Superpower's Dilemma: Hated but Needed

I'm always amazed that when everything hits the fan, everyone hits up the United States to do something.

Israel and Hezbollah are fighting? Washington, stop the fighting.

Iran is threatening? Washington, stop them from threatening.

North Korea is out of line? Washington, get them back in line.

I just wonder if one of these days, we just say, "You handle it."

China, North Korea is a lot closer to you than it is us. You talk them off the ledge.

All you Arab countries bemoaning what's happening in your neighborhood, start taking responsibility for your neighborhood.

It never ceases to amaze me that a world that loves to bash the U.S., always seems to come running to the U.S. Whether it be to clear a butcher named Hitler from their backyard half a century ago or take care of another one named Milosevic little more than a decade ago.

I guess it comes with being a superpower: you're hated, but you're needed.

I just wonder if one of these days, we tell them all to kiss off. What would happen then?

What would happen if we left it up to North Korea's neighbors to deal with the madman on their block? Or what would happen if we left Iran's friends to deal with the very real threat on their turf?

I know: crazy. But sometimes I think it's crazier the way things are now.

Look, no one is saying as a superpower we are due a thank you.

Sometimes I wonder why we have to keep putting up with the screw you.

It's enough to make a great country stand down and see if any country has the guts to stand up.

Let's just say, with the exception of a blessed few, I won't hold my breath.

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