The Culture War and You!

Today marks the release of my fourth adult non-fiction book, "Culture Warrior." It is by far the most intense book I've written. In fact, it's downright fierce.

The book investigates the battle between traditionalists like me, who believe the USA is fundamentally a noble nation, and the secular-progressives, "S-Ps", who believe America is flawed and needs drastic change.

This war affects us all. Yet many Americans don't know anything about it. That's why I wrote the book.

Today, this full page ad appeared in the secular progressive newspaper of record, The New York Times. The ad was a shot across the S-P bow. As they say in the land of the cliche -- it's on.

Already, the S-P smear machine is cranked up. In tonight's most ridiculous item, we'll play you comments by Rosie O'Donnell and Jon Stewart. They're amusing. The hateful stuff I'm ignoring until tomorrow.

Now the most important part of "Culture Warrior" is the chapter where the War on Terror intersects with the culture war. What the S-Ps advocate here is truly dangerous for all of us.

In weeks to come, we'll report on how the culture war is directly affecting you. And keep you posted about the attacks on the book. Believe me, the S-Ps will be furious with this expose. People like Howard Dean, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, not going to like this deal at all.

Neither will the media, because the biggest names in the TV news business and the entertainment business are analyzed and placed in culture war context.

In this book, no prisoners are taken. Don't tell the ACLU.

Finally, the success of any book comes from word of mouth. If the folks like it, the media can't stop it. Last week, I was up in Traverse City, Michigan and a middle aged woman approached me to sign an advanced copy of "Culture Warrior". As I did that, she said, "You're winning." I pray she's right. The country is at stake.

So there you have it. "Talking Points" hopes you check out "Culture Warrior." You can read a few pages of it on

And that is "The Memo."

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day." As I mentioned in the "Talking Points Memo", the "Smear O'Reilly machine" cranked up last week, because my book "Culture Warrior" was set to be released. -- The displays were pretty pathetic, the usually blather: [saying] "O'Reilly lies" -- that kind of thing. Bush lies, O'Reilly lies. Pass the Kool-Aid.

Anyway, it's entertaining to see who buys into this propaganda. Rosie O'Donnell is number one:


ROSIE O'DONNELL, CO-HOST, ABC'S "THE VIEW": You know the guy grew up in Long Island. He went to school where all the rich Catholic kids went, Chaminade. You know, he always portrays himself as sort of a working class kind of guy. You went to Chaminade, so you aren't that working class.


Of course, the truth is my father broke his back to send me to Chaminade, a very fine school.

Now when I go on "The View" in a few weeks, I'm going to have Rosie read page 92 of "Culture Warrior" -- aloud.

And then there is Jon Stewart, always a reliable S-P guy.


JON STEWART, HOST, COMEDY CENTRAL'S "THE DAILY SHOW": Said Barbara Walters to Bill O'Reilly that he found out that he is on Al Qaeda's hit list. An FBI guy told him he is on Al Qaeda's hit list.

And Bill, certainly, I don't want to burst your bubble. I don't want to jump in on this clearly very exclusive place that you hold in American society. But I don't know if you've seen the al Qaeda tapes. We're kind of all on the hit list.


But you, Jon Stewart, are way, way down on that list. Right before [Stephen] Colbert but after [Bill] Maher. Ridiculous? You make the call...