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JESSE WATTERS, HOST: Hello, I'm Jesse Watters. And this is “The Five.” President Trump is not backing down in the heated feud over Baltimore, instead, Trump's continuing to call out Congressman Elijah Cummings and Democratic leaders for failing the city. He's also taking direct aim at Al Sharpton for trying to make his criticism about race. Watch this.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT: Because I'm pointing out the tremendous corruption that's taken place in Baltimore and other Democratic-run cities. People have called from Baltimore thanking me so much, because all that money that's been spent over 20 years has been stolen and wasted by people like Elijah Cummings. I am the least racist person there is anywhere in the world. When conmen -- almost all my business life because I have to deal with them, unfortunately, in New York, but I got along with him, Al Sharpton. Now, he's a racist.


WATTERS: While Trump is ripping Democrats for squandering billions of dollars in Baltimore, an administration official explaining the large sum that's going to the city.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: President Trump has given $16 billion in 2018 alone to Elijah Cummings' district in federal grants. My question to you guys is this. What are you actually doing with the money so that it benefits residents in the community, for once, instead of de-pocket crooked politicians?


WATTERS: And finally, President Trump is sticking to the facts, but the media is flat-out ignoring them, says they don't have data to back up their points, the partisan press is turning to smears and over-the-top hysteria.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So when the president says rat and rodent infested, what do you think? I mean, is that just blatant racism?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Infested, infested, infested, it's a word. It's vermin. It's a Hitlarian term.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Let's talk about the word infested when it was used against our Jewish brothers and sisters during the holocaust.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There are so many stunning parallels to what Hitler was doing.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He's taken all the worst qualities of every fascist dictator that we have throughout history, and he's mimicking them. He's repeating them.


WATTERS: So, Greg, I think what happened is they try to play the race card and it didn't work, because they've all said the same exact thing about Baltimore, Democrats and the media, so they bring in the Hitler card.

GREG GUTFELD, HOST: It's idiotic. According to April, urchin is no different than a concentration camp, because they actually target infestation. I love New York City. I've been here for 20 years. I crap on that city every day. The things I see on the subway, the things I see on my own neighborhood, because I wanted to change. It is necessary for an opposition party to do this sort of thing that Trump is doing because -- usually, your side won't call you out.

So Baltimore is an absolute mess and we know it, but the Democrats won't call it out because they're kind of calling themselves out, and they may not get the money. They might not keep getting the money if they actually fix things, so things stay broken that's OK. But the most -- if you see criticizing a person of color as racist, you might be racist. You know, sir, you can't criticize John, because he's black. That is the most pandering crap I've ever heard. You should be able to criticize anybody. More, particularly, you should be able to criticize the city that they represent, because maybe you might help the people.

Trump's tweet had created a focus on the city that might do something about the problem. They might invigorate concerns. You might think he's a jerk, he'll take that. He'll take it. Call him a jerk, he doesn't care, but maybe somebody might do something about Baltimore.

WATTERS: Juan, what do you think about Greg's point that perhaps Democratic leaders in Baltimore, around the country, don't really want to fix the problem there, because they want the problem to exist. They want the dependency. They want the federal money. I mean, can they not fix it or they don't want to fix it, what's the issue?

JUAN WILLIAMS, HOST: I think the issue is your bizarre thinking on this. I --

WATTERS: What is the issue?

WILLIAMS: The issue --

WATTERS: They can't fix it or they don't want to fix it?

WILLIAMS: Let me just say that I think the issue here is not what Greg said, by the way. I think the president is trying to distract from Elijah Cummings' effort and oversight on Trump. And he sees Elijah Cummings, especially, when Elijah Cummings went after his immigration policy, separation of children from parents at the border, he saying, hey, wait a second, Elijah Cummings, why are you talking about what's going on at the border? You should be talking about Baltimore.


WILLIAMS: So this is a counterpunch --

WATTERS: It's a counterpunch.

WILLIAMS: Yeah, that's what it is. So that has nothing to do with fixing problems that you were just talking about. It has -- and by the way --

WATTERS: So the president doesn't want to fix Baltimore?

WILLIAMS: I don't see him having demonstrated any interest in fixing --

WATTERS: Well, most of his policies would help Baltimore.

WILLIAMS: No, it wouldn't. And secondly, you have a lot of people in Baltimore who have been very clear that Trump is not sincere in his attack on them, they don't see any effort from the president, but the president has never shown an interest in dealing with these issues.

WATTERS: Well, I gave more money than Obama gave --


WILLIAMS: Big ticket items like the Hopkins Hospital and dredging of harbors, this is just not --


WATTERS: Katie, a lot of this since he rips the district could do a better job getting the money at the right place, Katie.

KATIE PAVLICH, HOST: There's also a lot of people who are backing up what the president has said, including one of the black pastors who is at that -- that meeting at the White House You have residents of Baltimore in his district, being interviewed about the conditions, saying he hasn't done anything for them. Nothing has changed. But, to Greg's point about solving this problem, for them to solve the problem, they would have to admit that there's a problem.

And we're in this crazy zone now where -- there's a reporter today doing a live shot in Baltimore and a rat ran behind her, but we're not allowed to talk about rats infestation, and the fact that this is happening in the city. It's like Baltimore needs to admit the first step of the 12-step program. Like, there is a problem. They're addicted to government spending. They're addicted to big government. And the only way it's going to change is if they have an intervention, which Trump is doing, and hit complete rock bottom.

And Trump has said he's willing to work with Elijah Cummings or people in Baltimore to solve the problem, and that's exactly the point. He's willing to work with anybody to solve the problem, even if you do say horrible things about him.

WATTERS: What do you think, Dana?

DANA PERINO, HOST: Oh, well, that's a nice open-ended question. I would like to answer it from a communication standpoint --

WATTERS: Please do.

PERINO: -- if you allow me to do that. As I was watching the president today when he came back from his event and he took some questions from the press. And all the questions -- the Democrats still don't know how to turn the tables back on President Trump. They haven't learned it. So -- just give me a moment. So the president sends out a tweet. This happens almost every Saturday or Sunday --


PERINO: -- going back three years now. That started a frenzy, OK? And then the media spends four days -- today's articles were about, did the president have a strategy or is this an impulse? So he comes back today, they ask him this and he says, no, no strategy. Zero strategy. This is just like I want to solve the problem. I'm bringing this up. And so then -- the other thing that, from a communication standpoint, it's pretty impressive.

Back in 2016, during the campaign, Trump campaign, remember, was not the well-oiled machine that you're used to. What do they have now? There're wash and cash. They have an RNC that's fully staff. They have an opposition research team that's amazing. So the president on a Sunday morning or Saturday morning can tweet this, and what happens immediately? The opposition research team is able to say, oh, no, Bernie Sanders said this in 2016. Here's the tape.

Oh, you know what? Oh, the mayor said this last week. And they're able to prove it. So, instead of the -- talking about -- what did he mean by his tweet? And going through like diagramming the sentence, they are not able to actually talk about the issues, and that's where he continues to win. The first person that's able to say, oh, yeah? What about this, Mr. President? That would be helpful. But instead, they have these arguments.

WILLIAMS: Let me just say to Dana. Dana, this picks up on what Greg was talking about. There're Democrats who have said Baltimore has serious problems, high rates of poverty, and they have done this in the spirit of trying to solve problems, Jesse.

The president comes in and what does he do? Demeans people in terms of what human being would want to live here? This takes us back to the way he talks about S-hole countries and the way that he talks about John Lewis, needs to pay more attention. If he cared, he would be also talking about some of these white congressman Republicans who come from districts with far higher poverty rates among whites and blacks than Baltimore. That's why no one --

GUTFELD: Like New Hampshire. When he brought up New Hampshire, I love how he does refocus -- little history, now people are relearning about the issues of Baltimore. And we also get to look back and learn more about Al Sharpton who has been recast as a leading civil rights leader until you do a Google search on Freddie's fashion mark where people die. Crown Heights where a Jewish man died. Tawana Brawley, the original great hoax of our time. So it's kind of interesting.

And to the race thing, Trump was friends with Al Sharpton, now he's not friends. So was he not racist then and racist now? I mean, you've got to be consistent. And again, he targets so many people.

WATTERS: And to both of your points, now the president is fully on offense. The Mueller thing is over. He's got a lot of money in the bank. And he's pointing out problems on the Democrat side. And for the first time in a long time, the Democrats are on the defensive and the media is on the defensive.


PERINO: I'm not saying that there's not possible negative consequences within other places for the president's tweet. I'm just saying that the Democrats -- in three years, have not figured out a way to turn the tables on him immediately, and then they spent four days diagramming a sentence and it doesn't work for them.


WILLIAMS: What I'm saying to you, right now, he's calling Elijah Cummings a thief, suggesting that Cummings has been stealing federal dollars going to Baltimore.


WATTERS: I think Donald Trump has been called a lot worse, Juan.

WILLIAMS: Hang on. I don't care about that. What I care about is you're going after people who have a reputation and who are -- and he has no evidence --


WILLIAMS: Hang on. And that's why Quinnipiac today, 51 percent of American voters say Trump is a racist. You guys don't hear this. You think it's all made up.

GUTFELD: I love how the polling -- the president is racist after months and months of the media saying the president is racist. If the poll shows that the media works.

WILLIAMS: No, this has been true. I wrote a book about this -- just after he was elected, and it was true then. Most Americans think this guys is a --

GUTFELD: Americans need to refute and reject the small percentage of people and the media who push race as a weapon, because everything else they have fails.

WATTERS: Right. And if Bernie says the same thing as the president, that doesn't make Bernie Sanders a racist either?


WATTERS: That's your thinking, Juan. It doesn't matter what is said, it matters who says it according to you guys.

WILLIAMS: -- the Democrats weren't pointing out -- they do point them out, but they point them out in terms of solving problems.


GUTFELD: But they're different because they're Democrats.

WATTERS: If a Democrat says infestation and Trump says infestation, why is Trump's racist and the Democrats not?


WATTERS: --socialism. Greg previews the Democratic debate, up next.


GUTFELD: The debate tonight is like a freeway with a lot of bad drivers going somewhere terrible in a hurry. They all crowd into the far-left lane thinking that's the fastest way home. Problem is that lane is now backed up. Engines are revving going nowhere good. If only one or two candidates checked their side views and saw that vacant middle lane and hopped right in, they race right to the front. That's the thing about sanity it's attractive to the rest of us who've seen where that other lane goes.

Now, that movement to the middle lane would make sense except for the cops, i.e. the media, who will ticket you for any infraction that might come with expressing any moderate views. Racism, sexism, any-ism, those are the labels the press flings with gleeful abandon. No wonder the new Democratic Party now defends MS-13, Antifa, and rodents. That's where the far-left lane takes you, which is where you find all the sheep, for now. And that lane, bleeding away, mistaking the attention from the press for the desires of America.

Instead, it only represents the screeches voices of the press and social media, who are now the loudest voices at the party. The candidates are merely mirrors of the media, one heading the wrong way, the other cheering them on, never pausing to check the damage they leave behind, Baltimore, St. Louis, L.A., Detroit. It's a slow commute when you do with your doors locked.

So, Juan, Rahm Emanuel said this about the 2020 Democrats, and I think you've said this before, too often, you succumb to chasing plots on twitter. Care to respond to that, Mr. Williams?

WILLIAMS: I can't believe that Greg Gutfeld is asking me about social media?


WILLIAMS: Mr. Social Media?

GUTFELD: Yes, yes.

WILLIAMS: Is that right?


GUTFELD: That's what you've been saying, though, that twitter -- if the candidates thought for themselves -- instead of chasing the twitter --

WILLIAMS: Yeah. I mean, the problem for me is, I, you know, come from a time when campaigns really were about new cycles, as opposed to, sort of, impulsive compulsion thoughts and trying to get attention by doing push-up at airports and going to the dentist, right? So it works. The problem is that these things have real impact. I mean, you know, you look at what happens today. I think it's Cardi B had an interview, right? And guess what, 2.4 million people, you know? So, I mean --

PERINO: With Bernie.

WILLIAMS: Yeah. So, I mean, that's unbelievable to me.

GUTFELD: You're a big Cardi B fan, so that's going to influence you. You know all the words. Can you recite some --

PERINO: I do admire her. Unlike some celebrity who will just be like -- wear a t-shirt and do an ad or something like that. She's actually should sat down, do interviews, she's thoughtful. I think that, though, it's not just the media that's pushing them. I do think that it's twitter. There was a few strategists who said that they worry too much about twitter.

Well, the thing is -- Joe Biden on twitter, he gets trashed. But he keeps going up in the poll. And so, in some ways, I think about -- I think Rahm Emanuel is exactly right. But then I wonder, wait, is he the establishment that's going to be proved wrong?

GUTFELD: Yeah, which is what happened before.

WATTERS: That's true.

GUTFELD: What do you think, Jesse? Man of high hair.

WATTERS: I want to talk about Biden's predicament. That's tomorrow.

PERINO: Predicament.

WATTERS: And he faces --

WILLIAMS: What word is that?

WATTERS: Predicament.

WILLIAMS: Oh, good, good.


WATTERS: And this is tomorrow, and he faces two of them and this is what they are. Number one, Biden's likable because he's undisciplined. Yet, he has to be discipline in order to survive.


WATTERS: Because what we all like about Joe is that he's so gaff-prone, and loose, and he's back-slapping, and grabby, and says the wrong things all the time, but he has to be near perfect tomorrow in order to get by. And I don't think you can kind of turn that switched off after so 70 years.

The second thing is, when Biden is attacked, he gets super frantic and defensive and starts spit firing all of his legislative rundowns for the last three decades. And it comes off as extremely crazy and uptight and wild and defensive, but he needs to remain calm when he's attacked like that. But, Trump is in his head because he's supposed to be Sleepy Joe, so he can't act calm. He can't rise above it and act calm and sturdy and steady or else he'll -- the Sleepy Joe nickname will stick.

WILLIAMS: Your times up.

GUTFELD: Interesting psychoanalysis. Katie, let's trash CNN for a moment.


GUTFELD: How would they --

PERINO: I want to thank them. The debate is at 8 PM.


GUTFELD: I'm not watching it. I'm watching Tucker and Hannity, because really this is the undercard, Katie. No one should really be watching this. They should be watching Tucker and Hannity.

WILLIAMS: What about tomorrow?

GUTFELD: Tomorrow watched the Thursday highlights on “The Five.”

PAVLICH: Well, I'm sure the questions from the CNN, the nonbiased CNN moderators would be very appropriate.

GUTFELD: Ironic that they're called moderators and there's no moderation.

PAVLICH: Good one. I think the most interesting part about where this debate is, is how the Trump policies have affected Michigan. So Michigan is part of the blue wall, something that President Trump tore down. Democrats have been frantically trying to get those voters back in their corner. The Trump tax cut, almost every single Democrat running against him has said they're going to repeal those. Put them back in place. Twenty five percent of people in Michigan -- or 25 percent of -- was the average tax cut in Michigan for the majority of the families there. That's a lot.

There're almost 200,000 people who no longer paying the Obamacare individual mandate. Well, that's something that Joe Biden has talked about defending and bringing back. So I think when you look at the policy positions, they're going to be going after President Trump to try to keep the focus away from the infighting and the civil war going on with the left. But when it comes to how it affected people there who are going to be listening tonight, I'm not so sure they're going to make an impact.

WILLIAMS: One last point on tonight, because I think we're all jumping for tomorrow night, is that you have Sanders versus Warren. And Warren has already come out with some endorsements that used to go to Bernie Sanders. And it looks like --

PERINO: But she doesn't have Cardi B.

WILLIAMS: No, she doesn't have Cardi B, who is a big one. But she does have people who previously were like head of the progressive caucus in Congress now saying, oh, no, I was with Sanders, now I'm with Warren. And as you know, he's going up in the polls, Sanders --

PAVLICH: I'm so confused about Cardi B, though, because she did that great rant about taxes and how horrible they were, and how the government waste your money, but then she's partnering with Bernie Sanders?

GUTFELD: Yeah. I don't know. I think the real matchup, Marianne Williamson and hate. Will she slay hate with love? Buckets of love. She will drown hate with buckets of love. I'm going to keep talking like that for the rest of the show. Ted Cruz confronted by an angry mob of left-wing immigration protester, the video ahead with love.


WILLIAMS: Ted Cruz getting an unexpected welcome at the airport. The Texas senator surrounded by a group of angry immigration protesters. They slammed him for conditions at the border. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Americans will not be silent. Americans will not be silent. Americans will not be silent.



WILLIAMS: Senator Cruz appeared unfazed by the confrontation, even stopping and take a picture with a fan in the middle of the chaos. Dana, how would you handle this?

PERINO: Well, probably not as graciously as he did. Ted Cruz is actually has a great sense of humor. He's pretty funny. And so, I think -- either one, it turns people from running for office. Or two, annoys everybody that's in the airport. Three, the fact that he is unfazed shows that he -- you have to have a level, as a conservative, as somebody who can be just sort of deal with it, not overreact, because imagine if he had. That would be the video that would be everywhere. I thought he handled it right. I'm just sad it happened to him.

WILLIAMS: All right, Katie, isn't it like first amendment, free speech, he's a public -- elected public official. People should speak to him.


GUTFELD: Not at airports, Juan.


PERINO: Don't talk to anybody at the airport.

WILLIAMS: Yeah, because he might be looking for a Cinnabon.

GUTFELD: Exactly.

PAVLICH: Yeah. If you're gonna get between people their Cinnabon and their coffee --I don't know what time this was, but any time in the airport, actually, especially if you're trying to get on the road and catch a flight, it's not a good idea, probably. But this kind of thing is not effective. You know, they're chanting, free the children. Where are you going to put the children?

I mean, a lot if the time these children are sent by themselves alone, unaccompanied. They've been taken away from sex traffickers. They've been prevented from being sent to sex traffickers in America. They're actually in a safer position in DHS or HHS custody than they are just being thrown out to whoever. So this is not only effective, but their solution to just throw out the kids from custody is not a good one either.

WILLIAMS: All right, Jesse, but I think if we just look at the substance of the matter, I think lots of people are upset about separating children from parents --

PAVLICH: They're not always parents.

WILLIAMS: -- and, you know, so the question is, you know, should the Senate -- says our politicians be doing something different?

WATTERS: Yeah. They cast a law to fix the border law. That's what Republicans have been saying for about a year, and the Democrats have done nothing. Here's the deal. I was on the subway the other day, and some guy takes his phone and there was a picture of a dead migrant baby, face down in the Rio Grande, and he shoves it in my face, and he goes, don't you care about this? Of course, I care.

GUTFELD: I'm sorry I did that.


WATTERS: And this was emotional blackmail of what the left does. They put something out there and they say, you don't care about kids and you support deaths. But if you look at what the Republicans have offered, laws, lines, borders, those are the things that save lives. Those are compassionate ideas. And those are the kind of things that get everybody security and safety on both sides of the border.

These protesters they don't know anything about the Flores agreement or the fact that Obama built the very detention facilities that they're calling concentration camps or the fact that Democrats didn't do anything for six months while Republicans were asking for money to help this.

They don't care about the traffickers or the fact that the migrant stream goes this way. And then the narcotics smugglers go the other way, while border patrol's distracted. They don't know anything about that. They just want to chant and get in your face.

WILLIAMS: Maybe the Republicans have power - all power for two years. Maybe they didn't care.

WATTERS: I think we both cared, and everybody wants to fix the problem.

WILLIAMS: I think people want borders with some compassion, not cruelty.

WATTERS: There is nothing cruel about what's going on.

WILLIAMS: Oh! No, separating children from parents is not cruelty.

WATTERS: You don't know if they're actually their parent, Juan.


WATTERS: They could be trafficked.

WILLIAMS: You know what we agree on, we agree--

WATTERS: You actually think that you should just keep a trafficked kid with an adult with no ID.

WILLIAMS: I think you could do the work--

WATTERS: Do you think that's a good idea, Juan.

WILLIAMS: You can do the research. That is not the issue.

WATTERS: That's exactly the issue.

WILLIAMS: That is not the issue.

WATTERS: That's exactly the issue.


PAVLICH: There is documented cases of it.

WILLIAMS: Zero tolerance policy put in place by this President to in fact try to discourage families from seeking asylum.

WATTERS: Your side supports human trafficking. You support that.

WILLIAMS: You know that's the kind of heated that just leads us nowhere--

WATTERS: It's true.

WILLIAMS: Greg get in here.

GUTFELD: That is the physical embodiment of Twitter, right. Because I don't think those people care about the children, it's just a football for their team sport or else they would have said something years ago. But this is the football now that they can use to score against Ted Cruz. Also, I mean it's like you know they're not flying anywhere. All right. That bothers me.

I mean it's like of course free speech. Love it. But you know, the airport is sacred, my man. You can't go in there. People are the worst selves at the airport and they're the worst selves at protest. You put them together. I remember Andrew Breitbart did something very funny.

He was at an event that attracted Left-wing protesters. What did he do? Did you remember this.

PAVLICH: Roller blade.

GUTFELD: He roller blade over to them and invited them to breakfast at Applebee's. That's what we need more of, we need of--

PERINO: That's how you turn the tables. The other thing is that these protesters made Ted Cruz a sympathetic figure.


PERINO: Which is not easy.



WILLIAMS: By the way--

PERINO: I'll fight you.

WILLIAMS: Dana is kind of sharp after vacation. But Greg, you can't get in there unless you are going somewhere.

GUTFELD: Where was that? Was at the baggage.

WILLIAMS: I know, it was like at the gate.

PERINO: At the gate.

GUTFELD: Where are they going?

WILLIAMS: I don't know.

GUTFELD: Tell. Thank you, Dana.

WILLIAMS: He's never going anywhere. They're looking for a welfare flight. New study puts a big price tag on the Green New Deal. How much will it cost you, you're going to be surprised. That's next on “The Five.”


PERINO: A new study puts a staggering price tag on the Green New Deal. The plan pushed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others will cost somehow homeowners at least $70,000 in the first year, if implemented and that number rises to $1.25 million after five years.

Experts warn that costs could surge even higher because not all the details of the plan to transform the economy are known. The big question is, will studies like this stop Democrats from moving forward with climate plans or will they continue to press ahead. I think Jesse, the answer is press ahead.

WATTERS: Right. I mean typical liberalism, the people you are trying to help end up being hurt by all these policies. Look at gun free zones. They're now used for target practice. Look at raising the minimum wage. Everybody gets laid off. I did a thing here on the war on poverty since 1968. They've spent trillions of dollars fighting poverty.

You know what the poverty rate was in 1968? 12 percent. You know what is in 2019? 50 years later, 12 percent. It did nothing. All this money that we spent did absolutely nothing. And like the Mueller Report, I think everybody should read the Green New Deal and I printed out a copy, Juan pay close attention.

WILLIAMS: All right.

WATTERS: Everybody is guaranteed access to nature. Everybody is guaranteed free housing, a job, and if you don't want to work, they guarantee your income, they're going to get rid of all fossil fuels and the combustion engine and retrofit every building in America.

Also, this is a quote, plant lots of trees. Some real smart people did this. They get rid of all nuclear power plants. No more drill at Alaska. No more drilling off the Gulf Coast. And this is the best line, this is a quote. The question isn't how we pay for it, but what we will do with all of the shared prosperity. They actually think this thing is going to make money.

WILLIAMS: Yes, I can understand why. By the way--


WILLIAMS: Imagine that everybody would have access to a park or - because terrible--

GUTFELD: Like they don't already.

WILLIAMS: Democrats--

GUTFELD: I can go to any park at 3 AM.

PAVLICH: Everywhere.

WILLIAMS: By the way, I think you guys should question the source of these studies.


PAVLICH: It's her office.


PERINO: This is from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

WILLIAMS: No, I said the source of the study that Jesse--

WATTERS: Glad you mentioned because they addressed cost in the actual Green New Deal, which says every - if every billionaire, an American company pulled all of their resources together to fight climate change, it still wouldn't be nearly enough.

PAVLICH: OK. But this Green New Deal, all the things that you just rattled off, prove that it's not about the environment or being green at all.


PAVLICH: Which her - the congresswoman's chief of staff admitted that this is not about the environment, this is about changing the--

GUTFELD: The whole economy.

PAVLICH: Structure. The economic structure of the United States to a socialist Marxist model. So, it's not about the environment and that's how it's been a lot.

PERINO: Well, they call it, they talk about it basically. And Kamala Harris yesterday Juan she signed on to this idea that anything that passes with the Green New Deal would have to also get an equity scoring by the Congressional Budget Office. What do you think of that?

WILLIAMS: Well, I think the cost of inaction is pretty great. If we do nothing and so far, Republicans have no plan.

GUTFELD: Nuclear.

WILLIAMS: Putting forward an idea. And Jesse goes on about well, it's this or Katie says, well, it looks like socialist, everything but the--

PAVLICH: They said it.

WATTERS: I read from the report.


WATTERS: How dare I read from the report, Juan.

WILLIAMS: Access to the environment, imagine--

WATTERS: Guaranteed income, if you don't want to work.

WILLIAMS: The whole idea seems to me to have somebody putting forward ideas and then you get these advocacy groups pretending that they are impartial in terms to say, oh, it's going to cost you so much in order to scare everyone away from thinking for themselves.

PERINO: The researcher Daniel Turner from the Competitive Enterprise Institute, I think we have him on The Daily Briefing tomorrow, so I will allow him to defend himself tomorrow. Greg, a last word to you?

GUTFELD: Orange. PERINO: That's it?

GUTFELD: I believe in climate change. I don't believe in climate models and a lot of this insanity is based on climate modeling that has never been right. These climate models fail because modeling predictions actually fail anyway. It's like if you put trillions of dollars on the Green New Deal that would be like hopping into a plane that has never flown, but some so- called experts are saying, hey, it might fly.

We've got some plans here that says it flies. It's crazy. The problem with climate data is that it goes through two tunnels. The first tunnel is the grant money tunnel and so that awards the climate modeling and then the second tunnel is the media which--

PERINO: But that's so funny, because kind of like Juan is talking about CEI, not being partial--


PERINO: Not being impartial, but all of these models and studies like where the grant money comes from, that's not impartial at all.

GUTFELD: Yes, exactly. But then it goes--

PERINO: I'm not questioning the science though.

GUTFELD: No, you can't - you can question the modeling all you want. Because everybody knows it is screwed up. But the problem is then that goes into the tunnel of the media and most people in journalism, they're nice people, they're smart people but they've never taken a science class. They've never taken an economics class. They never - so they don't even know how to read this crap.

WATTERS: Wait, wait.

PAVLICH: That works on a conservation project.


PAVLICH: Most important.

PERINO: We've got to go. So, TSA finds a missile launcher in a man's suitcase, shark attacks during shark week. Believe it or not. And there may be a gross reason why your food delivery order feels a little light. It's all in the Fastest 7. Up next.


PAVLICH: Welcome back. It is time for the Fastest 7.

GUTFELD: Panorama.

PAVLICH: First up, so much for packing light. Take a look at what one guy had in his suitcase. That's a missile launcher that TSA found inside a checked bag in Baltimore. Turns out the guy is in the military to bring home a souvenir from Kuwait. Thankfully, there was no real threat. And the man was eventually allowed to catch his flight suggesting whatever I pack, my missile launcher, I make sure that TSA knows all about it.

GUTFELD: Avoid the jokes.

WATTERS: Yes, they traced it back to the Fast and Furious. This was one of those weapons that Eric Holder walk.


WATTERS: Across the border and who knows where it went.

PERINO: But did he get to keep it?

PAVLICH: Yes, he got to keep it. So, it wasn't--

GUTFELD: No, it wasn't.

PERINO: He didn't get to keep it.

PAVLICH: I thought he got to keep it.

PERINO: It's worse than water bottles in your carry on. OK. That's annoying when you're going through the TSA line and checked and then you carry on.

GUTFELD: So, that's what you worry about. OK. I worry when they go through my stuff--

PERINO: They're going to find--

GUTFELD: No, they just start pulling stuff out that you don't want people to see.

WATTERS: You travel with that thing.

GUTFELD: Yes, I travel. It's a medical device, Jesse.

PAVLICH: What if they put stuff in your bag, Juan.

WILLIAMS: Do you think TSA is putting stuff in?

PAVLICH: He is worried about taking stuff out of your bag. What if they accidentally take something out of someone else's bag and put a missile launcher in your bag--

PERINO: And then say - and then bust you.


WILLIAMS: Wow, I didn't think of that. What I thought about this story was, wow, this guy. He's a special case. I mean I can - you know like the other day they were talking about people who forget they were at the pistol range and they forget their gun. I don't know about that even. But a missile launcher. This guy is a gem. I mean I would put him in jail for not being mentally competent.

PAVLICH: So, military weapons are not permitted and checked or carryon bags.

PERINO: Good to know.

PAVLICH: Good to know. But they're also not illegal. And this missile launcher was not operable or loaded, so important things. But up next, it's shark week. Greg's favorite. So, you know what that means. The Florida beach community known as the shark attack capital of the world has seen two shark attacks in just two days. An 18-year-old surfer was bitten yesterday and here's his friend.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's kind of crazy because like I came back out here with my buddy Reed and it's like the same thing happened again. So, it definitely shows how many sharks are out here.


PAVLICH: And on the same day, another surfer we told you about yesterday was bitten in the arm. So, everybody is freaking out a little bit. The locals say, there is nothing to worry about.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The surface is wonderful. I mean sharks are just a part of our lives.


PAVLICH: I wonder how Marianne Williamson feels about the sharks.

GUTFELD: She would conquer them with love. Look, OK, this is more anti- shark propaganda compared to - think about it. Compared to the amount of harm sharks due to the amount of anti-shark press they get. They are the most maligned creature on the planet. More so than redheads.

I mean dogs kill more people in a month than sharks probably kill in years. And I blame Steven Spielberg for this. Imagine if Jaws were about a giraffe instead, we would not be talking about - there'll be no Shark Week. Sharks are like - sharks don't do that much damage, but we think they do and it's wrong. PERINO: Just trying to imagine a giraffe.


PERINO: In shark.

GUTFELD: It will be called neck.


GUTFELD: It will be called neck. And they'd strangle you with your neck. You'd have a bigger chance of that.

PERINO: They have very strong necks.

GUTFELD: They do.

WILLIAMS: But I think Stephen King wrote Cujo, writes about a dog.

GUTFELD: Cujo, yes, Cujo, about the dog.

WILLIAMS: Yes, I mean we've had dogs maligned, but what strikes me here is that you're exactly right. I mean there's more chance of you getting hurt by a car crash.

GUTFELD: Jasper.

WILLIAMS: Car crash. Gunshots. I could go on. But I mean you know it's scary. So, it's kind of entertaining to be scared, right.

WATTERS: Juan, if I say Florida has shark infested waters, is that racist? Infestation.

GUTFELD: That should be the name we give next.


WATTERS: I'm fine.


WATTERS: I'm fine. Just checking.

PAVLICH: There is one shark victim who was from Arizona. But that's why we don't have a beach there. Florida got shot by a shark. All right. Up next, finally ever noticed some fries or chips missing from your food delivery order. There may be a gross reason why according to a new study, 28 percent of delivery drivers admit to taking a bite out of your meal. Dana, do you believe this.

PERINO: I don't believe that this is true except if you ordered fries.

GUTFELD: Exactly.

PERINO: OK, because like a fry is like an easy thing that take a couple. I mean also like probably smells good and you're in the car and you're in traffic whatever. I mean I hope you don't do it to me, but I don't think that they're eating like your burrito.

PAVLICH: Jesse, if you were a delivery guy like on that bike, would you be stealing people's food.

WATTERS: Well, you've got to smell it first to see if it's tasty and then maybe, I dabble. If I was hungry.

PAVLICH: You would dabble.

WATTERS: I would double but I wouldn't admit in a study that I dabble. That's where they're stupid.

PAVLICH: OK, Greg, do you trust food, you order food.

GUTFELD: Absolutely. This is how I eat every day. I agree. I never order something that has more than two or three of a kind, but I'd rather have somebody remove something than add something.

PAVLICH: Fair enough. Juan?

WILLIAMS: II think this is a sort of East Coast, Left Coast issue. I don't think most people in the middle of the country are ordering food from food delivery services, except pizza.

WATTERS: Really?

WILLIAMS: So, if somebody took a bite of a pizza that I would note--

WATTERS: Juan, you're saying in the rest of the country besides because no one order--

PAVLICH: No, I think that's true.

PERINO: It's a weird thing.

WATTERS: There are cities in the middle of the country.

GUTFELD: Really? Prove that.

PAVLICH: OK. We're going to prove that next time. One More Thing is up next.


WATTERS: It's time now for One More Thing, Dana.

PERINO: OK. So yesterday I showed you pictures of my vacation out West. But I wanted to tell you, you know I love a small world story.


PERINO: OK, so I'm in Boseman headed to Newcastle, Wyoming, stop at a Starbucks and go in and this woman is like, oh, my gosh I was wanting to meet you. Her name is Shaun Wickland (ph) and she is helping her dad, Joe Flynn. That's Shaun Wickland there.

She had skipped church because she was going to help her dad sell this book The Miracle of Bubba, which is about their dog and it is pretty amazing. He had a very unique stroke like accident, left and fully paralyzed, but they were able to get his health and his life back. There he is, he's still living and her dad, Joe Flynn has written this book The Miracle of Bubba and I told her see, God wanted you to miss church today, so you could meet me, and we could talk about the show. We'll talk about the book on the show and I told her I would do it and congratulations to them on this book and to their sweet little dog, Bubba.

GUTFELD: Good up God for Dana.

PERINO: Well, who wouldn't. I'm kidding America.

WATTERS: Nailed.

PERINO: Don't at me, don't even talk to me.

GUTFELD: All right. So, my Gutfeld monologues is a big hit. In Asbury Park New Jersey. There is me with Tom Shillue talking about crap and then here's the crowd, a crowd lining up for questions. You come to the show, you get to ask questions for an hour and then you get to meet me afterwards if you pay extra. Here's a nice little family here. So, here are the dates for the next shows.

Orlando, Florida that's September 14th. Atlanta, Georgia, September 15th. Omaha, Nebraska, October 12th. Jacksonville. Durham, North Carolina, Knoxville, Tennessee.

WATTERS: Stop yelling.

GUTFELD: Am I yelling?


GUTFELD: God, I sound like a carnival barker. Ticket info, Let's sell these babies out.

WATTERS: I think you should at a stop in Baltimore, Greg. Do it for the people. All right, Juan.

WILLIAMS: All right. So boy, you know what, they grow up fast. Take a look at my twin granddaughters. Yep, that's Wesleyan Pepper in fake wigs starting to look like teenagers.

WATTERS: Oh! My God.

WILLIAMS: The seven-year old's began their birthday weekend with a trip to medieval times. That's a dinner party place that features nights pretending to joust. Here are the two princesses with their crowns. And here they are with their buddies. The other girls who attended the party. Later, they had a birthday party for the family.

Their mom, the legal eagle made this astounding cake, it looks like--

PERINO: She is so good at those cake.

WILLIAMS: A castle crowned by King Arthur's sword in the stone.


WILLIAMS: And finally, here I am with the girls and their lovely mom. So, from pop-pop, Happy Birthday, Ladies.

PERINO: Indeed.

WATTERS: I love that shirt, Juan. What was that?

GUTFELD: I never had parties like that.

WATTERS: All right. Big flooding in Lahore, Pakistan. Did you guys hear about that?

GUTFELD: No, we didn't.

WATTERS: Big flooding.

WILLIAMS: Look at that.

WATTERS: And it was all over the news and like the local weather anchors in United States, the Pakistani anchors went a little nut too. Watch this.


WATTERS: Now, that's how you report from a flood.

PERINO: Greg, we want to see you out there.

WATTERS: Right move. Let's go.

GUTFELD: Just discriminate against short reporters.

WATTERS: Yes, that's some dedication right there. Speaking of dedications, I'm on Hannity tonight. There it is. Dedicated at 9 PM Eastern.

GUTFELD: I love your--


PAVLICH: I want to see Jesse out there reporting in the deepest of floodwaters.

WATTERS: That's right.



PAVLICH: This story I love because it reminds me of the time out in the outdoors with my dad, an 18-year-old girl from Massachusetts caught a 700- pound bluefin tuna that measured nine feet long. Her name is Devin, she went out with her father who by the way is a commercial fisherman. So, there you go.

But they spent 10 hours, 10 hours reeling this thing and switching off together. Teamwork every 45 minutes blew tuna average about 830 pounds. This one was 700 pounds.

PERINO: Why does it take so long?

PAVLICH: Because they're huge.

GUTFELD: Because he's fighting for his life. It's an innocent tuna, Dana.

PAVLICH: Anyway, you can sell it for $6 to $12 a pound. And she's putting the money towards her college fund.

WATTERS: Those are little sushi rolls. Those are expensive. All right. Set your DVRs. Never miss an episode of “The Five.” "Special Report" is up next with Bret.

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