Supporters of Trump criticized as cult-like

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LAURA INGRAHAM, HOST: I'm Laura Ingraham and this is "The Ingraham Angle." We come to you tonight from beautiful San Francisco. So much fall out on the day after that bombshell IG Report, we have complete coverage from every angle. Also Raymond Arroyo explains why MSNBC Hosts suddenly look like televangelists in the Friday Follies. And then tonight's Angle, why all the whining from the cults of Trump after 8 years of swooning over the real messiah, Obama? But we begin with broad sides from Team Trump, after the outlandish revelations in the inspector general's report on the Clinton email investigation. Starting with President Trump's shot at the FBI brass and the chief he fired, Jim Comey.
On "Fox & Friends" this morning, the president took a swipe at what he called the scum at the top of the bureau under Obama.


STEVE DOOCY, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: The IG report came out yesterday, the FBI looks bad, your FBI.

DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: No it's Comey, they were talking about Comey not my FBI, it is Comey. The people in the FBI are incredible. I would bet if you took a poll, I would win that poll more than anybody's ever won that poll. But the top people were horrible, you look at what happened, they were plotting against my election.


INGRAHAM: Presidential attorney Rudy Giuliani says it's Comey who should be investigated and that the FBI agent should be "Fired today and in prison next week"


RUDY GIULIANI, PRESIDENTIAL ATTORNEY: Let's investigate the investigators. Let's take a halt to the Mueller investigation, let's stop it and let's get rid of all of the agents doing the Mueller investigation. The reality is that somebody like that shouldn't be working for the FBI, he's got emotional problems and probably needs Valium or something like that.


INGRAHAM: Giuliani was referring to Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who vowed to stop Trump from becoming president in a text uncovered in the IG report. Strzok is now facing his own day of reckoning as House Judiciary Chair Bob Goodlatte has begun proceedings to subpoena him. Strzok was the lead FBI agent, remember, in the Clinton email probe, a top agent in the FBI's Russia and probe, and the agent who interviewed former national security advisor Mike Flynn. He then became a top investigator in Bob Mueller's Russia probe. All that ended of course when Strzok's bombastic texts with his lover, FBI Attorney Lisa Page were revealed. Strzok was demoted to the FBI's HR department, that's ironic, which raises the question, why the heck is he still working at the FBI? Especially in light of the text message revealed yesterday where he vowed to stop Trump from becoming president.

Joining me now are national spokesperson and special agent John Annarelli, attorney and RNC Committee woman from California, Harmeet Dhillon, and former assistant attorney general, Robert Driscoll. All right I want to start with you, Bob, on this because it's fascinating to me how when you survey the other networks over the last 24 hours, it was like onto Stormy Daniels. They spent precious little time on this, "Oh no evidence of bias, this is a big nothing burger", I'm so sick of that word, by the way. But let's remember what Horowitz did conclude and this is important, "Departing so clearly and dramatically from FBI and Department norms, the decisions negatively impacted the perception of the FBI and the Department as fair administrators of justice". Robert, fair administrators of justice now with a Russia collusion probe gone on for more than a year, about $18 million it' cost, apparently with no end in sight.

ROBERT DRISCOLL, FORMER DEPUTY ASSISTANT ATTORNEY GENERAL: Well I mean the damage has been done and I think this report makes it clear that here was rampant bias in the FBI and levels of the DOJ and it's clear in the report. All the report says and I think people take this sentence out of context, the report said that Horowitz couldn't link the examples of bias to any particular investigative decision, which of course he couldn't. No one generally writes down when they're doing something that improper. But he found bias through all 500 pages. On each page there's more examples of bias on text message or emails worse than the next. And so the bias is there, it's just a question that he took a broad view, essentially if any investigative decision was defensible, not proper, but just defensible, he passed on it. So I think it really is to me shockingly bad, both the breath of the report, and the bias and corruption was, I think shocking.

INGRAHAM: Harmeet, Peter Strzok is still collecting a tax payer funded salary, which I can't believe he's still working, and of all places, in Human Resources. I mean that just takes the cake, you can't write how stupid that is. But it looks like Bob Goodlatte does want him to testify on Capitol Hill. Apparently he's wanted to talk to him for over a year and he's begun the process reportedly, of getting that subpoena. It takes two days I guess, the process takes about two days but he wants Strzok up on Capitol Hill, and he wants information and he wants it yesterday.

HARMEET DHILLON, REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST: Right and the question is, when you read this shocking OIG Report, why he's had this job for so long? Strzok and you know, Ray who the president was praising in his tweets, why they haven't done something about this already. There was evidence of bias. We see the shocking instance of the text that he sent back to his lover about how he wasn't going to let Trump become the president, and that was withheld from Congress. So when you read this report you can't help feel like number one, obviously it's very thorough report and goes into a lot of the shocking bias but, the conclusion is we don't have a smoking gun so we can't do anything about it. That's the problem all along with an office of an inspector general investigation, they don't have the power to do anything about it, it's more an after the fact HR internal investigation as what we can do better next time. And that's not going to cut it here, but the damage has been done to our country and the damage that is being done to the Mueller investigation, it requires stronger measures than simply an investigation into what went wrong. We got to do something about it.

INGRAHAM: John the damage to the FBI, I think, cannot be overstated here. We have men and women who work so hard in the field offices all across this country, day by day, night by night, to keep Americans safe, and do really great investigative work. This ended up being a political oppo-research operation ultimately against the president with the Russia probe. But the CYA with the Hillary Clinton and these emails all along but if you actually read this report, I've gotten through most of it, there is a lot in this report that the press, of course, is conveniently glossing over.

JOHN ANNARELLI, RETIRED FBI SPECIAL AGENT: You're right. The fact of the matter is that some horrible things were done that should have never occurred and we have to keep it in context though. Remember, this is a group of individuals who knew each other, some were handpicked by their friends to work in this project, if you will. Meanwhile you have 35,000 FBI employees doing good things every day and not acting biasly. I think it's important that they need to come clean here and you're right, whether or not Mr Strzok should still be working at FBI headquarters is certainly a question a lot of us are asking.

INGRAHAM: Now remember guys as we said the IG did not say he found no bias at the FBI, he said that there was no documentary evidence that bias produced specific decisions. And we've got to remember there's another IF Report coming down the pipe, you can call it IG 2.0, if you want, and that could end up being loaded with evidence of such bias because that would looking into the informants that were used in the Trump campaign and maybe potentially these Pfizer abuses, the FBI handling of the Russia probe. I want to go back to you Rob, thinking about the IG, again Horowitz, Trump was kind of annoyed today, he said that there's a lot of good stuff then he kind of peed it out at the end, that's what Donald Trump said. I think this other report could be really important in seeing what happened to place individuals, or encourage individuals to try to penetrate these lower level people inside the campaign.

DRISCOLL: I think it would be important for two reason, one is what you are talked about, we'll find the basis of this investigation, whether or not it was Dossier originally, whether or not it was an opposition research generated investigation totally or not. But more importantly, we'll be able to lay it side by side with the IG Report that just came out because it will provide some context. So in the Clinton investigation, we have the Clinton IT guy getting granted immunity essentially nothing, admitting that they destroyed the emails after they were already under the subpoena, no prosecution, Cheryl Mills being in the interview with Hillary Clinton as both as a witness and as a lawyer, Huma Abedin being allowed to sit in on the interview. I mean all those things may be defensible individually in a vacuum, but an incredibly light touch for anyone who has ever gone through and FBI investigation. And then we get to compare that in 2.0, to gee, what do you know, people's houses are being searched at six in the morning, everyone's being charged with false statements without they were materials to any given crime and so I think the second report could be a big deal because it could fill in these gaps, at least allow us to draw some inferences.

INGRAHAM: Well yeah I mean guys they have certainly very zealous in trying to find evidence of Russia working with Trump, getting this professor in London, talk to Papadopoulos, like all this stuff they were trying to do, my goodness they were leaving no stone unturned. Trying to get a Russian billionaire to help that Oleg Deripaska, I mean they're doing everything. Meanwhile with Hillary it's like, "Well maybe we should get the Wiener laptop, maybe we should wait on that". So a totally different approach which also I think comes through when you read the totality of this report. Harmeet, Giuliani today talked about the question that we've been talking about for months here about whether the President should testify. I want you all to listen carefully to this.


AINSLEY EARHARDT, "FOX & FRIENDS" CO-HOST: What do you think should happen now in the Mueller investigation?

GIULIANI: They should end it. I mean the IG report basically tells you that both prongs of the Mueller investigation are either corrupt or answered.


INGRAHAM: He went on to say, he basically say that there will be no interview with the President shouldn't be bothered with it. Harmeet any thinking of yours that changed from the beginning of a possible perjury trial for a president who, President Trump likes to talk. He's very affable, he loves to get his point across, he didn't do anything wrong, he says, "So I'm happy to talk", he wants to talk, but as a lawyer and I'm a lawyer as well, how dangerous is it to go into that special counsel's office?

DHILLON: Okay Laura to answer the first part of your questions, does it change anything? No, from day one I thought the president shouldn't talk. You and I both know that federal prosecutors are not just regular prosecutors. They're the gunners, you know, they're the go-getters who want to make their case and make their name, there's no bigger prey than the president of the United States. So he should not go in there, there's no confidence that the decks won't be stacked against him. We've seen that with Flynn, we seen how Strzok has behaved in many instances but in terms of witnesses, a CEO, a powerful person is the worst witness, anybody I tell you. They're the worst witness because they are used to getting their way, everybody in the room sucks up to them and it's just a totally different scenario when you're talking, even seemingly, casually to a prosecutor or an FBI agent. So it would be a big mistake for any CEO or for any president, but particularly for this president even for a lack of corruption, now we've seen the corruption pervading the FBI so absolutely not.

INGRAHAM: That's what Giulinai's point was. Giuliani's point today was now that we've seen, now we know just what was going on in there, with the desperate effort to stop him from becoming president. If Cheryl Mills gets to sit in there when they are talking about whether they should subpoena Hillary, the cozy relationship between the press and the FBI agents, the press are giving perks to the FBI agents, they don't know where these leaks came from. It's totally out of control and I want to go back to you John because we have John Dowd exclusively gave us a comment tonight about what this IG report actually says. He said the clear, John Dowd former of course lead counsel for Trump, "The clear evidence of his usurpation of power, violation of his oath of office and material false statement to the public and Congress, all to conceal his own misconduct, warranted a criminal referral of Comey's conduct. The finding of no bias was ludicrous. The IOG's findings support the president's decision to fire Comey". John

ANNARELLI: Absolutely. Comey was fired for the things he had done and the president was right to step forward and take those actions. I also think a lot things have been made out of the fact that the president fired the director of the FBI. It's not unprecedented, we saw with William Sessions back in the early 90s when he was fired by a Democratic president, President Clinton. There were firings of FBI directors but this is clearly, based on the report we're seeing, gives good cause and justification for the actions the President took.

INGRAHAM: Then guys there was also the shocking news today, a federal judge appointed by Obama actually jailed Paul Manafort after Mueller claimed he tried to tamper with witnesses. And shortly thereafter Rudy Giuliani responded by floating the idea of presidential pardons in the Russia investigation. Robert this led Jeffery Toobin to say the following about Giuliani, let's watch.


JEFFREY TOOBIN, CNN SENIOR LEGAL ANAYLIST: It is so corrupt and ethical what Giuliani said. You know we are in an area here that is literally unprecedented, because not that many people in American life have the power to give a pardon. I mean we are so far out of normal ethical behaviour that it's just worth preserving our sense of outrage about it because so much of this stuff happens every day, we're kind of inured to it. It really is appalling.


INGRAHAM: A sense of outrage. Is Jeffery Toobin that outraged during Benghazi, Fast and Furious, surveilling reporters, checking Cheryl Atkinson's computer? Robert, nevertheless the throwing out the pardon thing, I probably wouldn't have done that if I were Rudy today, it just chums the water for no real reason.

DRISCOLL: Well another reason too, just strategically as a defense lawyer, I wouldn't want Manafort pardoned before this case is over because once he's pardoned, his Fifth Amendment right against prosecution likely goes away. So if he is pardoned he no longer faces criminal prosecution, he would conceivably be forced to testify. And moreover, there's no reason to handle it now, you just wait and see where the chips fall. And if at some point if the president wants to pardon, he can. And as far as it being unprecedented, George Bush Senior pardoned Cap Weinberger the day of his trial I think it was, or the day before his trial.

INGRAHAM: I remember.

DRISCOLL: So it's been done, there is no question there is an inherent power that the president has. The pardon power is one of the few absolutes the president has and there's no real checked on it. So I don't get that outrage that the answer to it is a political answer which is it being done publicly and the president can suffer blow back if he does it.

INGRAHAM: Yeah Harmeet close it out for us because he's always conjuring up this sort of moral outrage. And we had a myriad of instances with the Obama justice department, we had Eric Holder held in contempt of Congress over the documents in, I think it was, Fast and Furious. I mean all these things happen, the tarmac meeting, there's no moral outrage suddenly, oh Jeffery Toobin of CNN is outrage over the discussion pardon. Give me a break, close it out for us.

DHILLON: Well somebody needs to give him smelling salts, the selective outrage, the hypocrisy is laughable. They should be concerned as Americans about the pervasive corruption of the FBI and other agencies in the government and not about this one instance. I'm outraged as a civil libertarian that a judge is appearing to use incarceration as a penalty, as a punishment for somebody prior to their trial. We know that it's actually only supposed to be used as preventative detention in very limited cases where it deals with flight risk and other issues and I don't think that standard was in that today so that's what he should be outraged about from a civil libertarian point of view.

INGRAHAM: It seems she was really lecturing Manafort today saying, "Well, basically you're not in junior high, I can't take away your cell phone but I can't trust you not to talk to witnesses so goodbye". Thank you all, fantastic panel. And with Trump flying so high at home abroad, the resistance's kind of hit a wall. I'm going to explain their latest wily coyote scheme in tonight's Angle next. Meet the real cultists, that's the focus of tonight's Angle. You have to hand it to the anti-Trump resistance, they've tried a lot of different things to stop Donald Trump. Well during the campaign, the chattering classes at various times called him a racist, xenophobe, he was a misogynist, he was stupid, a fraud in business, oh he wasn't as well read as the other candidates, oh he also didn't play nice in the sandbox, remember, with his fellow Republicans. He was brash, boring and an egomaniac, not fit for the presidency.
And now that after this IG Report that came out yesterday, we know that burrowed inside the FBI were agents by day and activists by night who were working on an insurance policy to stop Trump from winning the presidency. And then, when that didn't work, fired FBI Director Jim Comey leaked his notes to a pal who in turn leaked them to the press, all to trigger the appointment of special counsel Robert Mueller on that bogus Russia collusion theory. And now more than a year and $17 million later, well the special counsel's approval numbers shave gone down and Donald Trump's numbers have gone up, hey the economy is soaring and he unleashed the possibility of denuclearized Korean Peninsula. And of course Trump is enforcing our immigration laws after years of neglect. Wages are going up, unemployment is way down, and as a result, Americans are more confident about their future, yay. So now the Trump resistance, they got to try something new.


BOB CORKER, R-TENESSEE SENATOR: It's not a good place for any party to end up with a cult-like situation as it relates to a president.


DON LEMON, CNN HOST: Quick Amanda you're going to have the last word

AMANDA CARPENTER, POLITICAL COMMENTATOR: Donald Trump is accused of leading a cult.

ERIN BURNETT, CNN NEWS ANCHOR: So cult is fair to you, Eric?

ERIC BRADNER, CNN REPORTER: I think the Republican Party is headed that way.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think cult is a very strong but a very good word in this case


INGRAHAM: Obama called us bitter clingers and Hillary called us a basket of deplorables. And an agent in Comey's FBI used less ambiguous language. Check out this nugget from the IG Report, this is how an agent described Trump voters, the day after the 2016 election, "Trump supporters are all poor to middle class, uneducated lazy pos that think he will magically grant them jobs for doing nothing. They probably didn't watch the debates, aren't fully educated on his policies and are stupidly wrapped up in his unmerited enthusiasm". Nice. Well look, Donald Trump isn't perfect, none of us are but more Americans are seeing that his new and often unconventional approaches to governance ae paying off. And they're passed the constant sniping and criticism and are recognizing that through it all, Trump has focused on making life better, safer, more prosperous for the American people. That's not cultish, it's common sense. The closest thing to a cult that we've seen in politics over the past decade is the cult of Obama. Who can forget these gems?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You know, you are the equivalent of a rock star in politics.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The feeling that most people get when they hear Barack Obama's speech. I felt this shiver going up my leg

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Of all the honors that have come your way, all the publicity, who's it make you think of? Is there a loved one?

PIERS MORGAN, ITV HOST: He's got so many plusses doesn't he? In a sense he's personable, he's handsome.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don't think we've ever had a president, save Lincoln, who's such a great speech writer as this man.

REGINA HALL, AMERICAN ACTRESS: Everything about this first family is historic.

SAMUEL L. JACKSON, AMERCIAN ACTOR: You're a better man than me sir, you really care about us and the American people.


INGRAHAM: I could watch that all night long. We had so many clips by the way, we couldn't even fit them into the Angle so maybe we'll have a special just to review all the fawning over Obama. But look the adulation was piled on so high, it was so over the top that even Obama joked and sang about it.


BARACK OBAMA, FORMER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITE STATES: Can someone tell me what happened to the great columns that I requested? And to name my greatest strength, I guess it would be my humility. Greatest weakness, it's possible that I'm a little too awesome. `I'm so in love with you'


INGRAHAM: And although Obama left the White House, his cult members haven't left the commune. Democrats are desperate to have him hit the campaign trails again for the midterms.


KATY TUR, MSNBC HOST: Meet the midterms meets President Obama. Yup Former President Obama is wading into the velvet seat of these midterm elections.

CHRIS MATTHEWS, MSNBC HOST: Obama says Democrats should talk about kitchen table issues.

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN HOST: You went to the Former President Obama saying, "We need you involved for these Midterm elections" True?

CHUCK SCHUMER, D-NY, MINORITY LEADER: Yes I did about six months ago and even asked for help and he was gracious and he's was helping us raise some money.


INGRAHAM: Do they have no one else to turn to? No one? I thought they had a deep bench in the Democrat Party. Don't think for a second that Trump's economic nationalism, his conservative more populous philosophy won't outlast his presidency, it surely will. There's simply no broad constituency for the old Bush Republicanism of unaccountable trade deals, lax borders and perpetual military interventionism. Those days, my friends, are over. So let the good times roll until the Democrats and the bitter bushies come up with some other lame attack against this successful President and his hopeful, very optimistic supporters. And that's the Angle. All right joining me now to react host of "MediaBuzz," here on Fox News Howard Kurtz and Dick Morris, former senior advisor to Bill Clinton. I've been dying to talk to you guys all day about this because when I started hearing this meme this week, `Oh it's the cult of Trump'. They tried to say that he was dumb, that he had dementia, remember that last year? They needed to remove him from office, the cabinet had to be activated and now it's like they're all just a bunch of cultist Jim Jones Kool-Aid drinkers. Dick Morris you've seen the cultish, lavish adulation of both Clinton and Obama. Is Trump more about policy or personality?

DICK MORRIS, FORMER ADVISOR TO BILL CLINTON: Well I think his policy is crucial but I think the thing about his personality that is capturing people is that he's congruent with what the people want. We want a president that gets stuff done without prevaricating or waffling or with the winds blowing and Trump is a builder, he's a developer, that's what they do, he gets it built. And when he talks about Korea or Iran or the economy, the critics all say he can't do it, its' impossible but then he gets it done, he implements it. And even after he does they still say he didn't do it or it'll come apart and that creates a real sense that apart from ideology, apart from program, apart from party, this guy is somebody to follow because he gets it done. It's the same concept that inspired Reagan and even Churchill supporters that we don't care if he's left or right, Labor or Tory or Democrat or Republican, we love the way he acts, the way he gets it done and the way he expresses out innermost desires about what the government should do for us.

INGRAHAM: He's unapologetic in is desire and his impatience, I would say, for change for America, for American workers. That's just refreshing and Howard you've been around Washington for so long it's refreshing to hear somebody like today, I know in the media we're all over, it's like they have a lie meter or something when he went off to the driveway today and he spent, what did he spend Howie? He spent like 45 minutes with just answering questions just out in the driveway, I've never seen anything like this, I thought it was great. But you just wrote a piece about the supposed cult phenomenon and the lines coming from the media all week, so tell us your thoughts about where the real cult phenomenon is today.

HOWARD KURTZ, HOST, "MEDIABUZZ": Yes, the mead have a new four letter c- word for Republicans who support President Trump. And think about that word that's become so common now, "cult," kind of spooky, kind if creepy, extremist overtones. Of course people who would follow such a leader are mindless, delusional whack jobs. And there's a sense here, you showed Bob Corker earlier who never misses a chance to kick the president, the media is just following Corker. But it took me about 15 seconds on the Google to find New York Times editorial last week, the cult of Trump, Axios in February, the cult of Trump, National Journal last year, Trump's cult overwhelms the GOP.

I get the idea that this is President Trump's Republican Party and whether out of loyalty or out of fear many Republicans are falling into line. But to call it a cult, and nobody even gets upset about it just shows you the media mindset. They still don't quite grasp Donald Trump's appeal.

INGRAHAM: It's unbelievable to me, Dick, that now a year-and-a-half into this, his numbers are going up, Mueller's are going down, historic low unemployment for African-Americans, all the measures that we talked about, confidence is up, a possible denuclearized Korean peninsula. This is just wild positive stuff happening. And yet this is the best they have for the attack on Trump. They're waiting for the big deliverance from Mueller, but this is it?

I just had to play something because I know you're going to love this. Lindsey Graham today, again, not always in agreement with Trump, Lindsey Graham was being criticized for actually working with Trump. Let's watch.


SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM, R-SOUTH CAROLINA: I like the president. I trust him in terms of trying to do things that are big and matter.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But people say this is two-faced. Where is the Lindsey Graham of standing up to Donald Trump. What do you say?

GRAHAM: When I worked with President Obama, and I did on occasion, I was a hero. Now when I work with President Trump, I'm two-faced. I know how the game is played. So if you don't like me working with President Trump to make the world a better place, I don't give a --



INGRAHAM: You got Lindsey Graham to swear on TV, that's pretty interesting. But they're trying everything, Dick, but none of it is sticking. I'm telling you, I think they're out of political ammo here. Close it out for us.

DICK MORRIS, FORMER ADVISER TO BILL CLINTON: I think there are two things. I think first people -- the Democrats bet on impeachment. They bet on Russia-gate. And that's falling apart and they have no b-plan. And secondly on policy, it was so clear we're opposed to the tax cuts, we're opposed to Trump's economy, Trump is horrible, that when he accomplishes something, which he's doing tremendously, they can't share the spotlight. They can't share the credit like Republicans could share Clinton's credit for welfare reform and the balanced budget. It was good for them all. But Democrats have joined such a line that they can't.

INGRAHAM: They're fresh out of ideas. It's showing. And I think the American people are noticing it. Sorry I had to cut you off there.

By the way, why are the media turning to scripture now to attack Trump on immigration? You've got to be kidding me. And the deplorable meaning of dads next. "Friday Follies" with Raymond Arroyo.


INGRAHAM: It's time now for "Friday Follies." Is this one of the signs of the apocalypse? You know something strange is up when they start quoting the Bible on MSNBC. Here to explain it to us and so much more in tonight's "Friday Follies" is New York Times bestselling author, Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo who joins us from New Orleans. Raymond, apparently there's an explosion of men also diving into plastic surgery.
Let's hope that's not a Father's Day trend. What's up, Raymond?

RAYMOND ARROYO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: We're going to get into all of that. I've got to start with this Bible mania that's overtaken the networks, Laura. Earlier this week, the Southern Baptist Convention and the Catholic bishops chastised the Trump administration for their immigration policy. Well, that provoked Jeff Sessions, our attorney general, he took the religious bait and starting quoting scripture, saying St. Paul tells us you have to obey the law. Now, wonder of wonders, Ali Velshi today is on MSNBC. He looked like Pat Robertson's understudy. Look.


ALI VELSHI, MSNBC HOST: We actually did dig through the Bible to find passages that lent themselves to the current border practice of separating migrant children from their parents. I want to begin with Matthew chapter 19, verse 14. But Jesus said, suffer little children and forbid them not to come unto me.


ARROYO: Laura, who is forbidding children from going to Jesus? This is conflating the scripture and turning it into a public policy pronouncement that it was never intended to be.

INGRAHAM: How long did the Bible reading go on MSNBC? I'm glad they had the Bible over there. That's a positive thing.

ARROYO: No, no, no. This went on and on. Ali looks like a theologian, look.


VELSHI: I'm not finished this. Let's go to Isaiah chapter 10. Woe unto them that decree unrighteous decrees and that right grievousness --


INGRAHAM: OK, we get the point.

ARROYO: That one's interesting. Laura, but that's an Old Testament reading. Is Ali suggesting we should be a theocracy and you follow God's commands and the kings follow his orders? I don't think so. Look, this policy of separating parents has been on the books for years. They did it during the Obama administration. They did it during the Bush administration. Now I see clerics all over TV saying God wouldn't want this. There are a lot of things God wouldn't want. If they want to use the Bible as the government manual, let's go.

INGRAHAM: All the Catholic churches, they can take all the 11,000 kids, they can clothe them, feed them, send them to college, all the medical care because the taxpayers are out of dough. They're sick of it.

Raymond, we have to get into the explosion of men who are doing plastic surgery, OK?

ARROYO: I knew you would want go here. I haven't had any.

INGRAHAM: I love this segment. I love this segment. OK, so what are the most popular types of plastic surgery for the metrosexual men out there with their skinny jeans, man buns, and man purses?

ARROYO: Laura, it's risen by 29 percent. Here are the top five, and I'm surprised by this, actually. The first is nose reshaping, then eyelid surgery, liposuction, breast reduction was number four.

INGRAHAM: What? Breast reduction?

ARROYO: And hair transplants were at the bottom. I thought that would be at the top. But breast reductions apparently top it. I don't need help there just yet, so I'm going to hold off.

INGRAHAM: when people say the word "moobs," is that what they're talking about? Am I allowed to say that on TV?

ARROYO: Man-boobs? I hope not.

INGRAHAM: OK. So men just want -- so it's not an augmentation unless we're talking about a gender transformation. It's a reduction.

ARROYO: No, they are reducing the man-boobage.

I have to get to one other thing. Kraft cheese just started a contest for Father's Day. They auctioned off five sculptures of dad. They're calling it "Cheesy is Great." Can you imagine doing a promotion like this for Mother's Day, saying mom is cheesy? I doubt it. I hate this diminishment of dad. I saw another thing, a Planet Fitness put out a calendar of dad bods, diminishing dads' bod. This is a bad time to be rapping dads, making them look like a fool. It's Father's Day. We should celebrate men and fathers.

INGRAHAM: Celebrate fathers, male role models all across the country who act as fathers. Raymond's a godfather to one of my kids, so come on.

ARROYO: Hey, I brought my daughter tonight.

INGRAHAM: Have a great weekend, Raymond.

And by the way, this could be the most vile allegation ever made against the president. You're going to have to hear what a former RNC chair said about Trump. I'll play it for you. We'll debate it next.


INGRAHAM: The demagoguery on the separation of children from their illegal immigrant parents has been absolutely idiotic. But it reached a shocking new low on MSNBC this morning. Check out this exchange between former Obama campaign staffer Stephanie Cutter and former RNC chair Michael Steele.


STEPHANIE CUTTER: We can't find a solution to this problem without harming children, without putting them into concentration camps?

MICHAEL STEELE, FORMER REPUBLICAN NATIONAL COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN: I call this a concentration camp for kids, because that's exactly what this is turning out to. When you give kids 22 hours of lockup time and two hours of air time, what else can it be? And if this is where this country is going, the American people need to wake up and pay attention, because your kids could be next.


INGRAHAM: and they'll come for your little dog, too. You just saw the former head of the GOP, who I know and I'm really disappointed in you, Michael Steele, accuse the president of running concentration camps? I would like to say I'm speechless, but I have to talk about it for a segment. So let's discuss it with my friend. We don't agree on everything, but I adore him, civil rights attorney and radio talk radio host Leo Terrell. Happy Friday, Leo. How are you?

LEO TERRELL, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Happy Friday. And I can't wait until you get to Los Angeles. I'm taking your out to dinner. I want to buy you off with kindness.

INGRAHAM: All right, I love it.

Leo, I am a mother of three children, OK. And the idea of parents being separated from children is horrific. In any way you think about it, it feels wrong. However, to describe what we are doing at our border, where people cross the border illegally or present themselves and say, I want asylum as concentration camps is both, I think, dismissive and minimizing the holocaust, and it's just wrong. These kids have clean, nice facilities. They are getting entertainment, recreation, tutoring, teachers, English classes. I mean, they get -- they're treated as well as we can treat them under the circumstances. Your reaction to this?

TERRELL: Laura, I would like to quote a person you're familiar with, Reverend Franklin Graham, who said the separation of these children right now is terrible and disgraceful. I think you would agree with that because you being a mother of three, these children, why are they being denied access to their parents? And guess what. That man in the White House with an executive order can resolve that. And I would think that you can agree with Reverend Franklin Graham, Laura Ingraham, that there is not a justification for those kids to be separated from their parents. We're a better country than that.

INGRAHAM: What I think we have to do to solve this problem, I think the president wants to do this, we have to have a normalized process that is not rife with fraud, that is not just someone who comes to the border and says, gee, if I bring a child, whether the child is my own or my child or someone I found along the way in one of the cattle cars that the drug smugglers and the human traffickers are bringing people into, you can't just allow someone to come into the county with a child and say, OK, we're going to house you together and then we'll release you in the United States and come appear at your hearing in two years, because, guess what, 70 percent of them, 80 percent of them aren't showing up for their hearings. So we can't house kids the same way we house adult criminals obviously, and sadly, you violate our laws, you're running afoul of the U.S. legal system. And criminals are separated from their children all the time.

TERRELL: Right now, Laura, there's a game that's being played in Congress. Republican majority, two immigration bills, a decision to resolve this immigration issue. DACA is being used as a midterm ploy. Help me out here. I'm a dumb-dumb. Why can't the Republicans with those two bills get some type of resolution of border control that enforced the border?

INGRAHAM: They might be doing it. Leo, they actually, I think we have a pretty good shot --

TERRELL: Are they really?

INGRAHAM: -- at something really positive happening. I really do. Look, we had the 2014 crush at the border. I know you and I were talking about it back then when during Obama we had 55,000 family units and kids, underaged minors. Sometimes, by the way, the kids say they kids and we have to do DNA tests and we find out they're 21 years of age. That's happening too and it's happening frequently.

So are border people to be described as running concentration camps? And another well-known person using the word "Nazi." The White House put out a statement tonight and said it is appalling for our federal agents to be referred to in this manner. And many of our agents, Joe Scarborough, would compare sworn federal law enforcement officers who put their lives on the line every day to keep American people safe to Nazis. And I completely agree. It's unacceptable rhetoric that puts a target on the backs of our great law enforcement, and I agree.

We can debate this policy, but we have tens of thousands of people crossing our border, and we have veterans sleeping in the street about three blocks from where we're broadcasting here in San Francisco. As long as we have one veteran on a street tonight, we shouldn't be spending money on illegal immigrants in the United States. I'm sorry. We have catch them and take them back to their home country.

TERRELL: Listen, but the smoke game so to play to hyperbole. I'm not saying that. But I'm asking you, Laura Ingraham, what's the end game? Where is the executive order? What is the end game to the immigration issue, what's the end game --

INGRAHAM: Build the wall, end chain migration, reform asylum laws. I could write the bill in 15 minutes on a piece of paper.

TERRELL: You've got Republicans who --

INGRAHAM: Don't ask me to defend Congress on this. Leo, may I see you in L.A.? I hope to see you in L.A.

It's great to be here in California, but is it on the verge of cracking up? In a moment we're going to tell you how voters could turn the golden state into something totally unrecognizable.


INGRAHAM: We're coming to you tonight from San Francisco. I have had no pies thrown at me yet, so that's a pretty good night so far. California is a spectacular state, but it has a notorious split personality. In November there will be a measure on the ballot to divide the golden state into three parts. Let's bring back San Francisco attorney Harmeet Dhillon to discuss this wild proposal. Harmeet, you're just a couple of blocks from where I am now, but there's the Central Valley, there's Bakersfield, there's some areas of California, Orange County, that is kind of conservative. But up in the Bay Area where we are, it's a different kind of place. What's going to happen?

HARMEET DHILLON, RNC COMMITTEE WOMAN FOR CALIFORNIA: Laura, this is a whacky proposal put on the ballot by a billionaire. He previously put on a proposal a few years ago to split it into six. It's going to fail. I mean, for starters, who wants six liberal Democratic senators in Congress? I don't think anybody wants that. The way these lines are drawn it's going to be two liberal states and one moderate state that will still probably vote liberal. So it's a nonstarter I think both for Democrats and for Republicans. And constitutionally also it has to pass through a number of hurdles. It isn't as simple as people voting for it. So it's dead on arrival, but it does spark some interesting conversations about what's wrong with California, what's wrong here with the big cities that are very liberal here in California.

INGRAHAM: I used to spend a lot of time in San Francisco, but I haven't been, I think it's been a couple of years. I've definitely noticed a deterioration. And this has been written about -- homelessness crisis, the trash. We only saw, what, two needles? Two needles. That's pretty good. We walked five blocks, only two hypodermic needles.

But it's definitely changed. And it's beautiful. It's like nothing else in the world, but I think California can do better. And Harmeet, thank you so much. We will be right back. Final thoughts, stay there.


INGRAHAM: Oh, my goodness, what a fantastic week this was, from North Korea to that explosive I.G. report, no shortage of news. And we thank each and every one of you for choosing to watch this show every night. We try to break it down in a way that's a little different from every angle. We have a fantastic team here on the road in California. It's really important to hit the road and see what America is going through from different perspectives and we'll do that. We'll be in L.A. Monday and Tuesday night.

That's it for us tonight. We'll be back here. And remember, follow me on Twitter @IngrahamAngle, and you'll be seeing all our adventures on Facebook as well. Have a great weekend, everyone. Fly your flag. Now it's time for Shannon Bream and the "Fox News @ Night" team. Have a good weekend.


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