The Far-Left Loons Catch Up with Bill Clinton

Egged on by vicious far-left websites and a deeply committed left wing media, unstable Americans are running wild, interrupting speeches, TV programs, even invading churches to disrupt and embarrass people with whom they disagree.

And they're not just targeting the right. Hillary Clinton, Bill Maher, even Nancy Pelosi have been verbally assaulted and scorned by these cranks. The latest happened in Minneapolis, where President Clinton was speaking at a fundraiser for his wife. From the audience, a 9/11 conspiracy nut interrupted him:


FORMER PRES. BILL CLINTON: And they were a part.


CLINTON: What? It's all right. Anyway, these people did not come here to hear you speak. And...


CLINTON: But it's all right. If you don't have any self control, we can live with it. I -- but just think about that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: 9/11 was an inside job!

CLINTON: An inside job? How dare you. How dare you.


Well, the reason the guy dares, sir, is that nothing will happen to him and he'll get the attention he wants.

As "Talking Points" stated last night, there is a growing strain of anarchy in this country. And assaults on freedom of speech are everywhere. We'll prove that in just a few moments.

But it is truly ironic that people on the left like the Clintons are now being targeted, because they have consistently refrained from criticizing the radical loons. You'll remember Hillary Clinton showed up at the daffy DailyKos convention and mocked me for hammering that group. You reap what you sow, madam.

Clear thinking Americans must condemn the fascists and actively oppose the anarchy they embrace. Your children are getting this craziness in school. And it's 24/7 on the Net.

Only public opinion and criminal proceedings against the loons will tamp them down. Let those actions begin in earnest.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads and Patriots

Dave Matthews and his band will give two free concerts at West Point next month after the cadets there won an Internet contest. So for doing that, Matthews and his gang are patriots.

But this Colbert guy is another story. He is promoting his book by running for president, a strategy borrowed from comedian Pat Paulsen of Smothers Brothers fame.

Now, Colbert's run for the presidency is being sponsored by Doritos, which may be illegal. So we hope Colbert is sentenced to prison or to house arrest, where he has to continuously watch his own program. That is what can happen to pinheads.