San Francisco... Part III

San Francisco, part three. That is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

Far left is still mad at me because I criticized San Francisco voters who approved an anti-military proposition, which said the city should oppose military recruiting in schools. I said that was bad. Not helpful in a war on terror.

Now in the beginning of the controversy, the nutty left said I wanted terrorists to attack San Francisco, but now that position has changed, or as they say in progressive circles, it has evolved.

Now the far left admits I was jesting, but should be fired anyway for a tasteless dose of satire. Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi appeared on Neil Cavuto's program yesterday and said this.


REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA), MINORITY LEADER: What the city of San Francisco was talking about was honesty and recruitment in terms of what these young people are promised and what they are told in that recruiting and that there should be some daylight shed on that.

But apart from that, it doesn't even matter. The point is that people in our country have a right to their opinion without some person on TV, who passes himself off as a serious journalist, to talk about giving — saying to al Qaeda — you can go after them and our government. It's open season on San Francisco. This is no joke.

NEIL CAVUTO, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: But would it be interpreted? It's open season on our military if they're not welcomed in your very school system?

PELOSI: It doesn't say they're not welcome. It just says that these young people should be told the truth about what the recruiting is.


O'REILLY: Bull. Bull. That proposition is about opposing military recruiting. Ms. Pelosi is outrageously spinning. The proposition clearly reads, Shall it be City policy to oppose military recruiting in public schools and consider funding scholarships for education and training that could provide an alternative to military service?"

Yes or no? Yes won big. Now did you notice how stern Nancy Pelosi looked? I don't think she likes me.

Let's put up on the screen her best O'Reilly expression. Wow! Look at the woman's face. I thought flying monkeys were gonna come attack me on the way home. Wait, wait. I'm sorry. That satire on "The Wizard of Oz" was totally uncalled for. I really don't want flying monkeys to attack. I should be fired for saying that, but I can't fire myself. I apologize to every flying monkey in the world.

How ridiculous is this whole thing? San Francisco is an anti-military town. That's the fact, Jack. Or Nancy, as the case may be. These far-left nuts are desperate. And if they don't watch out, I'm sending flying monkeys after them in a satirical way, of course. And that’s "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Big announcement for premium members. Very soon you will be able to listen to the "Radio Factor" live from 12 to 2 every day on the web site.

Working on the technology — got a few little bugs in there. We're going to work them out soon. We'll stream it for you daily. It's another perk for premium members. So if you're not a member, sign up. Also, a great Christmas gift, a membership, premium membership to

The "Radio Factor" is heard on more than 400 stations coast to coast and "Daily Variety" called it one of the fastest growing talk shows in the USA in its October 28 edition.

So good news all around, and good news is never ridiculous.

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