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JESSE WATTERS, HOST: Welcome to "Watters' World," I'm Jesse Watters. Backfiring activism, that is the subject of tonight's "Watters' Words." Hard core Democratic activists are threatening to overwhelm the rest of the party. They disrupt peaceful events, make threats and cause violence.

This week we saw a teenager attacked for wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat. That teen is going to join me later for an exclusive interview. On July 4th, in Lower Manhattan, Americans were sightseeing with their families, celebrating our Independence and preparing to watch the fireworks. Suddenly, a radical African immigrant activist began scaling the Statue of Liberty.

The woman, part of the Trump resistance movement refused to come down. Police and firemen were deployed. The entire Liberty Island filled with 4,000 tourists was evacuated. The statue was closed, 3,000 visitors were turned away on the monument's busiest day of the year because one selfish individual didn't agree with President Trump's immigration policy.

And after a four-hour standoff, she was arrested. Therese Okoumou, born in the Congo was slapped with a few misdemeanor charges. She's probably not even going to spend a day in jail. Now after causing the city tax dollars and man hours, diverting valuable police resources from fighting real crime and ruining thousands of Americans visit to the Statute of Liberty on July 4th. President Trump weighed in at a rally earlier in Montana.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: You saw that clown yesterday on the Statue of Liberty? I would have said let's get some nets and let's wait until she comes down. Just get some nets, really now.


WATTERS: This self-centered stunt artist has a wacky past. She has filed several seemingly frivolous racial discrimination lawsuits against various entities. She had run-ins with neighbors. She has been slapped with nearly $5,000.00 in fines by the Department of Sanitation. She has also been arrested for trespassing and assaulting a police officer and following her release from jail this week, Okoumou said she was inspired by Michelle Obama.


THERESE OKOUMOU, ACTIVIST: Michelle Obama, our beloved first lady that I care so much about. She says, when they go low, we go high, and I went as high as I could.

Trump has wrecked this country apart. Nothing you can say to me would justify putting children in cages. Only a stupid unintelligent coward and insecure - I would add a maniac, would rip a tender age child from his mother.


WATTERS: First of all, I don't think Michelle Obama wants your endorsement. Second, the photo of a child in a cage, that image she was talking about was from 2014 - the Obama administration did that. Trump didn't put that kid in a cage. Fake news is now causing real rage. We all want families to stay together, so let's all work together to achieve that goal, while at the same time, protecting our border and protecting children from fake parent human smugglers.

And radical Democratic activist tactics have turned regular Americans against their party and their cause. You'll remember Black Lives Matters protesters disrupted the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade while parents were celebrating the holiday with their young kids. Occupy Wall Street protesters who wanted higher income for workers shut down traffic in Detroit so people couldn't commute to work on time and earn their income. Left wingers who were screaming about Trump's rhetoric on Muslims and immigrants cause mayhem during his Inauguration and fire bombed a limo owned by a Muslim immigrant. Idiots. Democrats protested an ICE raid in Oakland.


ADLEY PENNER, ACTIVIST: ICE is not welcome in this country. ICE is not welcome.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We are going to fight back. We are not going to let people just disappear like this.


WATTERS: It turns out ICE was conducting a raid on human sex traffickers. Democrats actually rallied against this. You can't make this stuff up. So after the family separation controversy at the border, and all the recent street action by Maxine Waters left wingers, Trump's approval rating is up with Hispanics, it's up 10 points. This according to a Harvard-Harris poll released just a few days ago. It's amazing, isn't it?

And now the most of important issue, determining people's votes in the midterms? Immigration. Largely driven by Republican enthusiasm. So, Democrats, your radical tactics are backfiring. Be careful what you wish for. Here to react, 2012 Republican Presidential candidate and Fox News contributor, Herman Cain. So, Mr. Cain, what would you have done with that woman who scaled the Statue of Liberty if you were in charge?

HERMAN CAIN, CONTRIBUTOR, FOX NEWS: Well, I would have waited until she got hungry enough and thirsty enough to voluntarily come down. The human body can only take so much hunger and thirst, and I would have just waited her out.

WATTERS: Just waited her out and starved her out, but they wouldn't have been able to go up and tour the Statue of Liberty? Everyone wouldn't have been able to visit.

CAIN: Exactly. You're right. That whole indent, Jesse, was another example of - and I know these word are harsh - another example of the ignorant narrative of abolishing ICE. It's ignorant, because most of people claiming they want the abolish ICE, they have no idea what ICE does.

One-third of ICE's activities revolve around immigration and the border, two-thirds revolve around fighting crime, drugs, sex trafficking and a whole lot of other things. They have no idea.

WATTERS: You're exactly right.

CAIN: So, they are basically just following a narrative.

WATTERS: We just showed that vide of those protesters. They actually were protesting an ICE raid on a human sex trafficking ring in the interior of the country, in Oakland, California north of the southern border. They don't get it. It's these people that are turning regular Americans against their cause.

We saw that with black Lives Matter when they were disrupting things. We saw that when Occupy Wall Street - all of these little protests, they start off, a righteous cause against police brutality, they want higher wages, but their tactics are so rude and disrespectful. These movements are so marginalized that no one takes them seriously anymore.

CAIN: You're absolutely right. In the case of abolish ICE, Jesse, I don't call it a movement yet. It is simply an ignorant narrative, and a lot of people unfortunately, they are falling for it because I don't believe that these protests are spontaneous. I believe that they are manufactured and in order to have a manufactured protest or multiple protests across the country, somebody is paying somebody to make it happen and maybe even some of the protesters. I'm just saying.

WATTERS: You are exactly right because I looked into this, and the Resist Trump or Rise And Resist - whatever this woman's group was, if you go down to the bottom, below what they stand for, there is a little donation thing from Act Blue, and you know Act Blue is this big kind of mainstream Democrat financial clearinghouse where they run all the donations through and I looked into what Resist and Rise or whatever it is stands for, they want to get rid of nukes, they want to get rid of Sean Hannity. They idolize Stormy Daniels. They are for kneeling during the national anthem and they want to oust the Trump regime whatever that means, Mr. Cain.

CAIN: It's called anarchy. Anarchy begins by creating as much violence, disruption and distortion in the society as you possibly can. But here's the good news, Jesse, a lot of people are responding to the narrow lens of the media as I described. They put the narrow lens of the liberal media on all of these fringed protest activities, people climbing up to the base of the Statue of Liberty; that does not represent America.

The numbers you quoted about President Trump's approval rating going up with Hispanics, they are going up with everybody. Why? Because real people with real sense aren't falling for this malarkey. That is the good news in the middle of all of this chaos.

WATTERS: Yes, America is resisting the resistance. Mr. Cain, thank you very much.

CAIN: Happy to be with you, Jesse.

WATTERS: Now, Hollywood liberals feeling less than patriotic on all days, the Fourth of July. Chelsea Handler tweeting, "To every country on the 4th of July, we're sorry about our President. He doesn't reflect all of our views and we hope you know that the majority of us are ashamed. We will rally each other and come back to the world once step at a time." Michael Moore said this. "Happy resistance day. The revolt continues some 242 years later. Come on, people, let's finish this."

And not to be left out, Dan Rather wrote on this Fourth of July, "I refuse to let Donald Trump have the flag of the United States as his own. I refuse to have the Pledge of Allegiance sullied by the jingoism and divisions of our present national leaders. I refuse to have the "Star Spangled Banner" used as a cudgel against principled speech. I refused to let the best of this nation be debased and weaponized against truth and justice. I refuse to bow to cynicism."

So why aren't liberals proud of America on the Fourth of July? Joining me now, former senior adviser to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Philippe Reines and conservative commentator, Gina Loudon who is a member of President Trump's media advisory board. So, Gina, I'll start with you, do Democrats have a patriotism problem?

GINA LOUDON, CONSERVATIVE COMMENTATOR: Well, polling suggests that perhaps they do. Polling suggests that in fact, Democrats tend to be patriotic based upon who is actually occupying the White House rather than the founding principles of America, such as the Constitution, the struggles of our founding fathers to establish our country. Those kinds of things. That's what conservatives tend to base their patriotism on, and not only ythat, Jesse, Democrats feel more patriotic when they are doing things like protesting.

Actually, 51% of them, I believe said that they believe the patriotic thing to do was to break a law or to refuse to go to a war or to burn a flag. So you can see that the lines are very different between what Democrats and perhaps conservatives or Republicans consider patriotism.

WATTERS: Yes, Philippe, I mean, wow, burning a flag is patriotic, breaking laws are patriotic. I don't think that's what most of Americans believe, do you?

PHILIPPE REINES, FORMER SENIOR ADVISER TO SECRETARY OF STATE HILLARY CLINTON: Well, most Americans don't approve of what Donald Trump is doing. You can cite polls where his numbers are going up. His numbers are still abysmal. He has.


WATTERS: What does that have to do with patriotism?

REINES: Well, I don't think any of this has to do with patriotism. July 4th is not just about bottle rockets and hot dogs, 242 years ago, it was the ultimate protest telling King George that we are not going to have any more of this. I think what's divisive if not more so is other things that were going on July 4th, to talk about the poll that both you and Dr. Gina were just referring to, your own Brit Hume made - sent a tweet that he had to later take back because it was unfair to label Democrats as being unpatriotic.

WATTERS: Well, before we get into whatever Brit Hume said, I'm not familiar with that, let's actually take a look at the poll. This is from Gallup. National pride dropping among Democrats. Now, if you look at 2018, just 32% of Democrats, proud Americans. Republicans, 74%. But I mean, from 2013, it has gone down more than 20 points. That was when Barack Obama was President, Republicans have pretty much stayed the same. What do you account for that?

REINES: Well, the bulk of the drop started in 2015 forward and the bulk of the Republican spike has started in 2015 forward. This is.


WATTERS: It's not much of a spike, come on.

REINES: Well, but this is essentially a referendum on Donald Trump. These numbers about pride have been going down since before 9/11 with both parties. Look, in an ideal world.

WATTERS: Not as much on the Democrats compared to the Republican side. Let me move on now.

REINES: Because this is a referendum on Donald Trump.


WATTERS: I don't think - I really don't think it is because he wasn't President in 2015, Philippe, now I honestly do think the Democrats have a patriotism problem, Gina because when you talk about what they did with the kneelers during "The National Anthem" they sided with them. A lot of people in the left and the media sided with Kim Jong-un against Donald Trump, and we saw Bill Maher the other day rooting for an economic recession. It just seems to me, based upon their behavior and their rhetoric that they don't like America when it's robust, when it's succeeding, and when it's patriotic. Is that too large of a jump?

LOUDON: I wish it weren't, Jesse, I hate the whole thing, to be honest with you. I think all the time, I feel like if we could sit down, Republicans and Democrats, and have a conversation, I don't think there is that much we disagree about, but I do think the rhetoric of the leadership, of the media and of the Hollywood elite is influencing people who are participating in these polls to say some outlandish things.

And even Philippe didn't deny when I said that some Democrat patriotism is based on burning a flag or on protesting or refusing to go to war, and those kinds of things, so - or breaking a law, and so if that's the kind of thing they are basing it on, Jesse, it's a sad day in America.

WATTERS: Yes, I don't want to sit here and diminish anybody's patriotism. I don't want to question anybody's patriotism.

LOUDON: We're not.

WATTERS: I'm just look at the behavior, and when you protest July 4th, when you protest Columbus Day, when you kneel during the national anthem, a lot of people get the wrong idea, Philippe, when people do that. That's all we're saying.

REINES: What idea do people get when Alex Jones of Info Wars says the Democratic Party is about to launch a Civil War on July 4th? What message does it send when the right attacks NPR for tweeting out the Declaration of Independence one at a time? What kind of message does it send when Donald Trump.

WATTERS: I don't remember those things, but I do know that Bill Maher - I mean, I do know that Michael Moore said "Oh, let's revolt. Let's finish it this time."

REINES: These are all making fun of.

WATTERS: That sounded like he was calling for a little violent action against King Trump. Look, I've got to leave it at that, guys, both of you two are very patriotic in my opinion.

REINES: Thank you.

LOUDON: Thanks, you too, Jesse.

WATTERS: Coming up, Ben Shapiro on the Supreme Court picks and a "Watters' World" exclusive, the boy attacked for wearing his Make America Great Again hat is here. Stick around.


BILL MAHER, AMERICAN COMEDIAN: His only thoughts to me are to work with Vladimir Putin to make Russia great again. And what I don't understand.

BEN SHAPIRO, AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE POLITICAL COMMENTATOR AND WRITER: He's been a lot harsher on Putin than Obama was by the way.

MAHER: Harsher on Putin.

SHAPIRO: Not in terms of his rhetoric. It was his actions. He has armed the people of Ukraine with deadly weaponry, which Obama would not do, 200 Russian soldiers were killed in Syria by US forces under Donald Trump, not under Barack Obama. It was Barack Obama who was saying to Dmitry Medvedev that he wanted to provide him with flexibility in 2012, Crimea was annexed under Barack Obama.


WATTERS: Ben Shapiro in the liberal lion's den this week with Bill Maher, the Editor-In-Chief of dailywire.com. He joins me now. Now, I think the only reason you were really stumped in there, Ben, was because he was high. He smokes before the show, we're hearing. That might have accounted for him not being able to respond to that quickly. But I want to talk to you about the top three SCOTUS picks that President Trump is ruminating about. Tell me what your assessment is of Brett Kavanaugh who seems to be the early establishment insider frontrunner.

SHAPIRO: So, I'm a little bit dicey on Brett Kavanaugh, and the reason is not just because he's sort of the Bush insider pick. He's obviously very close with the Bush team. He was one of the forces behind the selection of John Roberts, but there are two specific cases in which Brett Kavanaugh has I think done less that originalists would like. So, in one particular case, he denied jurisdiction on Obamacare because he said that Obamacare was actually a tax. It was the first time anybody had made the argument that Obamacare was a tax rather than a fine, and as I recall, that was the logic that ended up being used by Chief Justice Roberts in determining that Obamacare was in fact legal under the Constitution.

So, the original logic for that came from a Kavanaugh dissent in a case called Seven-Sky.

WATTERS: Well, that's not a good thing, very concerning to a lot of people, go ahead.

SHAPIRO: Yes, there is another case called Priests for Life in which Kavanaugh suggests that the government had a compelling government interest in providing contraceptive care via insurance to folks, and there are a lot of critics who suggest that that case is a little bit of evidence that he takes too seriously the government's stated interest in particular leftist social issues.

WATTERS: But he is considered a strong conservative choice. The Wall Street Journal editorial page endorsed him. Matt Schlapp, American conservative union has also endorsed him. It wouldn't be a bad pick. You are saying, we could do better, and one of the people I've heard you discuss is Amy Barrett who I think now a lot of the social conservatives and the constitutional conservatives are really getting behind at the last minute. She seemed to be surging. What are you hearing about her?

SHAPIRO: And so the truth is that Connie (ph) Barrett's actual judicial resume is very short because she has only been on the Federal Circuit Court for about a year ever since she had those really contentious hearings with Democrats where they accused her having the doctrine live loudly within her and Catholicism was going to rule the day and all of this kind of nonsense.

So, what we know about her is that is that she has written a lot in terms of academic writing, a lot of her academic writing has centered on originalism and textualism. She's a big supporter of the doctrines and philosophies of Justice Scalia. She's obviously personally very pro-life and so.

WATTERS: And she clerked for Scalia, and she's only what? Forty-six years old? So, that would be a very, very long time on the bench if she ever was appointed and a Catholic person, like you said, an originalist really, interprets the Constitution as it was written. And now, we are hearing about Raymond Kethledge, now Raymond Kethledge, the third person, he was the runner up to Gorsuch and now he's making a late surge, too. He clerked for Kennedy, University of Michigan guy. What do you know about him?

SHAPIRO: Mr. Kethledge's resume is quite good. His decisions are very strong. They are well worded. He tends to write strong opinions. I would say that Brett Kavanaugh's opinions are very politically inclined in the sense that he's attempting to create sort of cohesion on the court. Kethledge's opinions are a lot more kind of punch you in the nose opinions. He has a strong record on the Second Amendment in particular. He also has a very strong record with regards to what we call Chevron Deference, which is the idea that when an administrative agency makes a judgment that that can still be - the Chevron Deference suggests it shouldn't be overruled by the Judiciary. He says the Judiciary is a separate branch and that the Judiciary should overrule - the Judiciary has to overrule, which I think is correct. I think Kethledge is a strong candidate.

WATTERS: Okay, so if you were to rank the most conservative to the least conservative, or the person that you would like to see on the bench the most, you probably would choose Barrett, number, I am hearing, maybe Kethledge, two; Kavanaugh, three, do I have that right?

SHAPIRO: That's right, yes.

WATTERS: Okay, but all solid picks to replace Justice Kennedy who is the swing justice, all right, now.

SHAPIRO: I think that's right. I think that's right, although I would say that the best shot that one of them ends up being Roberts is probably Kavanaugh.

WATTERS: Yes, Roberts, not the best, still really not that bad. And this new memo we are seeing from Peter Strzok, our old friend at the FBI, something that we've just uncovered. I don't know why this didn't come up in the IG report or any of the other requests to turn over these memos and text messages, there was something that said, "Hurry the F-up to pressure, to probe the Trump campaign," and this was in the fall of 2016. So, he's talking about hurrying this thing up, obviously politically motivated and electorally motivated, what is your thinking behind that? It's just more and more nonsense or what?

SHAPIRO: It's not a shock at all. I mean, Michael Horowitz in that IG report suggested that Peter Strzok was making decisions to privilege the timing of the Trump investigation above the Hillary investigation. In fact, one of the reasons they say that the Hillary investigation, the reopening of the Hillary e-mail investigation was delayed until late October is because Strzok wanted to place focus on the Trump investigation because he wanted to get it done before the actual election took place. Strzok is a political actor. There's no question about this, and even Horowitz essentially suggested as much in that much-maligned IG report. So, it looks - if the FBI was not out to get President Trump, it certainly looks like Peter Strzok was.

WATTERS: Right, and he was too much of a political hack to be on the Mueller team. I don't see why that reasoning wouldn't disallow him from being on the Comey team. So, either way, he's poisoned it. It's just a matter of how far they're going to take that.

Now, the DNC Chairman Perez. He was asked about this woman out of the Bronx, Ocasio-Cortez who is an abolish ICE activist, an avowed socialist, and here is what the Chairman of the DNC said about an avowed socialist. Listen.


TOM PEREZ, CHAIRMAN OF THE DNC: I have three kids, two of whom are daughters. One just graduated college and one is in college, and they were both texting me about their excitement over Alexandria because she represents the future of our party.


WATTERS: So, socialism is the future of the Democratic Party, Ben, I don't think the Democratic Party has a future because that's not (inaudible).

SHAPIRO: I think that the Democratic Party obviously has moved radically left in terms of identity politics and intersectionality and Ocasio-Cortez represents sort of the merger of the intersectional wing of the Democratic Party with the Bernie Sanders socialist wing of the Democratic Party, and well, it's easy to dismiss the socialism of the Democratic Party. The truth is that we live in a country that tends to swing back and forth between the parties. It's not good for the country that the 0democratic Party has moved so far to the left that they are now flanking some European left wing parties because you have to imagine at some point, these jokers could be back in power.

WATTERS: Well, I mean, remember what happened with Barack Obama, he took the country way far left, and you saw a huge rebellion with the tea party. They destroyed the Democratic bench nationally. They are totally out of power, so we saw what happened there, and I just can't believe it. Hopefully it doesn't swing that far to the left, Ben. I've got to run.

SHAPIRO: Thanks so much.

WATTERS: Up next, a socialist who disagrees with everything Ben and I just said is here to defend socialism. Buckle up.


People chanting.


WATTERS: That's the new rallying cry from socialists at the weekend socialism convention in Chicago. Democratic millennials moving towards socialism en masse, but is the movement the future or the destruction of the Democratic Party. Joining me now, Mimi Soltysik who was a 2016 Presidential candidate for the Socialist Party USA just want to go slowly here. All right, Mimi, I just want to go slowly here because socialism confuses me a little bit. Has socialism worked anywhere it's been tried?

MIMI SOLTYSIK, ACTIVIST FROM LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: I think what we're working towards is something that we've yet to see. Socialism at its core.

WATTERS: Did they try socialism.

SOLTYSIK: Is worker ownership and control over production, so I think it's important that you understand what it means and your viewers understands what it means, so we are capable of progress.

WATTERS: Okay, so did they try socialism in Venezuela?

SOLTYSIK: It's funny, I expected you to bring up Venezuela. It's such a weak talking point. You are talking to somebody who lives in a city that's got over 50,000 homeless people. So this diversion over to Venezuela - come on now.

WATTERS: Hold on, I'm just asking where has socialism worked? Has it worked in Cuba? Has it worked in the Soviet Union?

SOLTYSIK: But let's look at Cuba's literacy rate - sure, let me respond. Let's look at Cuba's literacy rate. Let's look at their health care. Let's look at countries that have universal healthcare and how they rank against the United States healthcare system, them far outrank in terms of the healthcare. You know this.

WATTERS: Socialist healthcare in Canada and a lot of rich Canadians come to America to get their surgery, but let's just move on. I don't want to get.

SOLTYSIK: You need to move on because you are wrong.

WATTERS: Okay, that's your opinion.

SOLTYSIK: And you don't care that you are wrong which is bizarre.

WATTERS: No, I don't believe I'm wrong, but that's fine. We can move on. I just don't want to get bogged down on other countries, let's focus on America here.

SOLTYSIK: Let's do that.

WATTERS: You want socialism to replace capitalism here in America?

SOLTYSIK: Of course, I do. I mean, to say that I'm a socialist that I don't want to see an end to oppression and exploitation. Of course, I want to see socialism replace capitalism.

WATTERS: I pay about 50% in taxes to the government. How high would you like to see my taxes raised to?

SOLTYSIK: We would support a steeply graduated progressive income tax.

WATTERS: How much?

SOLTYSIK: As it stands right now, the US has ...

WATTERS: I mean, let's just take me for an example.

SOLTYSIK: Can you stop interrupting me for a second.

WATTERS: No, I'm trying to move the conversation forward. I want to get specific on your policy.


WATTERS: What would you like to see me pay in taxes?

SOLTYSIK: Okay, let's say this. I don't know how much you earn, but let's say hypothetical, two million dollars, right, let's say you were taxed at 70%. If you can't get by on $300,000.00 in a country where so many people are struggling.

WATTERS: Seventy percent?

SOLTYSIK: Let me finish. This is why you are having a problem right now, the smug smarminess in the face of suffering. It's not resonating with folks. Your days are over.

WATTERS: Well, listen, I would say this, I would say in the countries that have socialist policies, there is more suffering. In China, in Cuba, in Venezuela, and the Soviet Union. That system did not work and it was in those countries - and it's not those countries that feed the world and protect the world. It's the United States of America and we have capitalism at its foundation.

SOLTYSIK: The United States destroys the world.

WATTERS: Destroy the world?

SOLTYSIK: The United States protects the world? You've got to be kidding me. Conservative estimates since World War II showed that the US has killed at least 20 million people since World War II. The United States is an imperialist country. Its riches are built on the backs of the world's oppressed, of the developing world.

WATTERS: I don't know what you would have done with Nazi Germany. I don't know what you would have done with Nazi Germany, but I think America made the right decision there.

SOLTYSIK: These talking points are just so weak.

WATTERS: Mimi, I will have you back on and we will give you more time and we can discuss things in more specific, but you know what? We have got to pay the bills because we've got to sell advertising. We've got to have a commercial break.

SOLTYSIK: I know you do.

WATTERS: All right, thank you very much. Up next, Diamond and Silk on Pocahontas. Low IQ Maxine and Sinbad. Stick around.

During his Montana rally on Thursday, President Trump launched his latest attack on Elizabeth Warren, and he calls her Pocahontas, challenging the Massachusetts Senator to prove her Native American claims.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: When I announced they are going to endorse me because if I lose, should I lose or if I don't run, they are out of business. Who is going to cover it? They are going to cover Bernie? Hey, they are going to cover like sleepy Joe Biden? They are going to cover Pocahontas? Think of it. Think of it. She of the great tribal heritage. What tribe is it? Let me think about that one.

In the meantime, she has based her life on being a minority. Pocahontas. They always want me to apologize for saying it. And I hereby, oh no, I want to apologize, I'll use tonight, Pocahontas, I apologize to you. I apologize. To you, I apologize. To the fake Pocahontas, I won't apologize. It's causing her problems, you know that name because now even the liberals are saying take a test. Take a test. You know, I tell you - I shouldn't tell you because I like not to give away secrets, but let's say I'm debating Pocahontas, right?

I promise you I will do this. I will take you know, those little kits they sell on television for $2.00? I'm going to get one of those little kits, and in the middle of the debate, when she proclaims that she is of Indian heritage, because her mother said she has high cheekbones, that's her only evidence, that her mother said she had high cheekbones. We will very gently take that kit and we will slowly toss it, hoping it doesn't hit her and injure her arm. Even though it only weighs probably two ounces, and we will say, "I will give you a million dollars for your favorite charity paid for by Trump if you take the test and it shows you are an Indian."


WATTERS: Joining me now with their thoughts, Diamond and Silk, wow, that, ladies was one of the best performances I have seen the President deliver in a while. Do you think Pocahontas is going to take the test?

DIAMOND, VIDEO BLOGGER: She should come clean. This President had us rolling about Pocahontas, Elizabeth Warren should come clean about her heritage and she should also come clean about what's going on down there at the border. She should come clean and instead of blaming President Trump, she needs to also come clean and let everybody know how they were being hypocrites. How she was being hypocritical because she did not protest against Obama and his administration when he had children locked up in cages.

WATTERS: That's true. I don't mean to disparage her when I call her Pocahontas. I'm just mimicking the President a little bit, having a little fun and she brought that controversy on herself and she could easily put it to rest, but something tells me I don't think she's going to take the test. I don't know why.

I want to ask you, guys, another question about the President's performance at that Montana rally. Check out what he said about your friend, who I know you guys are tracking down somewhere, Maxine Waters. Roll it.


TRUMP: I said it the other day, yes, she is a low IQ individual, Maxine Waters. I said it the other day. I mean, honestly, she is somewhere in the mid-60s, I believe. "He will be impeached. I will impeach him." Even the Democrats are saying, "How are you saying that?" They don't want to use that word because it gets the Republicans out to vote. They say stay away from that word. Especially she has done nothing wrong, it helps us also, right?


WATTERS: Maxine is in a bit of a beef with some of the top Democrats. Chuck Schumer told her to pipe down with all the crazy talk about rushing people at restaurants, and now a bunch of black Democrats are saying, "Hey, leave Maxine alone, Crying Chuck," it's just a little civil war over there on the Democratic side. What do you guys think?

DIAMOND: Oh, yes, it is and the President is right. Maxine Waters' IQ is very low. Anytime a Congresswoman go around and she - we look at her as a domestic terrorist. She is telling Americans to attack other Americans. It's a problem.

But you know what? Maxine Waters and her rhetoric is like the gift that keeps on giving to the Republican Party, so we want her to keep talking.

SILK, VIDEO BLOGGER: That's right.

DIAMOND: Because she represents the party of divisiveness.

WATTERS: That is true. She does help Republicans a lot. I wouldn't go so far as to call her a domestic terrorist. That might be a little over the line, but lastly, remember Sinbad from back in the day?

DIAMOND: Yes, we do.

WATTERS: Sinbad, I think he popped out of the pirate ship and reemerged on some cable news station and took some shots at the President's Twitter habits. Let's listen.


SINBAD, AMERICAN ACTOR: He loves being able to Twitter slam people because you never see him face to face. He's not good with that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are you suggesting that not unlike Drake's observation, people with Twitter fingers aren't as hard-core when you meet them in person?

SINBAD: Oh, man, they're keyboard gangsters. I mean, most people who are gangsters, man, wouldn't hurt a fly, brother. That's why they live behind the keyboard.


WATTERS: Keyboard gangster, President Trump. What do you think about Sinbad's assessment?

DIAMOND: Well, you know what's wrong with Sinbad is he's trying to revamp his career, so that's why he is namedropping the President.

SILK: Yes.

DIAMOND: But what he needs to do is think about his own stuff. Look at his own stuff. We are here in this world, and he's still living in a different world or in another world. He needs to come back to earth, and listen, we don't look at him as a comedian. We look at him as nothing but a joke.

WATTERS: I don't think other people look at him as a comedian anymore either ladies. All right, I've got to run. Diamond and Silk everybody. Up next, an exclusive interview with a 16-year-old who was attacked for being a Trump supporter.

WATTERS: Another day, another show of hatred against Trump supporters. This time, a 16-year-old boy was attacked by a man at the San Antonio Whataburger simply for wearing his Make America Great Again hat. Watch.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You ain't supporting [bleep].


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is going to go great in my [bleep].


WATTERS: Unbelievable. Hunter Richard is the proud American who was bullied and now he joins me in a "Watters' World" exclusive interview. So, Hunter, did you say anything to provoke this? Were you talking about anything? Or did he just come out of the blue?

RICHARD: So before he actually came over and immediately knocked my hat off my head. I don't believe any of my friends or even me made eye contact with him.

WATTERS: Were you talking about anything that may have alarmed him? Were you talking about the wall? Were you talking about, I don't know, little rocket man? What were you saying?

RICHARD: I believe the conversation when he came over was about Pokemon. We saw some funny thing on Twitter.

WATTERS: Okay, so totally unprovoked and this guy has now been arrested. And he has quite a little rap sheet. He has got a past arrest for DWI, marijuana, burglary, so he's not a good guy and he's been fired from his job. Did you feel scared when he came over? Did you have any idea that he was coming over in an aggressive fashion?

RICHARD: I had no clue he was coming over. And I don't know where like - I saw his hand come over. He ripped the hat off my head basically bear clawed it. He kind of like pulled my head a little bit, and yes, I was pretty shocked. I felt a little bit threatened.

WATTERS: So he threw the soda in your face.


WATTERS: Did you think about doing anything? He looked a little bit bigger than you.

RICHARD: Yes, he was definitely bigger man me. That's kind of the whole funny thing. This 30-year-old guy, an adult knows that he can pick on a bunch of teenagers, so he thought, "Oh, this is going to be funny." And yes.

WATTERS: So, you've pressed charges against this guy? Do you plan on pressing charges?

RICHARD: So, we went to the police. We gave a statement and everything. I think it's basically out of our hands whether or not we are going to press charges. I believe that the charges that we pressed was for was theft for the hat.

WATTERS: For theft because he stole the hat.


WATTERS: All right, well, I probably after this air, you might get a hat sent to you. Maybe a thousand hats or I'm sure you will have a nice little Make America Great Again hat collection after this incident. I'm glad you are okay. Anything you want to say to this guy or to people watching at home?

RICHARD: I'll just say that this isn't acceptable. The whole reason that I'm doing this is that no person should think this is acceptable and that they can get away with it, but I do say though that people make mistakes. So, I'm not really holding it against this guy. He made a mistake. Yes, I just think this is not acceptable.

WATTERS: All right, Hunter, a very mature reaction. I probably wouldn't have reacted that way or said that, but I appreciate your civility. Thank you very much.

RICHARD: All right, thank you.

WATTERS: Up next, "Last call." Time now for "Last Call." Nearly 40 million Americans hit the road this week for the Fourth of July holiday and for some New Jersey drivers, it was terrifying.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes ma'am. I'm down off the road again. Now, I've gotten off the roadway, again, he's gone sideways. He's now crashed into the other side oncoming traffic. Pull away now. He's actually pulling away going (inaudible) eastbound. Oh, he just crashed into a car. [Bleep]. He just ran a white car off the road.


WATTERS: Now, the cops finally got him and the brave guy who filmed all this is a New Jersey local for followed the wild ride for 15 miles before the police pulled him over. He had a little dash cam there. It looks like police say he was driving high on heroin. Unbelievable that he's off the road. Thank God.

That's all for us tonight. Be sure to follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. "Justice with Judge Jeanine" is next. And remember I'm Watters and this is my world.


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