Schwarzenegger Leaps Ahead in the California Recall Campaign

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[Arnold] Schwarzenegger leaps ahead in the California recall campaign.  That is the subject of this evening's Talking Points Memo.

We told you a couple of weeks ago the actor would win the election.  I based my analysis on my trip to California.  I drove from Oregon, all the way down to Monterey and spoke with scores of regular folks, all of whom told me the same thing.

It's very, very difficult for working people to pay their bills in the Golden State (search) with so many taxes imposed by the Davis administration.  Despite the fact that every major newspaper in the state except The San Diego Tribune opposes removing Davis, the folks want him out.

They really don't care if Arnold is qualified to run the state.  All the folks want is an honest man in there who will tell them the truth.  It's a joke to think that professional politicians are looking out for the people of California when that state is so out of control.  So we fully expect a week from Tuesday [October 7] to see Arnold Schwarzenegger (search) win the recall election, but there's a bigger question.  Why is the media so opposed to the will of the people?

Here's the answer.  In the beginning of this country, the press was set up to look out for you, to keep an honest eye on the powerful.  But now the media in America has largely become ideologically driven.  It's more important to many newspapers and TV news operations to push a certain philosophy rather than to honestly evaluate performance.

There's no question The L.A.Times, The San Jose Mercury News, The San Francisco Chronicle, and The Sacramento Bee all want to keep the Democratic establishment in place, no matter how bad a job it has done.  This is  simply sad that the press has become so compromised by partisan politics that it  cannot figure out the people are getting hosed.

In the end, the people still hold the power in this country, as the recall shows.  But it's not easy to know the truth these days because it's hidden in a fog of partisanship.

Californians overwhelmingly wanted the recall.  Three judges tried, but failed to block it.  Californians overwhelmingly want Davis removed, the newspapers don't.  Those facts speak for themselves.

One more thing.  Gray Davis appearing on Larry King [Live] called for Schwarzenegger to debate him.  The actor said no.  But it should be noticed that Davis was invited here on The Factor.  He said no.  Schwarzenegger said yes.  You make the call.

But again our prediction, Schwarzenegger becomes governor next week.

And that's The Memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Time now for "The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."

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