The Democrats Could Use a Little More Courage

So I'm watching last night's debate...

The Democratic presidential candidates all debating on MSNBC. And thinking none of 'em want anything to do with FOX.

Hate FOX. Hate us. For all I know, hate me too.

But lo and behold next week all the Republican candidates will be on MSNBC — the same channel that, as Mitt Romney pointed out, will include a moderator who used to work in the Carter administration and for Tip O'Neill. That could be unfriendly territory. These Republicans don't seem to care.

As Romney pointed out, "We're happy to sit there and have him dish questions to us."


"Because we have courage," Romney said. "I have courage of my convictions."

I expect that in folks who want to be my president. The courage to stand up to all, and take questions from all. The courage to stand by what you believe, and state clearly why you believe it.

I guess candidates can pick and choose their venues. Unfortunately, as president, they can't pick and choose their threats. You can dodge questions, but you can't dodge them.

All I'm saying is if you haven't the strength of your convictions to state them to the most popular news channel in America, how the hell are you going to stand up to those who want to destroy America?

It's a good question. I wonder whether anyone else will ask it.

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