Rooting Against America

We have been over this turf before but it's worth updating you on the fact that some Americans are hoping bad things happen to this country. You may remember a couple years ago I let New York Times columnist Paul Krugman have it for distorting economic information to make the Bush administration look bad. Maybe I was too hard on Krugman but what I said was exactly true. He consistently paints a negative picture of the economy for partisan reasons. — Krugman is about as left wing as they come.

Now, today Krugman described the latest stock market swoon as a, "great market meltdown" and "the financial wreckage of a global recession." Wow! Nineteen twenty-nine here we come.

Now, maybe this time Krugman will be right. Maybe the markets will just blowup. But it's worth notes that Krugman has been predicting doom ever since President Bush took office. In December 2002, for example, Krugman wrote, "So where's the economy heading? Put it this way, it's getting harder to tell a tale with a happy ending."

That column was followed by four years of a strong economy that saw low unemployment and a nice rise in prosperity for most Americans. — And that's according to the stats. So my conclusion is that Paul Krugman wants the economy to tank because he wants a liberal in the White House who will champion big government entitlements. To Krugman the pain of an economic disaster is worth the ideological gain.

Likewise with The Houston Chronicle newspaper. Its editorial on Iraq this week is entitled "Few Signs of Success." The paper tells its readers the surge is not going well. OK... So what do the facts tell us? Well, murders and violent encounters have dropped dramatically since American forces began patrolling Baghdad. And sectarian violence in that city is way down as well.And most of the surge forces aren't even in place yet.

Now The Chronicle" can't back up its analysis and quotes The Washington Post as saying things aren't getting better. Does The Houston Chronicle not have reporters? Why would they quote another newspaper? Come on, do your own work.

Now, I could be wrong, but I don't believe The Houston Chronicle would ever acknowledge improvement in Iraq no matter what happens because that would strengthen the Republican Party.

Like Paul Krugman, The Chronicle hopes Iraq will not work out. Again, I could be wrong. — I can't read minds. But the paper's flimsy editorial back-up pretty much makes my point. It is important for all Americans to understand that ideologues on both sides, right and left, will never be able to handle, much less report the truth. They will always bend the facts to fit their preconceived belief system.

Even if it means rooting against their own country.

And that's "The Memo."

Most Ridiculous Item

As we told you earlier this week the FOX News Channel had a very good ratings month in February. Thank you all very much. But NBC's troubles continue.

In addition to Brian Williams falling to second place, "The Today Show" is down about 10 percent and CBS's "The Early Show" is picking up viewers.

Since CBS News is usually fair to us, while NBC News continues to attack FNC, maybe karma is kicking in. And karma is never ridiculous.

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