Sometimes It Takes a Horrible Storm to Make Us Appreciate Life

Nothing shakes you to your foundation, like losing your foundation. Your roof. Your home. Your things. Gone, in an instant.

I heard the story this morning of one Hurricane Dean survivor who said he wanted to pinch himself to see if he was still standing. He was. His house wasn't. His family was accounted for. Most of his belongings were not. He didn't seem to care.

If I've seen it once, I've seen it a thousand times...folks who survive hurricanes, or tornadoes, plane crashes, disasters of any sort. In the moment they're not talking about their investments. Or 401(k)s.

Not a peep about their mutual funds. Or flat screen TVs. Not a thing about these things. Just about being alive. And their loved ones being alive.

I've heard those who've cheated death talk about how much it makes them appreciate life. And not much stress over the things that don't amount to a whole lot in life.

There will always be bills, and bosses. Not always flesh and blood.

Sometimes it takes a horrible storm to remind us. Even if it doesn't hit us at all.

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