Tale of Two Children

10-week-old Jason Midyette was beaten to death last February. Doctors say someone broke 28 bones in his tiny body and fractured his skull.

Reports say Jason's father, Alex Midyette, was in charge of the baby at the time of the injuries, but that's for the district attorney to sort out.

However, Boulder, Colorado D.A. Mary Lacy has been reluctant to do much. It was just last week that she finally revealed the grand jury was hearing evidence. This after we confronted her at her home, but what took so long?

Lacy won't say.

Baby Jason's grandfather owns a big piece of Boulder. We know that. The suspect parents are not cooperating with police. We know that. And the whole thing is a big mess.

The local media is so busy making excuses for Lacy, who also messed up the John Mark Karr/JonBenet Ramsey case, that little reporting is being done. Listen to this editorial by The Boulder Daily Camera:

"Mary Lacy has shrugged off questions about the case. Lacy's silence has allowed her obstinate critics to launch a fresh volley of ad hominem attacks on her. Such criticism is largely unjustified. She is forbidden by law and common sense from saying much about the case. Lacy has remained tight-lipped even under the scrutiny of the notoriously unfair and unbalanced FOX News personality Bill O'Reilly."

Well, this is great. I have to investigate this case from thousands of miles away, while the Boulder newspaper makes excuses for Lacy and attacks me.

The truth is that The Daily Camera is in the tank for Lacy and doesn't deserve to use the term "newspaper." It should shut down and Starbucks should open up a coffee shop in the building.

Things are even worse in Vermont. Today, 34-year-old Derek Kimball was sentenced to from 12 to 50 years in prison for sexually abusing a 6-year-old girl over a three year period. This is the same girl that 35-year-old Mark Hewlett sexually abused. And you'll remember that Judge Edward Cashman sentenced Hewlett to 60 days in prison before pressure brought by "The Factor" forced the nutty judge to up the sentence to three years.

So, same little girl, same crime — the two guys were sharing the 6- year-old. One guy gets 12 to 50, the other guy gets three to 10, thanks to Judge Cashman.

Incredibly, the Vermont Press Association recently honored Cashman. And The Brattleboro Reformer editorialized just how "just" Cashman's sentence was.

This is sickening.

And it's no accident that both Boulder, Colorado, and Vermont are run by far-left secular progressives. There is no excuse on this earth for not aggressively pursuing the brutal murder of a baby or giving a child molester a light sentence.

Mary Lacy, Judge Cashman, The Boulder Daily Camera and most Vermont media are all guilty of gross neglect. They are hurting this country badly.

And that's the Memo.

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Even more hysteria from the far left, this time on the subject of raising children.

Last week we did a story about Mary Cheney's pregnancy and discussed how the lack of a father in the home — Ms. Cheney is a lesbian — affects children. Well, that's a legitimate discussion by any sane standard, is it not?

Enter far-left loon Joe Connelly who writes for the Seattle Post- Intelligencer. Connelly is one of the most intellectually dishonest columnists in the country, frequently taking quotes out of context and using propaganda from far-left Web sites as primary source material. He should be ashamed and so should the paper.

Anyway, Connelly called me sick for doing that report on Ms. Cheney and chastised any media person who dared discuss the parenting issue, quote: "They scare gullible people and prevent some of our children from being raised on an even playing field," unquote.

Ridiculous? Of course it is. The far left is getting more hysterical by the minute because they are losing.