Taxes Are Going Up and You Should Be Worried

Taxes are going up.

Not because virtually every major Democratic presidential candidate wants them to go up, but because every major Republican opposition figure is heading out.

Today Trent Lott announcing he will step down. Only months after New Mexico's Pete Domenici said he would leave.

Different men, different states, different viewpoints, except when it comes to taxes. Both have a history of cutting them, and cutting them a lot. They have led the charge against bigger government, and now they are leaving government.

Here's why you should worry. And I don't care if you're a Republican or a Democrat or an independent.

But open your wallet, because they're coming to get you. What's more, they assume you want them to come and get you. And tap you. And tax you.

They assume you want bigger government, and will pay more for that government.

They assume you'll buy the idea that at first, only the rich will pay for that extra government. And they assume that you'll not look at simple history to say all end up paying for bigger government.

Republicans who assumed their party meant it when it said it was serious about cutting spending when it wasn't.

And Democrats who assumed their party meant it when it promised it would limit tax hikes to the rich and it didn't.

The pendulum has swung, my friends.

And it's your neck, all our necks, on the line.

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