Rosie Perspective? Holding to Account Those Who Are Hurting America

As we have been reporting, the radical left is growing bolder and now trying to impose its insane agenda on "We the People."

Encouraged by vicious Web sites and cowardly politicians, the far-left fringe is out of control, intruding on even liberal speech while putting forth nonsense like the 9/11 murders weren't committed by Al Qaeda but by the Bush administration.


FORMER PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON: Just think about that. An inside job? How dare you? How dare you?

BILL MAHER, COMEDIAN: This is the problem sometimes with government .


MAHER: Hey, do we have some (EXPLETIVE DELETED) security in this building or do I have to come over and kick this guy out of here? Get him the (EXPLETIVE DELETED) out of my building. Hey. Hey. Hey. Out, out, out.


Now the goal of those loons is to convince the world that there is no terror threat, that it is all a fabrication, thatAmerica is the true villain in the world. That is flat out dangerous to our security, should be condemned by all fair-minded people.

But incredibly, the lunacy has been embraced by a few high-profile people like Rosie O'Donnell:


ROSIE O'DONNELL, CO-HOST 'THE VIEW': Is impossible for a building to fall the way it felt without explosives being involved. World Trade Center 7, World Trade Center 1 and 2 got hit by planes. 7, miraculously, for the first time in history, steel was melted by fire. It is physically impossible.

ELIZABETH HASSELBECK, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": And who do you think is responsible for that?

O'DONNELL: I have no idea. But to say that we don't know it was imploded, it was an implosion, a demolition is beyond ignorance. Look at the films. Get a physics expert here from Yale, from Harvard. Pick the school.


Now, we wanted to talk to Ms. O'Donnell to convince her to rethink her point of view on this subject. We wanted to tell the woman that this kind of propaganda is hurtful to those who have lost loved ones on 9/11 and damaging to America's image abroad. We wanted to let Rosie O'Donnell know that Purdue University, perhaps the finest engineering school in the world, did an exhaustive study on 9/11 and debunks the loopy conspiracy theories.

But Ms. O'Donnell would not speak with us. So producer Jesse Watters went to her. The conversation started out OK but then took a turn:



O'DONNELL: No you are not. What do you mean you are with them?

WATTERS: I work with Bill. He wants to know why you will not come on the show? It seems like you had such a good time last time you were on. You're always invited.

O'DONNELL: Is your name Bill or Jesse?

WATTERS: This is for Bill O'Reilly.

O'DONNELL: Oh my God. Is that what you do? You go around to book signings?

WATTERS: No, we want to meet you. We want you to come on the show.

O'DONNELL: He knows how to find me, the guy.

WATTERS: We've called you 100 times.

O'DONNELL: I do not want you to call me, if Bill wants me, he should tell me himself. He is a big boy. He is a grown-up.

WATTERS: So you're saying if he calls you, you are going to come on the show?

O'DONNELL: Hey, this is Bill O'Reilly's camera crew but don't throw them out because it makes it all worse when he puts it on the Bill O'Reilly No Spin Zone.

WATTERS: Rosie, he wants to know if you regret to saying that 9/11 was an inside job?

O'DONNELL: I did not say that, he is quoting the wrong people.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK. That is enough. Thank you.

WATTERS: Weren't you trying to imply that Building 7...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thank you. That's enough. Sir. Enough.

No more filming.

O'DONNELL: No. Now stop, Eddie, that is what they want you to do. Now sir, could you put down your camera? Could you turn it off? Did you really turn it off? I have been in TV for a long time. Can you turn the lens down to the floor it? The lens.

Hi. I'm in TV, too. Can you turn the lens down? Sir. Can you point the lens down? OK. Then we're done. Goodbye.


OK. And on and on. But she would never answer the question about 9/11. Now "Talking Points" regrets any imposition on Ms. O'Donnell's time. But she does have a responsibility to her country to be honest and stop providing comfort, comfort to terrorists and others who would harm Americans, including her own family.

It's apparent the far left feeds off the people like Rosie O'Donnell. And now believes it can do pretty much anything that it wants to do, including invading churches, creating films that incite violence against Americans.

If Ms. O'Donnell wants to have a rational conversation, our invitation is still open. We doubt she will take it. To me the woman is bitterly anti-American and grossly irresponsible in her public statements.

But the more serious matter is the rise of dangerous radicals roaming the country unchallenged, infringing on freedom of speech, disrupting worship, insulting decent people. While most of the media turns a blind eye to that behavior, we do not. We will deal with it here. No Spin.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads and Patriots

The Boston Red Sox swept the World Series in four games, played well all year, entertaining millions of Americans, so they, the Red Sox, are patriots.

Unfortunately, some of their fans are not patriots. They used the victory to create chaos. This always happens, unfortunately, because there are pinheads everywhere, and there was one of them.

But I have to point out one guy who defines the p-head movement. New York Times' columnist Paul Krugman today wrote, quote, "There isn't actually any such thing as Islamofascism. It's not an ideology; it's a figment of the neo-con imagination."

Pinhead doesn't even begin to cover it.