Sign of the Times: Poverty-Stricken Muppet

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GREG GUTFELD, CO-HOST: What do you make of the Muppet -- the hunger -- it's good intentions. You know, teaching kids about hunger. But do you buy it?

ANDREA TANTAROS, CO-HOST: I just don't understand why this Muppet is hungry. Obama has expanded Medicaid by $60 billion, he's expanded food stamp, he's expanded WIC, women, infants and children. He's expanded SCHIP. Why is Lily hungry? Bob, should Lily be taken away from her parents?

BOB BECKEL, CO-HOST: One in five children are going to bed hungry in this country every night. That is a crime. That is a crime in this country.

ERIC BOLLING, CO-HOST: Why does Lily have to be a Muppet? Why does "Sesame Street" have to make Lily a poverty stricken little Muppet --


BECKEL: The reason they've been so successful for so long, it educates kids.

BOLLING: Why is Lily a class, a group? Is there -- do we single out the black Muppet or the Hispanic Muppet? But why do we have to single hungry Muppet?

BECKEL: We don't single out the rich kid who has a beach house. We do it because there's a lot of poor, one in five -- can I repeat? One in five children are in poverty in America. They're going hungry tonight. Whatever it takes to feed them, tax you 100 percent.

TANTAROS: There is money out there to feed these kids.

BECKEL: Where?

TANTAROS: This is the biggest bunch of liberal bull.

BECKEL: Oh, come on.

TANTAROS: It's true.

KIMBERLY GUILFOYLE, CO-HOST: Andrea, I don't think it's nice for the kids. I mean, I have a 5-year-old. And he sees little commercials with (INAUDIBLE) and suffering and others. It's very upsetting to him.

BECKEL: Well, it's real.

GUILFOYLE: I know, but you don't need to scare and upset little babies.

BOLLING: We have to get out of here. I'm sorry. But he does this to me almost every day, he says the beach house and things. Were broke poor, dead poor in the south side of Chicago growing up.

I started businesses. America is great. Capitalism is great.

GUTFELD: But you know what's worse, though? You've never invited me to the beach house.

GUILFOYLE: None of us.

BECKEL: I've always admired you for that.

GUTFELD: All right. We've got to take a break.

Coming up, a first glimpse --

BECKEL: He didn't invite me either.


First, glimpse of what health insurance plans will look like under Obamacare. What the governments think you should and shouldn't be entitled to.

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