San Francisco Values Versus a Time of Terror

The big reason why I think voter turnout will be low on Tuesday is that many Americans don't like either choice.

On one side, there's a bloody stalemate in Iraq, a failure to secure the southern border and corruption du jour.

On the other side, there is no plan to fight worldwide terror, a fanaticism about raising taxes and a social outlook based upon San Francisco values. So you tell me: Are you jazzed about voting?

Our pals at The San Francisco Chronicle address the San Francisco values deal today. By the way, I believe I coined that term. The Chronicle editorializes:

"So, what are those 'San Francisco values' that are being invoked as frightening words in talk-radio land from coast to coast?... It's easy to caricature the fringe elements of our politics and culture — the medical-marijuana clubs that cross the line into party halls, the wacky supervisors who say the outrageous for 15 seconds of fame, the street fairs for adults only. Just remember, San Francisco didn't send any of these characters to Congress. It sent Nancy Pelosi."

Ah, yes, Ms. Pelosi, who might be measuring her new office for drapes right now as she could become the new speaker of the House.

But back to San Francisco values. As listed in my book "Culture Warrior", here they are:

Cradle to grave entitlements for the poor with a punishing tax rate to pay for them. An anti-military attitude — remember, San Francisco voters approved a nonbinding referendum banning military recruiters from city schools. Legalized drugs, unfettered abortion rights, no parental notification for minors having abortions, and rehab not punishment for many dangerous criminals.

No restrictions on the southern borders — San Francisco welcomes all illegal aliens. An anti-Christian attitude — remember last March? The supervisors condemned a rally by a conservative Christian youth group, kids. The supervisors called it "anti-gay and anti-choice," but the city apparently is comfortable with militant gays dressing up as nuns in a public parade and mocking said nuns. No proclamation condemning that.

These are just a few of the values San Franciscans embrace in their secular progressive paradise. There's no question that the nation's most liberal city doesn't reflect the traditional values of most Americans. The city's standard bearer, Nancy Pelosi, is about to become one of the most powerful people in the country if the vote goes the Democrat way tomorrow.

The ACLU, of course, is thrilled. George Soros is delirious. The Hollywood ultra left is revving up the party big time.

But the rest of us are left with an unsettling feeling. Yes, Iraq's a mess, but what's on the horizon isn't exactly a vision of comfort either.

And that the Memo.

Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Monday morning, I appeared on "The Today Show" to promote "Culture Warrior". Here's a clip:


MATT LAUER, CO-HOST, NBC'S "THE TODAY SHOW": Did you cozy up to Oprah just because she sells a lot of books and the O'Reilly family needs to have a nice Christmas?

O'REILLY: Lauer, as you know, I am a warm, caring human being, all right, which is why you want to hang around with me. All right. That's what I am. So Oprah, she saw the real Bill, and we bonded, and that's why it went so well.

Now Letterman, he — he doesn't know the real Bill. All right? He doesn't see like you do. He's not as insightful as you are, Lauer.

LAUER: That's going to be on our billboard tomorrow.

Bill O'Reilly. The book is called "Culture Warrior."

O'REILLY: And you read this book?

LAUER: Cover to cover.


And reading "Culture Warrior" is never ridiculous.