Sleeping Man Disappears During John Edwards' 'Good Morning America' Interview

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SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: In yet another sign of the mainstream media providing cover for Democratic politicians, it looks like "Good Morning America" physically removed a man who appeared to be sleeping during yesterday's John Edwards town hall meeting. Now close to the 7:00 hour, the man pictured at right, right there, appeared to be dozing off, getting a little snooze.

And then around 7:11 a.m. the man mysteriously disappeared, and no movement could be seen. What happened here? Did he sneak out, or did network executives do some sort of TV magic? We continue now with former Clinton adviser Dick Morris.

DICK MORRIS, AUTHOR, “OUTRAGE”: On John Edwards segments, I would not blame the interviewer if they fell asleep.

HANNITY: He still gives that one speech about two Americas. It is funny because he is out there. He is just hovering around 10 percent in the polls. He seems to be trying to rehab his image after the $1,200 hair cut, the $55,000 poverty speech, and the 28,000 square foot mansion. Is it going to work?

MORRIS: No. He is going about it the wrong way. What he should be doing is he should be focusing on the resolution the House of Representatives passed last week, and quote, “withdrawing from Iraq,” but it wasn't a withdrawal. Michael Medved actually pointed this out in his show.

It calls for a limited reduction of American forces by April 1. It says that the president may keep forces in there to fight Al Qaeda and to train and equip the Iraqi army or any other reason he wants. He just has to tell Congress.

Edwards should get out there and say, Obama and Hillary, you voted for this resolution, I would have voted against it. I believe in total and immediate withdrawal. You believe in continuing this war. And if he set up that issue, he could get the left to rally with him. Because what's just happened, and nobody reported on it, the media called this a withdrawal resolution, is the left just moved right and the left just said I am not going to pull out of Iraq, I am to keep this war going for four years, I am going to have 70,000 to 100,000 there forever.

HANNITY: We can make some pretty easy determination now. You think it's going to be Hillary-Obama on the Democratic ticket. I agree with you.

On the Republican ticket, I think we get three guys. Rudy, Fred, and Mitt Romney that are emerging. Probably two of the three.

MORRIS: If you disqualify Edwards for 10, disqualify Romney for 10.

HANNITY: But probably they are going to join forces there, as well. Where do we go from there?

MORRIS: You mean from a general election? Well, there is one big factor that we need to look at. Ralph Nader yesterday said that he may well run.

HANNITY: Does that hurt? What about Michael Bloomberg?

MORRIS: Well, Bloomberg is different. Nader can take votes one for one away from the Democrats. And if Hillary is the nominee and Rudy is the nominee, you have a pro-war candidate and a sort of pro-war candidate who pretends she's an anti-war candidate.

And Nader is a genuine anti-war candidate. Nader could get eight or 10 percent of the vote. Ten percent of the country would vote for a horse if…

ALAM COLMES, CO-HOST: Let me get back to Dick Morris –- not to Dick Morris — you are Dick Morris. But to John Edwards for a second.

I keep hearing about all the money is spent on haircuts. Turns out today we found out that Mitt Romney spent $300 in a makeup session. Rudy Giuliani goes and gives all these speeches for money. In fact, did not show up for the Iraq Study Group or left it because he was out making money giving speeches about 9/11. I do not hear the Democrats harping on that. They're not as good at talking about that stuff as Republicans are about the evils of John Edwards.

MORRIS: What I think is funny is Edwards gets blasted for his haircut and how about Hillary's makeup and haircuts.

COLMES: That's pretty sexist. It's OK for a woman to spend that kind of money but not a man.

MORRIS: What is pathetic right now about these two contests is that nobody can throw a punch. This is like the most boring presidential race. Obama never says the slightest thing about Hillary. Thompson will not even announce he is a candidate much less attack anyone.

COLMES: Let's talk about Thompson.

MORRIS: And Romney is not attacking anybody.

COLMES: How does that change the equation? Thompson jobs in. Does that really threaten Rudy Giuliani? What does that do to the dynamic of the race?

MORRIS: McCain is falling apart and Romney is never getting anywhere. Give Thompson basically a bye into the second round, which means he gets a bye to be the main competitor against Rudy.

COLMES: Does Thompson have a shot, and what are his issues?

MORRIS: Thompson obviously has a shot, but I think he is going to be badly hurt for all the issues I talk about in my book "Outrage." He has a son on his payroll. Both sons are lobbyists. He himself is a lobbyist. He’s got the head of the tobacco — Philip Morris vice president as his campaign manager. I'm getting yanked.

HANNITY: We have got to run. We will see you next week. Thank you, Dick, appreciate it.

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