Round Two with Floyd 'Money' Mayweather

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GRETA VAN SUSTEREN, FOX NEWS HOST: Now Floyd "Money" Mayweather goes "On the Record." The six-time world champion boxer gives you the inside story on his upcoming May 1st fight with Sugar Shane Mosley.


VAN SUSTEREN: Floyd, nice to see you and nice to have you back "On the Record."

FLOYD "MONEY" MAYWEATHER, BOXER: Thanks for having me.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right, Floyd, May 1st, I know it is a dumb question whether you are going to win or lose. You have no clue what it's like to lose, so let me ask you this. How many rounds are you going with Shane Mosley?

MAYWEATHER: I don't know, but I'm going to be at my best. Hopefully the fans continue to support me, support Mosley, support this fight. It is going to be a very good fight. May 1st, another big day for me.

VAN SUSTEREN: The fans supporting you, you always make a lot of money off of pay-per-view, that's a given isn't it?

MAYWEATHER: Yes. Without the fans I wouldn't be where I'm at. I truly appreciate the fans. I truly appreciate the support. My last fight with Marquez went 12 pound. I had to shake off the cobwebs because I was retired for two years. But I'm back in the sport of boxing and I'm back at the top.

I only want to face the best, and Mosley is one of the best welterweights out there.

VAN SUSTEREN: How much are you studying Mosley?

MAYWEATHER: I don't study my opponents, I just adjust and adapt once I get inside that squared circle.

VAN SUSTEREN: You really don't watch his fights, tapes of his fights? You don't at all, ever?

MAYWEATHER: No, not at all.


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MAYWEATHER: He's a good fighter. Mosley's a good fighter.

VAN SUSTEREN: Each Boxer has different techniques. Don't you need to gear yourself up and prepare?

MAYWEATHER: The ability that I'm blessed with is that I can adjust and adapt once I get inside that square circle.

VAN SUSTEREN: What is your weight now?

MAYWEATHER: I fight at 147 and I weigh 147.

VAN SUSTEREN: Close to the edge. You can't have breakfast before you fight.

MAYWEATHER: I don't have to lose no weight. I always try to keep myself in good condition, physical shape. And to be in a fight you must be ready mentally as well as physically. I have a tremendous team, and like I say, without my team, Floyd Mayweather wouldn't be where he's at, and without the fans.

VAN SUSTEREN: Do you worry at being 147. That is at the upper end of your weight to qualify?

MAYWEATHER: I normally walk around today at 150, normally 150. I got to shed probably just three pounds.

VAN SUSTEREN: Let me find out what are going to do in the 24 hours preceding this May 1st, fight. How do you prepare yourself?

MAYWEATHER: Just relax and tell my children stop running around the house. I have a big day tomorrow, 24 hours way. And just be me, stay focused, work hard, and just dedicate myself. Boxing is something that I do and I love. I've been doing it my whole life, and as a professional, 15 years.

VAN SUSTEREN: In terms of boxing, we've had Mike Tyson here "On the Record," it's a physical and a mental sport. I understand that -- how do you get mentally ready for the sport?

MAYWEATHER: Well, I'm 40-0, so I was mentally ready for all 40 opponents. How I get ready is just pushing myself to a limit.

VAN SUSTEREN: Does it make a difference that Shane is little bit older? Is it likely he will be slower?

MAYWEATHER: I talked to Shane about that today, actually, because we had to do a face-off. There is this new show they are doing on HBO where you take two fights and sit them face-to-face and they talk about the upcoming fight with each other.

And Mosley was -- I said once I beat you, they are going to say you was old and over-the-hill. But if he's in his 30s and I'm in my 30s it really doesn't matter, I think.

VAN SUSTEREN: Going into this fight you are going to be the least bit nervous. You're undefeated. Do you ever worry this could be the one, or not?

MAYWEATHER: No, you try to keep your mind focused on be positive and know that you're going to be victorious because you put in the hard work in the boxing gym and mentally you are extremely strong.

VAN SUSTEREN: If you can't be lucky enough to watch this fight in person, tell the viewers how they can -- where they can see it. How does this pay-per-view works?

MAYWEATHER: Mayweather-Mosley, May 1st, two of the best welterweights of this era are meeting in a toe-to-toe battle, and you must watch it. Pay-per-view, live baby, May 1st.

VAN SUSTEREN: This match almost didn't happen for either one of you.

MAYWEATHER: Yes, Mosley was to face Andre Burtol, but Burtol had a little problem because his family, and he's a Haitian, and you know about the earthquake in Haiti. And blessings and will have go out to the Haitians.

The fight wasn't going to happen because I was going to fight Manny Pacquiao and he was going to face another opponent. But Mosley's opponent had some other things to take care of, and Pacquiao chose another opponent, so now me and Mosley.

VAN SUSTEREN: Will you come back after May 1st, after you make it 41?

MAYWEATHER: You know I love doing your show. I'm a fan of your work.

VAN SUSTEREN: Good, well, thank you. It will be number 41, I'm certain.

MAYWEATHER: I appreciate it.

VAN SUSTEREN: Thank you very much, Floyd.



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