The Feds Finally Crack Down on the Border... Well, Sort Of Crackdown

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The feds finally crack down on the border, kind of.  That is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo." This afternoon in Tucson, Arizona, the federal government announced it will add 260 border patrol agents and four helicopters to bolster the disastrous Arizona border  situation.  But before we all get giddy, consider this.  Four helicopters cover traffic in Phoenix.  We're not talking a huge  commitment here.

Since President Bush announced his quasi amnesty for illegals   last fall, more than 200,000 aliens have been apprehended in Arizona  alone, a 34 percent jump from the year before.  Illegal drug seizures are also up.

Now we predicted this would happen.  Obviously folks think they can get American citizenship by sneaking in here.  Millions will try it.  Border patrol authorities are under orders not to give estimates of illegals they don't catch.  But for every one apprehended, perhaps four get in.

Thus, we're talking about millions of illegals entering the USA  through Arizona alone.  The Bush administration along with the Clinton, Bush the elder, and Reagan administrations has been unwilling to confront the chaos on the southern border.

But now the stakes are getting high.  If a terrorist attack happens in the USA and is traced back to the southern border, it's all  over for Mr. Bush.  He will lose the election.

So we're finally seeing some action as Americans are overwhelmingly in favor of secure borders.  Even the liberal environmental group the Sierra Club is debating the alien issue.  An article in "The New York Times" today said some Sierras believe that rampant illegal immigration is a environmental threat.  Sierra Club Carl Pope is quoted as saying people who feel that way are in bed with racists.  And there you have it, ladies and gentlemen.  Once again, you are branded a racist if you believe the law should be enforced.

Mr. Pope joins legions of other demagogues who can't debate issues intelligently.  They can only demonize with cheap sleazy labels.  Again, this is why so few of our chronic social problems get solved.  Go up against a minority or a special interest group and you are labeled a racist, homophobe, anti-Semite, or the card Andy Rooney pulled out this week, anti-elderly.

"Talking Points" is dedicated to unmasking the demonizers and insisting the laws of this nation be enforced.  For far too long, the federal government has failed to protect us.  Now it may be waking up.  But then again, it is an election year.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

The results of our poll, which asked the question: Does the government have a right to impose standards of decency on Howard Stern and other broadcasters?

About 30,000 of you voted.  Eighty-two percent say yes.  Eighteen percent no standards.

Ridiculous?  Not if you don't want the Nazi channel, which you would have if there weren't any standards.