The Attack on the USA by the ACLU

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Hi, I'm Bill O'Reilly. Thanks for watching us tonight on our first edition of 2003. Happy New Year.

And we'll begin this evening with a story we hope to cover extensively this year, the attack on the USA by the American Civil Liberties Union. That is the subject of this evening's Talking Points Memo.

As you may know, I used to be a supporter of this group. I make my living using my right to free speech. But the ACLU has now lost sight of its original mission, protecting freedom of expression, and it has become a fascist group devoted to hammering Americans with a narrow agenda that is harmful to the country.

Two examples: First, the ACLU is defending pro bono the North American Man-Boy Love Association. We've mentioned it. Which is being sued by a family in Cambridge, Massachusetts, that lost a 10-year-old boy after a member of NAMBLA raped and murdered the boy.

We spoke with the ACLU attorney involved. He says he deplores NAMBLA but believes this insidious group has a constitutional right to coach child molesters, that is, to tell them how to sexually abuse children and if they get caught, how to defend themselves, which is what NAMBLA did on its Web site.

The issue is simple. I don't believe that falls under freedom of speech privilege. I believe coaching adults to rape children is a crime. Therefore, I believe, the ACLU is aiding and abetting a criminal act. Clear?

The second issue is the threat of lawsuits by the ACLU to further its agenda. In Newton County, Georgia, the ACLU threatened a school board with litigation if it didn't remove the words "Christmas holiday" from the school calendar. The county caved and removed the words because it couldn't afford to defend the lawsuit.

This, ladies and gentlemen, is fascism, that is, using the threat of terror, which a lawsuit is, to promote policy.

After we reported the Georgia story, I got a letter from Emily Whitfield, the Media Relations Director for the ACLU. Miss Whitfield doesn't have the courage to appear on The Factor , but two days before Christmas, she said this in writing.

"Dear Mr. O'Reilly, I want to offer you sincere thanks on behalf of the American Civil Liberties Union. After your characterization of the ACLU as a fascist organization and your undefined call for intense scrutiny, we had the best day all year in terms of online donations and new memberships."

Well, you know what, Miss Whitfield? I'm fine with that. If Americans want to give their money to an organization that believes adults have the right to teach perverts how to rape children, that's their decision. Unlike the ACLU, I'm not going to sue. I'll scorn and leave it at that.

This coming Monday, The Factor will report on who exactly is giving the ACLU money. And, you know, it's funny, the ACLU doesn't want you to know who these Americans are. Why? Should people be ashamed? Does the ACLU have something to hide? Hey, Emily, why don't you open up those books? After all, you are a tax-exempt organization.

Talking Points is looking forward to the year 2004, and we are very glad the ACLU is happy with our reporting. And that's The Memo . Don't forget to watch Monday night.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day..."

If you had to fly over the holidays, you know that the friendly skies are now a living hell, and it's going to get worse.

America West Airlines says it will begin charging passengers for meals. The price ranges from three bucks for a snack box -- I guess that's like a lock box -- to the $10 Chicken Kiev dinner.

Oh, boy. Is anybody going to buy this stuff? Ten bucks for some chicken dish that's been sitting there since the Civil War? Come on. It's ridiculous.

And here's a tip: Bring your own food! Just make sure there isn't a nail file in it. You'll be there for three hours!