The Execution of Saddam Hussein

It is about 4 a.m. in Iraq and Saddam's fate is now in the hands of his countrymen, as American officials have or soon will hand him over to the Iraqi Central Authority in Baghdad.

We learned while we were in Iraq a couple of weeks ago that Saddam was being held near Camp Victory on the outskirts of Baghdad by U.S. forces. But, since the Iraqi justice system has condemned Hussein to death, the Iraqis themselves will execute him. And that's good because the people Saddam brutalized should take care of him.

Now, some people are objecting to Saddam's execution. I myself oppose capital punishment, but I also understand that in cases involving crimes against humanity — like this one — a statement has to be made to the world.

There is no difference between Saddam and the Nazis who were executed at Nuremberg. Mass murder is mass murder. Evil people who destroy thousands of lives must be held to account.

Politically, the government of Iraq must show the world that it is viable and this is a step in that direction.

Again, America has no right to tell Iraq how to deal with Saddam. In our own country we executed terrorist Tim McVeigh for killing hundreds in Oklahoma City and that was justice according to our system. So we all should sleep well tonight knowing Saddam got what he deserved. If the Iraqi people had sentenced Saddam to life in prison, I would not have had a problem with it. Again, it's up to them and the world should respect the decision.

Politically, Saddam's demise doesn't really change very much. There may be an up-tick in Iraqi violence. But those who oppose the war will continue to oppose it and those who support the Iraq campaign will continue to support it.

It's tragic that things in Iraq have gone so badly, because the USA did do a noble thing in removing this brutal killer. He had no legitimacy and no right to continue his reign of terror.

If the Iraqi people had rallied to the cause of freedom and unification, America would have been seen as a great victor. Instead we are bogged down in an awful situation that continues to cost American lives.

So summing up, Saddam Hussein will soon feel a noose tightening around his neck. It would not have happened except for the USA, but Iraq is a complicated, emotional and dangerous situation that will continue to cause pain long after Saddam is gone.

But at least he will be gone.