Stocks Are Hot, Bush Poll Numbers Are Not

The Dow is darn close to never having been so high. And President Bush's poll numbers have never been so low. It's odd, but it just is.

This president can't cut a break, even as it seems stocks' momentum can't slow down. Most pundits prefer to focus on the president in trouble than the markets decidedly not — insisting that stocks are rising "despite" the president.

I'm here to say, maybe — maybe — stocks are rising because of the president.

Maybe because of the tax cuts that made a shallow recession out of something that could have been a whole lot worse.

Maybe because of his crackdown on corporate crooks, that agitated corporate bad guys, but encouraged corporate good guys.

And maybe because of his tough anti-terrorism efforts that have yielded no follow-up terror acts on our soil in nearly five years.

There's no denying we still have our problems and the president still has his. We spend too much and save too little. But I like to think markets take all those influences in. They are neither Republican nor Democrat, red nor blue.

They are green, as in money. And their money seems to be on an economy that looks good and a future that looks better.

I see it in the Dow. Even though I don't see it in the president's poll numbers.

Fair for the Dow, not fair for a president that I think helped make this Dow.

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