Ted Cruz 'not interested' in being anyone's running mate

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NEIL CAVUTO, HOST: All right, we are about three hours from the first polls closing.

Welcome, everybody. I'm Neil Cavuto. And you're looking at "Your World."

And you are looking at a Trump rally that's about to kick off in Louisville, Kentucky. Separately ,we're getting word out on this busy Super Tuesday of voting in some, a dozen states across the country, if you count Democrat and Republican states combined.

Texas, of course, the battleground for Republicans and for Ted Cruz, where we're told that voting is very, very heavy, at least judging from 2008 comparisons. Now, I know 2008, we had fewer people than we do now, but they are noticing very busy activity at precincts, and we do have record numbers of those who voted very early, about 700,000 of them.

Of course, those votes being tallied thought to be beneficial to Ted Cruz.  There's simply no way of knowing.

But when I did catch up with Senator Cruz, I did get into how important winning his state was. Not surprisingly, very.

Take a look.


SEN. TED CRUZ, R-TEXAS, PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Well, listen, I think where we're going to be late tonight is two candidates are going to have a whole bunch of delegates. Donald Trump's going to have a whole bunch of delegates. I'm going to have a whole bunch of delegates. Everyone else is going to be way, way down.

And if that happens...

CAVUTO: You think you're going to finish this night with more delegates than Marco Rubio?

CRUZ: By a large margin. I think it is clear that...


CAVUTO: I know this would stun you, but his people think they're going to have more delegates than you.

CRUZ: Well, I know you would be shocked to know that his media team may be spinning you, but no one looking at the numbers believes that.

CAVUTO: OK. And we will see.


CRUZ: Let me say this, Neil. Let me say this, Neil.


CRUZ: Any candidate who wakes up tomorrow morning who has not won a single state after 15 states have voted, who has an inconsequential number of delegates needs to start thinking very, very seriously about if there's a path, because we need to unify.


CAVUTO: Are we talking about John Kasich and Ben Carson, that they should step out?

CRUZ: I'm talking about any candidate who wakes up tomorrow morning having won zero states and having an inconsequential number of delegates.


CAVUTO: So, if Rubio is in that -- no, no, being clear, you're saying, if Rubio is in that position, Ben Carson in that position, John Kasich in that position, they should all quit?

CRUZ: And let's be clear, Neil. I'm saying if I'm in that position. Any candidate who's won zero states and has an inconsequential number of delegates...

CAVUTO: But you have won a state, you have won a state. You have won Iowa. So, you're saying, if you don't win Texas tonight, you should quit?


CRUZ: I think any candidate who can't win their home state has a real problem. I believe we are likely to win Texas.


CAVUTO: If you don't, you would drop out?

CRUZ: It would be a real problem if you don't win your home state.


CRUZ: But here's the important point, Neil.


CRUZ: We need to get this one-on-one, because one-on-one, not only do I beat Donald Trump, I beat him by a big margin, by 16 points, 56-40.

Donald benefits from the field being fractured, so if we end up tomorrow morning with him having a bunch of delegates, me having a bunch, and everyone else way, way behind, we need to come together and unify and recognize that Donald Trump would be a disaster for our party and the country.

And we need -- if we stand together, we can and will beat him in the primary, and then we will beat Hillary Clinton in the general. And, Neil, as president, I will repeal every word of Obamacare. I will adopt a simple flat tax. We will abolish the IRS, we will stop amnesty.

And all of that together will bring back millions of high-paying jobs, will raise wages, young people will be coming out of school with two, three, four, five job offers. We can do this if we simply stand together.

CAVUTO: All right, then let me ask you about the tone of this race of late.

CRUZ: Yes.

CAVUTO: Senator John McCain the latest to say he didn't like this nasty tit for tat between Marco Rubio, talking about hand sizes and all this other stuff, and that it demeaned the process and that the Rubio people said they're just having fun, getting in the guy's face.

You have opted not to get into the personal stuff, but if it appears that Senator Rubio has enjoyed larger crowds as a result from the debate, and had consequential meetings and gatherings, and that translates into votes, will you regret that you didn't return similar fire with Donald Trump?

CRUZ: Listen, Neil, I don't remotely regret taking a tone that reflects what the voters deserve, following a path of taking the high road.

From the day one when we launched this campaign, we resolved to follow the highest standards of integrity. And so throughout this campaign, when others have attacked, when others have insulted, when others have gotten into the mud and into the gutter, I haven't responded in kind. You're right.


CAVUTO: Yes, you have. Yes, come on, Senator. You have. When you infer that Donald Trump might have mob ties, and that's why he is not releasing his taxes, that is kind of throwing mud.


CRUZ: Actually, to be clear, it is not.

Many media entities have reported that Donald had extensive business dealings with the mob. In the general, I promise you -- CNN's reported that. ABC has reported that, The Washington Post. S&A Concrete helped build Trump Plaza condos. That is a factual matter. S&A Concrete was owned by two of the heads of the five New York crime families, including Fat Tony Salerno, serving 100 years in prison right now.

That is a fact and a matter of public record. I'm not insulting anyone's character when I point out to the fact that he had business dealings with the mob and maybe the reason he doesn't want to show his taxes is the business dealings are more extensive than has been reported.

Listen, it is not a surprise to anyone watching this that the mainstream media right now is treating Donald with kid gloves. They want Donald to be the nominee, because the Democrats in the media recognize they can destroy him in the general election. I promise you, September, October, you are going to be hearing all about these mob ties. No one is talking about them now.

CAVUTO: But if he did become the nominee, Senator, could you support him?  Because folks like Ben Sasse, your colleague in the Senate, could not and would not.

What do you think?

CRUZ: Neil, I have said very clearly, I will support the Republican nominee, whoever he is.

But I believe, if we nominate him, we are likely headed towards electoral disaster.


CAVUTO: Then what if Donald Trump came back to you, because he speaks favorably of your intellect, and he came back to you and said, you know, you're just the guy I need on my ticket to calm people down about me?

Would Ted Cruz entertain being Donald Trump's running mate?

CRUZ: Listen, I am running to be president. I believe we're going to have a great night tonight on Super Tuesday, and that we're going to win the nomination, that we're the only campaign that can beat Donald Trump.


CAVUTO: If you don't, would you entertain being a running mate?

CRUZ: I'm not interested in being anyone's running mate.


CAVUTO: All right, you heard it from Ted Cruz. He's going to win, said he's not interested in being, well, presumably that man's running mate.  I'm talking about Donald Trump.

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