The End of Another Year

After tonight, I'll be taking a few days off, so I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a prosperous 2008. By the way, on Christmas Eve, we'll have a special on my trip to Afghanistan that you might find interesting.

For us, 2007 has been another great year. Ratings for "The Factor" remain the highest in the country for a primetime daily news program. In fact, this month, we beat our competition on CNN, Headline, CNBC, and MS combined with 300,000 viewers to spare. That is unprecedented.

In fact, the only way our competition could get viewers is by bashing FOX News, which continues to dominate the cable news landscape 24/7. My book, "Kids Are Americans, Too" is number two on The New York Times children's list this coming Sunday. And the paperback of "Culture Warrior" is a smash as well, now in its third printing. In addition, "The Radio Factor's" huge success continues, Newsmax calling it the second most influential radio show in America.

So I am one lucky guy, ladies and gentlemen. And I owe a lot of it to my staff and to you who support us. Now the reason things continue to go so well is that we're not just a TV news program. We're on a mission to help the good guys and take down the bad guys.

For example, since our campaign began, 43 states, 43 have passed a version of Jessica's Law, which holds child predators accountable. And next year, we'll deal with the seven reluctant states.

Every judge in the USA knows that if he or she lets violent criminals off easy, "The Factor" may well pay them a visit. And in 2008, we'll begin to hold unfair teachers accountable, as we did with Dr. James Corbett in Southern California earlier this week. No child should face indoctrination in a public school classroom.

Also next year, we'll step up our support of the military, who are sacrificing greatly for us. Since this is the Christmas season, I will keep this memo mostly positive, but believe me there is plenty of evil in this country, much of it in the media. And "The Factor" will continue to confront that evil and expose it.

Now whenever you make judgments about good and evil, you become a target as I am. But the snipers are losing, we are winning. And that is directly because of you. So thank you, very much. And I wish all good things for you and your family in 2008. But the presidential election will be an interesting year. And we hope you'll be with us every step of the way. And that's the Memo.

Pinheads & Patriots

Well, Ingrid Rivera told the truth. The reigning Miss Puerto Rico came on "The Factor" and said someone tried to sabotage her. And yesterday police announced they did find pepper spray on her pageant garments.

Some were skeptical, but Miss Rivera stood up. She's a patriot. And we hope they get a hold of the person who did that to her.

And now the "pinhead of the year" award. It goes to Move On for this incredibly irresponsible ad in the New York Times. As it turns out, General Petraeus may be a military genius as the surge has worked thus far in Iraq, saving thousands of lives.

So the fool that runs Move On, Eli Pariser, and the guy who's pumped millions into it, George Soros, are the pinheads of the year. Indeed.