Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine:

No Hispanics

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus is hopping mad and is threatening to restrict funding for public television over an upcoming PBS documentary about World War II.

Many Latino groups are upset that the documentary from award-winning producer Ken Burns does not include any Hispanics. Earlier this week, PBS had indicated the program would be re-edited to fix that. But then, yesterday, Burns said he would not change the finished product — but instead produce separate material.

The Hispanic Caucus Chairman, Democrat Joe Baca, told The Politico newspaper that the decision was "appalling" and an "insult."

The caucus passed a resolution vowing to accept nothing less than a revision to the original series — which is scheduled to debut in September.

Strong-Arm Tactics

Some Democratic fundraisers reportedly are being alienated by what they call strong-arm tactics from Senator Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. The Washington Times reports the Clinton team is pressuring donors to either join them — or promise not to give money to other candidates.

The Times says that pressure is having the opposite effect ... of driving some of the money experts into the campaigns of Clinton's rivals. Democratic strategist Joe Trippi, who just signed up with John Edwards, tells the paper: "The Clinton camp has been very tough on contributors. I've heard that 'if you don't contribute to us, don't contribute to another campaign.'

Some longtime party fundraisers also complain that no matter how much they do bring in for Mrs. Clinton, they're treated like second-class citizens. "If you're not part of that original Clinton family, you are never going to be part of her inner circle," said one activist. "Why invest in her campaign when whatever you do, you will never be part of it?"

Brawley Backlash

Former New York Mayor Ed Koch told the Reverend Al Sharpton this week that his refusal to apologize for his involvement in the Tawana Brawley hoax has spoiled his chance to become a mainstream political leader.

Brawley was the black teenager whose claim that she was raped by white law enforcement officers was found to be false by a grand jury. Sharpton was found liable of defaming one of the suspects.

The New York Post reports Koch told an almost exclusively African American audience at a conference sponsored by Sharpton's National Action Network: "I always believed Sharpton was a bona fide leader when others said he was not. If you would have apologized for the Tawana Brawley hoax, you'd be a crossover leader."

The Post reports Sharpton did not react to the statement.

Wild Horses

Animal rights advocates in Belgrade are upset with a plan to sedate race horses to keep them from getting excited — during a Rolling Stones concert. The Stones are expected to draw more than 100,000 people to the hippodrome racetrack — which has about 300 horses in its stables.

Owners say they'll sedate the horses if the noise and excitement get them agitated. But Serbia's biggest animal protection society does not want the horses drugged — and wants Mick and the Stones to go someplace else — saying noise and vibrations are the strongest causes of stress for animals... Not to mention parents the world over.

—FOX News Channel's Martin Hill contributed to this report.