Sexual Predator Teacher Returns to Jail

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SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST: Pamela Rogers shocked us all last year when she sent nude photos of herself to a 13-year-old student whom we now know she was having sex with.

Rogers pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor and was sentenced to an eight-year prison term because of her inappropriate behavior. And now she has been sentenced to two more years in jail for trying to communicate with her victim while on probation.

Joining us now, Florida prosecutor Pam Bondi, FOX News legal analyst Bob Massi.

Pam, the thing that frustrates me is, you know, once again, if you're a good-looking teacher, blonde, and it's a boy, double standard. She was on probation after, frankly, a small sentence in the first place. Shouldn't surprise anybody, should it?

PAM BONDI, PROSECUTOR: No. Sean, she was. And really the part that gets me on this is she serves her little bit of county jail time. Gets out to do her probation, sends these pictures, which would entitle her to be in on no bond.

They let her out on a bond. She sends more nude photographs of herself to this boy. And she's got a couple years in prison. Well, her lawyers are saying she'll be out within a year. And the part that troubles me the most is she has no long-term supervision to follow.

So what in the world is she going to do next?

HANNITY: Bob, I know what they're claiming. It's, once again, we never take responsibility for our actions anymore.


HANNITY: And she's a sex addict, and she's not responsible. Well, that just makes the case that I think I'm making is, well, you can't control yourself.

Then we're going to make it that you can't have access to children. It seems we never want to do that in these cases. But if it's a man he's going to get a lot of jail time if he has sex with a young woman.

MASSI: There's probably a lot of people screaming against that. But I agree with you that there's a double standard.

And I think over the last few years, some of the cases that we've covered, it turns out to be true.

The other thing that concerns me, to be honest with you. I think this is a symptom of an underlying epidemic in the country, as it relates to screening people who go to work for school districts, Sean. Because I really honestly believe that background checks are not done sufficiently. There's things probably in some of these people's background that would question their capability of being involved with young children.

But we have seen this. And the problem is there's no parity in this country whatsoever. You could take a judge in another jurisdiction that may be absolutely harsh and slam her and put her away for 10 years and another judge that will do this.

And as was said by the other guest here is that the lawyers said today — I was reading some things — in a year's time she could be out. There it is.

ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST: Let's talk about rehabilitation. Is she going to get any? And what happens when she does get out?

BONDI: No, Alan, she's not. And that's really my biggest concern in this case. You know, sometimes we call it the long-term plan when you give somebody a little jail time, put them on supervision, try to get them the counseling they need. See what they do.

She's clearly demonstrated that she can't do that. And so now what do we do? We lock her up for a year and she's out scot-free, basically, to do whatever she wants...

COLMES: Right.

BONDI: ... where there's no hook. You really need a noose around her neck.

COLMES: Just throwing her in jail isn't going to solve the problem. You've got Joan Schleicher, who is a psychologist, who apparently examined her, interviewed her and said she's concerned about her being vulnerable in jail...

HANNITY: Really?

COLMES: ... getting involved in sexual situations in jail when she's had no rehabilitation and may come out worse than when she went in.

MASSI: Absolutely, Alan. Listen, you know, unfortunately, you have to make the stereotype, but a lot of times people don't change.

If the psychological evaluation has merit, which we have to believe that it does, they say she's a sex addict. They said that even if in jail she's going to be engaged with, you know, potential women there who are lesbians.

The question is, there needs to be legislative changes in this country. This gets down to some mental health issues. It gets down with the legislature of this country, have got to impose stricter type of guidelines, not only with school districts throughout this country. There should be sanctions if, in fact, there's anything found that the school district should have known or discovered.

COLMES: I guess...

MASSI: Absolutely. Because school districts are — you know what's happening, Alan, many times is we're getting people not qualified to be teachers because we need teachers.

COLMES: OK. She told the judge she would do anything to rehabilitate herself. Is that believable?

MASSI: No. I don't think she's going to be...

BONDI: Of course not. Of course not, Alan.

MASSI: No way.

COLMES: Go ahead, Pam.

BONDI: Of course not, Alan, because she gets out on probation and she does it again. She bonds out on that and sends some more photographs. You've got to have some hook.

MASSI: And it validates, Alan, the other commentary here is the students. It validates to the students that, look at this, you've got this pretty young girl who had an affair that did these type of things with this student and got away with it, got a slap.

If we don't do something judicial wise, legislative wise, in this country to send a message, this is unacceptable. This is just going to be a given. It's a symptom of an epidemic.

HANNITY: An epidemic. Appreciate you being with us. Pam, Bob, good to see you.

MASSI: Thank you, guys.

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