The Corrupt Press Exploiting Black Americans

As you may know, CNN and other corrupt media have completely distorted a benign conversation about race between me and Juan Williams. And yesterday CNN allowed a guest commentator to call Juan a, quote, "happy negro," twice, unchallenged.

Juan will be here a bit later on.

Now if you read The Washington Post today, the bogus situation is recycled. The article by reporter Paul Farhi actually gives the smear outfit Media Matters credibility in their dishonest attack on me.

However, Mr. Farhi: knows what he wrote is completely unfair. Here is what he said to me:


PAUL FARHI, WASHINGTON POST REPORTER: You're getting so worked up thatit's ridiculous. I listened to the radio show, please don't repeat this, because I'm supposed to be neutral, but you're getting so dragged into something you don't deserve. It's ridiculous.


O'REILLY: Are you going to write that?

FARHI: Well, no. I have got to play, you know, he-said/she- said/they-said.



FARHI: How are you going to write this story without saying somebody thinks he is a racist and O'Reilly said he's a racist?


O'REILLY: Because you write that you heard the tape and it is totally authentic.


FARHI: Oh, I will definitely say that. I will definitely say that.


But he didn't. And unfortunately, many in the press are doing what Farhi did. They know the deal is wrong, but they are not honest enough to tell the true story.

Let's look at The New York Times today. Their article, by reporters Manny Fernandez and John Eligon, was not a hatchet job, but it was very misleading. Quote: "Mr. O'Reilly, who has earned legions of fans and detractors across the country for lashing out at Democratic politicians, illegal immigrants, and a daily cast of characters he calls 'pinheads.'"

Lashing out at illegal immigrants? Apparently The New York Times has never seen or heard "The Factor."


O'REILLY: I have always said, if I were a poor Mexican, I would try to cross the border and earn money here and send it back to my family.

UNKNOWN MALE: Absolutely.

O'REILLY: I don't blame the illegal aliens, I blame the federal governments of both Mexico and the United States of America.


No illegal alien has ever been lashed on this program. And by the way, we criticize politicians in both parties, not just Democrats, as everybody knows. But the worst part of the media coverage on this issue has been the exploitation of black Americans.

The New York Times and other papers ran up to Harlem and fed bogus Media Matters quotes to blacks who had no idea what I actually said on the radio. Of course they didn't like the phony quotes! And they said bad things about me.

But I don't blame the folks who did that. They believe what the reporters told them. Now ladies and gentlemen, this is blatantly dishonest, blatantly dishonest, and exploitative in the worst possible way. No American deserves to be fed propaganda by the press.

Once again, you can hear the entire conversation that I had with Juan Williams on And both the polls and the mail are running overwhelmingly in our favor.

Finally, you can forget about many white people talking about serious stuff with blacks in the future, they're not going to do it. This kind of witch hunt drastically hurts dialogue, as Juan Williams has pointed out. Another proud moment for the American press, isn't it?

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads and Patriots

Actor Brad Pitt is leading a movement to build 150 affordable and ecologically friendly homes in the devastated Ninth Ward of New Orleans.

Pitt is promising to donate $5 million of his own money to the project, which is very commendable, and makes the actor today's patriot.

On the pinhead front, the following newspapers falsely reported the Media Matters story: The Syracuse Post-Standard —one of the worst papers in America, The Cleveland Plain-Dealer, The Houston Chronicle, The Calgary Herald and The Guardian of London.

Now you may have noticed, all of those entities are far-left. They also have something else in common. They're all pinheads.