Service Without a Smile?

Her eyes never looked up.

She never smiled. She never once acknowledged the customer before her.

Outside the store, a "help wanted" sign hung. It's hung there a while. Good help is apparently hard to find. Smiling help is harder still.

Customer service isn't easy. Customers can be cranky. But it struck me watching this young lady, it's not the person on the other side of the register making her day bad. It's the person working the register.

She's not happy working there. Not happy at all, it seems.

I understand God puts different obstacles in all our paths. So who am I to judge the obstacles this young lady faces? Only that she is free to share her misery on all with whom she comes in contact. The fact her employer can't find others to do her job probably emboldens her.

I only know what she seems: angry, bitter, sad, almost tragic.

There was a time in this country when the customer was always right and service always mattered.

For some, it still does. But clearly not for all.

Not for a woman who'd rather be anywhere else than where she was. Or for a customer who simply wishes she was.

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