San Francisco Values Versus Iraq Chaos

A new FOX News poll out today says 50 percent of Americans will vote Democrat, 41 percent Republican, in the congressional elections next month. President Bush's approval rating is 40 percent, 56 percent disapprove. So the smart money believes that Democrats will make solid gains in the upcoming vote, but here is something interesting.

If the Dems win the House, Nancy Pelosi will become speaker. However, according to the FOX poll, 43 percent of Americans have never heard of Congresswoman Pelosi. They know nothing about her. So the country is facing a possible big change, and almost half of us have no idea what the change might be.

Nancy Pelosi is a committed secular progressive who embraces San Francisco values. Those are: a massive federal government that dispenses entitlements paid for primarily by affluent Americans. That is called income redistribution, or the shorthand: "tax the rich." San Francisco values also seek to exclude spirituality from the public square but embrace displays like the Bay City's gay pride parade, where Christianity is often mocked and demeaned.

Now, I'm not saying Congresswoman Pelosi is on board with that, but I am saying her district wants to ban military recruiting while setting up city-wide pot shops, and that San Francisco is now perhaps the most far-left city the United States has ever seen.

On the other side, 44 percent of Americans have never heard of Speaker Dennis Hastert. And those who have overwhelming believe he was not proactive in the Foley scandal.

Add to that the Iraq mess. More than 60 percent of Americans believe the war is not going well. And you have a very difficult choice this November: Should Americans vote for San Francisco values or for perceived failure overseas?

Now, at this point, the FOX News poll indicates that many folks feel change is necessary, and that's good news for the Democrats. Remember, not every Dem is a hyper-partisan S.P. like Nancy Pelosi and Howard Dean. But any increase in their power is troubling if you are a traditionalist.

Talking Points believes the left is more energized right now, and therefore the Dems have a big advantage. The illegal immigration mess, big spending by the Bush administration, Foley — all have angered conservatives and many indicate they'll stay home on Election Day.

So that's the current picture. It could change, but with Iran and North Korea doing everything they can to make Mr. Bush look weak, the GOP is really up against it. We may indeed be saying "hello" to San Francisco values.

And that's The Memo.

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

As you may know, that creepy John Mark Karr guy is a free man, after authorities in Sonoma County, California, really botched the child porn case against him, losing key pieces of evidence. So Karr is now walking around somewhere in the USA.

Three weeks ago, after Karr made national headlines by inserting himself into the JonBenet Ramsey murder case, I spoke with the former Karr family attorney about the charges.



O'REILLY: If you — if that happens I will apologize on this program, Counselor.


So, I do owe Gary Harrison an apology.

Sorry, Counselor, you were right, and I was wrong.

And that is beyond ridiculous. A man of my word. John Mark Karr — if you see him let me know.