Stimulating Signage

Millions of dollars from the president's stimulus package have been spent posting signs promoting projects financed by the stimulus package.

Republicans say it amounts to taxpayer-funded advertising for the administration in an election year and they charge that the spending on signs alone could top $20 million; one sign alone cost $10,000. But the Transportation Department estimates states have spent about $5 million on the signs out of the $28 billion spent on road projects.

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs defends the signs, saying the administration encouraged states to let people know how their tax money is being used. He says the signs account for about three cents out of every $100 spent on the recovery.

Oliver's Twist

Hollywood filmmaker Oliver Stone is a big fan of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

During a recent interview on PBS, Stone was asked about some off-the-wall remarks Chavez has made in the past. Stone said, "If he's calling [former President George W.] Bush 'the devil was here yesterday,' I think that's a great comment. I think it's true. He is the devil. He was."

We've told you Chavez has become a big fan of Twitter, sending more than 500 messages since joining the site almost three months ago. But despite Chavez's embrace of the micro-blogging site, Forbes reports two Venezuelans have been charged with making statements on Twitter critical of the country's banking system and face up to 11 years in prison for Tweeting.

Fifteen more Internet users may face similar charges in the coming days.

Fight Club

A feud between MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann and the Daily Caller's Tucker Carlson is getting intense.

Carlson, who is a Fox News contributor, managed to acquire the rights to the domain name KeithOlbermann.com. The site looks identical to the Daily Caller home page, but reads "we own you" above a photo of Olbermann.

Olbermann responded to Politico, saying he hopes whoever sold it to the Daily Caller got cash.