State of the Union preview: A 'tone deaf' President Obama playing Robin Hood with the American people?

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KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, 'ON THE RECORD' GUEST HOST: Representative Marsha Blackburn joins us.

Thanks for being with us tonight and going ON THE RECORD.


GUILFOYLE: Your thoughts and predictions for tomorrow night?

BLACKBURN: Listening to all of that, you know the president is trying to tune up his version of that old B.J. Thomas, "Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song."


And it is always somebody else's fault. Somebody has to pay. The American people are just not listening to it. They don't agree.

GUILFOYLE: Don't you think it is about time people do stand up and say, listen, we don't want to send our hardworking, hard-earned dollars to D.C. to be abused and tossed around and not accounted for?

BLACKBURN: You're exactly right, Kimberly. They don't want to send it to federal agencies that listen in on your phone calls, snoop on your mail, an IRS that is going to exact political retribution on conservative groups. Then they turn around, the end of the day, they don't want to pay the military. They just want to pay bureaucrats more. People are tired of it.

Government is overtaxed -- people are overtaxed. Government is overspent. We do have not a revenue problem. You know we brought in the most money ever, the most money ever, in 2014, $3 trillion in revenue. And what does this president does not understand is that you have to make certain you're lowering all of the rates, getting more people into the process, paying taxes, so you increase those revenues. And he still doesn't understand the best economic stimulus is a job. And that is what people want the focus to be.

GUILFOYLE: Yeah, well, unfortunately, he has a completely different idea of what should happen. Seems to have a tone deaf ear to midterm election results. Instead, it's business as usual. And he will put forward, you know, his politics and his policies despite the clear message from the American people.

BLACKBURN: You're exactly right. And he is tone deaf. That is precisely what is happening. And they just think they can go ahead and start saying this, throw out all of these grandiose ideas. The American dream is not being dependent on the federal government for your health care, for your automobile, for your college education, for your student loan, on and on and on. The American dream is independence and being able to create that dream for yourself. And they don't want government taking more of their freedom and then having to live the way government prescribed. And all of this college education and these other programs, I tell you, it is not selling well out here with my constituents.

GUILFOYLE: What would you like to see the Republicans put forward to show that clearly there is a definitive choice that can be made for the economic future of this country?

BLACKBURN: There are several things we can do, precisely cutting discretionary spending. 1 percent across the board saves us $4 billion in one year. Say that times 10. Go to 5 percent. What you can do with cutting, getting here and reform all of the entitlements, beginning with Medicaid. Stabilize Social Security and Medicare, which are trust funds. And then let's lower rates, not raise the rates. You know, look at what this does to seniors when you talk about raising cap gains, taxing investments that seniors have made building their nest egg so that they can retire.

The president does not understand. The federal government cannot get in here and control all of this. It makes things worse. It doesn't make things better. And what he's going to find is a Congress that is going to say, look, we are for reducing the size of the federal government, taxing people less, having government spend less --


GUILFOYLE: Less regulation.

BLACKBURN: That's right. A good formula to remember, less regulation plus less taxation plus less litigation always equals more innovation and job creation. That's what the president ought to say tomorrow night.

GUILFOYLE: Let's hope we can get this country back on track, and with some strong leadership like coming from yourself to help hardworking Americans at home.

Representative, thank you so much.

BLACKBURN: Good to be with you.