Should Americans fear automation? Andrew Yang says jobs are suffering

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TUCKER CARLSON, HOST: Good evening and welcome to “Tucker Carlson Tonight”. Here is a quick Civics lesson, what is politics? Well, politics is a system that allows people who violently disagree with each other to reach compromise without shedding blood.

It's worked well for a long time in this country, but when one side decides it is no longer willing to compromise, that system breaks down. Without compromise, you no longer have politics. Instead, have you an especially fanatical form of religious belief.

ISIS for example, is not a political organization. Its leaders reject accommodation of any kind. Its leaders assume that everything they do has the approval of a higher power. They are good people. They know that. They know their beliefs are not simply correct, they are the only possible beliefs. Anyone who disagrees with them is by definition immoral.

So a system like that does not allow for the possibility that good people might be mistaken once in a while or reach different conclusions sincerely. People with different opinions are, again by definition, bad people. In fact, may not be people at all, they might be subhuman. They must be converted to the faith or crushed and eliminated.

This is not an American way of looking at the world and yet, suddenly, it's everywhere, and unfortunately, it now defines parts of the modern Democratic Party. Joe Biden didn't know this. Biden has been in Democratic politics all of his life. But he has taken the last couple of years off. He has been flying around the world getting rich by giving high price speeches.

By the time Biden decided he wanted to run for President yet again, his party had changed completely, but nobody had told him. So he made the mistake just the other day of saying this about Mike Pence.


JOE BIDEN, FORMER VICE PRESIDENT: The fact of the matter is, it was followed on by a guy who is a decent guy, our Vice President, who stood before this group of allies and leaders and said, "I'm here on behalf of President Trump." There was dead silence, dead silence.


CARLSON: "He is he a decent guy," Biden said of Pence. That's an old fashioned way to talk. That's how people in Washington - political Washington used to talk about each other. It was one way that they reminded themselves that politics maybe important, but it's not everything.

Every political opponent is also on some level, anyway, a human being and a fellow American. Our common humanity is stronger than our political differences. That was the assumption that they had and have had at least since the Civil War, and by the way, it has to be the assumption that all of us have if we are going to live together in the same country.

Cynthia Nixon disagrees with this. Nixon is a former actor. She is now a political extremist. She spends a lot of time on Twitter yelling at people. When she saw what Biden said about Pence, she was enraged. Cynthia Nixon disagrees with Mike Pence's views on gay rights questions. Therefore she knows Pence cannot be a decent person. It's just not possible.

She told Joe Biden this on Twitter. Joe Biden had no choice but to agree with her, "You are right, Cynthia," Biden wrote back. There is nothing decent about being anti-LBGTQ rights and that includes the Vice President.

People use to say that Joe Biden was a decent guy, too. But in the modern Democratic Party, there are no decent guys anymore, there are only people who are with the program and apostates who deviate from it.

Congresswoman, Tulsi Gabberd suddenly is in the latter category. How did that happen? By the same measure, Gabberd is a staunch progressive. But she does hold heterodox opinions on foreign policy. Instead of agreeing with Bill Kristol's foreign policy, she still believes what many progressives used to believe, she wants to keep the U.S. out of pointless foreign conflicts and instead focus on domestic concerns.

And for having that opinion, she has almost been expelled from her own party. Watch.


CARLSON: They've dismissed you as sucking up to this dictator, you're a bad person is basically what they are saying. Has anybody actually debated you on the points that you are making?

REP. TULSI GABBARD, D-HI: No. No. Constantly, I see again people from both parties, instead, resorting to name-calling or superficial attacks because they refuse to engage on the substance of this argument about why they continue to push for and try to wage these regime change wars, ignoring the disastrous consequences on the people in those countries and the American people.


CARLSON: So that is suddenly is a very controversial thing to say in the modern Democratic Party, a place where there is no room for dissent anywhere on any issue. On Wednesday, for example, a handful of Democrats joined with Republicans to add an amendment to a universal background checks bill in the house.

That amendment would require reporting a gun buyers to I.C.E. if that buyer is an illegal alien, a group that is not allowed to buy guns in the United States. In a closed door meeting after the vote, the Democrats who joined with Republicans on that were reportedly denounced by Party Leadership for their racism.

The party's new ideological enforcer, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez warned that Democrats who help Republicans in any way would go on a quote, "list" and would have primary challenges next time they ran. So that's what extremism looks like. The enemy is 100 percent wrong and we are 100 percent right always. They are going to hell and we are saved.


BARBARA BOXER, FORMER U.S. SENATOR: What is happening here is a sin against God, and I believe that.

HILLARY CLINTON, FORMER FIRST LADY: Jesus said, "Suffer the little children unto me." He did not say, let the children suffer.

REP. LUIS GUTIERREZ, D-ILL.: A time in which we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Thank God that there wasn't a wall that stopped him from seeking refuge in Egypt. Thank God that wall wasn't there and thank God there wasn't an administration like.

REP. NANCY PELOSI, D-CALIF., SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE: And while we are doing the Lord's work by ministering to the needs of God's creation, they are ignoring those needs which is to dishonor the God who made them.


CARLSON: We are doing God's will and we are on God's side. God loves us. God does not love the other side. They are sinners. They are going against God's will, and in fact, you know what? They could be Nazis.


SEN. DIANNE FEINSTEIN, D-CALIF.: This is the United States of Germany - the United States of America, it isn't Nazi Germany.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Bottom line, Donald Trump increasingly looks like Hitler and Nazi, Germany.

REP. HANK JOHNSON, D-GA: Much like Hitler took over the Nazi Party, Trump has taken over the Republican Party.

DONNIE DEUTSCH, HOST, MSNBC: If you vote for trump, then you, the voter, you, not Donald Trump, are standing at the border like Nazis going you here, you here.

MARIA CARDONA, CONTRIBUTOR, CNN: They are the tactics that been used through history by the worst purveyors of pure evil including slave traders, including Nazis, including terrorists.


CARLSON: So what you are looking at, that's not politics, it's a cult. Nuance is the enemy. Accommodation is a sin. Ask too many questions or think too many independent thoughts and you will be denounced. You will wind up on Commissar Ocasio-Cortez's list.

We reject this completely. It's totalitarian. It's also stupid and boring. It's a replacement for thought. By the way, destroying the country as well. We will always welcome people we disagree with on to this show. We assume they are decent people. And by the way, mostly they are decent people. We will do our best to find common ground with them and anyone else whenever we can because why wouldn't we?

That's why you will often see sincere leftist on this show treated with respect. Tulsi Gabbard, Glenn GreenWald, Ro Khanna, Michael Tracey and many others. We disagree with these people on a lot of things, but not on everything and that's the point.

But most important of all, they are Americans just like us and that matters most. We need to remember that.

David Burstein is co-founder of Run for America and he joins us tonight. David, thanks a lot for coming on. So I understand that Biden wants to appeal to the base and the base is mad at Trump. I get it.

But since he is an adult over seven and he has been in this a long time, wouldn't this be a perfect for moment for him to say, "Wait a second, I know Mike Pence, I disagree with him on gay rights and probably a thousand other things, but he is a decent man." And you have to be able to allow that your opponent is a decent man or else we'll have just war. Why didn't he say that?

DAVID BURSTEIN, CO-FOUNDER, RUN FOR AMERICA: Well, I think is he recognizing what the Democratic base is at, at the moment, right? And I think that's a big problem for him and his desire to run for President in this political climate.

CARLSON: Right? I agree with you.

BURSTEIN: Right? I think there is also, you know, a blurring as you just pointed out when it comes to issues that have to do with for instance, LBGT rights. I think there is a different set of questions that people are looking at.

People do feel it and Mike Pence's positions do suggest to many people that we should be treating people indecently and other people thought right ...

CARLSON: Hold on.

BURSTEIN: But that should not be a case for saying that Mike Pence is a terrible person.

CARLSON: Exactly.

BURSTEIN: Even if he is being indecent to other people.

CARLSON: Look, there are a lot of opinions that I think are indecent that are policy of the Democratic Party. I mean, I can I name a lot of them beginning with abortion. And I feel that as strongly as any LBGTQ activist feels about his set of issues.

But I also believe and I think I am required to believe that people who disagree with me can be really good people. They just reach a different set of conclusions. The Democratic base does not believe that. That's a totalitarian belief. It's a threat to the country and that's a recipe for Civil War.

So why doesn't some adult come in and say, "Settle down AOC?" Other people are still people even if you disagree with them. No one is brave enough to do it.

BURSTEIN: Well, look, I mean I will say that that I don't think people should be engaged in this, but I will say that I think people feel emboldened by their constituencies. AOC is an example of someone who ran not on a position of compromise. She did not run for office saying ...

CARLSON: Right, you are right.

BURSTEIN: ... you know, we should compromise with people. We should work along. Joe Biden is trying to run in that vein, right? He got in trouble a couple of weeks ago for saying about how a Republican -- you know, he liked the Republican fed up in Michigan and people criticized him. In fact, that cost that person an election in the swing seat.

So the reality is, she is saying, "I am for this. I am going to be radical. I believe the problems of our time require radical solutions and I'm not interested in what other people have to say." That's what her -- you could easily say that's what her constituents voted for.

CARLSON: I mean like 20% of her district even voted, but no --

BURSTEIN: Absolutely. That's another problem.

CARLSON: But no, you make a fair point, and I agree with that. That's who she is.


CARLSON: What I'm saying is that's poison. It's super dangerous. She is an influential person. Some of her policies are kind of interesting. We should debate them. But if we begin with the assumption that anyone who disagrees about anything is not fully human, then why don't we or is indecent or is immoral, if we start framing everything as a moral question, then why don't we end up shooting each other, sincerely?

BURSTEIN: Well, I think to be fair that I wouldn't say that any Democrat in office thinks Republicans are immoral on every single issue. There are a number of issues you played in that clip reel in those things have come up and it's not coincidental that some of those issues are issues about children at the border. There are questions about LBGT rights.

CARLSON: Okay, whatever, spare me? I mean, there are lots of issues that I feel that way about that there are moral issues. I get that.

BURSTEIN: But having a view of moral issue is also not saying that people are indecent people on all things.

CARLSON: What we're arguing about is not salvation. Political parties can keep you from going to hell and they can't bring to you salvation. They can only pass laws and form policies.

BURSTEIN: I think some of those people in that clip should be reminded of that by the way.

CARLSON: That's my point, exactly. That this is not a religion and if we start pretending that it is, we abet extremism and we are going to actually wind up reaping the whirlwind from that kind of crap. When our leaders say, "Oh, the other side is immoral." Really? They're Nazis? What do you do to Nazis? Seriously.

BURSTEIN: But Tucker, let's also be honest how Republicans have been on this issue? Would you really say that you think Republicans have not used some of the same language on the part of Democrats over the past several decaddes?

CARLSON: Yes, they have. Yes, some of them have and I hate that crap. But the leaders of the Republican Party have never done that. The people like -- the guys, you know -- Ronald Reagan never said our opponents are evil. Okay?

BURSTEIN: Yes, that was a long time ago.

CARLSON: It was a long time ago. I am just saying -- and by the way, you make a fair point, if AOC is obviously a bit of a side show, though she is getting power, Nancy Pelosi should not be talking that way. She is too powerful.

BURSTEIN: And she -- you played a clip there. Generally speaking, that's not her demeanor. It is reflective of a new generation of people because you see Biden, you see people like --

CARLSON: No, I get it, they are zealots. And the revolution always eats itself. I will give you the last word.

BURSTEIN: The political moment in this country has changed. The rhetoric has heated up.

CARLSON: I know.

BURSTEIN: And it's very, very important to these people that they stand with their constituents and what those people believe.

CARLSON: It's scary, I think. David, thank you very much.

BURSTEIN: Thank you.

CARLSON: Good luck with the revolution. Robert Patillo is an attorney and a radio host and he joins us tonight. Mr. Tio, thank you very much for coming on. So I would just -- I would throw that to you and you are a Democrat, a liberal, I assume you agree with everything that your Party says, but is it helpful to frame every issue as a moral imperative where there is no gray and no potential for compromise?

ROBERT PATILLO, ATTORNEY AND RADIO SHOW HOST: Well, I think one of the issues we have to understand is that people are not monolithic in their thought. Just because you identify with a Party does not mean there is not diversity within that party.

I don't think anyone would believe that Donald Trump and Mitt Romney agree on fiscal issues for example. So what we have to do is people in their own district have to do what their constituents sit them there to do. If you are from a red state or if you are someone like me who is a pro-gun, pro- life fiscally conservative Democrat, then maybe AOC isn't the candidate for you.

But we have to leave space for all those things to breathe. And let's not act as if Republicans weren't doing exactly this in 2010 and 2012 when they said that Obamacare was worse than slavery where you have people saying to Obama, "You lie," in the Chamber of the House of Representatives.

So what we need to do is tamp down the rhetoric on the extremes. The normal every day Americans, the people who just want clean air, clean water, a job, and good education for their children do not care about this crap on the political extremes. All they want is for people to come together and find a compromise.

We could have had a compromise on immigration and border security. But the Freedom Caucus and Mark Meadows blocked that in 2013. We could have had a compromise bill.

CARLSON: No, let me ask you one question though. I basically agree with you and sort of a matter of policy, I don't think we should be yelling from the audience, no matter who it is. So I don't think you should yell at the President during the State of the Union.

But since you brought it up and since we know actually know the facts of it. That member of Congress yelled at Obama when Obama said, "Illegal aliens will never get government healthcare." The new government healthcare plan, Democrats now support, over 100 co-sponsors gives government healthcare to illegal aliens and so does Obamacare. So can we at least admit he was lying as a factual matter?

PATILLO: Regardless of the factual matter in that case because, this is -- remember, this is still a five or six years later. You have to have a level of respect and a level of decorum ...

CARLSON: No, I mean, I agree with you.

PATILLO: ... a level of professionalism when it comes to things like this.

CARLSON: No, I agree ...

PATILLO: Because guess what?

CARLSON: There is a different way express ...

PATILLO: Guess what? The 90% of us in the middle who aren't on the 5% of the tea party extreme or the socialist extreme, we just want to get things done in America and get things done in Congress and what these extremists have to understand is you have to put together a legislative governing coalition.

You can't do it by yourself. You can't just push through all these crazy policies because guess what? If Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren become the Democratic nominee, they there are going to be lot of blue dog Democrats in the Senate like me who will abandon the party.

CARLSON: I think they are going to purge you first, Robert.

PATILLO: Because it has gone too far.

CARLSON: I think you're in trouble. They are going to come for you. But I appreciate you coming on our show before that happens. Thank you very much.

PATILLO: Thanks, Tucker.

CARLSON: So once you understand what's actually happening, you realize that all these issues -- gun control, the Green New Deal, Medicare for All -- there is a thread that connects them all, and that's power. What you are watching is a complete takeover of the American economy and the America society by a political party. Healthcare is next and that's our topic after the break.


CARLSON: Well, the Green New Deal is not the only piece of legislation the Democratic Party is now pushing in its effort to take over the United States economy and your personal life.

Democrats also are promoting a bill to take over healthcare, it's called the Medicare for All bill. It has over 100 co-sponsors in the House. That's a lot if you want perspective.

The bill among other things would ban private health insurance, so to paraphrase President Obama, if you like your plan you definitely will not be able to keep your plan. The projected price tag for this, well no one really knows. Here is one estimate - $32 trillion over the next decade. But cost is no object as they often tell us.

Chris Hahn is a radio host, a former staff for Senator Chuck Schumer and he joins us tonight. Chris, there are so many questions here. Thank you by the way for coming on. I know that you support single payer.


CARLSON: Lots of people do. Lots of polls show that Americans want guaranteed healthcare. So it's not even a question of whether that's popular, it is. The question is how to get to it and I wonder, how can you sell a bill that makes it illegal for most people to pay doctors out of their own pocket if they want to? That's a little fascist is it not?

HAHN: You know, I don't think there is any bills out there that have any serious chances of passing that would not allow people with their own money to do whatever they want with it with their own doctors. I don't think that even happens.

CARLSON: Well, how about this bill -- hold on, let's discuss the bill that's right there in the House --

HAHN: I don't think there is a chance it could pass.

CARLSON: You have 160 co-sponsors. It's not some fringe thing by Cynthia McKinney or whatever. This is like a real thing. Over 100 Democrats and it would not allow private contracts between citizens and physicians. Like, what?

HAHN: Yes, I don't believe that that would actually be the final bill that would ever pass. But I do support Medicare for All and I think that the American people would like to see all Americans covered. And whatever the Democrats propose, Republicans are going to call it socialism just like they did with Obamacare which is clearly not socialism.

CARLSON: But I am not doing that. I am taking -- hold on -- I am anti- slogan. I don't want to throw slogans around. I want to assess the ...

HAHN: Good, me, too.

CARLSON: ... meat of the legislation pending in the House of Representatives tonight, again, that has overwhelming support from your Party. So, that legislation as noted two times previously would ban private contracts between citizens and physicians. It would also pay for abortion.

Now you are going to tell me most Americans support Roe v. Wade. Do most Americans support using Federal dollars to pay for abortion up to birth? I don't think they do, not even close.


CARLSON: So why include that?

HAHN: And again, like I have said before, there used to be a time in America where we had a legislative process where people would propose things and people who had different ideas would propose other things. We would meet in the middle.

Now people propose things and then people just say, "That's socialism. That's about abortion. That is bad. That is evil."

CARLSON: No, not saying that. Hold on.

HAHN: I am not you are. I'm not saying you are. But the conversation you had in your first segment is very similar to what happens when people propose legislation in America today. It becomes a good versus evil matter instead of discussing the merits of the policy and try to amend it to get to a place where all Americans can be happy.

CARLSON: But hold on -- okay, this is the most flammable straw man ever constructed. I'm trying to do which you lament is not done any longer, which is assess the actual details of an actual piece of legislation that would force taxpayers to pay for abortion up to birth.

Nobody -- there is no large group of Americans that wants that. You would have to be a freaking lunatic ideologue to put that in a piece of legislation. Why are they doing that?

HAHN: You would also have to repeal the Hyde amendment and do some other things before that would actually be legal under our laws in the country.

CARLSON: But why would you even put that in a bill?

HAHN: Because if you are pro-choice and you're writing the bill, you would add things that support your position and people who are anti-choice would then try to amend that bill to get to a compromise to bring 300 members instead of 230 members supporting a bill, which is all we pass bills on in the House of Representatives in the last couple of weeks.

It used to be, in America that you would get Republicans and Democrats supporting a bill, people who are like mind and want to solve a problem. Nobody wants to solve problems in America anymore. That's the problem.

CARLSON: Well how could you get support for a bill that's -- then maybe you should write bills that aren't riddled with total fringe positions that only crazy people support. I mean, like really?

HAHN: Or maybe somebody should say, you know what, or maybe people on the other side would say, "Take that out of the bill, and I will support it," and then we will have a good conversation about how we bring healthcare to all Americans.

CARLSON: Well, there are obviously, if you read a bill like this, you're not interested in it.

HAHN: Like every other modern country that -- and we could spend less money on healthcare in this country like -- look, we spent 16% of our GDP on our healthcare. The average other country does not. We have got to at least do that.

CARLSON: This is not -- now, I have heard the talking points. Anyone who writes a piece of garbage like this is not interested in solving the problem. I think we can both agree on that. Chris Hahn, thank you very much.


CARLSON: Good to see you.

HAHN: Thank you.

CARLSON: A leaked phone call shows how Google, the most powerful company in the history of the world, which is totally unopposed by the U.S. Congress, which apparently is in its pocket. Google tried to control the conservative movement's attitudes on immigration by salting CPAC with its puppets.

CPAC is now going on. This is from last year. We have the audio exclusively just ahead. Plus, the Democratic presidential candidate has a warning about artificial intelligence. He joins us. We are happy to have him join us after the break.


CARLSON: Big tech knows a lot about you, in some cases more than you know about yourself. They certainly know where you go and what you eat. May even know what you think. The only thing it can't control is what your thoughts are, but they are working on that, too.

In a 2018 phone recording obtained exclusively by this show, Adam Kovacevich, he is Google's head of U.S. Public Policy explains to Google employees why the company was a sponsor for CPAC that year.

Google sponsored CPAC, he says because it wouldn't let them push the Party toward a more open borders agenda. Listen.


ADAM KOVACEVICH, GOOGLE'S HEAD OF U.S. PUBLIC POLICY: The Republican Party and the conservatives in general, is also going through a lot of internal debates about what it should be the sort of position of the Party and I think that's one that we should be involved in because we, I think, want probably, the majority of Googlers wants to steer conservatives and Republicans more towards a message of liberty and freedom and away from the more sort of nationalistic incendiary nativist comments and things like that.


CARLSON: Now, as noted, Google has more power than any company has ever had. It has the power of its massive data reserves technology, of course, it has financial power. It has one highest market capped companies in history. It also increasingly has political power though they don't typically admit it in public.

Kovacevich did admit it. He said that companies like Google are playing quote, "a leadership role" in American politics. He bragged that the company got a support of mass immigration on to a CPAC panel and that person argued in support of Google's agenda. It shows a lot about big tech's attitude toward the country. They are in control. Elections, parties, democracy -- just a hindrance to their control.

So we told you a lot on this show about the potential dangers of big tech. Some of those dangers are imminent and they are technological and the main one is robotics and artificial intelligence.

Remarkably, the person, the political figure who is making the most sense on this subject, who has thought about it most deeply is a Democrat who is running for President. He is Andrew Yang. He is an entrepreneur and as we said, he is a Democratic presidential candidate.

He says that artificial intelligence and expanded automation could potentially cause violence in this country and that we need to do something about it right now. Andrew Yang joins us tonight. Andrew, thanks very much for coming on and I meant that with sincerity. I haven't heard anybody in our political conversation describe the threat as clearly and compellingly as you have. Why should would he be worried about automation?

ANDREW YANG, DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: Well, if you look at the backdrop, we automated away four million manufacturing jobs in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Missouri and those communities have never recovered. Where if you look at the numbers, half of the workers left the workforce and never worked again and then half of that group filed for disability.

Now what happened to the manufacturing workers is now going to happen to the truck drivers, retail workers, call centers and fast food workers and on and on through the economy as we evolve and technology marginalizes the labor of more and more Americans.

CARLSON: What will the effects of that? That's a massive displacement of people. What will happen once that happens?

YANG: Well, as you said, I think it's going to be disastrous where if you look at truck drivers alone, being a trucker is the most common job in 29 states. There are 3.5 million truck drivers in this country and my friends in Silicon Valley are working on trucks that can dry themselves because that's where the money is. Where we can save tens, even hundreds of billions of dollars by trying to automate that job.

But I was just with truck drivers in Iowa last week and imagining that community recovering from their income going from let's call it $50,000.00 a year to much, much less than that catastrophically, it's going to be a disaster for many, many American communities.

CARLSON: You are one of the only people I have met honest about the effects of the industrialization. I remember in Washington, the idea was, they will all become computer programmers, and so everything is fine, but that didn't happen.

My question is do we have to sit passively back and let this happen to the country?

YANG: Well, that's why I'm running for President, Tucker. I think it would be insane to just sit back and watch this automation wave overtake our communities and our economy. So we are not ostriches. We can get our heads up out of the sand, and say, "Look, we get it. Artificial intelligence is real. Self-driving cars and trucks are being tested on the highways right now and we need to evolve."

We need to actually start pushing the way we think of economic progress to include how our families are doing, how our children are doing, and things that would actually matter to the American people because GDP is going to lead us off a cliff.

You know, robot trucks great for GDP, terrible for many, many American communities. So we need to get with the program and figure out how to actually make this economy work for people.

CARLSON: I sit with my jaw open. I agree with you so strongly. Let me ask you finally, why isn't this a central question in the campaign of everybody running for President on any side and why instead are they talking about issues that are really are kind of frivolous? Why aren't they talking about this?

YANG: It's a good question, Tucker. I mean, one of the reasons I'm running for President is to push this in the center of the mainstream agenda where every candidate should be talking about what we are going to do about the fact that we're automating away the most common jobs in the economy right now.

As we are sitting here together, the labor force participation rate in the United States is 63.2%. The same level as Ecuador and Costa Rica, and if anyone thinks that's where America ought to be, I mean, that number is even going to be further challenged when all of this technology comes online. So we have to make America embrace this challenge of the 21st Century and then try and address it together as a people.

CARLSON: Last question. Shouldn't people who cite unemployment statistics be penalized for saying something so stupid?

YANG: Yes, we have a series of bad numbers and I refer to GDP as one. Certainly, a headline unemployment rate is completely misleading and one of my mandates as President is I'm going to update the numbers that actually make sense to the American people.

CARLSON: Yes, yes. So we can know what's going on, otherwise we can't make wise decisions.

YANG; Yes, right now again and you know this, our life expectancy has declined for the last three years, first time in 100 years because of a surge in suicides and drug overdoses. How can you say an economy is healthy when our people are dying? It makes no sense at all.

CARLSON: I literally -- I don't even know what you think on the other issues and I just support what you said so much. I appreciate your coming on.

YANG; Thank you, Tucker. It's great to be here.

CARLSON: Thank you. MS-13 is the deadliest gang in America. Some apparently are planning to assassinate law enforcement officers. We will investigate what's going on after the break.


CARLSON: MS-13 isn't real, it's a figment of your bigoted imagination. The left has told you that a thousand times and yet, somehow this phantom imaginary group is now, thanks to our porous immigration system, the country's deadliest gang.

The New York Police Department is now warning its officers that they could be plotting, they could be the subject of assassination attempts even if they are off duty by MS-13. Trace Gallagher has more on this story -- Trace.

TRACE GALLAGHER, CORRESPONDENT: Tucker, for anyone who has covered MS-13, you know it's all about street credibility or street cred, a way of rising in the ranks by targeting the gang's worst enemies or biggest threats. In this case, it's New York City police officers who live on Long Island.

NYPD has now issued an officer safety alert, an internal bulletin saying that MS-13 gang members are planning on carrying out attacks on off duty police officers near their homes.

In fact, the truly frightening part for officers and their families is that the alert reportedly states that gang members are conducting reconnaissance of police officers' private homes.

A former FBI agent told CBS 2 New York, quote, 'They are going above and beyond what any other gang does and the scary part is that we already know that they legitimately carry out threats and are extremely violent." The warning goes on to advice police officers who live on Long Island to take extra precaution and change up their routines whenever possible.

The gang's reign of terror is well documented by a series of brutal and bloody attacks in Queens, Nassau and Suffolk counties in New York and authorities note, the gang is notorious for murder, drugs, child prostitution and racketeering.

MS-13 is made up mostly of Salvadoran illegal immigrants. The gang started in Los Angeles and has now spread to most major American cities. In recent years, the gang has spread like wildfire across Long Island. In fact, their tactics and techniques are so brutal that MS-13 members are often recruited as enforcers for major Mexican drug cartels -- Tucker.

CARLSON: Unbelievable. Trace Gallagher, thanks very much. Well, murderous gang members are not the only problem here in New York City. There is rampant corruption, too. Here's one shocking example.

The mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio's wife, her name is Chirlane McCray oversees a massive mental health project. It's called Thrive NYC, yet somehow Thrive NYC failed to properly keep track of $850 million in funds. They don't know where the money is.

Seth Barron is an Associate Editor at "City Journal." He pays close attention to New York City for us and he joins us tonight. Seth, $850 million, what does it mean they can't account for it?

SETH BARRON, ASSOCIATE EDITOR, "CITY JOURNAL": Well, a billion here, a billion there. Soon you've got real money. Look, this is $250 million a year program and it was ill-conceived from the beginning.

Thrive NYC is a mental wellness program. Chirlane McCray's pet project is to get everyone into therapy, get everybody who is sad or lonely or a little anxious to get them treatment.

So she devised this program. It got hundreds of millions, close to a billion dollars in funding and it trains people in how to observe your neighbors and see if they are sad or not and teaches to you engage with them in conversation. There is a lot of advertising. They set up a phone bank where you can call if you are feeling sad.

CARLSON: Bu I'm confused. If I am a cashier at Wendy's and I can't account at the end of the night for 170 bucks, I could be brought up on theft charges. So, where -- I mean, this sounds like theft to me. If they can't account for $850 million, why is no one in jail?

BARRON: New York City outsources a lot of its social services to a whole network of community based nonprofits and these are organizations that offer the mayor political support and basically do whatever it is that he, you know, they come and support whenever he wants them. It's a patronage system.

CARLSON: It's a patronage system.

BARRON: It's a patronage system. So these groups likely were paid millions of dollars.

CARLSON: So they have got to be shutting down the program, right?

BARRON: Oh no, they are not shutting it down. They are expanding it. You know, they are going to get 250 this year, maybe 300.

CARLSON: They are expanding it?


CARLSON: I mean, there is really no doubt, he is so not only dumb, corrupt, presiding over the destruction of New York City, is there a worse mayor in the history of this city?

BARRON: Mayor de Blasio has been very lucky. He has had a great run with the economy and tax revenues flowing in, so, he is probably the luckiest mayor in New York City. He has never had to budget.

CARLSON: Is that so ...

BARRON: He has never had to budget.

CARLSON: I guess that's all that matters. I hope someone looks into this. No one ever will. Seth, thank you very much. Seth Barron. A Maryland woman was trying to make a point about segregation when she created a whites only yoga club. Now, she is getting vilified. People are claiming that she is for the thing that she was against. Of course, she joins us next.


CARLSON: Maryland resident, Pat Brown sparked a wave of outrage recently when she created a quote, "white women yoga group" on the website "Meet Up." The group she said was quote, "To allow space for white women to gather in the name of yoga surrounded by the supportive community of White people, White yoga instructors, and all around safe White spaces."

Now to be totally crystal clear, Pat Brown is against racial segregation for any group. The group she put online was completely fake. She was making an important and too often, too seldom made point, segregation is coming back to this country, horrifyingly, in guise of racial safe spaces.

It is a point her critics seemed determined to miss and misrepresent of course because they are dishonest. Pat Brown joins us tonight to speak directly. Pat, thanks very much for coming on.

So I want to make clear for the third time, you are opposed to the growing racial segregation in this country, correct?

PAT BROWN, CRIMINAL PROFILER: Absolutely. You know, I grew up in the time of Martin Luther King saying, "I have a dream," that he wanted equality and he wanted everyone to be together. He wanted his children to be judged by their character and not their color. He wanted black children and white children to hold hands and be brothers and sisters. And it was going in that direction as I grew older.

CARLSON: I remember.

BROWN: Yes, and then we had the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which told people you cannot have a business, you cannot serve the public and put out a sign that says one race only, in that case in those days, white only.

And then things were getting better and in 1979, I married a black man. I never thought twice about it and then I had children. I have biracial children, and I have one black child who is adopted and we went on with our lives. Was there problems along the way? Of course you run into that as time went on.

My husband did file an EOC lawsuit against a company who did discriminate against him. He eventually got the job with the company and worked for them the next 20 years. There were little incidents here and there, but I raised my children to love everybody, to respect everybody and to judge them by their character.


BROWN: Yes, and things were getting -- I was so relieved as my kids grew older because I said, "You know, they are going to do okay in life." And they have done all right in life.

But then, over the last decade, I have noticed things turning around where we are now seeing things through a racial lens where groups at this point, whites in time are being called oppressors and if you are not white, you are a marginalized person.

And it has just gotten so out of hand, and I have a granddaughter now who I call a PONEC, a person of not enough color and she is going to be running into these kinds of things because now she is too white and not black enough.

So I have just seen this over time. Well, Meet Up came along and kept sending me advertisements saying, you could join this group, you can join that group. And I am going, but these are all black only groups or people of color only groups or African-American groups. And then I found out there were hundreds of these on the internet across our country.

And this is a direct violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 because it Meet Up is a multi-million-dollar business. They made, I think what? $40 million last year? $50 million? And they rent store fronts, essentially in their internet building. They rent these store fronts with meet up groups. People pay for them and in turn, if you have a Meet Up group, you can charge membership fees like a gym, you can charge for special events like a dance club. You can charge for lessons like salsa lesson.

CARLSON: Of course, but they are practicing segregation.

BROWN: They have hung out a sign that wasn't ever supposed to be hung out. If you are advertising to the general public, and Meet Up, not only permits it, they actually told me, it is absolutely permitted. You can't say how won't let in, but you can say who you will let in like, again, you can say blacks only or whites only. It's unbelievable.

CARLSON: So I mean, unfortunately, we are out of time, and I just want to be totally clear. You are making a statement and your life itself has been a statement against segregation.

BROWN: Absolutely.

CARLSON: And for that you were attacked as some sort of bigot and I just - - I want that to stand as a testament to the insanity of the world we are living in.

BROWN: Well, thank you. That's true, but the most important thing this is against the law and we do not want to go back to segregation and separation. I am going to fight and take this to court against Meet Up, so we don't have this nonsense go on.

CARLSON: I hope that you will and I hope that you will and I strongly hope you will come back and give us an update. Pat Brown, thanks very much for that.

BROWN: I hope so. Okay, thanks, Tucker.

CARLSON: Good to see you. Can a member of the Royal family be gender neutral? They are saying it's possible. Cathy Areu joins us after the break to explain.


CARLSON: A new Royal baby is coming. Meghan Markle says she and her husband, Prince Harry plan to raise their baby in a quote "gender fluid" way. It's a decision that more and more parents are making these days.

To explain the trend, we have Cathy Areu, our liberal Sherpa, joining us tonight. Cathy, great to see you.


CARLSON: So the core idea as I understand it is that sex, male and female designations are creations of society. They are not real. Nothing inherent is sex specific.

And so, you can kind of choose whether your child is a boy or a girl. Is that the idea?

AREU: The child will choose what the child wants to be. We are facing a genderless future, a gender-neutral future. A unisex future, so more than ever, mainstream magazines like, "Women's Day" are coming out with unisex names for children, so you can name your baby Harper or Blake so they could fit into this future of a genderless society.

CARLSON: Okay, and I wouldn't call "Women's Day" a mainstream -- it's a ludicrous magazine, not mainstream, but whatever, leaving that aside.

AREU: It is mainstream, all right, okay.

CARLSON: And leaving aside the scientific question of whether this is fantasy, which of course it is rather than reality which of course it is not.

AREU: It is reality. It is reality.

CARLSON: Let me ask you why you would want a genderless society. Isn't it the whole point that the sexes are different and that's a good thing? Why would you want to eliminate those differences?

AREU: Well, no. We're always teaching our children to be who they want to be. Will Smith says his son is fearless. Jaden Smith is not afraid to wear skirts on runways or dresses and he says that his son is who he wants to be. He is strong and fearless. You're unique and that's what we want for our kids to be who they want to be.

CARLSON: No, we're not encouraging them to be unique. You just said we're encouraging them to be all the same, unisex. Everyone is the same - a sexless drone.

AREU: No, I not sameness. No, it's unique actually.

CARLSON: Good little workers -- okay, but --

AREU: Absolutely not.

CARLSON: Okay. In ignoring differences, we're accentuating differences?

AREU: We are being who we want to be. We are showing the children that they could be who they want to be. If the boy wants to wear a dress, that's okay. The girl doesn't want to wear a dress and play with Barbies, that's okay. So it isn't saying this.

CARLSON: Yes, I mean, I wouldn't argue that, but I am still a little confused about the details. Cathy Areu, I know you're going to come back and fully explain this brave new world that we're entering. Thank you.

AREU: Yes. Thank you.

CARLSON: That's it for us. Sadly, go on forever. But you're going to have to wait until Monday 8:00 p.m., the show that's the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. Have a great weekend with people you love. Sean Hannity right now.

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