, he has a right to be in this race. I'm not one for saying get out of this race. But really, the two of them staying in together --


TANTAROS: -- I mean, they help Romney.

GUTFELD: The thing is, how is Newt going to take defeat? He is going to be like Carrie at the prom. He's going to make it bad for everybody, right?

PERINO: Right. He's going to say, wait a minute, I was one who -- I have been waiting if for moment. I was -- there I am in front of the stage and then Republican Party is pouring blood on my head. And so, you know what? I'm going to burn everybody's house down.


BECKEL: He's going to call a huge press conference, lock all the doors and let blood come pouring down. Get out, (INAUDIBLE) is hoping to burn the thing.

BOLLING: Well, what happens if Mitt isn't the inevitable? Wow, I waited how many years? Better part of seven years I've been working at this, and you guys promised and now, it's not me?

GUTFELD: But he won't get mad. He'll just go back and make a hundred million.

PERINO: Stu Rothenberg who's a good friend of all of ours. He writes at "Roll Call" and he's really good political analyst and pollster. He writes a column today called, "Just How Much Does Gingrich Hate Romney?"

And hate is not a motivating season to follow somebody. Neither is anger. But passion is.

And Santorum shows some passion, especially on the blue collar thing.

If you look at white suburban voters, who you need to have in order to win, that's where I think the struggle might come down to.

TANTAROS: Passions is what we need. If they get too angry, I do think that the Democrats are going to play the victim. Obama is going to say, whoa, whoa, you're getting too mean.

BECKEL: You are supposed to go to a break speaking of victims.

GUTFELD: Thanks, Bob.


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