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LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST: I'm Laura Ingram and this is a special edition of “The Ingraham Angle” from Washington tonight.

Did James Clapper coordinate a media hit on General Michael Flynn. A bombshell court filing, it dropped late last night suggest just that. And Mollie Hemingway and Victor Davis Hanson are here with analysis and reaction.

Plus, this is a fascinating story. George Soros has been quietly working behind the scenes for decades, but now he has a new goal. He's financing the campaigns of Far-Left prosecutors. This is a story that could affect the safety and security of your community. You do not want to miss it.

And a haunted house that requires a medical waiver and a safe word, Hollywood's reboot obsession, ohm my God, it never ends.

And what happened to Joe Biden's Hispanic website. Raymond Arroyo has all the details in a spooky Friday Follies.

But first, the announcement that U.S. Attorney John Durham's investigation is now a criminal probe has made a lot of folks nervous in this town. And they're all the same intel and media collaborators who spread the phony collusion narrative from the start.

Minutes after seeing the news, former Obama Director of National Intelligence James Clapper appeared on television and was it just me or did he seem to struggle to get out the right words.


JAMES CLAPPER, OBAMA DNI CHIEF: Well, I'm very curious and presumably I'm one of those under investigation. I found the timing interesting given the increasing heat around the impeachment inquiry.

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST: Do you have any idea even - I mean what they might think may rise to the level of a criminal offense?

CLAPPER: No, I don't. It's obviously an item of great interest to me.


INGRAHAM: Past that depends. All right. For his part Former Deputy Director of the FBI Andrew McCabe on CNN sought to shift the focus of the convo.


ANDREW MCCABE, FORMER DEPUTY DIRECTOR, FBI: There appears to be within the administration both from the President and now possibly with the Attorney General as well. An underlying lack of trust and if those decision makers are not convinced because it suggests that they are not taking the Russian threat to the 2020 elections as seriously as they should. We made the obvious and rational decision to investigate.


INGRAHAM: Well remember, McCabe is the guy who himself is under criminal investigation and is suing the DOJ and desperation. Perhaps McCabe or CNN's Jim Sciutto or is it skudo himself a former Obama national security official might have thought about disclosing that in the conversation. And finally did MSNBC hire Alex Jones?


RACHEL MADDOW, MSNBC HOST: This bizarre world treasure hunt for dirt on our own intelligence services to try to set up Russia's interference in our election as a false flag operation according to this conspiracy theory, Russia didn't do that. Russia didn't intervene. What actually happened is that it was the Obama administration that was setting this all up as a frame job.


INGRAHAM: I actually felt bad for the folks over at the other networks now last night. I mean it came late. The news came late. They didn't have time to fully process it, marinating it, some tinfoil hats might have been on little too tight.

Well, these same people spent two years of course promoting the Russia hoax and they hyped every detail of the Mueller probe, while claiming it wasn't politically motivated. And instead of embracing an investigation by a highly respected attorney, well they're just lashing out. They're trying to discredit Durham of all people whose as bipartisan accolades for him but not any longer. Well, and he has to finish his work.

Joining me now is Molly Hemingway, Senior Editor at The Federalist and Fox News Contributor. And Victor Davis Hanson, Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution. Victor, this is happening exactly how you said it would. Oh, I remember when you appeared on this show. The Left is in full panic mode. Where do they go from here beyond the smears that began last night of both Barr and Durham?

VICTOR DAVIS HANSON, SENIOR FELLOW, HOOVER INSTITUTION: I don't think they have anywhere to go. I think Clapper was right that the timing was sort of odd but in the exact opposite way that he thinks. These things have been long going ongoing investigations Horowitz and Durham and Barr. But what's weird is I think in a strange way they helped to explain this panicky psychodrama about the whistleblower because on a scale of 1 to 10 melodramas about Trump's impeachment at rates about a stormy or emolument clause about a three and yet there predicating the entire impeachment case on this whistleblower who sort of violated the statute by going first to Adam Schiff staff who lied about it.

His text doesn't match the official transcript. The statue itself was changed shortly before he finally worked with the Democratic law. It didn't make sense. He doesn't want to come forward. And you ask yourself, why did they predicate this whole latest push for impeachment on such a thin read? And I think the answer is, they have to change the news cycle, because the news cycle, to use an old English expression, the worm has turned. And that's going to be McCabe and Ohr and Brennan and Clapper and Comey for the next six months.

It's not going to be good. So, they want to get this impeachment thing as desperate as they are out there that drive down Trump's polls or to say that Barr is illegitimate or maybe--

INGRAHAM: Yes, it's all about 2020. And that the idea that this is about, you know, finding out the truth. It's not about finding - this is about 2020 election politics. And Mollie, I have to play for you. This was some of what we heard last night as it was unfolding, as the news was coming out. Let's watch.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We're asking whether or not this is politically motivated. When the President wanted a way to try to get to the bottom of the deep state conspiracy that he thinks is behind him.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Conspiracy theories that they're trying to deflect attention away from the entire impeachment proceeding.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Now conspiracy theories are rising to the level of legitimate investigation.


INGRAHAM: Mollie, this is a guess where they're cornered, that there's kind of there in a room with no doors.

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY, CONTRIBUTOR: Well, it's an amazing amount of projection. You remember that if there were even a hint of skepticism toward the Russia hoax or the probe of the Russia hoax, we were told that this was a threat to the Republic to have any questions about law enforcement or that it was proof of guilt or whatnot.

And yet with no compunction, they're just flipping on that and saying that this probe is politically motivated. I think the problem is that the media have two issues with conspiracy theories.

One, they spread this hoax, this Russia collusion, conspiracy theory for years, dripping it out, bombshells, walls are closing in.

INGRAHAM: Don Junior, Trump Tower.

HEMINGWAY: And at the end, it was revealed that not a single American had conspired with Russia to steal the election. That's a huge failure, a huge embarrassing failure for the media and for the people who spread this hoax within the government and without.

At the same time, they were saying that questions about the spying on the Trump campaign using human informants, wiretaps, national security letters, overseas intelligence assets that that was a crazy conspiracy theory. It's not a crazy conspiracy theory. Now, we actually have a criminal investigation into some of what was going on. And so, they're being shown once again to have lied to their viewers, lied to their readers, or lied to the people about what was going on.

INGRAHAM: Another element of this breaking news last night came in the form of this filing that Sidney Powell, who is representing Michael Flynn. Now, everyone, remember, Michael Flynn already pled guilty to making a false statement during that impromptu sudden interview that he was asked to do with FBI agents.

Well, check this out. His legal team is alleging that the agents tampered with the evidence to charge Flynn himself of lying. So, the 302 is the interview memo that's written after a subject is interviewed. And the question is, who edited this memo? How significantly was it edited? And Clapper effectively, I think told The Washington Post reporter, according to Sidney Powell, to, "take the kill shot on Flynn" after he obtained these leaked transcripts of Flynn's phone calls.

Mollie, Clapper's people deny this, but it was very curious, was it not that David Ignatius received this information about these calls with Kislyak and then suddenly the article appears and then these agents proceed to interview Michael Flynn.

HEMINGWAY: Right. We know there was a criminal leak of information, of classified information. We know that happened because it appeared in The Washington Post. Thus far, we still don't know who did it. There have been no charges against the person who did it. Despite this being a very serious crime, now whether Clapper was the person who directly did that or whether other people were involved is unknown at this point.

But what's really unfortunate is years went by without any actual investigation instead chasing, you know, going down rabbit holes of this Russia collusion theory that ended again with not a single American being found to have to have done this. We do know from Clapper's testimony before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence that he did like to talk to reporters, and he was talking to reporters around that time. He has admitted that in that testimony.

INGRAHAM: Someone gave the information to Ignatius, remember they have received a lot of documents, Victor Davis Hanson, the defense is entitled to exculpatory information. We're now seeing new text messages. Mollie and I were just talking in the green room. there are text messages that have just been released in this filing that no one's seen before that refer to leaks and crescendo of leaks.

And this is just wild stuff. We're getting a behind the scenes picture of how these agents were - from my view, my background in criminal defense, if I were Sidney Powell, I'd be making this exact argument. You were really not in pursuit of the truth. You were in pursuit of a setup of Flynn. That's what it increasingly looks like. We'll learn more, obviously, as days and weeks go on.

HANSON: It is. I mean, they refer to each other in their own text as if Lisa Page was auditing or massaging Peter Strzok notes to make a more incriminating case and then lied about it. And then when she was confronted with the actual text, you said, well, she might have done it.

And it's even more bizarre because remember, these are the same two who post-facto decided that James Comey's presidential memos were not secret, but they were merely confidential and therefore not Polonia. So, Peter Strzok especially was everywhere. He was with Cheryl Mills, giving her exemptions. He was overseas. He was interviewing Michael Flynn.

INGRAHAM: Unmasking --

HANSON: McCabe and Comey kind of joke, remember about the whole thing and said, we got it. We got the Strzok in there without any lawyer on the part of Flynn. So, they thought it was a big joke. It was funny. It was cute. It was an incestuous operation. And they probably broke not only an ethical canon, but they broke the law. And I think the wheels of justice grind slowly, but they do grind fine.

INGRAHAM: And Sally Yates was involved in all of this too.

HANSON: This is not a cycle drama. Yes, it's not a cycle drama like whistleblowing. This is something real. That's not going to go away and that's why they're scared and terrified. And that's why they have this impeachment delusion.

INGRAHAM: The threads are being pulled from the fabric. Mollie, final thought here. I want to put up this one tweet, OK? This is Elie Hoenig, a CNN analyst who put this up last night. Let's look at it. It was bad enough Trump and Barr were wasting resources on this, but now they're fully weaponizing DOJ for political purposes. Attorneys general can be impeached. Really?

HEMINGWAY: It's an amazing statement. But what's important to remember, is that the DOJ was weaponized and that this is a threat to the entire Republic. Whether it was their handling of the Clinton probe and then the dramatically different handling of the investigation into the Trump campaign, we saw widespread weaponization of our intelligence agencies and our law enforcement agencies.

That's not good for everybody. We need to be able to trust in the rule of law. We need to be able to trust in these agencies. And so whatever needs to be done to clean it out is good. And obviously, people are extremely nervous about being held accountable. But that's a good thing.

INGRAHAM: All right, guys, thank you so much, Mollie and Victor, we always appreciate you coming on, especially on a Friday night. Thanks so much. And President Trump escaped the swamp today. All this was interesting. He went to South Carolina for a criminal justice reform summit at a historically black college.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT: The Democratic policies have let African Americans down and taken them for granted, and they have - they've taken African American communities for granted. And I promise you that Republicans will never, ever do that. We're going to keep fighting for you.


INGRAHAM: Well, this headline from The Post and Courier tells the real story, "Trump's visit to the 2020 Forum at South Carolina's black college blindsided Democrats." The Left is obviously upset that they wouldn't be able to gloss over Trump's record there.

Well, joining me now is Candace Owens, Founder of the Blexit movement and author of the upcoming book Blackout. And Scott Turner, Executive Director, Director of the White House Opportunity Zone and Revitalization Council. Great to see both of you. Candace, the Democrats don't like these events. Oh, they don't like them at all. You see Trump. He's energized. You have a lot of people who've benefited from the first step act, who are speaking as human beings, not political actors. But seeing what he's actually done with heart and mind focused on a problem of incarceration for years and years after most people today think it's fair.

CANDACE OWENS, FOUNDER, BLEXIT MOVEMENT: Look, here's the problem that they're going to suffer with in 2020. In 2016, the Democrats ran the platform that if Trump gets elected, the world is going to end for black America. If you were black in America in 2016, you were feeling like if Trump got elected, you were going to get put back on a slave ship. It was all going to be over. White supremacy was going to come back.

And what happened, Laura? Things got better for black America. And that's a big problem that they're going to have to contend with. And Trump also has the spine to get in front of black audiences and to say, look what I've done. I asked you a question. What do you have to lose? And clearly the answer is nothing.

INGRAHAM: And I think that the president, Scott, should continue to make inroads into all of American communities across multiple ethnic and racial backgrounds. He should go to places like Chicago. He should go to Philly. He should go to Oakland, California. I don't think there should be any place in this country where the President shouldn't go and sell the message of peace and prosperity. And today in South Carolina, you had this great moment where Anne-Marie Johnson, who is one of the beneficiaries, of course, of the first step back, she got up and she spoke from her heart about what this measure did for her. And of course, she thanks President Trump.


ALICE MARIE JOHNSON, PRISON SENTENCE COMMUTED BY TRUMP: We are human beings. I represent, as you see my face here, see the faces of the ones that you will never see unless we come together. It was only by the grace of God that our President's heart was touched by my story.


INGRAHAM: I watched this entire event live, and Scott, Matthew Charles told the crowd that Trump saved his life with the first step act. Watch.


MATTHEW CHARLES, FORMER INMATE: I stand before you today, a military veteran, a convicted drug dealer, a born again Christian and a free man, but I will say this without hesitation, I would not be a free man today, if President Donald J. Trump had not supported and signed the first step act.


INGRAHAM: Scott, what was the reaction like in that room?

SCOTT TURNER, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR, WHITE HOUSE OPPORTUNITY COUNCIL: It was a standing ovation. I mean, everyone's heart was just, you know, so filled with joy when I heard Mrs. Johnson and Matthew speak, because these are real life transformations, Laura. This is not just rhetoric. These are actual people that have been released from prison. And because of the President and the administration and all of those that worked on the first step, they're free to have a new lease on life.

And, you know, when the people in the crowd heard this, all of us were moved because we each know someone to have been touched by someone either from incarceration or families that have been touched by this. It was a very moving but real moment, because these are real issues and policies that have been passed that have changed people's lives.

INGRAHAM: And so, Candace, when you hear AOC in the squad talk about white privilege and white privilege is holding us back and the homeland, as Ilhan Omar said, she's talking about homelessness. And she said this is a moral stain on our country, presumably because we have all these rich people, but we have homeless people. This is what they're doing. White supremacy, homelessness is a moral stain caused by rich people who don't care.

OWENS: So, what they're doing is the very same sales pitch that they've done for last 60 years. And people are looking up to it. It's a bad product. This is why conservatives are winning. We have a better product. We go in and we say, you can embrace your futures. Here are the results that the President is delivering. You can get up and you can become a part of the American dream.

This is why our President is winning. This is why Republicans are winning right now and his is why conservatives are going to win in 2020. It's better messaging. We're tired of the fear mongering. We're tired of the rhetoric. We're tired of being told that we can't because of the color of our skin.

INGRAHAM: And I'm telling you, these events, they have to continue. Scott, any more plans for similar types of events? Because I think this is transformational.

TURNER: He will do more and he's not going to be intimidated because he understands that is bigger than him. It's bigger than him as a President. This is about the American people. And if you look at the policies that have been implemented throughout the administration with the first step act. The opportunity zones, the American worker. It's about the American people.

You know, the 300 million people that live in this country, that's the heartbeat of the President and the heartbeat of the people in the administration. You know, it's about the people. And so, these policies have to outlast all of us. And so, I'm hopeful and I'm very confident that he'll continue and all of us will continue to go around the country to encourage our citizens with policies, to encourage our citizens, these are actually happening.

INGRAHAM: Yes. I know neither of you will be intimidated. I know the President won't be intimidated. Don't let the mob stop the messaging. Can't do it. They keep that candle in the darkness. Fantastic, guys. Thank you so much. And coming up, the weedification of America. New stats prove why pot legalization is poisoning our country and why vaping. Plus, THC is making it a lot worse.



REP. JAMES COMER, R-KY: CBD industry is like the Wild West. It's a good industry, it's a good product, but there needs to be regulation.


INGRAHAM: And the public's interest in CBD or cannabidiol is growing. According to a new study. Millions of people every month are searching the Internet to learn more about CBD, which can come in everything from oils, jellybeans, bath salts, skin lotion and even pet products.

And joining me now is the study's co-author, Dr John Ayers, Vice Chief of Innovation in the Division of Infectious Disease and Global Public Health at the University of California, San Diego. Also, here, Alex Berenson, author of the book Tell Your Children, the Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness and Violence. Dr. Ayers, why isn't CBD as innocent a substance as all these marketers and all these manufacturers and a lot of fancy people in Hollywood claim?

JOHN AYERS, PROFESSOR, UC, SAN DIEGO: Well, let me just say this, interest isn't just growing. It's exploding and accelerating. And that's the real problem. People are engaging with a product that we have no certainty and the reliability of it or the safety of it.

Look at what happened recently with the vaping illnesses. What if there was CBD out there? And also, CBD might be this so bad for the public because it causes people to turn away from proven treatments? Imagine if you're sick and hurting and you use CBD instead of going to a doctor, where you could actually get better.

INGRAHAM: Well, these are false claims. There is no peer-reviewed study that shows any medical benefit from these products. And this is where the Federal Drug Administration has to take action. And Alex, you've been all over this, I think, of all the people out there who've discussed with specificity the threat of these substances and derivatives. And you've written a lot about the marijuana industry, the big money push for pot legalization.

The truth is with being withheld from the people and often cases and listen to this, the CDC saying now 1604 confirmed and probable lung injuries, including 34 deaths after the vaping outbreak break this year. Both the FDA and the CDC have not yet identified a brand, substance or device, but most cases, the illnesses have been tied to THC vaping products. Alex, this is a huge, huge issue.

ALEX BERENSON, AUTHOR OF "TELL YOUR CHILDREN": It's a huge problem. There is a couple really interesting facets to this. One is that the industry, the cannabis industry tries to hide under CBD. So, they encourage people who may not be paying close attention to this, oh, CBD is good for X, Y and Z. That means cannabis is good for X, Y and Z.

Well, beyond the fact that there is no evidence that CBD is good for X, Y or Z, CBD isn't really cannabis. Cannabis that, you know, the grandma is using CBD supposedly. You know, she thinks they'll help her arthritis, but her grandson's upstairs getting high on THC. And the industry is hoping people who don't use either product or who only use CBD won't know enough to know the difference.

That's one issue. As for vaping, I think it's fascinating. The industry has really gone out of its way to try to demonize illegal - "illegal vapes" and said, well, it doesn't look like the vapes that are sold through regulated stores in places like California are causing the problem. That's not true.

People have gotten sick and died after using THC vapes that they've bought in regulated stores. And as you just said, neither the CDC nor the FDA has any idea whether it's an adulterate in the vape or whether it might even just be high potency near pure THC itself that is lung damaging. And that's why both the FDA and the CDC have said to people, don't vape THC. And that's the message, the message that should be being communicated by the public health authorities, by the states, by the media. But because everyone loves marijuana right now so much, it's getting a little bit lost.

INGRAHAM: No, it's big money. Let's talk. If for one big money and marijuana. Don't be talking about this. We've got people who used to be against legalization, like John Boehner, joined an advisory board, got paid a huge amount of money. Basically, they bought off his support for the weed industry.

This is stuff that is toxic for our children. It's driving psychosis. It's driving mental illness, in some cases, violent outbursts. And yet all these fancies, it's going to be fine. It's all going to be great. Dr. Ayers. I want to put up a picture of Ricky D'Ambrosio, 21 years of age. Northern California man forced into a medically induced coma due to vaping.

Thankfully, he's now back home, but many others are not. Hospitals on ventilators, some with lung illnesses. Dr. Ayers that may never fully heal. And parents are basically - they're doing YouTube videos begging people, please don't let your kids do this. Make sure you know what your kids are doing. Dr. Ayers.

AYERS: It's insane that we allowed this to get to the level it is. Humpty Dumpty is already broken. You can't put him back together easily. We need to start regulating these products to the same standards. We do other recreational products when it comes to marijuana. When it comes to products like CBD, we need to also regulate their clients. We can't just let this industry run rampant because it's undermining our health care and it's undermining public health.

INGRAHAM: Gentlemen, thank you so much. Very important conversation, both of you. Experts in it. Pot legalization will stop, though. Illegal drugs going right? Well, wrong. And the results have been tragic. Just yesterday, three men, including two Mexican nationals were charged with fatally shooting Brian Ishmael, a sheriff's deputy who was responding to a reported theft of an illegal pot grow operation in Northern California.


JOHN D'AGOSTINI, EL DORADO COUNTY, CA SHERIFF: There's a lot of violence that surrounds these gardens, and we're seeing a perfect example of it right now to say this is just medicine and does no harm and that the California laws that have been passed are going to be able to adequately prepare us and deal with this situation. It's a fallacy.


INGRAHAM: This situation is beyond a travesty. It is a perpetual lie being perpetrated on the American people. It's going to hurt our kids, hurt our communities, work related issues. All of it. And it gets worse.

A federal official telling “The Ingraham Angle” that the California AG's office instructed the county sheriff not to give ICE agents access to the suspects in order to determine their immigration status.

Joining me now is Tom Homan, former acting director of ICE, FOX News contributor. Tom, how potentially dangerous is what this A.G. in California is doing here?

TOM HOMAN, FORMER ACTING ICE DIRECTOR: It's ridiculous. And I just heard before I came on the show that the U.S. Attorney stepped in and was able to get ICE agents in there to speak to these people. So the A.G., look, he's the one that pushed the sanctuary bill law. This isn't about what's right or wrong for the community. This is about protecting illegal aliens. This is about -- sanctuary states only protect criminals. We know that. They're not protecting law enforcement, as we can see. They're not protecting law-abiding Americans.

INGRAHAM: When we see, again, these issues kind of dovetail. Illegal immigration, the weed industry, people say, legal pot is going to makes stuff so much better, all the cartels, you're going to cut off their power. Bull. The cartels are driving drugs into the country, cut rate, lower quality, if you can be any lower quality than we already have. And it's cheaper. Most of these kids aren't going to pot stores to buy really expensive marijuana cupcakes. They're going to get the cut rate stuff or the homegrown stuff that the cartels are growing right here in the United States.

HOMAN: Not only that. When you legalize marijuana, you create more consumers.

INGRAHAM: Forget it.

HOMAN: People that weren't going to do it now will do it. And you can't tell legal marijuana from illegal marijuana. As you said, illegal marijuana is cheaper on the black market, and much of it is stronger. So if you want a stronger product for cheaper money, you go to the black market.

INGRAHAM: I was talking to Chicago PD when we were there for a special a couple weeks ago, and two officers we did a short ride along with on the way back from the event, they went on and on about how the legalization is just destroying communities. These are not political people. They are like, look, we do it every day, we see what's happening. And this is going to get worse and worse and worse. Ditto with the sanctuary status of these communities. The jails, as you have noted many times, are brimming with illegal immigrants in this country, yet we still have Democrats who ridicule Trump for saying we have a wall in Colorado. That's what they spent the day doing yesterday.

HOMAN: I think the DOJ is still appealing the decision on sanctuary cities holding the funds. I hope they're successful, because sanctuary cities, I have said many times, they don't protect anyone but the criminals. They don't protect the immigrant community, because, as we discussed in Montgomery County, nine rapes. Eight of the victims were in the immigrant community. So sanctuary laws protect no one but the criminals.

INGRAHAM: Right now we have no secretary of DHS, right? We have no --

HOMAN: We have an acting.

INGRAHAM: We have too many actings. We need a -- everyone knows I want Tom to be at DHS secretary. If I had my pick, you'd be my pick.

Tom, you were at the University of Pennsylvania on Wednesday for an event about immigration under Obama and Trump, and you ended up not being able to speak because this happened.


CROWD: Go home Homan! Go home Homan! Go home Homan!


INGRAHAM: That was sweet. I think they were actually taking a fancy to you. They liked you there.

HOMAN: Two things. You see me, I was kind of giggling a little bit because one guy was holding up an "Abolish ICE" sign.


HOMAN: And he spelled "abolish" wrong. So I'm thinking --


INGRAHAM: We need that camera shot, they can't spell "abolish."

HOMAN: And I'm thinking you should be spending more time in class and less time protesting me.

But look, I knew it was going to happen, and we didn't clear the stage until security asked us to clear the stage. And I'm not going to push back on the security at all. I was aware before I went there, they were going to protest. They were going to at least try protesting, so I was asked, do you still want to come? I said yes, I'm not being bullied. I'm going to get on the train, I'm going to go up there. I'm going to walk in that building and sit on the stage.

What's really sad, higher institution, some of the signs called me Nazis, by shutting down my free speech, they became the Nazis. So I can't understand why they don't want the debate. Two of the other people on the stage were pro-immigrant. So we were going to have a debate. People in the audience, they don't like what I did for 34 years, I can certainly explain why I did what I did. I can explain what I did under Obama, what I did under Trump. It would have been a great discussion. And they could leave hating me, but they need to hear the information.

INGRAHAM: No, they don't, because they do not believe in free speech rights for people with whom they disagree, because they can't make a coherent, logic-based argument. Tom, I'm so glad you went. Good for you. Tom Homan is never going to be deterred.

HOMAN: You said it better than I did.

INGRAHAM: You'll never be deterred. Thank you so much for being with us.

And the scariest haunted house in America, sequels no one asked for, and another Biden blunder. That's so rude of Raymond Arroyo, having all the details. Friday Follies, next.


AISHAH HASNIE, CORRESPONDENT: Live from America's news headquarters, I'm Aishah Hasnie.

The Trump family is selling its landmark Washington, D.C., hotel, that's according to a report in "The New York Times." It follows three years of ethics complaints and lawsuits accusing the president of trying to profit from his office. The hotel is located just blocks away from the White House and is widely regarded as a magnet for Washington insiders looking to curry favor with the Trump administration. The White House denies any conflicts.

After nearly six weeks, the GM strike finally over. The union members ratified the contract today. It includes wage increases and a path for temporary workers to become full-time. The strike shut down several plants and reportedly cost the automaker $2 billion in lost revenue.

I am Aishah Hasnie. Now back to “The Ingraham Angle.”

INGRAHAM: It's Friday, and that means it's time for Friday Follies. A bizarre spook house, some frightening reboots, and a candidate who scares us all. Joining us with all the spooky details, Raymond Arroyo, FOX News contributor.

All right, Raymond, tell us about this, is this an over the top haunted house in Tennessee that claims it's the scariest in America?

RAYMOND ARROYO, CONTRIBUTOR: Laura, it's called McKamey Manor. It's in Tennessee, as you mentioned, and if you can make it through the house you earn $20,000. It's not for the faint of heart. It's more like psychological torture. I've watched some of these videos. They are frightening. No one has ever made it through this experience, and I think I have an idea why.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I want out. This is bad karma.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I feel so crazy right now this doesn't even seem real. No, this isn't a joke. This is a horrible.


INGRAHAM: Can I say something? People have got to find another way to get jazzed up. If this is what it takes for you to get your adrenaline going, there is a list of prereqs to enter the -- it's a completed sports physical, and a doctor's letter?

ARROYO: And a doctor's letter, right.

INGRAHAM: What else, a background check?

ARROYO: A background check provided by the manor. You have to have proof of medical insurance. And get this, a signed, detailed 40-page waiver.

INGRAHAM: Waiver, lawyers wrote it.

ARROYO: Here's my question, Laura. People don't buy a house with 40-page documents, and these people are signing it to get in a spook house. I don't know about you, but if people are going to touch me in the dark, I'd like dinner first. I don't like these things. I've never liked them, I have never gone to these. I think I have been to one, and I wanted to punch somebody that touched my daughter. So it's not my idea of a fun time on Halloween.

INGRAHAM: All right, number one, I might do just because --

ARROYO: You would? That, that kind of experience?

INGRAHAM: Maybe. I want to make sure, I want to make sure, that I'm just tough enough to host this show.

ARROYO: Laura, there are a pair of the spine-tingling reboots coming. And you know how I feel about reboots. Whoopi Goldberg is going to London to star in a musical remounting of, you guessed it, "Sister Act," playing the role she played in the movie 27 years ago.


WHOOPI GOLDBERG, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": The original Dolores is back, a little older, a little seasoned, but really still kind of out there.


INGRAHAM: Can the musical versions of, what, "Jumping Jack Flash" and "Ghost" be far behind? Remember, Raymond, I kept calling it "Sister Act."

ARROYO: Yes, you couldn't get it right. You said "Sister Act" rather than "Sister Act," and I told you it was one word. Anyway, what everyone needs to know is this is a revival, Laura. It's the same Alan Menken show that ran on Broadway in 2011, but they have raised the age of the lead character and probably lowered the songs for Whoopi. And now a Disney movie, "Hocus Pocus," is also being revived. Tragically, the Sanderson sisters, Laura, are coming back to Disney Plus.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We shall be back.


INGRAHAM: There's some confusion, right, about this?

ARROYO: There's confusion about white Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy will be returning. Remember, that movie, too, Laura, 26 years old. But they may be looking for a new trio of witchy sisters.

INGRAHAM: Those are only really gorgeous, attractive witches, though. You can't have them. they're all beautiful. So that wouldn't work.

ARROYO: I agree.

INGRAHAM: Raymond, the reboot mania, I think we've been talking about this for 20 years.

ARROYO: I can't stand them, I really can't.

INGRAHAM: Fresh out of ideas.

ARROYO: Because the audience wants these people to recreate the magic of yesteryear. It's bad for the performer and it's really bad for audiences.

Next week we're going to get into Biden's latest flub, which we didn't have time for, sadly.

INGRAHAM: All right, Raymond, thanks so much. And go Saints.

ARROYO: Go Saints.

INGRAHAM: Up next, how billionaire George Soros is changing the American electorate one local race at a time. An "Ingraham Angle" investigation, don't miss it, next.


INGRAHAM: George Soros has been quietly working behind the scenes for decades, but now he has a new goal, and it's a very dangerous one. The liberal billionaire has been spending the last few years financing the campaign of far-left prosecutors with the goal of transforming how laws are enforced, or rather not enforced. Now, Soros backs the Justice and Public Safety PAC which works hand-in-hand with the Justice Collaborative, a liberal group that advocates not prosecuting serious crimes. And this group also likens incarceration to slavery.

According to a May, 2018 investigation by "The L.A. Times," Soros pumped in at least $2.7 million into four California D.A. races back in 2018. The paper also reported that Soros spent more than $16 million in 17 county races across the country since 2014.

And Soros local elections spending spree, it didn't stop there. This year he is targeting two Virginia counties not far from where we are broadcasting from tonight. Joining me now are two candidates he is trying to take out. Jonathan Fahey, candidate for the Office of Commonwealth's Attorney for Fairfax County, and Nicole Wittmann, Chief Deputy Commonwealth Attorney for Loudoun County.

All right, Jonathan, what kind of candidates does Soros back in Virginia? We already lost a great Commonwealth attorney in Theo Stamos who is finishing up her year, but she was unseated for someone who has no experience. But what's going on here? What kind of candidates is he supporting?

JONATHAN FAHEY, I-CANDIDATE, FAIRFAX COUNTY COMMONWEALTH'S ATTORNEY: In my race in Fairfax County, I'm running because the incumbent, Ray Morrogh, the Democrat, was defeated in the primary thanks to $500,000 by George Soros. But the types of candidates he is financing are candidates, my opponent has never tried a case in Virginia courts. He is tax lawyer, and he is running on, they call it criminal justice reform, but it is essentially, the underlying theme is to delegitimize our entire system. And he is running on ideas of not prosecuting certain crimes, that all of our -- our whole system is not legitimate, including the police.

INGRAHAM: So I want to put up the dossier. It's a resume of no talent. Sorry, resume of little experience. So this is your opponent Steve Descano, so he graduated law school in 2010. He never tried a case, as you said, in Virginia. He had a brief stint as a federal prosecutor, but in the criminal tax division, and on his website it says he'll develop metrics that flag areas of systemic discrimination and implement solutions to fix those inequalities.

We know when they say criminal justice reform, that what they really mean, Nicole, is not prosecute entire categories of crime just as we've been enjoying a declining violent crime rate. So what does this mean for localities? A commonwealth attorney, people don't know what that means. That's the most important prosecutor in an entire large swath. Your county, Loudoun County, is one of the most important counties in the country, as is Fairfax County.

NICOLE WITTMANN, R-CANDIDATE, LOUDOUN COUNTY COMMONWEALTH'S ATTORNEY: Right. What it means is you have prosecutors who are now not interested in community safety, they're not interested in victims' rights. They're not interested in protecting our communities. What they are interested in is weaponizing these local prosecutors' office to try to push their social agenda.

INGRAHAM: So it's bypassing the state legislature.

WITTMANN: Exactly right.

INGRAHAM: And trying to affect policy change through executive prioritization or executive action. Do I have that correct?

WITTMANN: That's exactly right. They are not going to -- they're going to do selective prosecution. They're not going to prosecute certain theft offenses. They're not going to prosecute violent crimes in schools. They're not going to prosecute drug offenses. And so what that causes is a dangerous atmosphere in the community and lack of community safety.

INGRAHAM: Now tell us what the Krasner Effect is. People don't maybe know outside of Philly who Larry Krasner is, a candidate for Philadelphia D.A. supported by Soros. What's happened since he took office in, I guess, early 2018.

FAHEY: That's a great question, and it's really helpful for the voters in Fairfax County and Loudoun County to know, because a George Soros candidate, Larry Krasner, was elected in Philadelphia as a district attorney. And since then, in 2018, the murder rate went up 10 percent, and that might not seem like a lot unless you are one of the 35 people that lost a mother, a father, a son, a brother. And it's amazing this has happened when crime has been going down other places. And Philadelphia is a total disaster.

INGRAHAM: It's a complete nightmare.

FAHEY: The cops and the prosecutors are at war with each other. And that's what my opponent wants to bring to Fairfax County, which is remarkable. We have the safest large county in America, and he wants to bring Philadelphia to Fairfax county. And it's like, we have a great attorney, we have a great police department. We should keep that --

INGRAHAM: People around the country, I want to really emphasize this. We talk a lot on this show about national politics. And it's important. There's an impeachment war going on, we have budget fights, we have about military deployments in faraway countries. This is all important and we cover it. But you must occasionally drill down to what's happening on the local and state level, because this is where all the mischief is made, not only with your tax dollars, but it affects the safety, and I think the overall sense of community where you live. And I'm telling you, Nicole, I look at Kim Foxx in Chicago, another Soros supported city attorney. Do we have to remember that she was given in 2016 $300,000 created to elect her? That's, Soros is responsible for Kim Foxx in Chicago.

WITTMANN: He's buying elections. What he's doing is he's putting a lot of money into these local races where typically, for example --

INGRAHAM: Where he doesn't live. He doesn't live. His family doesn't live. It's everyone else has to deal with increased crime rates.

WITTMANN: This is not about public safety. He's not concerned with what happens in Loudoun County, with whether mothers are murdered or children are raped. He doesn't care about that. He is buying puppets who he is putting into office to push his agenda, and that's exactly what he's trying to do.

There's an election now in Fairfax, in Arlington, and in Loudoun County where it used to be $20,000, $30,000 used to be what a candidate would have to spend. Now you are looking at millions of dollars.

INGRAHAM: People have to understand, this is in Fairfax and Loudoun County. It happened in Arlington, happened in Philly, happened in Chicago. This is going to come to a locality near you. The people of Loudoun, people of Fairfax, I think they are going to make the right decisions, but you all have got to hit hard. There is no patty-cake with Soros. You have to call it what it is. It's an open door for criminals in these counties if you elect these Soros people.

Fahey and Wittmann, remember those names. I expect great things from both of you. Jonathan and Nicole, thanks so much.

WITTMANN: Thank you, Laura.

FAHEY: Thank you.

INGRAHAM: Coming up, Beto has got a new plan for your guns, and it's the Last Bite.



BETO O'ROURKE, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Hell yes, we are going to take your AR-15.


INGRAHAM: Well, 2020 Democratic pinup boy and fanatic Beto O'Rourke is now singing a new tune.


BETO O'ROURKE, D-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Those who have or want to use an AR-15 are able to keep it at a hunting club or at a gun range, so there is some control and safeguards still placed on that firearm.


INGRAHAM: Go back to the punk rock stage, my friend. Try selling that idea to a single woman who keeps a gun at home for safety, man. And maybe that is an AR-15, that's what she wants. What about a woman's choice?

That's all the time we have tonight. Thanks for watching this special editor of “The Ingraham Angle.” Shannon Bream and the "FOX News at Night" team take it all from here.

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